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Re: WWE 2011: The Rise of a New Era

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for January 31st, 2011

Monday Night Raw goes to Atlanta, Florida this for what should be a memorable night

Last night we saw a mystery man screw Edge out of winning both the World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Championship, what will be the aftermath of last night. Who will be the man to be revealed as Edge’s attacker? Also how will Wade Barrett and the Nexus react after Wade wining and unifying the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship?

As of now, John Cena hasn’t been very happy. He recently lost the WWE championship at New Years Revolution and got screwed out of the Royal Rumble by a squirmish CM Punk. What will be CM Punk’s reaction after winning the Royal Rumble last night? And who does Punk hope to vs at Wrestlemania.

Last night we saw shocking returns from two wrestlers WWE hasn’t since 2006. Diesel and Booker T. What will be there reactions after returning and what role will they play in WWE?

How will Kofi react to losing the title to Daniel Bryan last night as it has always been Kofi who wanted to hold both titles at the same. Also these two men will be having another epic meeting tonight as Kofi is using his re-match cause to get another chance at the title.

With the arrival of new diva Amazing Kong how will the diva division face Kong? Also what is going to be Natalya’s reactions after a weird face off between both of them? Is Kong going to be on her side?

How is Chris Jericho going to react after Dolph elminated him after he was eliminated? What is the reasoning behind Dolph’s actions?

Jimmy and Jey Uso won the tag titles last night in a four corners match involving the Los Aviadores, Latino Warriors and the former Tag Team Champions The Nexus. How are the Nexus going to react after losing the titles to the Uso’s

Also what is behind the Alberto Del Rio and Miz relationship?

Find out all of this and much more on this weeks RAW on USA !

Confirmed Matches:
Kofi Kingston v Daniel Bryan; Intercontinental Championship
Justin Gabriel v Epico v Jey Uso

Wait what?? Who does Cm Punk hope to face at Wrestlemania? The titles are unified...so that means there's only one person he can face, no?
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