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Back-story: I will be writing from the night after Fatal 4 Way. I will be continuing with storylines in real life and try and move in a different direction than the current product. I will be writing Raw and Smackdown in recap. Superstars will be written along with Smackdown but it will just be results from the show and will be used to get more talent used. NXT series 2 will start in several months when the current series 1 wrestlers have had more T.V time. Both of the Women’s divisions have been scrapped; I have no interest or desire to book or write for the females. A handful have been kept on for one off matches and or for valets but that is all. These select few are: Maryse, Kelly Kelly, Serena, Melina, Layla and Natalya Neidhart.

Carlito, Gregory Helms and Paul Burchill have all been kept on. Reports suggested that they had been released several weeks ago but the WWE has offered them new deals. Carlito has agreed to go to rehab to sort out his drug problems. Burchill and Helms will re-debut on brands in the coming weeks. Caylen Croft and Trent Barreta have been sent back to FCW. William Regal has been moved to Smackdown and Shad Gaspard has been moved to Raw. T-Reks and Hornswoggle have both been released from the contracts.

News concerning comings and goings, the WWE have contacted both TNA and ROH about the possibility of signing several talents from each company. As of yet there has been no response from either company regarding letting talent go. Backstage personnel feel that due to the injuries and loss of talent as of late as well as the disbanding of the female divisions, they need to expand the rosters. According to high ups in WWE it has been stated that several talents from FCW and as well as the first season of NXT will be brought up to the main roster.

WWE have contacted several companies in Mexico and Japan about the possibility of exchanging talent. Currently TNA have relationships with New Japan Pro Wrestling and AAA. So we shall see in the near future which companies have been contacted.

WWE NXT series 2 has been postponed for the time being as the company can’t seem to find a suitable T.V deal to run the show. The WWE also want to establish the NXT series 1 wrestlers before introducing more “Rookies” to the audience.

WWE Fatal Four Way

WWE Intercontinental Number One Contenders match.
Dolph Ziggler bested Christian in a number one contenders match for the Intercontinental championship. Ziggler pinned Christian at 9.21 after the Zig Zag.

WWE Women’s and Divas unification match.
Maryse pinned Eve as she won the Unified Women’s championship. The other competitors were Layla and Michelle McCool. This was the last match in both the Divas and Women’s divisions. Maryse finished as the last ever Women’s champion at 7.31.

WWE U.S Title match.
The Miz went over R-Truth at 13.27 to retain his U.S Title. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale after the Truth missed the spinning forearm.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship match.
Jack Swagger pinned Rey Mysterio after Big Show choke slammed Rey. Swagger retains his title at 21.34.

WWE Intercontinental Championship match.
Kofi Kingston defeated Drew McIntyre after the Trouble in Paradise at 15.39. McIntyre didn’t receive much of a crowd response during the match, but afterwards Matt Hardy came through the crowd and he fought McIntyre at ringside. Hardy got a good crowd response and Drew was loudly booed. Security split up the two men.

WWE Championship match.
John Cena retained his WWE Championship after pinning Edge after the Attitude Adjustment at 24.30. After the match NXT series 1 rookies appeared on the stage. Wade Barrett announced that he was going to use his title shot to face John Cena at the next Pay Per View, Money In The Bank. He also announced that NXT were here to stay and they were going to be performing a hostile takeover of WWE. NXT hit the ring and took out all four men involved in the Main Event. The closing shot was of Wade Barrett holding the WWE Championship aloft as he stands over John Cena.

Raw Roster

General Manager – Bret Hart
Play-by-Play – Michael Cole
Color – Jerry “The King” Lawler
Ring Announcer – Justin Roberts

The Champions
WWE Champion – John Cena
United States Champion –The Miz
WWE Unified Tag Team Champions * – David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd


Batista - On Leave
Chris Jericho
David Hart Smith
“The Rated R Superstar” Edge
Evan Bourne
Ezekiel Jackson – Injured
John Cena
“The Shaman of Sexy” John Morrison
Mark Henry
“The Viper” Randy Orton
Santino Marella
Shad Gaspard
“The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus
Ted DiBiase
The Miz
“The Game” Triple H – Injured
Tyson Kidd
Vladimir Kozlov
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder

Melina – Injured
Natalya Neidhart

Tag Teams
Hart Dynasty, The (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd w/Natalya)

Smackdown Roster

General Manager – Theodore Long
Play-by-Play – Josh Matthews
Color – Matt Striker
Ring Announcer – Tony Chimel
Executive – Vickie Guerrero

The Champions
World Heavyweight Champion – Jack Swagger
Intercontinental Champion – Kofi Kingston
WWE Unified Tag Team Champions * – David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd

Big Show
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
“Captain Charisma” Christian
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Curt Hawkins
Dolph Ziggler
“The Chosen One” Drew McIntyre
Jack Swagger
Kofi Kingston
Luke Gallows
Matt Hardy
Ranjin Singh – Manager of The Great Khali
Rey Mysterio
The Great Khali
The Undertaker – Injured
Vance Archer
William Regal

Kelly Kelly

Tag Teams
Heatseekers, The (Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer)

Unassigned Talent
Darren Young
David Otunga
Heath Slater
Justin Gabriel
Michael Tarver
Skip Sheffield
Wade Barrett

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Raw Preview:

Just 24 hours removed from WWE Fatal Four Way, the Raw superstars roll into Bridgeport Connecticut for two hours of some of the best wrestling action.

In four weeks the very first Money In The Bank ladder match Pay Per View will air, and this week on Monday Night Raw we will see the first of the qualifying match ups for the Raw ladder match. Who will be victorious and guarantee themselves a WWE Title match for the year to come?

WWE U.S Heavyweight champion, The Miz came out victorious in his match up against R-Truth, will there be any more fall out between these two men?

Raw GM, Bret “Hitman” Hart will make a huge announcement regarding the future of the WWE.

NXT Season 1 rookies have been running wild on the WWE and particularly Raw as of late. We will hear from the “Nexus” and their leader Wade Barrett and maybe find out some answers. Last night at Fatal Four Way we saw John Cena retain his WWE championship, only to be savagely attacked by Wade Barrett and the Nexus group. Will Cena seek revenge tonight.

All this and much more.

Confirmed match ups:

MITB Qualifier: Ted DiBiase Vs Primo Colon

MITB Qualifier: John Morrison Vs R-Truth

Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov Vs Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu.

WWE Undisputed Tag team champions the Hart Dynasty will be in tag team action as well as a whole lot more.

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We see an extensive video package from last night’s Fatal Four Way Pay Per View. The Miz retaining his WWE United States Championship against R-Truth whilst using some underhand tactics. Maryse being the final ever Womens/Divas champion as she wins her match is shown. Finally WWE Champion John Cena is shown winning the Fatal Four Way match and retaining his title. Cena is then shown being attacked by the members of NXT series 1. The final shot before it fades to black is Wade Barrett holding the WWE Championship belt into the air whilst he stands over the fallen John Cena.

Raw opening sequence is shown before the camera pans around Bridgeport, Connecticut. The camera shows the fans then goes to the ring where Justin Roberts is standing by.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Monday night Raw. Introducing the Raw General Manager, the returning Bret “Hitman” Hart.

Hitman hits as Bret Hart strolls to the ring to cheers from the crowd. He wears his signature glasses and leather jacket. He climbs in the ring and gets handed a microphone.

Bret Hart: Ladies and gents I am proud to introduce you to Monday night Raw.

Cheap pop

Bret Hart: And tonight I return after being attacked by the NXT series 1 rookies. You see I have been attacked and assaulted most of my life. So when I agreed to this position as General Manager I had a feeling that things would get physical from time to time. So when the NXT rookies attacked me I knew that I would come back and make a response and you see that happens tonight.

NXT music hits as Wade Barrett leads out the other six rookies to the ring. Before they get there though, Hart signals to the back and a security team come out onto the stage to stand in between the NXT rookies and Bret Hart. Barrett is handed a microphone.

Bret Hart: Thats far enough Wade.

Wade Barrett: Last week we made one mistake, we didn’t take you out for good. But tonight you clearly have something you want to say to us. So I am not going to stand in your way. So shoot Hitman.

Bret Hart: Thank you Wade, I commend your British manners. But the thing I have to say regards you seven men. Earlier today I had a meeting with the Chairman of this company, Vince McMahon.

Mixed response for Vince.

Bret Hart: And we agreed that you seven were out of control and the attacks need to stop. So we talked and decided that Wade we cant do anything about you. You successfully won NXT and earned yourself a contract along with a WWE Championship match.

Wade Barrett: Thats correct Bret, and when I envoke that little clause, I will brutalise John Cena and take his title. And theres nothing that you or Mr McMahon can do about it.

Boos from the crowd for Barretts response.

Bret Hart: We can get to that in due course Wade. But you see, you are standing at the top of the ramp with six unemployed friends. They don’t have contracts, they don’t have title shots and they don’t have any right to be in this arena. You see Wade you are currently standing alone, the six men you stand alongside currently hold no meaning in the WWE.

Fans cheer as the NXT rookies look incensed.

Bret Hart: But, myself and Vince McMahon decided that you could earn the opportunity to earn contracts. So for the foreseeable future, the six men you stand with on that rampway Wade, have the chance to earn themselves contracts by simply winning matches.

The NXT look incensed.

Wade Barrett: Your kidding me Bret. You not get the message last week or last night at Fatal Four Way. We made our mark and now we are here to stay. The seven of us will remain intact as a unstoppable unit and as a group we will take over this brand and this company as a whole. And theres only so many little roadblocks you can put in front of us. So you better think long and hard about who you put up against NXT. Because we wouldn’t a little repeat of what happened last night. Were we demolish your top guys one by one. And John Cena just a little mention for you, I am coming for your WWE Championship and theres no way you can stop me.

Bret Hart: Thats all well and good but as of tonight, your all alone. So security lets take mister Barretts assistants out of the arena. Right now.

The security team make there way up the ramp, but NXT begin to fight off the security team. NXT get the upper hand and begin to head to the ring to attack Bret Hart. But as they march down the ramp way, the Raw locker room empties. Evan Bourne, Hart Dynasty, John Morrison, Mark Henry, R-Truth, Randy Orton and John Cena charge down the ramp way and begin to fight the NXT rookies. The fight spills to the ringside area to the back of the arena. NXT flee the arena as they make there escape in a limo. The WWE guys stand victorious in the parking lot.

Commercial Break.

We come back from the break to see highlights of WWE superstars chasing the NXT rookies out of the arena. The camera then pans to ringside to Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael Cole.

Jerry Lawler: What a revenge fuelled opening to Monday night Raw, Cole.

Michael Cole: Huge opening to the show, we saw the return or Raw Gm, Bret Hart as well as the eviction of the NXT rookies.

Jerry Lawler: So Hart has announced that the NXT rookies will have to earn their contracts by winning matches on episodes of Raw.

Michael Cole: Thats correct Jerry. Over the next few weeks we will see which rookies really have what it takes to earn themselves roster spots on WWE Raw. But now we are heading to the ring for our opening contest, take it away Justin.

Camera pans to Justin Roberts who is standing by in the ring.

Justin Roberts: This is your opening contest this evening, introducing first accompanied by Virgil, he is Ted DiBiase.

Priceless hits as DiBiase walks out with Virgil following closely behind. They make there way to the ring. Virgil lifts the ropes for Ted but its not high enough for Teds liking. Ted waits for Virgil to put it right before climbing into the ring. Ted asks Virgil to get a microphone but Virgil doesn’t hear him. So Ted pushes Virgil and tells him to wake up. Virgil walks over and takes a microphone and hands it to Ted.

Ted DiBiase: Good evening and welcome to my show. You see in several months when I have invested my huge trust fund wisely enough I may own a company as big or if not bigger than the WWE. But over the next few months my main aim is becoming a champion.

He raises his Million Dollar Championship Belt into the air to boos from the crowd.

Ted DiBiase: But this belt is just for show, its to show I am the best wrestler today and its also to show that I am better than all of you people in this arena. So with the help of Virgil I am going to go to Money In The Bank and walk out with a briefcase which will give me my richly deserved title shot. But tonight I have myself a very small stepping stone in the shape of Primo Colon. So come on down Primo don’t be afraid.

DiBiase drops the microphone.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent Primo Colon.

Primos music hits as he gets a few cheers before running to the ring.

Match one Money In The Bank Qualifier: Ted DiBiase W/ Virgil Vs Primo Colon.

Primo uses his speed to try and get the advantage but DiBiase is equal to it. DiBiase dominates the match and hits the Dream Street for the three count at 3.29. Ted DiBiase has qualified for the Raw Money In The Bank ladder match.

After the match DiBiase refuses to have his hand raised by referee Charles Robinson and gets Virgil in the ring to do it. Virgil doesn’t react and just stares out to the crowd as DiBiase screams at Virgil to raise his hand in victory. Virgil realises and raises DiBiases hand in victory. Clearly some distention between both Virgil and Ted Dibiase. The camera pans backstage to Chris Jericho who is walking through the backstage area in a grey suit.

Jericho walks down a corridor and opens a locker room door. He walks in on Sheamus who is extensively working out in his locker room. Sheamus drops the weights to the floor as he looks up at Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho: Sheamus the fighting irish man. Wow, what a specimen you are. But enough about your physique. Tonight me and you Shea are taking on John Cena and that midget, Evan Bourne in tag team action. Im here to make sure we are on the same page for tonights main event.

Sheamus: Dont worry about me fella, I am more focused than you could ever imagine. You see last night at Fatal Four Way, a WWE Pay Per View that you were not in attendance for, I nearly won the doobya doobya eee championship. But thanks to the NXT rookies and of course John Cena being the luckiest man on this planet, I did not manage to walk away with my title. So tonight you have no worries about me being prepared but you should take a look at yourself.

Chris Jericho: I am the best in the world at what I do milk boy so you have no right to say that to me.

Sheamus: Your game has been slipping of late Chris, and whats this obsession with Evan Bourne. Get your head back in the game.

Sheamus shows Jericho the door before lifting up his weights once more. Jericho backs out of the locker room.

Chris Jericho: I was the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion I will have you know.

Jericho storms off as we cut to a commercial.

Commercial break

We come back from the break and the next match is already ready to go in the ring.

Match two: Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov Vs Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust.

Kozlov dominates the match for his team. Marella doesn’t get tagged in at any point. Goldust and Tatsu both use there different sets of manouverus to try and get an upper hand and dominate the Moscow Mauler but nothing seems to work. Kozlov knocks Tatsu of the top and then drops Goldust with a reverse DDT for the three count at 4.16.

Marella comes in to the ring celebrating and begins to blow his pretend trumpet as he dances around the ring. Kozlov stares at him for a second before leaving the ring, this leaves Marella in the ring celebrating by himself. The cameras pan backstage to WWE U.S Champion The Miz.

The Miz: Ladies and gentlemen I have requested this time to say that as of right now i am guaranteeing not only a victory at Money In The Bank but also a dominant run as both the WWE U.S Champion but WWE World Champion. Because im the Miz and im Awesome!!!

R-Truth walks past the set of Mizs interview.

The Miz: Yo, whats up? How does it feel Truth?

R-Truth: How does what feel?

The Miz: To be standing in the same area as Mister Awesome himself, The Miz?

R-Truth: To be honest Miz, you aient half as good as you think you are.

The Miz: And how would you know Truth, i beat you last night with the Skull Crushing Finale and i showed to the world the quality that I possess as a champion.

R-Truth: Well tonight you can sit back here as i beat you ex partner and get the second spot in the Money In The Bank match.

The Miz: Well you may just see me at ringside.

Cameras pan to a commercial as R-Truth walks away from the egomaniac The Miz.

Commercial break

Camera pans back to the arena to Cole and Lawler.

Jerry Lawler: Lots gone down already here tonight Cole. And we have so much more to come.

Michael Cole: Well we have seen Ted DiBiase win in dominant fashion as well as Vladimir Kozlov showing that he doesn’t think that Santino is too funny. By not tagging in his partner and then walking out on the celebration party he proved that tonight.

Jerry Lawler: We have also seen a bit of backstage conflict between the Miz and R-Truth. But up next we have the second Money In The Bank qualifying match. Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison will be taking on R-Truth. Lets see who comes out on top.

Camera pans to Justin Roberts.

Justin Roberts: This is the second qualifying match for the Raw Money In The Bank match. Introducing first, “The Shaman of Sexy” John Morrison.

Morrisons music hits as he makes his way onto the stage to a decent pop from the crowd.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Harlem New York. R-Truth.

Whats up!? Hits as R-Truth makes his way to the ring rapping along to his theme music.

Match three, Money In The Bank Qualifier: “Shaman of Sexy” John Morrison Vs R-Truth.

Before the match starts, AWESOME hits and WWE U.S champion The Miz makes his way to the ringside area. The Miz swaggers to the announcers area. He shows his title belt to his former partner and to his opponent from last night’s Fatal Four Way pay per view. The Miz takes a seat alongside Cole and Lawler.

The match starts as both Morrison and Truth go back and forth with momentum. Morrison sets up Truth in the corner. Morrison charges but Truth gets out of the way. R-Truth hits the ropes and drills Morrison with a spinning heel kick. Truth then lifts Morrison up and scoop slams him to the mat. R-Truth then heads to the top rope, as Truth climbs the ropes, Morrison gets back to a vertical base. Truth jumps of the top rope and lands on both Morrison and referee Marty Elias. Truth takes both men out with a cross body. The move was inadvertent as Truth looks down at the referee.

Meanwhile the Miz gets up from his position at ringside and slides in the ring, he drills R-Truth in the back of the head with the U.S title belt. Truth crumples to the mat. The Miz gets back up as Morrison climbs to his feet by using the ropes. Morrison looks at Truth and drags him to the corner. Morrison jumps up and delivers Starship Pain. Morrison hooks the leg as Elias very slowly makes the count.




Morrison picks up the victory as he advances to the Money In The Bank match at 8.13. R-Truth has been screwed by The Miz right here on Monday night Raw.

Camera pans backstage to John Cena, the WWE Champion. He walks through the backstage area as we see a piece of text at the bottom of the screen read: John Cena up next.

Commercial break

“The time is now” hits as the WWE Champion makes his way down the rampway and climbs into the ring. There is a mixture of boos and cheers. But Cena gets a predominantly good reaction.

John Cena: Last night at Fatal Four Way I walked in the WWE Champion and i walked out WWE Champion. And that was from the help of you guys, the fans who have stuck by me and cheered me through the good and the bad. But you see theres a force that has been stirring over the last few weeks, a force that I have never come up against before. You see when i was growing up I witnessed the rise and the fall of the New World Order. The biggest faction of wrestlers that ever successfully attacked a company. That was WCW and this is the WWE, but NXT have staked their claim to being the downfall of not only my career but the WWE. They have walked into this company and assaulted and destroyed wrestlers and officials as well as the Raw set. But thats all about the change.

Fans cheers.

John Cena: Because I am fixing to lay down a whole load of hurting on the seven men who have been invading this company. I know Wade Barrett has his shot at me and he can have it whenever and wherever because I will be ready. But after Bret Harts announcement earlier tonight about NXT winning a match to earn a contract, how about next week I am going to put out a challenge to any of the NXT rookies. One on one. You win you get yourself a contract and if i win, well lets say i get a little bit of retribution. So boys if you have got what it takes to step up to the plate, I will see you next week. But back to tonights proceedings. Myself and Evan Bourne are facing Sheamus and Chris Jericho, this is going to be a huge tag team match. But guys you better believe that tonights main event is just a preview of what i am going to do to the NXT rookies.

Cena leaves the ring as the cameras pan backstage. The Hart Dynasty are in Bret “Hitman” Harts office.

Bret Hart: You helped out earlier tonight against the NXT rookies. But up next i have you in a match against some local talent. Go out there and prove to the world why you are the WWE Undisputed Tag Team champions.

David Smith: Dont worry Bret we will put on a good show for the fans.

The Hart Dynasty leave the office. Bret Hart looks down at his paper work. R-Truth walks into Harts locker room.

R-Truth: Bret, did you just see that? Miz just screwed me out of a spot in the Money In The Bank.

Bret Hart: Calm down Ron, we can sort this out.

R-Truth: I am through with him, i cant stand him and his arrogance. I want him tonight.

Bret Hart: Ron, i cant do that. We are nearly out of time and i cant give you the match tonight, but how about this. Next week the Miz has a MITB qualifier but the week after you can have the Miz one on one, non title. Hows that?

R-Truth: Sure. I am not going to be accountable for my actions though Bret, believe me.

Commercial break

Hart Dynasty hits as David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd make their way down the ramp way with Natalya following closely behind.

Justin Roberts: This next contest is schedulded for one fall and is a non title match up. Introducing first, the WWE Undisputed tag team champions, the Hart Dynasty.

Pop for the tag champions.

Justin Roberts: And their opponents, already in the ring at this time, Rodney Skillington and Paul Lacronee.

Match four, non title: The Hart Dynasty W/ Natalya Vs Local Independent wrestlers.

The Hart Dynasty dominate the whole match and put on a good showing of themselves. They hit the Hart Attack on Skillington for the three count at 2.39.

The Hart Dynasty celebrate with Natalya in the ring. The fans cheer the WWE Undisputed champions as they lap up the attention from the crowd. Out of nowhere Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins, the Heatseekers hop over the guard rail and slide into the ring. The two Smackdown roster members begin to assault the WWE Undisputed Tag Team champions. Natalya rolls to the outside as the Heatseekers lay waste to D.H Smith and Tyson Kidd. Archer and Hawkins lay waste to the Tag Champions, Archer hits D.H Smith with a big boot which knocks him up and over the top rope. Archer then grabs Kidd and drills him with a reverse DDT. Hawkins goes to the top and dives of the top rope with the Heatseeker elbow. The two men get to their feet and celebrate as the fans boo.

The cameras pan backstage to the locker room of the “Viper” Randy Orton. Orton is sitting down as the “Rated R Superstar” Edge walks in. Orton stands up and the two men go nose to nose.

Edge: Well, well, well. Randy, I just had a brief chat with Bret Hart, and next week in the Raw Main Event, its going to be us one on one, with the winner getting a spot in the Money In The Bank match.

Randy Orton: Is that so?

Edge: You see Randy, i have won the Money In The Bank twice, and both times i have successfully cashed in and won the World title. And this time when i walk out of the Pay Per View, I will once again have that guaranteed title shot in my hands.

Randy Orton: Oh really? Because I see things a lot differently, as of late I have been on a bit of a down run recently. I haven’t held a World Title in nearly a year and the Money In The Bank suitcase is my opporutinty to get back my spot atop the WWE ladder.

Edge: You really think that? Huh, you really believe that this is your chance to step back into the limelight. I am going to win next week then I will win the briefcase. And finally the Rated R Superstar will become the WWE Champion once more.

Randy Orton: We will see next week, because I am going to be back to my best.

Orton walks past Edge and leaves his locker room. The camera pans to WWE Champion John Cena and Evan Bourne as they walk through the backstage area. The Main Event is up next.

Commercial break

The camera pans back inside the arena as “Celtic Warrior” hits as Sheamus strides down the rampway to a chorus of boos. “Y2J remix” hits as Chris Jericho swaggers to the ring with boos ringing around the arena.

Sheamus and Chris Jericho take their positions in the ring as their opponents make their way out.

“Flying High” hits as Evan Bourne comes onto the stage to a pop from the Raw crowd. “My Time is Now” hits as the WWE Champion comes out from the back and down the rampway. The fans give him loud cheers but there is a portion of boos for Cena.

Match five, Main Event: WWE Champion John Cena and Evan Bourne Vs Sheamus and Chris Jericho.

Jericho and Bourne start the match up. They tie up and Jericho and gets the upper hand. Bourne quickly counters Jerichos offence with his quickness. Bourne then tags in Cena while Jericho tags in Sheamus. The two powerhouses enter the ring and lock up. Sheamus gets the better of Cena and knocks him to the mat with big shoulder blocks and clotheslines. Sheamus begins to ground Cena and pounds away using stiff punches and forearms. Several minutes into the match and Evan Bourne is struggling to stay in the match up. Jericho and Sheamus have done a good job of grounding the highflyer and keeping him from tagging in John Cena.

Jericho slaps the back of Bournes head as he lies on the mat. Jericho struts around his opponent as the fans boo. Bourne swings a leg and it hits Jericho in the ankle. Bourne does it once again and it grounds Jericho. Bourne gets back up to his feet and hits the ropes, Jericho regains a vertical base and swings an arm at Bourne. Evan ducks and hits the ropes on the other side, he charges back and drills Jericho in the jaw with a spinning heel kick. Both men are down as the crowd begin to scream for Bourne to make the tag to Cena. The two men crawl to their corners and make tags to their partners. Cena comes in like a house on fire, nailing Sheamus with right hands before grounding him with a flying shoulder block. Jericho comes back in and swings at Cena but Cena ducks and lifts Jericho into the air with a jumping back suplex. Cena jumps into the air as the fans come alive. Sheamus comes out of nowhere and goes for the running scissor kick to Cena but he manages to sidestep it and Sheamus goes into the ropes. He straddles the top rope and manages to give himself a low blow in the process. Evan Bourne gets back to his feet and charges at Sheamus. He drills him in the side with a running drop kick which sends the Celtic Warrior over the ropes and to the arena floor.

Meanwhile John Cena lifts Chris Jericho up and hits the Attitude Adjustment. He then tells Bourne to go up top. Cena tags in Bourne as he climbs the ropes. The fans pop as Bourne comes of the top rope with a death defying Air Bourne. He hooks the far leg and John Cena and Evan Bourne pick up the victory. Evan Bourne has defeated Chris Jericho in an upset at 12.18.

John Cena and Evan Bourne celebrate their victory as Cena is handed his WWE Championship.

Out of nowhere the NXT season 1 rookies, the Nexus jump over the guard rail and into the ring and they begin to assault Cena and Bourne. Its seven on two and Cena and Bourne get pummelled. The rest of the Raw locker room empties and come to the aid of Cena and Bourne. The Nexus group flee to the rampway as the Raw locker room stands victorious.

“Hitman” hits as the Raw General Manager Bret Hart makes his way onto the stage.

Bret Hart: Nexus, once again you have disobeyed orders and attacked members of the Raw roster. So as of right now I am making the announcement, if any of you attack or appear at a WWE show without permission or without having a match you will be risking the WWE Title opporuinity that Wade Barrett has. If you appear unannounced like you have just done, then Barrett will stripped of his championship opportunity.

The Nexus look incensed.

Bret Hart: But next week we will see the first Nexus rookie competing for a WWE Raw contract. Darren Young you have the first opportunity.

Young steps forward and looks confident.

Bret Hart: And your opponent in your contract match will be WWE Champion John Cena.

The fans pop as Darren Young begins to scream and shout in horror. The rest of the Nexus try to calm him down as the screen fades to black.

Quick results:

Ted DiBiase defeated Primo Colon to qualify for the Raw Money In The Bank ladder match at 3.29.

Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov defeated Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu at 4.16

John Morrison pinned R-Truth at 8.13 to qualify for the Raw Money In The Bank ladder match.

The Hart Dynasty defeated two local wrestlers at 2.39.

John Cena and Evan Bourne bested Sheamus and Chris Jericho at 12.18.

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Barry Reviews Raw YO YO

Bret Hart opening Raw is very fitting seeing how last week he was attacked. Like the little exchange from Barrett and Hart and liked the RAW united against these rookies front...Hope they show up later and get over though.

Ted Dibiase w/Virgil YES...please keep Viril around. like a 3 minute squash basically...thats cool (get it) because Dibiase needs pushed and outside of Tag Wrestling Primo is undercard.

I like it when Heels don't trust or like each other. I always bothered me that heels got along and babyfaces got along all the time...remember when everyone was best friends? I like this better...LOVE THE LINE I WAS THE FIRST WWE UNDISPUTED CHAMPION I WILL HAVE YOU KNOW...epic

Love Odd Ball tag teams (new jack and shark boy being my favorite). Santino and Kozlov win hopefully setting them up to job to the champions down the line.

Great Miz/Truth exchange. Makes sense that Truth gets screwed in the MITB match because A) Morrison is better in that match and it gives you Miz and Truth for the US title hopefully.

Cena promo...eh...works for me. Barrett/Cena is coming up I can feel it.

I like that your thinking ahead with angles...setting R-Truth and Miz up in Non-title in two weeks with Miz more than likely getting screwed by R-Truth (hopefully) next week and setting up a PPV match

Another Squash match? Well I can feel Raw turning back the clock being PG with short squash matches...makes sense AND it makes the big matches seem biggers. If you have the Uso's squash some teams before loosing to the Hart Dynasty then you have a bigger match for PPV than say they loose to the Dynasty a few times in a row. Archer and Hawkins! SWEET! Looks like your going to have the Tag Titles back on both shows...I like that.

Edge/Orton has so much history and looks like it continues here plus it sells MITB PPV.

Main Event is very solid...as expected Nexus returns. I don't like WWE standing tall after doing so at the begining of the show...then again maybe next week, they'll get one over on Cena...prob not...but I hope they start dominating a bit...builds better

All and all a good show I will be reading from here on out.
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