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WWE 2007: Who Killed Vince?

~This is taking place the night after Vengeance: Night of Champions (2007), and sadly, this marks Chris Benoit's passing.
~The first Raw will be exactly the same as the one in real life, except that Vince McMahon will not be hosting it, which brings me to my next point.
~The ‘Vince is dead’ angle is still in effect. The limousine explosion still occurred and the mystery surrounding it is still present.
~The draft did indeed occur.
~I’m not killing ECW since I believe it’s a great way to develop talent. It will almost always be done in recap, however.​


Beth Phoenix
Bobby Lashley
Brian Kendrick
Candice Michelle
Hardcore Holly
Jeff Hardy
Jerry Lawler
Jillian Hall
Jim Ross
John Cena
King Booker
Lance Cade
Mickie James
Mr. Kennedy
Paul London
Queen Sharmell
Randy Orton
Santino Marella
Shawn Michaels* Out Indefinitely
Shelton Benjamin
Super Crazy
The Sandman
Trevor Murdoch
Triple H* Injured
William Regal

WWE Champion: John Cena
Intercontinental Champion: Santino Marella
World Tag Team Champions: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
WWE Women's Champion: Candice Michelle

Jim Ross – Play-by-Play Commentator
Jerry Lawler – Colour Commentator
Todd Grisham – Backstage Interviewer
Maria – Backstage Interviewer

Tag Teams/Stables
The ******* Wrecking Crew – Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
The Hooligans – Paul London & Brian Kendrick
Melina & Beth Phoenix

Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Gregory Helms* Injured
Jamie Noble
Jimmy Wang Yang
John Bradshaw Layfield
Kenny Dykstra
Kristal Marshall
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Michael Cole
Michelle McCool
Ranjin Singh
Rey Mysterio* Injured
Ric Flair
Shannon Moore
The Great Khali
The Undertaker
Torrie Wilson
Vickie Guerrero


World Heavyweight Champion: Edge
United States Champion: MVP
WWE Tag Team Champions: Deuce 'n' Domino
Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guerrero

Michael Cole – Play-by-Play Commentator
JBL – Colour Commentator
Kristal Marshall – Backstage Interviewer
Theodore Long – General Manager
Vickie Guerrero - GM's Assistant

Tag Teams/Stables
Deuce, Domino, and Cherry
Theodore Long & Kristal Marshall (engaged)
Cryme Tyme – JTG & Shad

Balls Mahoney
CM Punk
Elijah Burke
Joey Styles
Johnny Nitro
Kevin Thorn
Marcus Cor Von
Matt Striker
The Boogeyman
The Miz
Tiffany Terrell
Tommy Dreamer

ECW Champion: Johnny Nitro

Joey Styles – Play-by-Play Commentator
Tazz – Colour Commentator
Tiffany Terrell – Backstage Interviewer

Tag Teams/Stables
The New Breed – Elijah Burke, Marcus Cor Von, Matt Striker, and Kevin Thorn
Tommy Dreamer & Balls Mahoney

Pay-Per-View Results

Vengeance: Night of Champions

World Tag Titles – Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (c) df. The Hardys
Cruiserweight Title – Chavo Guerrero (c) df. Jimmy Wang Yang
ECW Title – Johnny Nitro df. CM Punk
Intercontinental Title – Santino Marella (c) df. Umaga (DQ)
US Title – MVP (c) df. Ric Flair
WWE Tag Titles – Deuce ‘n’ Domino (c) df. Jimmy Snuka & Sgt. Slaughter
World Heavyweight Title (Last Chance Match) – Edge (c) df. Batista (countout)
Women’s Title – Candice Michelle df. Melina (c)
WWE Title – John Cena (c) df. Mick Foley, King Booker, Bobby Lashley, and Randy Orton


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Looks good, DH. I've only skimmed through some of your older stuff and from what I remember, you are a very talented booker. Its an alright time period, I personally didn't watch WWE at this time so it'll be interesting for me. I'm glad you're keeping ECW, because it is a great way to develop talent. Overall, it looks good and i'm looking forward to where this is going.

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Extremely pumped about this, was wondering when you would return and hopefuly you can stick with this one like the prior. This is a time that always interested me with Mr. Kennedy's push in motion, what they could have done with the explosion angle and Vince's son angle if it not for Benoit's incident taking pro wrestling by surprise, so lets see where you can go with it.

Best of luck.

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I lol'd when saw the Title. I was hoping you would continue you're awesome thread, but i like the look of this, its a good idea. I will be reading and stuff. Get Punk out of ECW!!

Good luck man

Predictions cough cough

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Fantastic to see you back Hooper, shame you're not continuing your '08 thread but I'm really looking forward to this, especially the Vince angle.

Best of luck.

PS: The Steelers are going down tonight. ;)

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I swear it's Paul London. He was smiling last we saw him.....but no really this looks great DH. Glad to have you back in the BTB game. Interested to see what talent you bring up. Also I want to know who killed Vince, in your mind anyway. Good luck and....

Green and yellow, green and yellow...sorry had to do it :)

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Monday Night Raw – 06/25/07

A Raw originally scheduled for the funeral of the late Mr. McMahon was changed to a 3-hour memorial as a tribute to the late Chris Benoit. His actions outside of the ring are frowned upon by society in our world today, but his passion and ability demonstrated inside of the ring was enough to bring numerous superstars to tears as stories were shared and some of his best matches were relived.



Extreme Championship Wrestling [ECW] – 06/26/07

With the details of the Chris Benoit tragedy becoming public, the incident has become long gone in the WWE and everyone has moved on to other tragic events. We are reminded of the limousine explosion and the presumed death of Mr. McMahon before cutting to the show. Our commentators, Joey Styles and Tazz, announce that on tonight’s episode of ECW, the roster will be putting on a series of matches to honour Mr. McMahon (and it’s basically implied that it’s also for Chris Benoit).

1 ~ To kick things off, Tommy Dreamer teams with Balls Mahoney to take on the young team of Marcus Cor Von and Kevin Thorn, representing the New Breed. In a solid outing, the legends prevail after Dreamer delivers the Dreamer Driver to Thorn while Mahoney delivers the Nutcracker Suite to Cor Von, resulting in the simultaneous pin.

Linda McMahon appears on the tron, and it’s extremely apparent that she is in a state of turmoil over recent events. She reminds us all that ECW is currently without an authority figure, and this issue and the state of the brand will be dealt with at a later date.

2 ~ The leader of the New Breed, Elijah Burke, goes head-to-head with The Boogeyman. Both men demonstrate good in-ring awareness, but it’s Burke who comes out on top after connecting with the Elijah Experience. To the dismay of the audience, Burke is more than happy to celebrate his victory afterwards.

Backstage, new diva Tiffany interviews CM Punk about coming up on the losing end at Vengeance: Night of Champions. He says he was caught by surprise by Nitro, maybe even underestimating him at times, but when he earns his rematch, he won’t waste the opportunity again.

3 ~ The Miz and Viscera collide in the ring, and despite The Miz’s best efforts to simply knock the big man off his feet, he is clearly doomed. Big Vis eventually takes out the trash by dropping all 400+ pounds of his own self onto the helpless Miz, leading to a three count that damn near suffocated the self-proclaimed chick magnet.

The new ECW Champion, Johnny Nitro, makes his way to the ring in style; paparazzi taking numerous pictures as Nitro proudly displays his new prize, while also making sure he’s up to date in the latest Hollywood fashion trends. Now proclaiming to be ‘The Tuesday Night Delight’, Nitro is sure to remind us all about how he showed up to ECW, and in a matter of hours he was wearing championship gold. He continues to boast over his victory and ignorantly ignores (???) the fact that the rest of the roster is pretty distraught at the time being. Not long after this, CM Punk revives the crowd’s spirit by making an appearance and demanding a rematch for the ECW Championship at the Great American Bash. Nitro brushes him off, however, which frustrates Punk. The Straightedge Superstar tries to get under Nitro’s skin and force him into accepting his challenge, but Nitro belittles Punk and tells him that if he wants to even step foot in the same ring as the ECW Champion ever again, he should try blending in with society. This puts Punk over the edge and causes him to drop the champ with a right hand before pummelling him. Wisely, Nitro slithers his way towards the ropes and manages to pull himself to the outside before scurrying off towards the nearest exit to get the hell outta’ dodge. Punk merely grins and points at him as we go off the air.


Obviously not the most impressive recaps, but just a little something for now since I don’t want to progress a whole lot with Benoit’s death (and Vince’s ‘death’), so future ECW recaps will be in much more detail.

SmackDown preview in a few days, and of course, SmackDown in a few days after that.

Oh, and thanks for the nice comments <3


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So thats Raw skipped is it ? I take it you won't forget the Vince situation considering it's the thread name ha.

First match was normal enough not much I can say on it. Linda appearing and talking about ECW GM just after 2 deaths is a bit strange, I know you said she was in a state but an announcer could have said the word was spead or something.Again not a lot to write home about in the match, I hope you push Burke now that we know what he is capable of doing. A CM Punk/Morrison fued could be really good. Punk being a good face and admiting he was wrong, was it not John Morrison yet ? Derek we might be having words... Vis over Miz wtf ? ha. Blend it with society ha that was a good idea. Seemed like an ok promo to end the show. Not much here just some feedback as the recap was small as you said, I don't blame you with the Benoit stuff.

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Some ECW comments...

Recap as a whole was pretty easy to read, which is good. I would have liked to see Cor Von and Thorn go over the veterans Dreamer and Mahoney but that's just me. I'm only a fan of MCV out of these four, and ECW would be a good place to push him.

Surprised it was Linda that appeared instead of Stephanie or Shane, please pick a better authority figure than the WWE did IRL. Never liked Estrada as GM, should have stayed with Umaga.

Burke goes over Boogeyman, right choice here, Burke obviously has more potential than Boogeyman.

Shame that Miz had to lose as he would be a good addition to the upper tier of the brand, but Miz winning wouldn't have done Big Vis any favours at all especially considering Miz is on his own, so right call.

No problem with keeping Nitro as, well, Nitro. Promo seemed decent overall, a Nitro and Punk feud should be entertaining and a basic but solid way to start it with Nitro escaping from a potential Punk attack.

Not much feedback here, I know, but it's recapped and there wasn't much to criticize.

PACKERS APPROVED. Once again, I'm sorry but I can't help myself. :p

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I think what you have done makes sense because the immediate aftermath of Chris Benoit’s death is obviously a sensitive time. Dedicating the matches to Vince like that was a nice way for the company to maintain a degree of neutrality in regards to the Chris Benoit tragedy. I’m not a fan of the boogeyman so it was good to see Burke pick up the win against him. Also good to see Tiffany show up :D I would have liked to see Johnny Nitro in a match- getting a win against somebody to back up his victory at Vengeance, but the ending you had worked anyway.

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I like how it is easy to read. I appreciate that. I read too much in school, I guess that is if I pay attention. I like the heat Burke got, made me giggle a little bit. Looking forward to Miz not doing shit (hopefully)! Punk and Nitro sounds like it is going to be good. Nice little show, looking forward to reading more.

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A challenging but good period to start with IMO. RAW being cancelled is alright, although the line about Benoit's actions being seen as immoral in this society was odd. It somewhat implies that other societies elsewhere/in the past condone it. That is technically true, but murder has never exactly been seen as a good thing. The competitors that you booked for the ECW matches were a bit odd. Miz and Vis were both heels at the time, and iirc Kevin Thorn left the New Breed a while before NOC. Still, the show advanced your main/only storyline (Punk/Nitro), so it was fine. ECW getting an authority figure is good. The formatting is clear, your spelling and grammar seem fine; overall, a good start. Looking forward to Smackdown yajobber.

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Regarding Raw​

It’s kind of an awkward situation with Vince McMahon dying, but then the Benoit thing going down, and even though skipping a whole episode of Raw isn’t a favorable decision, I think you did the right thing. About time Chris Benoit had a proper tribute, tbh. Regarding the who killed McMahon thing, if this doesn’t become the biggest storyline in BTB history, or at least not one of them, I’ll be disappointed. The name of the thread makes me think you have amazing things planned for it.

ECW Feedback​

Much like with the Eddie Guerrero death back in ’05, Benoit gets more than one tribute show. Honestly, he was a big part of the company for a long time, and despite what he did being disgusting, I think he deserved this type of respect in real life. Using it as a McMahon tribute is nice as well, although I guess that means the investigation into what happened won’t start until after this show.

Honestly, ECW at this time for me wasn’t all that great. Despite Nitro and Punk, Burke and Cor Von, I don’t feel it had anything else to offer. It seems as if you’re going to keep the brand around, at least for the foreseeable future, so as much as I hate seeing two old, useless guys like Dreamer and Mahoney going over two younger guys, if it all ends with the young guys going over, I’ll take it.

Linda McMahon making an appearance was needed, simply because everybody needs to know what is going on, and that wouldn’t have happened on Benoit’s Raw. A little surprised she didn’t even mention that there’s a pending investigation or something like that, instead just talking about ECW needing a new authority figure. I’ve no idea why but my gut says Mick Foley gets the job.

Elijah Burke needs to get pushed to the moon in this thread. It was a couple of months after this time in real life where I felt he really started to lose momentum. At the moment, you still have all the time in the world to turn him into a decent mid carder at best, don’t waste it. The Boogeyman is just plain yuck too.

The CM Punk interview was okay, as obviously he was surprised by Nitro, and he’d promise things will go down differently when he gets a rematch. At the same time, he’s supposed to be addicted to competition, he trains harder than everybody else, and his character strikes me as the type who would always be ready. I really can’t picture him ever admitting that he underestimated somebody, or at least not as a face anyway. Besides that little problem though, we needed to hear from him.

Once again, I can’t help but feel that this roster is terrible. Viscera going over The Miz doesn’t sit well with me either.

I haven’t got much else to say with the recapped final segment, rather than everything that needed to be touched on seemed to be. Nitro was cocky, Punk wants a rematch, and the subtle crack at Punk’s straightedge lifestyle was a nice way to begin the small physical exchange. Definitely the most exciting segment of the night to finish the show.

Honestly, hopefully this is just the settling in process with the whole Benoit thing, and ECW will get better after this. Every match on the card was lackluster, and there wasn’t much happening that caught my interest, bar the final segment of the night. You’ve got some work to do my friend.
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