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Hi there, i have started booking this BTB on EWR and thought you might like to check it out, i will pick up just before Summerslam 2008 and my plan is to make what happened between then and todays PG era a lot more entertaining then it was, i am going to try and build some new stars of tomorrow and also have a shot at making ECW a viable brand that is worth watching, i hope you all enjoy! here are my rosters i am starting with.

John Cena
CM Punk
Hardcore Holly
Jerry Lawler
Jim Duggan
Kelly Kelly
Kofi Kingston
Lilian Garcia
Mickie James
Paul London
Rey Mysterio
Ron Simmons
Shad Gaspard
Val Venis
Shawn Michaels
Steve Austin
Jamie Noble
Beth Phoenix
Chris Jericho
Charlie Haas
Chuck Palumbo
Cody Rhodes
John “Bradshaw” Layfield
Cody Rhodes
Jillian Hall
Katie Lee Burchill
Lance Cade
Matt Striker
Mike Adamle
Paul Burchill
Randy Orton
Robbie McAllister
Rory McAllister
Santino Marella
Ted Dibiase JR
William Regal

Triple H
Jeff Hardy
The Undertaker
Alicia Fox
Eve Torres
Jimmy Wang Yang
Michelle McCool
Mick Foley
MR Kennedy
Shannon Moore
Big Show
Vickie Guerrero
Big Daddy V
Brain Kendrick
Curt Hawkins
DH Smith
Gregory Helms
Jonathan Coachman
Natalya Neidhart
Ranjin Singh
Great Khali
Shelton Benjamin
Vladimir Koslov
Zach Ryder
Armando Estrada

Matt Hardy
Atlas Dabone
Dusty Rhodes
Matt Sydal
Stevie Richards
Super Crazy
Theodore Long
Tommy Dreamer
Bam Neely
Chavo Guerrero
Colin Delaney
Elijah Burke
James Curtis
John Morrison
Lena Yada
Mark Henry
Mike Knox
Tony Atlas
D-lo Brown

WWE Champion/ Triple H
World Heavyweight Championship/ CM Punk
ECW Champion/ Mark Henry
Intercontinental Champion/ Kofi Kingston
United States Champion/ Shelton Benjamin
World Tag Team Champions/ Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase JR
WWE Tag Team Champions/ Hawkins & Ryder
WWE Divas Champion/ Michelle McCool
WWE Women’s Champion/ Mickie James

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(August 2nd 2008)

Commentary Team (Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler)

(Cole) Welcome everybody to Monday Night Raw and we are being joined in the ring right now by the World Heavyweight Champion, “The Straight Edge” CM Punk.

As the show opens up World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk is already standing in the middle of the ring with the fans chanting his name, Punk Has a microphone and Punk says he is out here to start the show off because he has been waiting all week to address the subject of JBL, Punk says last week JBL tried to verbally sabotage his career and well earned reputation, JBL said Punk was a paper champion, JBL said Punk being World Champion was a disgrace to the business and that Punk was no fit to lace a real champion like JBL’s boots.
CM Punk says he wants to make one thing very clear to JBL, Punk earned his way to being World Champion, Punk scratched, Punk clawed, Punk fought every night in dingy little arena’s all over the world while JBL was making his millions just to get the chance to call himself World Heavyweight Champion, Punk says JBL had it easy, JBL had a path paved to the top for him but CM Punk had to earn his right and it took him a long, long time to get from the beginning to today.
Punk says he is a fighting champion and quite frankly he is sick of talking about JBL, if JBL has a problem with CM Punk then why don’t JBL come down to the ring and fight him right now.

(King) CM Punk has just called JBL out?

JBL’s music hits and onto the entrance ramp comes John “Bradshaw” Layfield to a chorus of boo’s.
JBL says he don’t jump when CM Punk says how high, he doesn’t fight CM Punk when Punk wants to because JBL is ordered about by nobody on this earth.
JBL says he will fight CM Punk tonight, he will kick his ass all over this arena and show him up for the paper champion he is but he will do it on JBL’s terms.
JBL says if CM Punk wants him tonight it will have to be in a sanctioned one on one match and further to that this match must be for the World Heavyweight Championship.

(Cole) What, JBL wants a World Title shot tonight?

CM Punk says some people might think he is crazy but he accepts, he will put the World Title on the line tonight against JBL, Punk says he vowed to be a fighting champion and tonight unlike JBL he will live up to his word, Punk says tonight he is going to do everyone in the back and everyone in the crowd tonight a favour and kick JBL’s ass.
JBL says CM Punk is stupider then he thought, JBL tells CM Punk to take a photo of the World Title belt and polish it up because tonight it is coming home with JBL.

(King) Wow right here tonight CM Punk versus JBL for the World Heavyweight Title.


As the show comes back to air we get set for our first match of the night, Cody Rhodes versus the man he turned his back on weeks ago, the man he used to be World Tag Team Champion with Hardcore Holly, Holly is returning for the first time since Rhodes screwed him and joined alliances with Ted Dibiase JR.

Cody Rhodes vs. Hardcore Holly

The bell rings and Holly charges at Rhodes but is hit with a Power bomb by Cody Rhodes, Hardcore gets hit with another power bomb this time out of the corner and the Power bomb nearly crushes the spine of Hardcore, Rhodes covers 1 - 2 - kick out before the 3.
Hard leg sweep by Rhodes. 1 - 2 - shoulder up by Holly.
Hardcore counters a backdrop with a kick to the face, Flying shoulder tackle by Hardcore sends Rhodes to the mat, Hardcore Holly hits a bulldog off the ropes and then Hardcore only gets knees on a splash, Hardcore Holly gets nailed with a suplex by Rhodes and then Rhodes fellow Tag Team Champion Ted Dibiase Jr. comes running down the aisle with a chair!
Rhodes whips Hardcore Holly into the ropes; Dibiase Jr jumps onto the apron with the chair! And he nails Hardcore Holly right in the head; Hardcore Holly staggers back into a roll up by Rhodes! 1...2...3! It's over!
Cody Rhodes has won with some assistance from Ted Dibiase JR and now the World Tag Team Champions double team Holly with hard kicks all over his body, Rhodes and Dibiase throw Holly over the top rope and out of the ring and then pose in the ring with there belts.

(Cole) Like them or not “The Million Dollar Dreams” Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase JR are two men making a big impact here on Monday Night Raw.

(King) Just ask Hardcore Holly Michael, Rhodes and Dibiase are making there presence felt.


Backstage Todd Grisham is with Raw General Manager Mike Adamle; Todd asks Adamle his thoughts on tonight’s main event between CM Punk and JBL for the World Heavyweight Title?
Adamle says his job is to make Monday Night Raw the best show on TV bar none and CM Punk versus JBL for the World Title is what the WWE Universe want to see, that’s why he has no problem with tonight’s match infact he is excited about it.

The next match is a mixed gender tag team match with the team of Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella taking on the Women’s Champion Mickie James and her partner “The Big Red Monster” Kane.

Mixed Gender Tag Team Match
Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella vs. Mickie James and Kane

The bell rings and Kane fires off some right and left hands to Marella, Back elbow by Kane connects and Marella staggers backward before falling down to the canvas, Kane covers 1 - 2 – but Santino gets his shoulder up.
Tag to Mickie James, Kane & Mickie whip Marella into the ropes and hit a double back elbow, Mickie pins Santino 1 - 2 - shoulder up by Santino.
Marella walks into a spinning heel kick by Mickie James, Marella is stunned but Santino Marella fights out of a grapple, Pick-up into a power bomb on Mickie James and Mickie hits hard. 1 - 2 – but the Women’s Champion gets her shoulder up.
Tag between Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix and now the rivalry between Pheonix and Mickie James is there for all to see, Big pile driver on Mickie into a cover by Beth Phoenix 1 - 2 - almost a 3.
Running knee lift from Beth Phoenix puts Mickie down but Phoenix only gets knees on a splash.
Mickie hits an arm drag on Phoenix and then Tags out to Kane. Kane slams Beth Phoenix and she crawls to her corner and tags in Santino who doesn’t want the tag, big boot to the face on Santino Marella by Kane, Santino Marella is in trouble, Choke slam by Kane on Santino That shook the ring. 1.... 2.... 3!! Kane has beat Santino and Beth drags Santino feet first out of the ring and they both high tail it back up the ramp as quick as they can, Mickie James thanks Kane and then they both have there arms raised in victory as the crowd cheer.

(King) I don’t think Santino Marella is going to want anymore of Kane anytime soon.

Backstage Raw General Manager Mike Adamle has called Todd Grisham to his office, Adamle says to show how great he wants Raw to be right here tonight we are not just going to have one title match we are going to have two, on top of CM Punk versus JBL for the World Heavyweight Championship, now Kofi Kingston will have to defend his Intercontinental Championship as well against Chris Jericho.


As Raw comes back t air we go live into the locker room of “The Viper” Randy Orton, Orton stares into the camera and says up next we are going to see Shawn Michaels “The Show Stopper” live in action but Randy Orton has a problem with Shawn Michaels, Orton says HBK thinks he is above everybody else, probably above every fan in this arena tonight because he thinks he found God, Orton says that HBK doesn’t like him because of some of the things Orton does to people but that Shawn is a hypocrite because back in the day the whole world knows that Shawn Michaels was the biggest A-Hole of them all.
Orton says HBK can’t bury the past, Orton knows what kind of man Shawn Michaels is and Orton is going to expose the myth of “The Heart Break Kid”.

The next match is Shawn Michaels one on one against a young wrestler he helped train, Lance Cade.

Shawn Michaels vs. Lance Cade

Before the match starts Michaels offers his former student Lance Cade a handshake but Cade refuses it.
The bell rings and HBK slams Lance Cade, HBK slams Lance Cade hard into the canvas again. 1 - 2 – but Cade kicks out.
Shawn Michaels misses a clothesline and Cade puts Shawn Michaels down with a neck breaker, Cade hits a right hand on Michaels and then hits a Big backdrop on HBK executed well.
Lance Cade starts to be cocky but then Shawn Michaels ducks a Lance Cade clothesline and nearly takes his head off with some Sweet Chin Music, Michaels has Cade beat but Randy Orton slides into the ring out of nowhere!
Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton start brawling and the referee seeing the chaos calls for a no contest ruling.
Orton nails HBK with an RKO out of nowhere and then Randy Orton goes to the outside and grabs a chair.
HBK stumbles to his feet and Orton nails him hard right in the skull with a vile steel chair shot, Orton stands over HBK’s limp body almost salivating as medics rush down to help Shawn Michaels.

(Cole) What is Randy Orton’s problem with Shawn Michael’s?

(King) I don’t know what Orton’s problem is but for Shawn Michaels that problem just got a lot bigger.


As Raw comes back to air we are ready for our next match, England’s Paul Burchill with his sister Katie Lee against Paul London.

Paul London vs. Paul Burchill W/ Katie Lee

The bell rings and Paul Burchill uses a forearm to the face of Paul London, London gets slammed into the canvas by Burchill Big backdrop on London by Burchill executed well.
Big right hand to London by Burchill but Burchill walks into a trip by London, Leg sweep by London and then London hits a Kick ass spinning arm pulling move out of the corner, London pins 1 - 2 – but Burchill kicks out.
Burchill reverses a Paul London hammerlock, Massive backbreaker by Burchill to London and London got planted hard back first into Burchill’s knee, Burchill covers 1 - 2 - no 3 though.
London walks into a sidewalk slam by Burchill as Katie Lee cheers on the outside, Burchill covers again 1 - 2 – but London kicks out.
London powers out of a headlock, Big kick on Burchill by Paul London, Paul Burchill reverses a hip toss and a Flying shoulder tackle by Burchill sends London to the mat. Paul London gets knocked to the ground by Burchill and Burchill hits his finishing move the Curb Stomp, Burchill hooks the legs 1.... 2.... 3, Burchill has won but Paul Burchill is not finished.
Paul Burchill slides to the outside and his sister Katie Lee hands him the ring bell, Burchill then climbs back into the ring with it and when London turns around Burchill nails him right in the gut with the ring bell, London writhes around in pain as Katie Lee jumps into the ring and raises her brothers hand in victory.

Backstage Todd Grisham is with JBL; Todd asks JBL his thoughts on facing CM Punk tonight for the World Heavyweight Title?
JBL says the only reason he came out of retirement was to once again be the World Heavyweight Champion and the fact that he is going to achieve that by dethroning the poorest excuse for a World Champion in WWE history CM Punk just makes it even sweeter, JBL says he always gets what he wants one way or the other and tonight JBL wants that World Heavyweight Title, there is nothing CM Punk can do about it.


As Raw comes back to air we are set for our next match, one half of the World Tag Team Champions Ted Dibiase JR taking in Rey Mysterio.

Ted Dibiase Jr. vs. Rey Mysterio

The bell rings and Dibiase hits a suplex on Mysterio, Mysterio gets caught with a belly-to-belly suplex from Dibiase Jr.
Rey Mysterio takes a butterfly suplex from Dibiase Jr, Dibiase Jr drives a thrust kick into the chest of Mysterio, Mysterio gets out the back of a Ted Dibiase Jr. body slam attempt and Mysterio counters with a basement dropkick to the knee.
Martial arts kick by Mysterio to the head of Dibiase Jr. 1 - 2 – but Dibiase kicks out. Dibiase Jr counters an avalanche with a raised foot to the face of Mysterio; Ted Dibiase Jr. hits a delayed suplex on Mysterio. 1 - 2 – but Mysterio gets his shoulders up.
Dibiase picks Rey up, Delayed brain buster suplex by Dibiase, Dibiase Jr held that one for ages, he covers 1 - 2 – but Rey gets his shoulders up again.
Rey Mysterio elbows Ted Dibiase Jr. in the face to break a hammerlock, Standing dropkick by Rey Mysterio on Dibiase Jr.
Ted Dibiase Jr. ducks a Rey Mysterio clothesline, Big dropkick by Ted Dibiase Jr.. But now Dibiase’s tag team partner Cody Rhodes comes running down the aisle with a chair! Dibiase Jr whips Rey Mysterio into the ropes and Rhodes jumps onto the apron with the chair and nails Mysterio in the back with it, Rey Mysterio staggers back into a roll up by Dibiase! 1...2...3! It's over, Dibiase has won with assistance from his fellow World Tag Team Champion Cody Rhodes.
Dibiase and Rhodes continue the assault beating down on Rey Mysterio but The music of Batista hits and the crowd erupt, Batista comes running down the aisle into the ring and Dibiase Jr and Cody Rhodes high tail it out of the ring and into the crowd, Batista checks on his friend Rey Mysterio, Batista may have saved Rey Mysterio from a brutal beating.

(Cole) Well thank god Dave Batista came out here King, otherwise Rey Mysterio may have been in big trouble.

(King) Batista limited the damage Michael but the “Million Dollar Dreams” have made their impact tonight and everybody in this building has felt it.


As Raw comes back to air Matt Striker is in the ring ready for his new interview segment, “Lesson Time with Matt Striker”, Striker welcomes everybody to his show and says it will be the most intellectual and informative show in WWE history.
Striker says the Raw fans and Raw superstars first need to accept that Matt Striker is cleverer then them, that Matt Striker can teach them something and then maybe just maybe Matt Striker can make Monday Night Raw a less moronic place.
Matt Striker welcomes his first ever guest Ron Simmons who comes to the ring to a cheer from the crowd, Striker tells Simmons he hasn’t invited him out here because he respects him, Striker has brought him out here for the opposite reason, Striker says Simmons once had a great career, he was a Tag team Champion in the WWE, he was a member of The A.P.A but instead of walking away from this business respectfully when his time was up he now walks around every Monday night making money for saying the word, DAMN.
Striker says people like Ron Simmons are what is wrong with this country today and he has called him out to this ring tonight to expose him and show him up for the lazy, pathetic, sponger he really is, so Striker only has one question to ask, will Ron Simmons tonight accept the lesson Striker has given him and apologize to everyone in the arena and everyone at home for letting himself become an embarrassing joke?
Ron Simmons looks at Matt Striker and then punches him out with a hard right hand to the face; Simmons picks up Striker’s microphone stands over him and says “DAMN”.

(Cole) Ron Simmons says lesson over.

(King) I think Matt Striker might think twice before making Ron Simmons one of his students again.


Up next we are set for our next match and it will be for the Intercontinental Championship with “The Jamaican Sensation” Kofi Kingston defending against Chris Jericho.

Kofi Kingston vs. Chris Jericho

The bell rings and Kofi Kingston scores with a back heel kick on Jericho, a Kingston Dropkick connects and Jericho goes down to the canvas, Second rope flying axe handle by Kofi puts Jericho down again.
Chris Jericho ducks a clothesline attempt, Throat-first drop onto the top rope from Chris Jericho! Kingston is winded and Jericho crushes Kingston with a running head butt smash off the ropes, Jericho makes the cover 1, 2 but Kofi kicks out.
The Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston ducks a Chris Jericho clothesline, Spinning bulldog in the corner by Kofi and Jericho is down, cover by the champion 1 - 2 – but Jericho gets his shoulder up.
Springboard dropkick from Kofi Kingston...that looked pretty cool, Kofi covers Jericho again 1 - 2 - almost a 3.
Chris Jericho uses a right hand punch to stun Kingston, Kingston walks into a high dropkick from Chris Jericho but when Jericho tries to suplex Kofi, Kofi Kingston pulls a mule kick out of nowhere.
Kofi Kingston hits a rolling kick on Jericho; Chris Jericho gets knocked to the ground by Kingston and Air Jamaica hits by Kofi, Jericho is out 1.... 2.... 3. Kofi Kingston wins and Kofi Kingston retains his Intercontinental Championship.
Kingston offers a handshake to Jericho...but Jericho refuses and walks off as the crowd chant “You Suck” at him.

(Cole) A total lack of respect shown by the egotistical Chris Jericho but what a win for “The Jamaican Sensation” Kofi Kingston


As Raw comes back to air we see an angry Chris Jericho walking backstage when he bumps into General Manager Mike Adamle, Adamle says he has some news that might cheer Jericho up after his loss to Kofi Kingston, next week John Cena is back on Raw after three weeks away, Jericho asks why John Cena being back on Raw would cheer him up?
Adamle says it should cheer Jericho up because next week on Raw it will be John Cena one on one with Chris Jericho.

We are now set for our main event match of the night “The Straight Edge” CM Punk defending his World Heavyweight Championship against John “ Bradshaw” Layfield

CM Punk vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

The bell rings and the champion Punk takes a head butt from John Bradshaw Layfield, John Bradshaw Layfield misses a big leg drop and lands ASS-FIRST on the mat to the crowds and CM Punk’s amusement.
JBL gets caught with a belly-to-belly suplex from Punk but JBL smashes into the ref breaking his fall and the referee is out, the ref seemed to accidentally take an elbow to the face.
DDT from the top rope by CM Punk on JBL.... holy crap that was sweet, Cover by CM Punk on JBL but there's no ref to count for CM Punk.
Down runs a new ref from the back and JBL ducks a wild right hand from Punk, Flying shoulder tackle by JBL sends Punk to the mat, Punk walks into a side walk slam by JBL, Bradshaw covers the champion 1 - 2 – but Punk gets the shoulder up. JBL scoops CM Punk up and nails a Death valley driver, CM Punk got planted hard, JBL covers 1 - 2 and Punk just gets his shoulder up before the count of three.
JBL drags Pun up but Punk kicks John Bradshaw Layfield in the gut to reverse the momentum, John Bradshaw Layfield gets nailed with a DDT by Punk, Punk hooks the legs 1 – 2- but JBL gets his foot on the bottom rope to keep himself in this World Title match.
John Bradshaw Layfield powers out of a CM Punk headlock, John Bradshaw Layfield grapples with CM Punk and positions himself so that the referee can't see... then JBL hits a low blow on the World Champion CM Punk, JBL off the ropes and JBL takes the stunned Punk out with a clothesline from hell, JBL covers CM Punk 1.... 2.... 3!! And John “ Bradshaw” Layfield has just cheated his way to being the new World Heavyweight Champion.
The crowd are in shock, CM Punk who is down stunned on the canvas is in shock, JBL is handed the World Heavyweight Championship belt and John Bradshaw Layfield remains in the ring celebrating his title victory as the Raw fans chuck stuff at him in the ring.

(King) I can’t believe it, JBL is the new World Heavyweight Champion.

(Cole) CM Punk just got screwed out of the World Heavyweight Title and now we have to suffer that abomination of a man JBL as our new World Heavyweight Champion, I like everyone else in this arena feels sick at what we just saw.


Monday Night Raw got a 6.83 rating for 'RAW'!
The attendance was 7530 people.
We made $301200 from ticket sales.

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Hope you guys enjoyed the first show, the first week of action will not have any previews to the shows, hope to have ECW up later tonight and feel free to leave any comments about this BTB.

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(August 3rd 2008)

Commentary team/ Todd Grisham & Tazz

As the show comes to air ECW General Manager Theodore Long is sitting in his office and announces that tonight we will see former ECW Champion Matt Hardy take on the current ECW Champion Mark Henry for the ECW Championship.

(Todd) Ladies and gentleman welcome to ECW live on the Sci-Fi network and as you just heard our General Manager announce what a main event we have coming up for you tonight, Mark Henry versus Matt Hardy with the ECW Championship on the line.

(Tazz) The biggest prize in the land of extreme is up for grabs tonight Todd and who will walk out of here ECW Champion, Mark Henry or Matt Hardy?

The show kicks off with our first match of the night and John Morrison and The Miz come out to tell the crowd how lucky the ECW fans are to have them on there brand, Morrison says he has advised Theodore Long that he should even put ticket prices up for ECW events just because Miz and Morrison are on the card, Morrison says they are the future of not only ECW but the whole WWE Universe and Miz says anyone who doesn’t admit that is just jealous.

D'Lo Brown and Super Crazy vs. Miz and Morrison

The bell rings and Miz takes hard DDT by Super Crazy, The Miz takes a huricanrana from Super Crazy into a pin 1 - 2 – but Miz kicks out.
Crazy tags out to D'Lo Brown and D'Lo Brown scoops up The Miz, Super Crazy bounces off the ropes and hits a flying Hart Attack clothesline on Miz, The Miz gets caught with a short power bomb from D'Lo. 1 - 2 – but in comes Morrison to break up the count.
The Miz gets slammed by D-Lo but then The Miz blocks a punch, DDT from the top rope by The Miz plants D-Lo Brown and The Miz crawls to his corner and tags in his partner John Morrison.
Leg sweep by Morrison on D-Lo into a pin 1, 2 but D-Lo kicks out, Morrison suplexes D-Lo hard into the mat but straight after D'Lo reverses a John Morrison hammerlock and makes it to his corner to hot tag Super Crazy.
Suplex on Morrison by Super Crazy who hooks the legs 1 - 2 – but Morrison kicks out before the count of 3.
Super Crazy Dropkick connects and Morrison hits the canvas, John Morrison takes the advantage with a punch to the face and Morrison nearly crushes Crazy with a running head butt smash off the ropes.
John Morrison see’s Crazy is dazed from the head butt and rolls him up into a small package, Morrison uses the ropes for leverage and the referee hasn't seen it 1.... 2.... 3!! John Morrison has stolen it.
After the match Morrison and Miz celebrate but D-Lo Brown is not happy and ambushes them, the numbers game catches up on D-Lo Brown and Morrison and Miz double team him but then back in comes Super Crazy who helps D-Lo throw Miz and Morrison out of the ring, D-Lo and Super Crazy invite Miz and Morrison back to fight but Morrison and Miz want none of it and leave.

(Tazz) All credit to D-Lo Brown and Super Crazy Todd, they just made John Morrison and The Miz back up and there aren’t many people here in ECW who have done that.

(Todd) I have a feeling we might see those four men in the ring again together sooner rather then later.


As ECW comes back to air we are set for our next match, the smallest superstar in ECW Hornswoggle versus perhaps the weirdest superstar in ECW the Boogeyman.

Hornswoggle vs. The Boogeyman

The bell rings and Hornswoggle looks petrified of Boogeyman who stands opposite him in the ring chewing on his worms.
Attempted knife-edge chops by Horny on Boogeyman but Boogeyman counters with a kick to the chest that see’s Hornswoggle fly across the ring.
Back in comes Hornswoggle and The Boogeyman misses a clothesline and accidentally takes out the referee instead.
Boogeyman nails Hornswoggle with another kick this time to the head and Boogeyman makes the cover but the referee is down and cannot make the count. Horny counters a Boogeyman axe handle from the top turnbuckle with a drop kick to the face, Boogeyman takes a second rope chop from Horny, Hornswoggle goes up top ad Hornswoggle hits a Tad Pole Splash from the top, he covers Boogeyman and the ref is up 1 - 2 – but Boogeyman kicks out.
Drop kick to the knee of Bogeyman by Hornswoggle who covers again 1 - 2 - kick out before the 3.
The Boogeyman avoids another Hornswoggle drop kick and then The Boogeyman counters with a hard DDT, Boogeyman covers for the pin fall 1 - 2 – but Hornswoggle gets his shoulder up and Boogeyman is not happy about it.
Boogeyman looks like he is intent on doing Hornswoggle some serious damage but before he can down runs Hornswoggle’s father Finlay, Finlay drops Boogeyman with some hard punches causing the referee to call for the bell, this match has been ruled a no contest.
Finlay continues to beat down on Boogeyman until security come down to the ring and usher him away, Finlay then throws Hornswoggle over his shoulder and carries him all the way to the back.


Elijah Burke is standing in the set for his new personal interview segment “The Elijah Experience”, He announces that tonight's guest is Tommy Dreamer, who comes out from the back to a good ovation from the ECW fans, Burke says that everybody in ECW respects Tommy Dreamer, he is an ECW original and he is a former ECW Champion, everything that the old ECW embodies lives inside the body of Tommy Dreamer, but Burke tells Dreamer that this is not the old ECW, this is the new breed, this is the new ECW and in the new ECW it is not about fat, beaten up losers like Tommy Dreamer, it is about highly skilled athletes with personality like Elijah Burke.
Tommy Dreamer says Elijah Burke doesn’t have the first idea about the old ECW, a guy Elijah Burke could never have survived in the old ECW, Dreamer says that’s the problem with the younger guys today is that a lot of them are just like Elijah Burke, they all talk the talk but when they step in the ring they can’t walk the walk, Dreamer says Elijah Burke might be a better natural athlete then him but the reason Dreamer is a former ECW Champion and Elijah Burke will never be ECW Champion is that Dreamer has more heart then Elijah Burke.
Burke says nobody can take what Dreamer says seriously, all his career he has been beat up in the head with chairs and thrown through tables, Dreamer should be at home and if Dreamer keeps running his mouth Burke might put him there himself.
Dreamer says that no way to talk to a guest, Burke then looks to try and cool himself down but then hits Tommy Dreamer with a cowardly low blow leaving Dreamer down on the canvas in pain, Burke leaves the ring smiling as Dreamer struggles to get back to his feet after the low blow.

(Todd) How disrespectful can Elijah Burke be to an ECW legend like Tommy Dreamer?

(Tazz) Elijah Burke may have just started something with Tommy Dreamer ad it may turn out to be a fight the young man wished he had never picked.


As ECW comes back to air Tiffany is backstage ready to interview Matt Hardy, Tiffany asks Matt how confident he is tonight of beating “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry and regaining the ECW Championship?
Matt says he has been in this business long enough to know tonight will not be an easy task at all; Matt says he is stepping in the ring with “The World’s Strongest Man”, he is stepping in the ring with perhaps the most dominant wrestler in ECW history but Matt Hardy says he also knows that Mark Henry has something he wants back, the ECW Championship, Matt says he was a proud ECW Champion and when he lost that belt to Mark Henry it made him sick to his stomach, but tonight Hardy is going to use that feeling, use that pain and he will bring it all crashing down on Mark Henry, Matt Hardy says tonight he will not leave this arena without the ECW Championship around his waist.


As ECW comes back to air we are set for our next match of the evening, one of ECW’s young exciting stars Matt Sydal versus Chavo Guerrero’s bodyguard Bam Neeley.

Bam Neely vs. Matt Sydal

The bell rings and a Flying shoulder tackle by Neely sends Matt Sydal to the mat. Massive backbreaker by Bam Neeley and Matt Sydal got planted. Neeley makes the cover 1 - 2 – but Sydal kicks out.
Bam Neely only gets knees on a splash, Standing drop kick by Matt Sydal on Neely. Leg sweep by Matt Sydal see’s Bam Neeley slam back of the head first into the canvas and Sydal covers him 1, 2 but Bam kicks out.
Springboard dropkick from Matt Sydal...that looked pretty cool into a pin fall 1 - 2 – and Bam Neeley only just kicks out before the count of three.
Neely takes a flying neck breaker from Matt Sydal but then Bam Neely counter with a punch to the face, Massive backbreaker again by Neeley in this match and again Matt Sydal got planted. 1 - 2 - but kick out from Matt Sydal.
Bam Neely scores with a standing spine buster the match looks over as Neeley makes the cover 1, 2 but Sydal gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the count and stay in the match.
Big power slam on Matt Sydal by Neely but then Matt Sydal reverses a Bam Neely hammerlock, Matt Sydal hits a dropkick on Bam Neely, he then hits a Back heel kick off the second rope and Neely goes down to the canvas, Matt Sydal climbs to the top turnbuckle as Bam Neely is stunned. Missile Dropkick from the top by Matt Sydal 1.... 2.... 3!! It's all over, what a win for Matt Sydal.
As Matt Sydal has his hand raised in victory Chavo Guerrero comes running down the aisle with a chair! Matt Sydal is just about to leave the ring...and only just manages to duck in time to avoid Chavo hitting a brutal chair shot! Matt Sydal knocks the chair away and then nails Chavo with a spinning neck breaker, Matt Sydal quickly goes up to the top rope, and leaps off, hitting a shooting star press on Chavo Guerrero, Chavo’s ambush has back fired and Matt Sydal goes back into the crowd to celebrate his victory with the fans.

(Tazz) Wow what an impact made by Matt Sydal on ECW tonight; he just took out both Bam Neeley and Chavo Guerrero.

(Todd) What an exciting young talent Matt Sydal is and you can only follow the progress of this young mans career right here on ECW.

Backstage Tiffany is with the ECW World Heavyweight Champion “The Worlds Strongest Man” Mark Henry and his Manager Ton Atlas; Tiffany asks Henry his thoughts on the match that is just moments away, him versus Matt Hardy for the ECW Title?
Mark Henry says he is the silverback of ECW, he is the most dominant athlete in ECW, he is the most dominant athlete in any sport in the world, Mark Henry says now he is the ECW Champion he is an unstoppable force and up next Matt Hardy will find that out the hard way.


As ECW comes back to air we are set for our main event of the night and it is for the ECW Heavyweight Championship.

(Todd) You can feel the tension all around this arena Tazz, the ECW Title is about to be decided right here, right now.

(Tazz) Two of the very best ECW have to offer going at it for the biggest prize ECW has to offer, the roof is going to come off Todd.

Tony Atlas W/ Mark Henry VS Matt Hardy

The bell rings and the challenger Matt Hardy is all over Mark Henry peppering him with hard right and left hand shots to the face and body.
Matt Hardy off the ropes but Matt Hardy misses a clothesline and accidentally takes out the referee instead.
Matt Hardy with a running jaw breaker out of the corner that puts Mark Henry down on the canvas and the ECW Champion may be unconscious after that blow, the crowd are on there feet Matt Hardy covers but the referee is still down and there is nobody to make the count.
Mark Henry gets out the back of a crazy Matt Hardy body slam attempt, Matt Hardy takes a right hand to the temple from Henry, Mark Henry this time hits a bulldog off the ropes and the champion pins Hardy 1 - 2 – but Hardy gets his shoulder up.
Big tornado punch from Mark Henry lays Matt Hardy out, Henry goes for the cover again 1 - 2 and this time Hardy just gets his shoulder up before the count of three. Hardy ducks a wild right hand from Henry and counters with a twist of fate, Mark Henry hit hard into the mat and Hardy hooks the legs 1 - 2 – and this time its Henry who just kicks out in the nick of time.
Mark Henry backdrops Matt Hardy out of a pile driver attempt, Mark Henry’s Manager Tony Atlas jumps up on the ring apron and tugs at the hair of Matt Hardy, a distracted Hardy wastes valuable time by yelling at Tony Atlas! Mark Henry takes advantage of the distraction and nails Matt Hardy from behind! Matt Hardy is in trouble and Here it comes - World's Strongest Slam connects, Mark Henry covers 1.... 2...3, it's finished, Mark Henry has retained the ECW Title but with a huge slice of help from Tony Atlas.
Mark Henry is not finished though as he scoops Matt Hardy up and plants him with another Worlds Strongest Slam, Mark Henry stands over Matt Hardy’s body as Tony Atlas raises his hand in victory.

(Todd) Matt Hardy took his eye off the ball for one second, one second after the distraction from Tony Atlas and it has cost Hardy his chance to win back the ECW Title.

(Tazz) Matt Hardy gave it everything he had tonight Todd but you can’t afford to make a mistake when you are facing the ECW Champion Mark Henry and that’s what Matt Hardy did, what a great match though.

(Todd) Ladies and gentleman “The Worlds Strongest Man” Mark Henry is still the ECW Heavyweight Champion.


We got a 3.51 rating for 'ECW on Sci-Fi'!
The attendance was 7515 people.
We made $300600 from ticket sales.

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(August 6th 2008)

Commentary Team (Jim Ross and Mick Foley)

As the show comes to air General Manager Vickie Guerrero is already standing in the ring, she says she is out here to clear something up, she wants to clear up the rumour that is going around saying she will use her power as General Manager to get revenge on her husband Edge who cheated on her, Vickie says she can tell the whole world right now damn right she will use all her power to make Edge’s life a living hell until he is out of her life for good.
Edge’s music hits and outcomes “The Rated R Superstar”, Edge says he is out here to say sorry to Vickie, he knows he hurt her, he knows he has screwed everything up but he wants Vickie to know he still loves her and he thinks Vickie still loves him to?
Vickie says she doesn’t love Edge she hates him with a vengeance, Vickie says tonight Edge will be in a triple threat match with Jeff Hardy and The Undertaker to crown a new number one contender for Triple H’s WWE Championship, Vickie wants Edge to know that match was made at board level, if it was down to her Edge would get nowhere near a shot at the WWE Title ever again, but Vickie says she has a back up plan and she can reveal it to Edge right now, Vickie says Edge had better win the triple threat match tonight because if no at Summerslam he will have to go one on one with the Undertaker and Vickie prays to god that at Summerslam Undertaker makes Edge, rest in peace.
Vickie walks away leaving Edge in shock.

(JR) Did you here that, Vickie Guerrero wants to put Edge one on one with The Undertaker at Summerslam, hell have no fury like a woman scorned.

(Foley) Vickie Guerrero says she will use all her power to make Edge’s life a living hell and I believe her JR, I would not like to be in the boots of “The Rated R Superstar”.


As Smackdown comes back to air we are set for our first match of the night, “The Russian Mauler” Vladimir Koslov versus Shannon Moore.
Before the match Koslov gets on the microphone in the ring and in broken English tells the crowd he is going to break Shannon Moore.

Vladimir Kozlov vs. Shannon Moore

The bell rings and big forearm connects on Shannon Moore by Vladimir Kozlov, Back elbow connects and Shannon Moore staggers backward, Koslov with an early cover 1 - 2 - kick out by Moore.
Shannon reverses a wristlock, Shannon Moore hits a standing dropkick on Vladimir Kozlov, martial arts kick from Shannon Moore followed by a Flying elbow, Kozlov counters a backdrop with a hard kick to the face, Massive backbreaker on Shannon Moore, Moore got planted, Vladimir Kozlov moves in for the kill. Lights Out!!! That shook the ring. 1.... 2.... 3!! Kozlov has won but “The Russian Mauler” is not finished, Vladimir Kozlov slides to the outside and grabs a chair he then climbs back into the ring. Shannon turns around...and gets planted with a huge chair shot to the head! Shannon Moore is left down and out on the canvas and Kozlov has done the damage again.

(JR) Who can stop “The Russian Mauler” Vladimir Kozlov?

(Foley) Vladimir Kozlov may be the most dominant athlete I have ever seen on Friday Night Smackdown.


The next match is for the WWE Tag Team Championship, Hawkins and Ryder defending against Jesse and Festus.

Hawkins and Ryder vs. Jesse and Festus

The bell rings Leg sweep on Jesse by Curt Hawkins, Hawkins crushes Jesse with a running butt smash, Hawkins with the cover 1 - 2 - shoulder up by Jesse.
Hawkins tags out to Zack Ryder, Hawkins and Ryder whip Jesse into the ropes and hit a double backdrop, Jesse walks into a spinning heel kick by Ryder, Ryder hooks the legs 1 - 2 – but Jesse kicks out again.
Ryder hits a back kick; Jesse counters a backdrop with a kick to the face. Cool looking suplex on Ryder by Jesse, Tag between Jesse and Festus, Big kick from Festus to the face of Ryder, Festus hits a bulldog off the ropes. But Zack Ryder then counters with a low blow that puts Festus down.
Tag between Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, Spinning bulldog in the corner by Hawkins, Festus is down and Hawkins hits a DDT from the top rope ...holy crap, that was sweet, Hawkins covers Festus 1 - 2 – but Festus kicks out.
Kick from Curt Hawkins...to the leg of Festus, Festus counters an arm wringer with an elbow to the side of the head and Festus hits a bulldog off the ropes to Hawkins. Festus moves in for the kill. Flapjack!!! That shook the ring, Festus covers, Ryder trys to break the count but is cut off by Jesse 1.... 2.... 3, and Jesse and Festus are the new WWE Tag Team Champions.
Hawkins and Ryder are in shock as Jesse and Festus grab the belts and go into the crowd to celebrate, the crowd are on there feet.

(JR) What a night for Jesse and Festus, they are the new WWE Tag Team Champions and they are worthy champions.

(Foley) Hawkins and Ryder are in shock and so am I, Jesse and Festus are the new Tag Champions baby.


As Smackdown comes back to air we go live at ringside to our commentary team Jim Ross and Mick Foley, JR reminds us of what is still to come tonight, Champion versus Champion when United States Champion Shelton Benjamin takes on WWE Champion Triple H and then in the main event a Triple Threat Match to find out who will face Triple H at Summerslam for the WWE Title between Edge, Jeff Hardy and The Undertaker.

Then we are set for our next match, Divas Champion Michelle McCool versus Natalya Neidhart.

Michelle McCool vs. Natalya Neidhart

The bell rings and Natalya Neidhart slams Michelle McCool hard into the canvas. Natalya drops an elbow...but misses...HAH, head butt on Natalya by the Divas Champion Michelle, Natalya Neidhart charges but Michelle McCool moves and the referee is knocked out instead.
Body slam from Michelle on Natalya and McCool makes the cover, Michelle has Neidhart down but the ref is still out of it and cannot make the count.
Natalya Neidhart elbows Michelle McCool in the face to break a hammerlock and then Michelle eats a swinging neck breaker slam from Natalya, Natalya Neidhart hits a delayed suplex on Michelle into the pin 1 - 2 Champion kicks out.
Now Natalya hits a Face-first suplex on the c 1 - 2 champion Michelle McCool, she pins again, 1, 2, but again McCool kicks out.
Michelle blocks a suplex attempt using the power of gravity, body slam by Michelle McCool puts Neidhart down for the cover 1 - 2 – and Natalya gets her shoulder up just before the count of three.
Natalya backdrops Michelle McCool out of a pile driver attempt, Natalya Neidhart gets whipped into the corner. Michelle charges in but into a pair of raised boots from Natalya Neidhart, Natalya uses a roll up on Michelle McCool with her feet on the second rope! The referee hasn't seen it: 1.... 2.... 3!! And Natalya Neidhart has stolen a win over the Divas Champion.
Natalya Neidhart leaves the ring and heads off down the aisle at speed, Natalya has the victory and she isn't hanging around for the Divas Champion Michelle McCool to look for revenge.

(JR) Natalya Neidhart just stole won but what a victory to steal, she just beat the Divas Champion Michelle McCool 1, 2, 3.

(Foley) Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you get it down JR, what Natalya has done tonight is send a message to Michelle McCool that she is a contender for the Divas Championship.

Backstage we see separate footage of Big Daddy V and The Great Khali making there way towards the ringside area.

(JR) Can you believe this when we come back it will be the battle of the giants when The Great Khali goes one on one with Big Daddy V.


As Smackdown comes back to air we are set for the clash of the giants as The Great Khali takes on new Smackdown superstar Big Daddy V.

(JR) What a prospect we have here, two of the WWE Universes giants, head to head, toe to toe and something has got to give.

(Foley) If Gorilla Monsoon was here right now he would say we are about to witness the unstoppable force versus the immovable object.

Big Daddy V vs. The Great Khali W/ Ranjin Singh

The bell ring and Big Daddy V hits a right hand on The Great Khali, Khali hardly stumbles but then Big Daddy V punishes hi some more with big right hand shots to the body, Khali takes a kick to the head by Big Daddy V and Khali falls down to the canvas
The Great Khali takes a right hand to the temple from Daddy V and now Daddy V makes the cover 1 - 2 – but the Great Khali powers out.
Khali ducks a wild right hand by Daddy V and counters with a huge head butt, Khali covers 1 - 2 – but this time its Big Daddy V who powers out.
Khali tries to hits a stump pile driver on Big Daddy V but can’t hold the weight and drops Daddy V to the canvas, Khali drops an elbow...but misses, Big Daddy V turns Khali inside-out with a clothesline off the ropes and then for some reason Armando Estrada comes running down the aisle with a chair!
Big Daddy V whips The Great Khali into the ropes and Estrada jumps onto the apron with the chair and uses it to crack the head of The Great Khali.
The Great Khali staggers back into a huge sidewalk slam by Big daddy V that shook the ring, Big daddy V with the cover! 1...2...3! It's over, Big Daddy V has won but why did Armando Estrada come out here to help him?
Daddy V and Estrada tie The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh up in the ropes, then start punching away at them until referees run down to usher them out of the ring, Armando Estrada raises Big Daddy V’s hand in victory on the entrance ramp as the crowd boo.

(Foley) What the hell is going on here, an alliance between Big Daddy V and Armando Estrada?

(JR) It looks as though Big Daddy V and Armando Estrada have cut a deal and that is not good news for every other Smackdown superstar sitting in the locker room right now.


As Smackdown comes back to air we see the WWE Champion Triple H warming up in his locker room when in walks his opponent tonight the United States Champion Shelton Benjamin, Benjamin says he wants to remind Triple H of something, he wants to remind him that Shelton Benjamin made his name as a singles competitor here in the WWE by beating Triple H, Shelton Benjamin wants Triple H to remember that the head to head record between the two of them in all the matches they have had is in Shelton Benjamin’s favour, Benjamin tells Triple H that tonight he will prove who the real champion on Smackdown really is.
Benjamin exits “The Game’s” locker room leaving the WWE Champion looking pissed off.

Now backstage Maria is with a man who tonight will compete in the triple threat main event to crown a number one contender for the WWE Championship at Summerslam, “The Dare Devil” Jeff Hardy, Maria asks Hardy whether for him tonight’s match is win o bust?
Hardy says tonight’s Triple Threat main event might just be the biggest match of his career to date, Jeff says all he has ever strived for is to one day be the WWE Champion and now he can taste it, he can feel it in his fingers, but to make it come true and earn that chance at Summerslam he has to go through to of the biggest sharks in the WWE Universe, Edge and The Undertaker.
Hardy says he wants them to know that tonight he will go to any limit, he will cross any line to make sure he is the man who goes to Summerslam to fight Triple H for the WWE Championship, Hardy tells Edge and The Undertaker, he will do anything to win.

The next match pits Brian Kendrick versus Jimmy Wang Yang in a cruiserweight bout

The Brian Kendrick vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

The bell rings and Yang hits a dropkick on Brian Kendrick, Super kick by Jimmy Wang Yang puts Kendrick down on the canvas, Yang makes the cover 1 - 2 – but Kendrick gets his shoulder up.
Yang drops an elbow...but misses, Kick from Brian Kendrick...to the leg on Jimmy Wang Yang followed by a Second rope flying axe handle, Yang goes down, Kendrick pins 1 - 2 - but Yang kicks out.
Back heel kick off the second rope by Kendrick and Yang goes down. 1 - 2 - almost a 3.
Kick by Brian Kendrick...to the facial regions of Yang but Yang powers out of a headlock, Super kick by Jimmy Wang Yang into the cover 1 - 2 – and Kendrick just kicks out before the count of three.
Vicious kick to the teeth from Jimmy Wang Yang, he covers Kendrick again 1 - 2 – and this time Kendrick gets his foot to the bottom rope to beak the count.
Jimmy Wang Yang in control and now DDT on Kendrick by Jimmy Wang Yang. Yang hits a wicked chop to Kendrick’s chest that echoes through the building; Kendrick blocks a kick from Jimmy Wang Yang and Brian Kendrick hits a DDT of his own.
Vicious kick to the ribs from Brian Kendrick, Brian Kendrick gets whipped into the corner, Yang charges in, but charges right into a pair of raised boots from Kendrick, Kendrick uses a roll up with his feet on the second rope for leverage The referee can’t see it 1.... 2.... 3!! And Brian Kendrick has stolen it with a little help from the ring ropes.
Brain Kendrick has his hand raised in victory and then scarpers back up the ramp before Jimmy Wang Yang can gain revenge.

(JR) I guess that’s why he calls himself “The Brian Kendrick”?

(Foley) The Brian Kendrick may have bent the rules a little to win but sometimes that is what it is about JR, Kendrick is making a name for himself as a singles star here on Friday Night Smackdown.

Backstage “The Rated R Superstar” Edge is walking along the corridor when he walks straight into The Undertaker, Edge looks horrified as Undertaker grabs him by the throat and pulls him close, Undertaker says he doesn’t like Edge and he doesn’t like Edge’s wife either, but if what Vickie wants is for Undertaker to finish Edge once an for all at Summerslam then Edge can let her know Undertaker will go one better, The Undertaker will destroy Edge tonight.

(JR) Things could explode tonight when The Undertaker and Edge come face to face in our triple threat main event?


As Smackdown comes back to air MVP is in the ring with a microphone ready to address the fans, MVP says as much as he is happy turning up every Friday night and picking up the biggest pay check in WWE history he wants more then that, MVP says he wants job satisfaction, he wants to be tested but quite frankly he doesn’t think there is anybody left on the Smackdown brand who can test him anymore, he has proved he is the best time and time again.
Outcomes Big Show who says MVP’s arrogance embarrasses him but more then that it angers him and it’s not a good idea to anger a seven foot, five hundred pound giant, Big Show says he has got permission from General Manager Vickie Guerrero to face MVP in a match right now and Big Show is going to personally make MVP eat his own words.

Big Show vs. Montel Vontavious Porter

The bell rings and a Flying shoulder tackle by MVP fails to send Big Show to the mat, Montel Vontavious Porter hits a bulldog off the ropes planting Big Show face first into the canvas 1 - 2 – but Big Show powers out.
Show counters an arm wringer with an elbow to the side of the head of MVP, Big Show scoops MVP up and slams him back first hard into the canvas, Big Show with a big boot to the face of MVP puts MVP down, Big Show makes the cover. 1 - 2 – but MVP gets his shoulder up.
Big Show off the ropes and Show hits a huge Spear on MVP, MVP is down and Big Show covers 1 - 2 – but MVP gets his hand to the bottom rope and that breaks the count and saves him from certain defeat.
Big Show slams Montel Vontavious Porter down to the canvas again; Montel Vontavious Porter elbows Big Show in the face to break a hammerlock, MVP tries to suplex Bi Show but Big Show is too heavy and MVP collapses under the weight with Big Show landing on top of him 1, 2, but MVP kicks out.
Front leg sweep slam by Montel Vontavious Porter, that was cool. 1 - 2 – but the giant Big Show kicks out again.
MVP drives a thrust kick into the chest of Show, Show gets a DDT by MVP but MVP only gets knees on a splash, Big backdrop on MVP by the Big Show executed well. MVP walks into a body slam and Big Show whips Montel Vontavious Porter into the corner so hard that the velocity flips MVP all the way over the top rope to the outside! MVP stays down on the outside hurt, MVP dusts himself down and gets to his feet but then MVP decided he wants no more of the Big Show.
The referee reaches a ten count as MVP walks back up the entrance ramp and this one is over.
Big Show is livid and begs MVP to come back and fight him but MVP refuses his offer.

(JR) The highest paid superstar in Smackdown history wants no more of the Big Show tonight, what happened to MVP wanting more competition?

(Foley) MVP might have just made the wisest decision of his career by dodging the Big Show, at least MVP will live to fight another day and cash another huge pay check.


The next match is Champion versus Champion, WWE Champion Triple H versus the United States Champion Shelton Benjamin.

(JR) We are about to witness two Champions in the Smackdown kingdom go head to head, tonight it’s not about winning or defending championship’s its al about pride, who us the greatest champion Smackdown has to offer?

(Foley) Perhaps the greatest WWE Champion of all time “The Game” Triple against perhaps a WWE Champion of tomorrow “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin.

Champion VS Champion
Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin

The bell rings and a Chop from Triple H hits Shelton Benjamin hard, Shelton blocks a punch and Shelton Benjamin snap suplexes Triple H.
Shelton whips Triple H into the turnbuckles...and the referee gets sandwiched in between, the referee is down.
Shelton Benjamin brings out a jumping power bomb to nearly kill Triple H, That was incredibly brutal, what a move by Shelton Benjamin on the WWE Champion, Pin fall attempt by Benjamin and the ref slowly crawls over to make the count 1, 2 but Triple H kicks out.
Shelton seemingly has all the momentum going his way but then Shelton gets taken down out of nowhere by a Running knee lift from Triple H, Shelton walks into a spine buster and Triple H makes the cover 1 - 2 – but Benjamin kicks out.
Lifting DDT by Triple H. 1 - 2 - kick out before the 3 by Shelton Benjamin.
Shelton powers out of a headlock and Shelton nails Triple H with a belly-to-belly suplex, Benjamin covers the WWE Champion 1 - 2 and Triple H gets his shoulder up. Triple H powers out of a headlock, Triple H moves in for the kill with a kick to the gut of Benjamin, Here it comes – Pedigree by Triple H plants Benjamin, 1.... 2...3, it's finished, Triple H wins the battle of the champions. Triple H climbs each turnbuckle in turn, working the crowd as he celebrates his victory holding his WWE Championship belt in the air.

(JR) The king of king’s reigns supreme again on Friday Night Smackdown!

(Foley) There is a reason they call Triple H “The Game” JR and it is because he is the very best this industry has to offer and Triple H proved it right here again tonight.

A video is played hyping the return of MR Kennedy to Friday Night Smackdown next week after months out injured.

As Smackdown comes back to air we are set for our Triple Threat main event to decide who will challenge Triple H for the WWE Championship at Summerslam, who will book there title opportunity at Summerslam The Undertaker, Edge or Jeff Hardy.

Triple Threat Match
Edge vs. Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy

The bell rings and Jeff Hardy scores with a back heel kick on Edge into a cover 1, 2 but Undertaker breaks up the count and then Undertaker slams Jeff Hardy hard into the canvas.
Undertaker comes off the ropes but “The Dead man” walks into a Spear from Edge, the match could be over 1 - 2 – but Undertaker kicks out, Undertaker kicked out of the Spear.
Edge can’t believe it and gets caught by an uppercut by The Undertaker, Power bomb on Edge by Taker into a pin fall, 1 - 2 – but this time it’s Edge who kicks out.
Edge counters an Undertaker sleeper hold by turning it into a jawbreaker, another Spear by Edge on Undertaker but before he can capitalize, Jeff Hardy takes him out with a whisper in the wind from the top turnbuckle.
Then suddenly General Manager Vickie Guerrero makes her way to ringside! Edge wastes valuable time by yelling at Vickie! Jeff Hardy takes advantage of the distraction and nails Edge from behind with a drop kick, Jeff Hardy floors Edge...and climbs the turnbuckles; Jeff Hardy from the top hits a Swanton Bomb on Edge!!! 1.... 2.... 3!! It's all over; Jeff Hardy is the new number one contender for the WWE Championship after Vickie Guerrero made sure her husband Edge did not win the match.
Vickie walks back up the entrance ramp smirking as Jeff Hardy celebrates his victory with the fans.

(JR) “The Rainbow Haired Warrior” Jeff Hardy is going to Summerslam and he will face Triple H for the WWE Championship, will Jeff Hardy’s dream finally come true at Summerslam?

End Of Show

We got a 6.82 rating for 'Smackdown!'!
The attendance was 7529 people.
We made $301160 from ticket sales.
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