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WWE 2010: Genesis

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WWE 2010: Genesis presented by WallaBen86 {sXe}


August 15th, 2010. A night that will go down in infamy. From inside the depths of the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the crowd were lost on what had just transpired. In the span of 20 minutes, the Nexus had taken apart Team WWE piece by piece, leaving them like carcasses. The legion of protagonists recruited to end the threat of the antagonistic rookies had failed in their quest. The 7 hungry wolves stood tall, knowing that the winds of change were indeed blowing, and they were accomplishing their goals.

When all seemed lost, the Chairman of the Board, Mr Vincent Kennedy McMahon, strolled out to the ring. He voiced that the winds of change were blowing. So hard in fact, that they had knocked down the very foundations of the WWE as they knew it. He goes on to promise, that from the wreckage, from the debris, the foundations would rise once more. A Genesis was on the horizon.



.: VACANT :.




.: VACANT :.



Raw Announce Team:
Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler
Velocity Announce Team: TBD
SmackDown Announce Team: Matt Striker & Josh Mathews

Raw General Manager: Stephanie McMahon
SmackDown General Manager: Theodore Long


Alicia Fox
Big Show
Brie Bella
Chris Masters
CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
David Otunga
Gail Kim
Heath Slater
Husky Harris
Jack Swagger
John Cena
Mark Henry
Michael McGillicutty
Michael Tarver
Nikki Bella
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Skip Sheffield
The Great Khali
Triple H
Wade Barrett

Alberto Del Rio
Beth Phoenix
Chavo Guerrero
Cody Rhodes
Curt Hawkins
Darren Young
David Hart Smith
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Evan Bourne
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Joey Mercury
John Morrison
Justin Gabriel
Kelly Kelly
Kofi Kingston
Luke Gallows
Matt Hardy
Michelle McCool
Santino Marella
Shad Gaspard
Ted DiBiase
The Miz
Tyler Reks
Tyson Kidd
Vance Archer
Vickie Guerrero
Vladimir Koslov
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder


1x - John Cena

- Vacant -

1x - Daniel Bryan

1x - Drew McIntyre

1x - Santino Marella & Vladimir Koslov


1x - Michelle McCool


Monday ~ Raw
Tuesday ~ NXT
Wednesday ~ Velocity
Thursday ~ SmackDown
Sunday ~ PPVs


Royal Rumble
No Way Out
Judgment Day
King of the Ring
Great American Bash
Night of Champions
Bragging Rights
Survivor Series

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Cheers for the initial feedback guys. Looking forward to giving this one a really good showing.

August 16th Preview

Fresh off the heels of SummerSlam, Mr McMahon's "Genesis" speech has the world buzzing. Tonight, the chairman will address the WWE Universe by entailing just what he means by this Genesis. With an entire roster, as well as management, on edge, this is surely going to be one landmark episode of Raw.​

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Nice format. I'm glad Nexus went over. I hope that you don't mix up the rosters; I'm really not a big fan of that. You're a jobber, but good luck.

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Being unfamiliar with any of your previous work I am not sure what to expect from you but thus far you have my interest, the layout is presented nicely and you have a time frame which can be improved greatly.

Best of luck.

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A little rusty, but here goes...

WWE Monday Night Raw
August 16th, 2010
Los Angeles, California


{ Raw begins with a video highlights package of SummerSlam, showcasing the important moments of the night. It shows Michelle McCool defeating Melina, Randy Orton retaining the WWE Championship against Sheamus, and closes with the Nexus 7 dismantling Team WWE in dominating fashion, standing tall over their beaten bodies. The video ends with Mr McMahon’s announcement of the Genesis of WWE, promised for tonight }


* PYRO *

* PYRO *

* PYRO *

Cole: Welcome ladies and gentleman to the sold out Staples Center here in Los Angeles, California, hot off the heels of a remarkable SummerSlam event

Lawler: Remarkable doesn’t quite summarise it, Cole. In an event that really shocked me, the Nexus dismantled Team WWE in such a dominant way, I can’t remember the last time I have ever seen something similar to it

Cole: I’m with you, King. The image of Nexus standing tall at the end of last night was something that I’m sure will take a long time to forget

Lawler: And, let’s not forget, the Chairman himself, Mr McMahon, promised us a ‘Genesis’ of the WWE here tonight. I wonder what that can mean


Cole: Well, looks like we don’t have to wait very long, King, because here comes the boss

McMahon struts out onto the stage, taking in the view of a packed out arena. He struts down the aisleway with his signature swagger, before entering the ring. McMahon again surveys the crowd, before he starts to speak

McMahon: Last night at SummerSlam, I came out at the end of the show and promised a genesis of the WWE. And, for the last 24 hours, the world has been buzzing as to what exactly I mean by that. So, without further ado, I’m going to get to it

The crowd reacts positively, knowing it won’t be dragged out

McMahon: First and foremost, the era of PG is officially OVER

A huge eruption of praise comes from the audience

McMahon: That’s right, WWE programming is back to TV-14 and if anyone has a problem with that, then they can join my unique club. Now, onto further business, I am proud to announce that we have signed some new talent, and when I say some, I mean quite a few. Some are old favourites, whilst others are relatively unknown, but all will make themselves known once they arrive

McMahon takes a breather

McMahon: To allow for these new signings, and the diversity they bring, I am reactivating the Women’s and Cruiserweight Championships, and admittedly, I was a fool for deactivating them in the first place

The crowd start buzzing

McMahon: Two shows aren’t enough to showcase the talent that we will be having, so to compensate for that, Velocity will be making its return, and will air on Wednesday nights. SmackDown has moved to Thursday nights, so now you have WWE action Monday to Thursday every week

More cheers

McMahon: The Pay Per View schedule is being overhauled. No more gimmick events, just good old fashioned events, and a few old favourites making their return

Mixed reaction from the crowd, some sections disappointed those favourites weren’t named

McMahon: Finally, the rosters will be overhauled. Later tonight, I will come out here once again with the new draft results. This draft has been conducted entirely by me, and will truly shake things up. Thank you every...wait, I almost forgot. This anonymous Raw General Manager bullshit has gone on for far too long. So, just before I announce the draft results tonight, I urge the general manager to make themselves known, or else they will be relieved of their duties. Thank you, ladies and gentleman.

McMahon then exits the ring, strutting back up the ramp, as Raw goes to commercial

{ Commercials}

Cole: Moments ago, Mr McMahon announced his Genesis of the WWE. TV rating back to TV-14, the return of the Women’s and Cruiserweight Championships, new signings, a pay-per-view overhaul, the reveal of the general manager

Lawler: And a huge roster wide draft, personally conducted by the chairman himself

Cole: It’s going to be yet another interesting evening King

“ Samoa “

The Usos are shown standing in the ring already, discussing pre-match strategy

“Victory is Mine”

The tag team champions make their way down to the ring, the crowd going crazy for Santino and Koslov

Match 1
Non-title Match
Santino Marella & Vladimir Koslov vs The Usos

In what can best be described as a squash match, Koslov rolls through both Uso brothers with relative ease, unleashing his full SAMBA arsenal upon them. Towards the end of the match, Koslov backs towards his corner looking for the finishing move of the match, when Santino tags himself into the match. Santino pumps himself up, and then he executes the cobra onto Jey Uso, and makes the cover – 1, 2, 3

Winners ~ Santino Marella and Vladimir Koslov

As they are handed their tag team belts, Koslov just stands there, staring at Santino, who has begun his trumpet celebration. Koslov shakes his head and leaves the ring

Cole: I wonder what that’s all about

King: Who knows Cole, but it might have something to do with Santino stealing the win

Cole: His team won though, why would he be so upset?

{ Commercials}

* Backstage area *

Barrett: Last night, we showed the world, and the rest of this locker room, that what we’ve been saying for months is right. The winds of change are blowing, and boy did they blow last night

The group offer a collective celebratory cheer

Barrett: But that was last night. Tonight, we must make another impact, showing yet again why the winds are changing. You see this?

Barrett points at a piece of paper

Barrett: This was delivered to me earlier on. It says that I have a match tonight against...Randy Orton

The crowd pops huge for this

Barrett: But, in yet another injustice, the WWE Championship is not on the line

Otunga: Wade, relax man. You take Orton out tonight, they’ll have no choice but to give you a title...

Barrett: Otunga, do you forget NXT? Do you forget that I won the right to challenge for ANY championship of my choosing, whenever I want to do so? Seems that doesn’t apply tonight, but I won’t let that phase me. I’m going to use tonight as an example of what lies ahead in the future

{ Commercials}


That can only mean one thing, and out to the ring comes The Miz, still smarting after being snubbed from Team WWE at SummerSlam.


The crowd cheers their admiration for the United States Champion, Daniel Bryan, still visibly beatup from last night’s tag team match

Cole: 24 hours removed from SummerSlam, and this idiot, Daniel Bryan, will compete against The Awesome One, The Miz

Lawler: What makes this match so intriguing, Cole, is that Bryan won the US title from Miz back at The Bash, and since then has been a constant thorn in his side

Match #2
Non-title Match
Daniel Bryan vs The Miz

Miz takes advantage early on, targeting the back of Bryan which had been worked on so expertly by the Nexus the night before. Miz’s cockiness and arrogance leads to his downfall, as Bryan shows a tremendous amount of resilience to make a comeback, using his arsenal of kicks to his advantage, before catching Miz in the LeBell Lock. Miz twitches and screams for a few moments, before he taps out.

Winner ~ Daniel Bryan

Lawler: Beaten, bruised, but showing tremendous resilience there

Cole: Whatever. Let the moron have his moment in the sun

{ Commercial}

* Backstage area *

The trainer is examining John Cena’s ribs, which elicits a huge cheer from the female members of the audience. This cheer erupts even further when Randy Orton enters the room

Orton: You wanted to see me?

Cena looks up, and motions for Orton to sit down

Cena: Yeah, I did. You see...”ahhh” watch it will you

Cena glares at the trainer

Cena: You see, this is evidence of what the Nexus can do. Last night, I completely underestimated them, and I have these busted ribs to show for it

Orton: Your point? I’m not interested in your busted ribs, I have a match to prepare for

Cena: That’s why I wanted to see you. Randy, we go a long way back. Last night, I suffered these injuries, and I had the backup of six other guys. You, on the other hand, are going out there by yourself

Orton: I know...

Cena: Just be careful, okay. They don’t play nice, and Barrett definitely won’t be coming alone

{ Commercials}


A vignette starts playing. It shows a blacked out TV screen, which is turned on, revealing black and white static. Text appears on the screen “Just when you thought it was the end...,” followed by a date, 11.8.10


Already in the ring are the team of Natalya and Gail Kim.


Instant heat as the flawless duo, LayCool, make their way to the ring

{ A cutscene is shown of Mr McMahon exchanging the Women’s Championship for the Divas Championship with Michelle McCool }

Match #3
Michelle McCool and Layla vs Natalya and Gail Kim

The usual divas tag team match unfolds here, with Layla dominating Gail from the onset of the match. Gail makes a brief comeback, getting the hot tag on Natalya. Nattie uses her strength to gain the advantage, knocking McCool from the apron, before locking Layla in the sharpshooter, and Layla almost instantly taps out

Winners ~ Natalya and Gail Kim

Nattie celebrates the victory, and does title motions as Raw heads to break

{ Commercials}

[ A replay is shown of the opening to Raw, with Mr McMahon’s ultimatum being handed down to the anonymous Raw General Manager ]

Cole: For months the Raw landscape has been controlled by an anonymous general manager

Lawler: That’s right Cole. Nobody knows who it is, and numerous superstars have taken issue with this anonymous person


Cole gets up, and walks to the podium

Cole: Ladies and gentleman, I have received an email from the anonymous Raw General Manager. And I quote: For months now, I have ruled Raw with exemplary results. I have the respect of the roster, the respect of the fans, and everything is as it should be. Vince, I don’t know why you have to spoil everyone’s good mood, but, the money is worth more than my anonymity. You want to know who I am? It’s really quite easy. I’m not a puissant, so I’m not Michael Cole

Cole says that last line hesitantly, and the crowd reacts with laughter

Cole: What I am is the best in the world at what I do. Some call me the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Others call me the king of kings. And a small portion call me the showstopper. Confused? You should be. Direct your attention to the titan tron, and I shall unveil my cloud of anonymity.

Cole stands back from the podium, as the camera transfixes on the titantron, with a silhouette image of a person with a cowboy hat. The image starts to gain colour, before finally revealing...


The crowd respond with a general surprise, then a mixed reaction of cheering and booing

Lawler: Wow, all this time, our General Manager has been Stephanie McMahon

Cole: The billion dollar princess? Never in my life would I have expected it to be her

Lawler: Well, I guess now we know



The crowd explodes into a cheering frenzy as the WWE Champion, Rnady Orton, makes his way to the ring. He surveys the arena of fans screaming his name, and waits for his opponent


The arena wide cheers turn into arena wide boos, as Wade Barrett makes his way to the ring

Lawler: Wow, there’s a shocker, Barrett has come alone

Cole: I don’t know King, I have a funny feeling about this. And...what’s this? Ladies and gentlemen I have just been informed that this match has no disqualifications.

Match 4
Non-title Match, No Disqualification
Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

This match starts off with a lot of emotion, as both Orton and Barrett trade punches, before Barrett gets the upperhand. Barrett continues to dominate with calculated body strikes and suplexes, before Orton mounts his comeback, starting with a scoop slam, followed up by an inverted backbreaker. With Barrett on the mat, Orton starts to get ready for the RKO, and starts to bang the mat with his fists. At that moment, Husky Harris runs down the ramp which distracts Orton. Orton maintains a gaze on Harris, but doesn’t see the other 5 members of Nexus enter the ring behind him. Orton turns and is taken down by a stiff clothesline from Skip Sheffield. Harris then drops a jumping elbow drop onto Orton’s chest. Otunga and Slater drag Orton towards the nearest turnbuckle, and Justin Gabriel is about to go for the 450, when John Cena comes racing down the ramp, steel chair in hand. He takes a swing at Harris, cracking him across the back. Cena turns and smashes the chair over the head of Michael Tarver. Slater and Gabriel bail to the outside, leaving McGillicutty and Otunga to be smashed in the head with the chair. Cena sees Barrett getting to his feet, and holds the chair in position, ready to strike. He swings with all his might at Barrett’s head, and at the last moment, Barrett dodges out of the way, and Cena’s chairswing impacts with full force into the skull of Randy Orton, causing his body to contort itself as he falls to the mat. Cena stands there stunned, as he is jumped by Gabriel and Slater, the ensuing brawl taking them outside the ring. Barrett gets back to his feet, and smirks smugly, and makes the cover – 1, 2, 3

Winner ~ Wade Barrett

Barrett gets to his feet with a sense of satisfaction etched on his face. Gabriel and Slater drag Cena back into the ring. Barrett lifts Cena onto his shoulders, then drops him with the wasteland. Nexus, just like 24 hours earlier, stands tall

{ Commercials}

* PPV advertisement * To be a champion, is to be known as the very best. On this night, champions will be crowned and celebrated. September 19th, it will be the Night of Champions

Cole: Yes ladies and gentlemen, September 19th, Chicago, Illinois, it is the Night of Champions where every championship is on the line

Lawler: And speaking of champions, Cole, what about what we just witnessed with Randy Orton. A Nexus gang attack, and an assist gone terribly wrong with John Cena costing Randy the match

Cole: I’d hate to be John Cena next week King


The Chairman of the WWE, Mr McMahon, makes his second appearance of the night. He walks out onto the stage, then across to a lectern displaying the WWE logo. He then address the audience

McMahon: Earlier tonight, I told you about the genesis of the WWE, and it is now in full motion. Without any further delays, I will now present the new draft results to you all. The Raw and SmackDown logo will appear on the tron behind me, and the Superstars and Divas assigned to those brands will have their profile picture appear under their show logo. So you are kept aware of proceedings, I will read the names aloud after the reveals are complete, and a full listing will be available on WWE.com after Raw concludes tonight

Computer graphics come onto the screen, like the Smackdown vs Raw 2011 superstar selection screen, with a Raw and SmackDown logo either side of the tron and generic music plays. As each picture goes up, the crowd reacts with their approval and disapproval of who has been drafted where. Once all the pictures are up, McMahon speaks again

McMahon: So, there you have the results of the draft. I will read them to you now. The new Raw roster is: Triple H; John Cena; Kane; Big Show; Randy Orton; Rey Mysterio; CM Punk; Sheamus; Edge; Christian; Goldust; JTG; Jack Swagger; Daniel Bryan; Wade Barrett; Mark Henry; Michael McGillicutty; David Otunga; Husky Harris; Heath Slater; Skip Sheffield; Michael Tarver; Chris Masters; The Great Khali; Alicia Fox; Natalya; Melina; The Bella Twins; Gail Kim; Maryse; Eve; and last but not least, THE UNDERTAKER!!

The crowd erupts into euphoria knowing the Deadman is coming to Raw

McMahon: And for SmackDown, the new roster is: The Miz; Drew McIntyre; Cody Rhodes; Ted DiBiase; John Morrison; Dolph Ziggler; Kofi Kingston; Alberto Del Rio; David Hart Smith; Tyson Kidd; Santino Marella; Vladimir Koslov; Zack Ryder; Primo; Luke Gallows; Joey Mercury; Curt Hawkins; Vance Archer; Shad Gaspard; Yoshi Tatsu; Chavo Guerrero; Justin Gabriel; Evan Bourne; Matt Hardy; Darren Young; Finlay; Tyler Reks; Jey Uso; Jimmy Uso; Tiffany; Beth Phoenix; Kelly Kelly; Layla and Michelle McCool

The crowd seems puzzled at the SmackDown roster, but cheer nonetheless

McMahon: Again, I thank you for your time

McMahon exits the stage

Cole: WOW! Raw scored a bases loaded homer right there in that draft. Can you believe that we’ll be seeing the likes of Triple H, John Cena, Randy Orton and the Undertaker all in one place?

Lawler: No Cole, I can’t. It’s going to be one hell of a show next week, I can guarantee that



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Not a big fan of the opening promo. The announcements were fine but I can't see Mr. McMahon saying 3/4 of those lines. Not sure why you have Velocity and Velocity II (Smackdown). Not a great start, but it could still turn around.

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Opening promo - Not a great promo. It didn’t sound like Vince, but rather, you. A detailed summary in the opening post of how the WWE changed over a period of a few months would have sufficed. I like the changes you’re making with the product but having it all in this opening promo seemed rushed.

As for the anonymous GM announcement. Again, it seemed rushed. This had potential to be a decent angle had you stretched it out a little bit. Again, I’m looking forward to the reveal of who the GM is, but would have much preferred to read the angle unfold over the course of say, a few months.

There was just too many announcements, and too many things going on. So much so, that by the end of the promo, I was confused as to what exactly was going down during the rest of the show.

The opening match was okay. Squash matches are fine, and necessary to some extent. I hate the tag team division, and the current tag team champions, but maybe you can spice up the division somehow. I get the feeling that you’re gonna have Kozlov turn on Santino at some point. Hopefully though, you have a decent pairing who can take the straps once that happens.

The static promo revealing the date was cool. Looking forward to seeing who it will turn out to be.

So, Stephanie is the RAW General Manager. That’s fine with me. I liked the tease you did. Good job with that. I wonder how you’ll portray Steph’s character, and whether she’ll be heel or face.

The draft was a bit of a letdown. I didn’t like the way it happened. Again, it felt rushed. I know this was your first show, and you wanted to get all the changes out of the way, but it would have been a lot better had you drawn the angles out, like I mentioned before.

Either way, we’ve got this show out of the way, and I can look forward to reading your shows, with your own spin on things.

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What a great first show this was. I really enjoyed the matches you laid out and the fact that Vince McMahon "shook things up". The rosters look great for the most part and the interaction between Cole and Lawler is very well done.

I do agree that Vince wouldn't have said most of what he did say, like talking about the PG era and the return of traditional PPVs. In terms of the PG and the TV-14 ratings, nothing on your show seemed to really stand out to me as a change in the rating... Maybe if the God Father's Ho Train made a special appearance or Michael Cole became the next member to join the Kiss My Ass Club, it would have been more obvious. I was also anticipating a promo by Stephanie McMahon, but that didn't happen...

Great start to your show. I like where you're going with this!

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Vince's speech seemed somewhat rushed. I would have thought he'd come off as more of an asshole. The announcements were good, but like I said rushed.

Poor Usos, Squashed again. I'm sure Santino and Koslov won't turn on each other, but Koslov doesn't like Santino's antics. Maybe a turn on Santino and you push Koslov to the moon!

Otunga, still a tool.

Good win for Bryan. Hope to see him booked good and get up to the World Title. Hope Miz stays down at the bottom! I'd be happy to see a DB and Miz feud.

I didn't feel the Orton-Cena promo. It proved a point, but Cena didn't really come off Cena-like. Orton, on the other hand, came off as a face asshole and just like how he should be portrayed. Good job.

Sting return?

Wow, LayCool didn't win nor did they retaliate after wards. Kind of taking heat away from them. Bring their heat back please and get Gail Kim out of there please. Just saying! That is, so far, the surprise of the show.

I can't realistically see Stephanie being the GM, but it is a pleasant thing to see her on the show. She will be a good add-on to the show. I wish she would have said something after being revealed. Again, kind of seemed rushed but it was a good segment.

Orton and Barrett not main event after being talked about all night? Interesting. Rather predictable that Nexus was going to come in the ring and interfere, but I would see why they wanted to interfere. I am surprised Cena can run around with a steel chair and crack skulls with some fucked up ribs. I'm glad Wade run. Gives Nexus more momentum.

How stacked is RAW? Smackdown! has the Miz, who just lost to Daniel Bryan, as there main star. Hopefully Smackdown! is proven to be shitty on purpose. RAW is too stacked, though. It'll be tough making everybody happy on that show! However, Vince seemed rushed again. I mean, all he did was say he has the draft results and he said goodbye.

Overall, decent first show. I see potential for some good storylines. I have faith. Slow things down and cap off and finish some segments that felt rushed. I am looking forward, believe it or not, to Smackdown!

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I'm not sure if this is allowed or not, but I found this in my old bookmarks and after reading through the first show remembered the stuff I was going to do with this show. Am I able to continue on with it?
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