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Monday Night Raw


General Manager:
Commentators: Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler, and Jonathan Coachman
Ring Announcer: Lillian Garcia
Backstage Interviewers: Todd Grisham and Maria Kanellis
Referees: Mike Chioda, Jack Doan, Mickie Jay, Chad Patten

WWE Champion:
John Cena
Intercontinental Champion: Ric Flair
World Tag Team Champions: Big Show and Kane
Women's Champion: Trish Stratus
Mr. Money in the Bank: Nick Dinsmore

Ashley Massaro
Big Show
Candice Michelle
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Danny Basham
Gene Snitsky
Gregory Helms
John Cena
Ken Doane
Kurt Angle
Lance Cade
Mick Foley-Inactive
Mickie James
Nick Dinsmore
Ric Flair
Rob Van Dam
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Torrie Wilson
Trevor Murdoch
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis

Tag Teams and Stables
Big Show and Kane
Carlito and Chris Masters
The ******* Wrecking Crew (Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch)
Ladies in Pink (Candice, Torrie Wilson, and Victoria)

Friday Night Smackdown


General Manager:
Theodore Long
Commentators: Tazz and Michael Cole
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel
Backstage Interviewer: Josh Matthews
Referees: Jim Cordaris, Nick Patrick, Charles Robinson, Mike Sparks

World Heavyweight Champion:
Chris Benoit
United States Champion: Bobby Lashley
WWE Tag Team Champions: MNM
Cruiserweight Champion: Kid Kash

Bobby Lashley
Booker T
Brian Kendrick
Bubba Ray Dudley
Chris Benoit
D-Von Dudley
Doug Basham
Hardcore Holly
Jamie Noble
Jillian Hall
Joey Mercury
John “Bradshaw” Layfield
Johnny Nitro
Ken Kennedy-Injured
Kid Kash
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Melina Perez
Michelle McCool
Orlando Jordan
Paul London
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Scotty 2 Hotty
Stacy Kiebler-Inactive
Steven Richards
The Boogeyman
The Undertaker
William Regal

Tag Teams and Stables
Paul London and Brian Kendrick
The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley)
Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki
F.B.I. (Nunzio and Vito)
MNM (Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, and Melina)

Pay Per View Schedule:
Backlash: April 30th, 2006 | Rupp Arena; Lexington, Kentucky
Judgment Day: May 21st, 2006 | US Airways Center; Phoenix, Arizona
One Night Stand: June 11th, 2006 | Hammerstein Ballroom; New York, New York
Vengeance: June 25th, 2006 | Charlotte Bobcats Arena; Charlotte, North Carolina
The Great American Bash: July 23rd, 2006 | Conseco Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, Indiana
SummerSlam: August 20th, 2006 | TD Banknorth Garden; Boston, Massachusetts
Unforgiven: September 17th, 2006 | Air Canada Centre; Toronto, Ontario
No Mercy: October 8th, 2006 | RBC Center; Raleigh, North Carolina
Cyber Sunday: November 5th, 2006 | US Bank Arena; Cincinnati, Ohio
Survivor Series: November 26th, 2006 | Wachovia Center; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Armageddon: December 17th, 2006 | Richmond Coliseum; Richmond, Virginia
New Year’s Revolution: January 7th, 2007 | Kemper Arena; Kansas City, Missouri
Royal Rumble: January 28th, 2007 | AT&T Center; San Antonio, Texas
No Way Out: February 18th, 2007 | Staples Center; Los Angeles, California
WrestleMania 23: April 1st, 2007 | Ford Field; Detroit, Michigan
Backlash: April 29th, 2007 | Philips Arena; Atlanta, Georgia
Judgment Day: May 20th, 2007 | Scottrade Center; St. Louis, Missouri
One Night Stand: June 3rd, 2007 | Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena; Jacksonville Florida

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I love this time period and I'm looking forward to what you are going to do with it. And don't knock yourself down for not being a "strong writer." Practice makes perfect.

All the best.

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Thanks for the comment Gards! I just didn't want to write the whole pay per view out since I've never written a pay per view. I didn't want to feel like it wasn't that great since it's WrestleMania and all that.

Anyway, here is the WM card. Hoping to get some predictions. Results will be posted in a few days, and who knows how long it'll take me to start writing all my shows.

Triple H vs. Snitsky
-For a while now; Snitsky has been stalking Stephanie McMahon. He somehow is always in the same place as Stephanie seems to be… backstage with her, in her locker room, and even at the home of Stephanie and Triple H! Triple H found Snitsky outside one day of their home and snapped; bloodying Snitsky in their front yard and having the cops called on him by some nosey neighbors. On the next Raw after Triple H won a match against Rene Dupree, the titontron went on and it showed Stephanie McMahon bound and gagged in a chair. An evil laughing is heard in the background as the camera panned to show Snitsky. Triple H ran backstage and searched the entire building to try and find Snitsky but wasn’t able to. He went outside to get into his car and Snitsky was waiting in his car. He jumped Triple H and put him through the windshield of his car, setting up the contest at WrestleMania.

Money in the Bank:
Ken Doane vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Carlito vs. Eugene vs. John “Bradshaw” Layfield vs. Finlay vs. Matt Hardy vs. Rey Mysterio
MITB Qualifying Matches:
Ken Doane defeated Gregory Helms
Rob Van Dam defeated Shelton Benjamin
Carlito defeated Shawn Michaels
Eugene defeated Lance Cade
John “Bradshaw” Layfield defeated Mark Henry
Finlay defeated Kid Kash
Matt Hardy defeated William Regal
Rey Mysterio defeated Hardcore Holly

United States Championship:
Booker T © vs. Bobby Lashley
-Bobby Lashley eliminated Booker T from the Royal Rumble, thus ending Booker T’s “plan” with Sharmell to unify the United States and the World Heavyweight Championship. Booker T took a lot of exception to being eliminated by such a young superstar, and he basically told Bobby that he didn’t deserve to be in the WWE and that he was just in it because of his race, saying that the WWE needed more black wrestlers before they got sued. Booker went on to say that Lashley was just a powerhouse who had no talent and wasn’t even on the level of Booker T, when he first started wrestling! He told Lashley that he is going to pay for eliminating a 5 time World Champion from the Royal Rumble. Bobby Lashley had just finished a contest against Funaki, obliviously winning, and Booker ran out from the back and attacked Lashley with the United States Championship. He was heard yelling at Lashley the whole time that he was getting his punishment, like he deserved. Next week on Smackdown, Bobby Lashley called out Booker and told him to face him man to man. Booker came out onto the ramp and said if he wanted to get into the ring with the CHAMP, he was going to have to win a match for it. Bobby Lashley defeated Mark Henry in the main event and beat Booker T the next week to set up this contest.

Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels
-The Raw before WrestleMania, Shawn Michaels came out and issued an open challenge to anyone in the back, saying that Mr. WrestleMania somehow doesn’t have a match and that he doesn’t want to deprive the good fans of Chicago his presence. Orton answered the challenge, saying that last year he couldn’t kill the legend of The Undertaker, but he won’t mind killing the career of “Mr. WrestleMania”.

WWE Tag Team Championships: Tables Match
MNM © vs. The Dudley Boyz
-After MNM successfully defended their Tag Team Championships at No Way Out against Paul London and Brian Kendrick and The Mexicools, they felt that there was no one left in the WWE to try defend their titles against. They had beaten every team that Smackdown had to offer. Three weeks before WrestleMania, the Dudley Boyz made their return to WWE when they answered an open challenge by MNM and they hit a 3D on Mercury to pick up the pinfall victory. MNM then attacked The Dudley Boyz backstage the next week and put them through their favorite toys, tables. The Dudley Boy came out the week before WrestleMania and challenged MNM to a tables match at WrestleMania for the WWE Tag Team Championships, which MNM accepted after beating down The Dudley Boyz again by blindsiding them.

Woman’s Championship:
Trish Stratus © vs. Mickie James
-Trish defended her championship at Royal Rumble against Victoria and won the match. Afterwards; Mickie ran down to the ring and grabbed Trish around her neck and celebrated with her, and KISSED HER! Trish, disgusted, pushed Mickie off and shook her head as she left the ring and left a dumbfounded Mickie just standing there. Mickie cornered Trish in her lockroom on the Raw after the Royal Rumble and screamed at Trish, asking her “WHY WON’T YOU JUST LOVE ME!?!?” Trish and Mickie tagged a few times over the next few weeks, acting just fine as a team. The Raw before WrestleMania, Trish was in a contest with Candice Michelle. Mickie “accidently” tripped Trish and made Trish lose her contest. She got into the ring after and dropped to her knees, begging for Trish to forgive her. Trish pushed Mickie back and turned around to get out of the ring, but Mickie grabbed her by the arm and HIT HER WITH A MICK KICK! Mickie grabbed Trish’s championship and put it around her waist and walked out of the ring.

World Tag Team Championship & Intercontinental Championships:
Big Show and Kane © Ric Flair and vs. The ******* Wrecking Crew and Shelton Benjamin ©
-On the first Raw after the Royal Rumble; Shelton Benjamin won back his Intercontinental Championship from Ric Flair. The two were involved in a 6 man tag contest with Big Show and Kane teaming with Flair and ******* Wrecking Crew teaming with Shelton. Shelton was able to pin Ric Flair in the contest. Big Show and Kane faced off against The ******* Wrecking Crew the next week and Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch were able to defeated Big Show and Kane after hitting a Sweet and Sour on Kane.

Ashley Massaro, Michelle McCool and Maria Kanellis vs. Ladies in Pink
-Inter-promotional divas contest.

World Heavyweight Championship:
Edge © vs. Chris Benoit
-Following the January 13th edition of Smackdown, Theodore Long announced that a tournament would be held for the WWE Championship. The finals of the tournament were to happen at The Royal Rumble. Benoit faced off against Randy Orton in the finals of the tournament. After nearly 40 minutes, the contest finally concluded with Chris Benoit making Randy Orton tap out to the Cripper Cross Face. After the match, Orton went back into the ring to give Benoit a handshake. Benoit was skeptical but shook Orton’s hand, and Orton laid Benoit out with an RKO! Edge then came out onto the ramp and cashed in his MITB contract to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Edge and Benoit had a contract signing the Thursday before WrestleMania and it ended with Benoit locking Edge in a Crippler Cross Face.

The Undertaker vs. Mick Foley (Hardcore Match)
-The Undertaker returned at the Royal Rumble and entered the Rumble contest, only to be eliminated in a very shocking 5 minutes by Mick Foley. Undertaker couldn’t believe it and re-entered the ring and attacked Foley, eliminating him. The two brawled on the outside of the ring until Taker whacked Foley with a chair over and over again, knocking him out cold. At the No Way Out Pay Per View; Undertaker worked his way into the Championship match against Edge, but was DQ’d when Mick Foley jumped out of the crowd and attacked Edge. Foley then did his patented smirk with his tongue sticking out where his teeth were supposed to be. He yelled “BANG BANG” at Undertaker and did the double gun as Taker was left in the ring, fuming. Taker called out Foley on Smackdown and challenged Foley to a match. Foley answered on Raw, saying that he will only have a match with Taker if it was HIS kind of match, and that was a HARDCORE MATCH. Taker accepted and told Foley that at WrestleMania 22, he will REST IN PEACE.

WWE Championship:
John Cena © vs. Kurt Angle
-Kurt Angle was able to win the 2006 Royal Rumble after entering #21 . He last eliminated Kane. Angle decided he was going to stay on Raw and challenge John Cena for the WWE Championship.

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Hope to see this keep going! it has promise! even if you are not a strong writer, you can still work around your weaknesses to make this great!

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I didn't like this time period and I always felt like it was a time where WWE missed the boat in changing things for the better. Smackdown was not bad but Raw with over-the-hill HBK and HHH trying to relive their DX days fighting the Spirit Squad was atrocious.

Now that is out of the way, I think with Batista getting injured and the World title becoming vacant, instead of crowning a new champ at a random Smackdown battle royale, they should have kept it for the Royale Rumble itself like when Flair won the strap in 92. Ray Mysterio has never been in the plans long-term to begin with so they could have had him get a good-feeling win there, win the title at the Rumble and get a more credible champ over at Mania.

Before Cena and Orton were shoved down our throats so much over the years, I would have done the "dream" match between these two right away for the WWE title at that Mania before they became stale. And Mysterio vs Edge for the World title(with Edge winning). Then Taker vs Angle at Mania instead of these two at the event before it. (with Angle beating the streak)

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So I'm not going to do predictions, because it'll just be your decisions being made. The preview looks good and the matches look alright. The one thing I wanted to comment on though was the people in the Money in the Bank match. You could have had Gregory Helms, Shelton Benjamin and more, but instead you chose to go with Eugene and the virtually unheard of Ken Doane? That seems like a bit of a rush.

All in all, it should be interesting and I look forward to what you choose to do with it.

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Thanks Gards. After thinking it over I realized that as you said, not much of a point for predictions since there isn't too much of a storyline behind these matches! Here are the WrestleMania results:

Triple H vs. Snitsky
The match started off slow paced as the two men were feeling each other out. Snitsky took control of the match after Triple H hit him with a Harley Race knee to the head, which Snitsky shrugged off and laughed in Hunter’s face. Snitsky went on to hit Triple H with a variety of power moves; including a pump handle slam, a sitout powerbomb and a sidewalk slam. Sntisky went for a cover and got a long two count. Snitsky got in the face of the ref, yelling at him that it was a three count, to which referee Jack Doan told Snitsky that it was only a two count. Snitksy turned around and got hit with a clothesline. Hunter was then able to take advantage, hitting Snitsky with a knee drop then kicking him in the gut. Triple H then hit Snitsky with a Pedigree but only got a two count. Triple H went to lift Snitsky to his feet, but Snitsky pushed Hunter away and hit him with a big boot. He went for a quick pin, but again only got a two count. Snitsky then, uncharacteristically, went to the top rope and was able to hit Hunter with an elbow to the top of the head as Hunter was getting to his feet. Snitsky let out a diabolical laugh as he lifted Hunter to his feet again. He threw Hunter against the ropes and as Hunter was coming back, Snitsky hit Hunter with a shoulder block, sending Hunter flying out of the ring. Snitsky quickly followed Hunter out of the ring and irish whipped him into the steel ring steps. Snitsky let out another big smile as he rolled Hunter into the ring and got yet another two count. Snitsky stomped on the downed Triple H over and over. Snitsky bounced off the ropes and dropped a huge leg onto the neck and throat area of The Game. He again lifted Triple H to his feet and set him up for a chokeslam, but STEPHANIE MCMAHON came running down to the ring, causing Snitsky to drop him. Stephanie begged with Snitsky not to chokeslam her husband. Snitsky got out of the ring and chased Stephanie around until Triple H was able to recover. Triple H rolled out of the ring and waited for Snitsky around a corner and hit him with a clothesline, BUT SNITSKY STAYED ON HIS FEET! Triple H looked shocked and went for another, but got taken out by a huge clothesline from Snitsky. Snitsky was able to grab Stephanie and roll her into the ring. He backed Steph into the corner and grabbed her by the head and PLANTED THE MOST DISGUSTING KISS EVER ON HER! Triple H got to his feet and went for a splash on Snitsky, but Snitsky sensed it and moved out of the way, causing Triple H to hit Stephanie! In the process, Hunter tried to adjust and went up and over, hitting his head on the ring post; busting himself open! Hunter turned around into a big boot from Snitsky. Snitsky went for the cover and referee Jack Doan dropped down for the pin.


Triple H gets his foot on the bottom…



Snitsky gets off of the cover and holds his arms up in victory, but Jack Doan did a double take and looked over at Hunter, and saw that his foot was on the ropes! Doan waved off the pinfall, going over to Snitsky and telling him that Triple H got his foot on the rope. Snitsky gets in the face of Jack Doan, yelling that he made the three count and that he was the winner! Doan said no over and over again, and said that the match will continue! Snitsky ran his hands through his hair and barred his teeth at Jack Doan. He then went over to the corner where Stephanie is still laying knocked out and crouched down next to her. He grabbed her hair and lifted it up to his head, taking a nice big whiff of it. Snitsky smiled again and have Steph another kiss on the forehead before getting pulled up and away by Triple H, who SLAPPED Snitsky across the face. Hunter hits a few rights to Snitsky, finally knocking the big man off his feet. He hits a knee drop on the face of Snitsky and goes for a cover, only getting a two count. He mounted Snitsky and rained rights into his head, coming close to getting disqualified. Triple H got up and went over to Steph and slowly got her to her feet. He told Jack Doan to get Steph out of the ring. Doan gingerly and carefully got Steph out of the ring and Triple H rolled out the other side, going under the ring and grabbing his trusty sledgehammer. He got back into the ring and looked over at Steph. Steph finally woke up and turned her head to Hunter, who mouthed “I love you” to her, before NAILING SNITSKY IN THE FACE WITH THE SLEDGEHAMMER! Hunter called Doan over and went for the pinfall…


AND SNITSKY ROLLED HIS SHOULDER UP AT THE LAST MOMENT! Hunter is beside himself, wondering how Snitsky could kick out. He rolled Snitsky over and lifted the big man to his feet. He kicked him in the gut and hit him with another Pedigree. Hunter nodded his head and went for the pin again.


Hunter picked up the pinfall. He rolled off Snitsky and tried to stand up, but crumbled into a ball on the mat. Medics were immediately called down to the ring to help both men get to the back. Jerry Lawler was astounded by the match, saying how Snitsky was so disgusting during it but said Snitsky really showed that he could hang with the big guys tonight. Joey Styles said that even though Triple H won the match, both men are worse for were, with both leaving the arena tonight busted open.

Winner: Triple H @ 12:33

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Ken Doane vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Carlito vs. Eugene vs. John “Bradshaw” Layfield vs. Finlay vs. Matt Hardy vs. Rey Mysterio
The match started off just as you’d expect it to, each competitor ran at each other and tried to take them out of the match early. JBL matched up with Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio with Carlito, Eugene with Finlay and Matt Hardy with Ken Doane. Hardy threw Doane out of the ring early and went to work on him on the outside as JBL left the ring after RVD got the advantage over him. Later on in the match, Eugene rolled into the ring with a ladder. He looked around the arena and clapped, before he picked up the ladder and put his head through it, putting the ladder on his shoulders. Carlito came running into the ring and Eugene started spinning around, spinning the ladder around and knocking Carlito in the head with the ladder. JBL came into the ring and got the same fate, as well as Ken Doane and Finlay. Mysterio got into the ring but the ladder was above his head and he dropkicked Eugene, knocking the ladder off him and out of the ring. Matt Hardy and RVD found each other outside of the ring and started to battle when Mysterio came flying from the ring and hitting a springboard onto the two men. After a few moments, the camera went back into the ring and saw Finlay with a ladder in the middle of the ring He slowly started to make his way up the ladder but got dragged down by JBL with clubbing blows to his back. Matt Hardy and RVD and Mysterio all got up and started battling on the outside, when Ken Doane came flying off the top rope and hit all three men with a splash. Carlito then went and jumped off the top rope onto all the men. JBL took advantage of this and went to climb the ladder but got taken down by Eugene. JBL got up and got into the face of Eugene, screaming at the “idiot” for pulling the Wrestling Gawd off the ladder. He pushed Eugene down to the mat and kicked him out of the ring. JBL then went back up to start to climb the ladder but got pulled off by Finlay. Ken Doane was able to roll back into the ring but got followed in by RVD and Mysterio. RVD grabbed a ladder from the outside and threw it at Doane, knocking him to his back. RVD then put Doane under the ladder and hit Doane with the Rolling Thunder! Again, later in the match, Rob Van Dam and JBL were climbing the ladder, the only two men left in the ring. They were both about to the top when Eugene rolled into the ring and pushed the ladder over. Eugene stood in the ring, clapping as both men glared at Eugene. JBL hit Eugene with a huge right hand then went for one on RVD, but RVD blocked it. He hit JBL with a spinning heel kick to the face, knocking him out of the ring. RVD set up the ladder in the middle of the ring but Doane quickly came back into the ring. He went after RVD but got hit with a kick to the face. RVD starting to ascend the ladder and Eugene grabbed RVD from behind but RVD kicked back, knocking Eugene off the ladder. Eugene landed on his feet and smirked. Suddenly, his smirk turned into a frown. He pulled at his hair and looked up at RVD. He put his foot on the bottom rung of the ladder and reached up to grab RVD but stopped himself. He then went up one more rung and LOW BLOWED ROB VAN DAM! The fans in attendance boo’d as Eugene let out a big smirk. Eugene started to make his way up the ladder and Mysterio quickly ran up the ladder. Eugene got to the top and looked at Mysterio and RAKED MYSTERIO’S EYES! He then grabbed Mysterio by the head and bashed his head against the top of the ladder. Mysterio didn’t fall off the ladder but Eugene grabbed the back of Mysterios head and tried to rip his mask off and Mysterio jumped off the ladder to save his mask! Eugene was then able to reach up and unhook the briefcase, winning the match! As Lillian Garcia was about to announce Eugene the winner, Eugene rolled out of the ring and grabbed the mic. He told Lillian to shut up and announced that “The winner of the Money in the Bank Briefcase and the NEXT WWE CHAMPION, NICK DINSMORE!” Dinsmore, now as he is known, dropped the mic and walked up the ramp with the briefcase clutched to his chest as the other 7 wrestlers stare at the ramp in astonishment at the transformation that just took place in front of their eyes. Tazz is asking Michael Cole and the other announcers “What the Hell did we just see?!” Joey Styles says that Eugene, who is apparently now to be known as Nick Dinsmore, is the new Money in the Bank briefcase holder and that he has a year to cash in his World Title contract.

Winner: Nick Dinsmore (AKA Eugene) @ 13:56

United States Championship: Booker T © vs. Bobby Lashley
The match started off with a test of strength issued by Booker T. As Lashley was starting to gain the advantage, Booker hit Lashley in the mid section with a knee, doubling Lashley over. Booker taunted Lashley for a few moments, yelling at him that Lashley is bowing to greatness, just like he should. Then Booker bounced off the ropes and went for a kick scissor-kick, but Lashley moved out of the way and Booker missed, turning into a huge clothesline from Lashley, almost decapitating Booker! Lashley went for a pin and got a one count. He lifted Booker T to his feet and Booker slapped his arms away, hitting a chop to the chest of Lashley. Lashley stumbled back a bit as Booker hit another chop to the chest, and another, and another. Lashley responded back and hit a chop to Booker’s chest, making him yell out in pain. Lashley then waited for Booker to turn around and PLANTED him with a Dominator! He then went for a pin and got the pinfall over Booker T!

Winner: Bobby Lashley (New United States Champion) @ 3:02

Tazz goes crazy at how fast the match was, saying that Booker T was never ready for the match and that Lashley shouldn’t have won the match! Michael Cole says that it doesn’t matter, and that the match is over and Bobby Lashley DOMINATED Booker T to win the United States Championship.

Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels
The match started off with a lot of trash talk from Randy Orton, yelling that he was going to end the career of “Mr. WrestleMania”. The two locked up in the middle of the ring and neither one got an advantage. The young upstart Orton and the savvy veteran Michaels both smirked at each other before Orton came at Michaels with a right hand. Not to be outdone; Michaels hit Orton with his own right hand. Orton bounced off the ropes and exploded off them, knocking Michaels to the mat. Orton taunted Michaels to get to his feet, which Michaels did very quickly. Michaels came back and hit a right to Orton, stumbling him back. Michaels came back and hit Orton with a chop to the chest. He then grabbed Orton and sent him into the ropes and on Orton’s return; Michaels hit him with a flying arm. The two battled for a while longer as they kept going back and forth; neither man gaining an advantage. That is, until Michaels decided to go to the top rope and as he jumped off, looking for the elbow drop on the downed Orton, Orton was able to roll out of the way, sending Michaels crashing down to the mat. Orton stalked Michaels and waiting for him to get up. As Michaels was getting up, Orton went for the punt. Michaels was able to move out of the way and roll Orton up from behind but Orton was able to kick out at 2. The two men both got up to their feet at the same time in a standoff, getting a rousing cheer from the fans in attendance. Michaels and Orton both smirk at each other, Michaels pointing to his head; saying he knows Orton enough to not let him do that. Orton charges at Michaels but Michaels gets out of the way and bounces Orton against the ropes. On Orton’s return, Michaels goes for the Sweet Chin Music but Orton gets out of the way. The ending of the match came after Michaels hit Orton with a Sweet Chin Music finally. Orton was laying in the middle of the ring but instead of going for the pin, Michaels decided to show boat a bit and slowly and groggily make his way to the top rope. He eventually made the top rope and leaped off, but he took too long and Orton caught him coming off the top rope and hit him with a mid air RKO! Orton got the pin over Michaels as the Joey Styles, Coachman and King all went crazy at ringside.

Winner: Randy Orton @ 18:38

WWE Tag Team Championship: Tables Match. MNM © vs. The Dudley Boyz
Before the match even started, Bubba and D-Von made their way to the outside of the ring and each of them grabbed a table, bringing it into the ring with them. MNM didn’t seem fazed and just smirked at The Dudley Boyz. Once the bell rang, both D-Von and Bubba simultaneously threw their tables at MNM, each hitting MNM in the head. Bubba quickly clotheslined Johnny Nitro out of the ring as D-Von went to work, pounding away on Joey Mercury. The match went on with neither team really getting a chance to put the other through the table. Inside the ring, Bubba just hit Joey Mercury with a Bubba Bomb and grabbed a table from ringside and set it up. He lifted Mercury to his feet and went to suplex him through the table, but Nitro ran in and pushed the table out of the way. A little later in the match, the Tag Team Champions were in complete control after Bubba put himself through a table, trying to hit a second rope splash onto Mercury. The Tag Champs were double-teaming D-Von with Johnny Nitro hitting him with a corkscrew moonsault from the top rope. They were then able to lift D-Von up and hit him with the snapshot. Mercury rolled to the outside to grab a table and threw it into the ring. MNM put D-Von onto the table and Nitro went to the top rope. Nitro then was able to hit a moonsault from the top rope onto D-Von, driving him through the table and winning the match!

Winners: MNM (Retains WWE Tag Team Championships) @ 8:22.

Woman’s Championship: Trish Stratus © vs. Mickie James
Mickie and Trish locked up in the middle of the ring but it was quickly broken up by Trish as Mickie cupped a fell on Trish’s rear end (To which Lawler got extremely jealous). Trish pushed Mickie back and glared at her as Mickie had her crazy smile on her face. They circled each other a bit more and Mickie ducked behind a lock up from Trish and went behind Trish, grabbing around her waist. Mickie stopped for a moment and ran her hands slowly down Trish’s legs then smacked her in the back of the head. Mickie took control of the match for a little bit, using… strange tactics, to say the least, to mess with Trish’s head. Trish eventually was able to get the upper hand again as she took Mickie down with a Russian leg sweep. She kept Mickie planted for a while. She ended up hitting Mickie with a Trish Kick to pick up the win.

Winner: Trish Stratus (Retains Woman’s Championship) @ 6:21.

After the match, Mickie got up and went to give Trish a handshake. Trish, very hesitantly accepted the handshake. Mickie shook hands and then pulled Trish in and gave her another kiss! Trish pushed Mickie away and slid out of the ring, staring at Mickie in horror and disgust. Mickie just stood in the ring, licking her lips.

World Tag Team Championship & Intercontinental Championships:
Big Show and Kane © Ric Flair and vs. The ******* Wrecking Crew and Shelton Benjamin ©

Big Show and Shelton Benjamin started off the match with Big Show quickly getting the upper-hand with his size advantage. Big Show took control of Shelton before Shelton was able to hit a drop kick to the midsection of Show. Shelton made the tag to Lance Cade, who took it to show and got a 2 count. Show was grounded by Cade and Murdoch for a while before Show was then able to make the tag to Kane. Kane cleaned house but got double teamed by Benjamin and Cade. The heels took control of the contest again before Kane hit Murdoch with a DDT and made the tag to Flair. Flair locked Murdoch in the Figure Four but Shelton dove in and broke up the submission. Flair tried to lift Murdoch to his feet but Murdoch hit him in the gut with a straight right, then hit him with a few more. Murdoch then got the tag to Shelton. The end of the match came when Shelton hit a T-Bone Suplex on Flair. He went for a pinfall but Kane and Big Show both broke up the pin attempt; causing Cade and Murdoch to enter the ring. Cade and Murdoch were thrown out of the ring by Kane and Show, who followed the two men out of the ring. Shelton walked over to the ropes and grabbed the top one, about to launch himself over. However, Flair grabbed Shelton by the tights and rolled him up and picked up the pinfall win!

Winners: Big Show and Kane © and Ric Flair. Big Show and Kane retain the World Tag Team Championships and Ric Flair wins the Intercontinental Championship @ 9:19.

Ashley Massaro, Michelle McCool and Maria Kanellis vs. Ladies in Pink
The match started off with Ashley Massaro and Candice Michelle circling each the ring. They locked up and Candice hit a knee to the gut of Ashley. Ashley hunched over in pain as Candice grabbed Ashley by the hair and slammed her face into the mat. Candice then stomped on the back of Ashley’s head a few times before she ran over and tagged Victoria in. Victoria came in and lifted Ashley to her feet and whipped her into the ropes. Ashley came back with a forearm to the face of Victoria. Later in the match, Ashley was still being dominated by Ladies in Pink. Ashley was able to reverse a suplex attempt and make the hot tag to Maria Kanellis. Maria ran into the ring and clotheslined Victoria to the mat. She then ran over and clotheslined Candice and Torrie Wilson, knocking them both off the mat. She turned around and hot slapped by Victoria, knocking her to her knees. Victoria then isolated Maria for a bit until Maria was able to sneak away from a double team and tag in Michelle, who came in and cleared house. She ended up pinning Candice after a superkick.

Winners: Ashley Massaro, Michelle McCool and Maria Kanellis @ 05:41

World Heavyweight Championship: Edge © vs. Chris Benoit
Benoit took an early advantage in the match, outwrestling the bigger Edge and keeping him close to the mat for most the beginning part of the contest. Benoit tried to attempt a Crossface early in the match, but Edge was able to battle out of it. Edge then took control of the match, hitting Benoit with an Edgecution. Benoit was able to battle his way back, hitting the three german suplexes on Edge and going for the pin but only getting a two count as Edge was able to roll his shoulder off the mat. Later on in the match, Edge was still trying to battle his way back into the match and was able to when Benoit went to the top rope to hit his flying headbutt, but Edge stuck both his feet up in mid air and Benoit hit his face into the bottom of Edge’s boots; jarring his neck! Edge then went to work on Benoit’s neck, putting him in various submissions to try and wear Benoit’s neck down. Edge had Benoit in a rear naked choke and Benoit looked as though he was about to pass out, but he kept his arm up at the last moment! Benoit was able to gain a little bit of an advantage after he was able to lift Edge off him and hit him with another suplex. Even later in the match, Benoit was in control yet again. He had Edge locked in the Crippler Crossface. Edge was about to tap when he finally was able to get to the ropes. Benoit lifted Edge to his feet but Edge hit a knee to the gut of Benoit and HIT A SPEAR! Benoit fell to the mat, gasping his air. It took Edge a few moments but he was able to go for the pin… but only picked up a 2 count. Edge laid there with his arm across Benoit’s chest, unable to move. Benoit was able to turn his body over and lock in the Crossface again! Edge screamed in pain and eventually had to tap out!

Winner: Chris Benoit (New World Heavyweight Championhip) @ 13:13.

The Undertaker vs. Mick Foley (Hardcore Match)
Before the match even started, Mick Foley was on his way to the ring with a garbage can full of weapons. He got jumped on the ramp by Undertaker, who threw him to the ramp and proceeded to mount him and rain rights down onto his face. He picked Foley up from the ground and rammed him, face first, into the guardrail. He then pushed Foley back down to the mat and planted a HUGE kick onto Foley, busting him wide open. He picked Foley up and brought him to the ring. Later on in the match, Foley was able to get himself going when Taker went for a Snakeyes but Foley was able to reverse it by slithering out and hit Taker with a low blow. Foley went under the ring and grabbed a kendo stick. He came back in and smacked Taker in the top of the head with it, busting Taker open. Foley then took control of the contest, eventually getting Taker beaten down into the corner. He wedged a steel chair between the ropes and ran at Taker, slamming his knee into the steel chair which in turn was able to slam into Takers face! Foley then quickly got to the outside of the ring and grabbed the steel ring steps. He brought them into the ring and set Taker up and DRILLED him with a Double Underhook DDT ontop of the steel ring steps! After Foley was able to recoup from landing on the steps, he again went outside the ring and grabbed a box that was under it. He put the box into the ring and went to grab a table. He pushed the table into the ring and set it up near the corner. He grabbed the box and pulled out a cloth bag. He poured the bag onto the table… THUMBTACKS! Thousands of thumbtacks! Foley stuck his finger up in the air, saying that’s not all. He went back inside the box and grabbed… lighter fluid! He put his tongue in the gap where his teeth were, smirking. He brought Taker to his feet and hit a huge right forearm to Taker. He grabbed Taker and put him in the corner. He lifted Taker up and put him on the top turnbuckle. Foley hit a few more rights to Taker for good measure. He then sprayed the lighter fluid on the table before SETTING THE TABLE ON FIRE! Foley then climbed the turnbuckles and again grabbed Taker’s arms and set him up for the double underhook DDT! The fans start to get riled up as Foley goes to do it… BUT TAKER HOLDS ONTO THE TOP ROPE! Taker starts to yell NO as he hits Foley in the back with a right. Foley eventually lets go of the DDT as Taker headbutts Foley, almost causing Foley to fall off the turnbuckles. Taker hit Foley with another headbutt and looked at the crowd, raising his eyes. He grabbed Foley by the throat… AND CHOKESLAMMED FOLEY THROUGH THE BURNING TABLE WITH THUMBTACKS! Foley starts to scream out in pain as he tries to roll around on the mat, trying to put the fire out. But, as he’s rolling around on the mat, he’s rolling in the thumbtacks! Taker screams out in pain as well as he landed on the thumbtacks too. Taker was then finally able to drape his arm over Foley and pick up the pinfall! All the commentators are in shock and awe at the vicious match that was just bestowed upon them by these two WWE legends.

Winner: The Undertaker @ 24:09. 14-0.

WWE Championship: John Cena © vs. Royal Rumble Winner Kurt Angle
The two men start by circling the ring before locking up. Cena gets the early advantage over Angle by using his strength and driving Angle into the ropes. Angle thumbed Cena in the eye as Cena was backing off and got the advantage over Cena. The two kept battling back and forth, each hitting some of their signature moves. A big spot of the match came when Cena was down on the mat and Angle was able to lock in the Ankle Lock. Cena screamed out in pain and the lock was locked in for about 5 minutes before Cena was finally able to edge his way over to the ropes. Angle made sure to torque the ankle a few more times before letting go of Cena. Cena tried to get back to his feet but his legs collapsed out from under him. The referee went over to Cena to see if he wanted to compete still and Cena nodded his head. Angle took advantage and dragged Cena to the middle of the ring and again locked in the Ankle lock. The ever resilient Cena, however, still did not tap out. He worked his way out of the lock by dropping his other leg across the face of Angle, making Angle break the hold. Cena still tried to get to his feet but again, his legs collapsed out from under him. The ref crossed his arms in an “X” to call the medics down to the ring. The medics rushed down with a stretcher as the ref made sure to stand between Angle and Cena. The medics worked on Cena and got him onto the stretcher. They started to wheel Cena up the ramp as the fans began to boo. Cena sat up on the stretcher and pushed the medics out of the way. He got down off the stretcher and very slowly and gingerly started to limp his way down the ramp. Angle met him on the outside of the ring and kicked Cena in his right ankle, sending Cena crumbling down to the black mats. He lifted Cena up and rolled him into the ring. He lifted Cena to his feet grabbed Cena and hit him with an Angle Slam! Angle went for the cover but Cena was able to shoot his shoulder up off the mat! Cena got up and started screaming at the ref, saying it was a three count. Cena eventually grabbed Angle from behind and rolled him up to pick up the three count!

Winner: John Cena (Retains WWE Championship) @ 18:59.

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Alright, here we go. I know you were a bit scared because you didn't have much faith in your writing skills, but all in all, I thought that area was fine. If I were you, I would have thrown a few more paragraphs into the matches to split them up a tad more to make them feel a bit better.

Booking wise, I had a feeling that you would have Eugene win and make the turn once I saw him in the Money in the Bank match but I was hoping you wouldn't do it. It feels a tad rushed to take him from joke character to a potential Number 1 Contender. With that being said, you could blow me away with it and I have faith that you could make it awesome.

Chris Benoit going over Edge surprised me, as I think Edge was always a strong champion in 2006 and you could do more with him on the mic then you could with Benoit. With that being said, Benoit was always a solid champion and if it's done well, hasn't been done very often in this timeline of threads.

The Orton-Michaels thing was pretty awesome. The spot at the end was a good idea. This could become something sweet but I don't know if you are going to continue it with the - well - lack of build this got and the heel winning. Not sure how you would continue it.

Other then what I commented on, I felt this. I have faith. When you're writing your first show, make sure you look at the standard formatting of most of the big shows in this section and try and get something similar. Formatting is one thing that really throws people off when it comes to a good thread.

All the best with it mate.

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Cuts from Raw:
Matt Striker
Rene Dupree
Rob Conway

Cuts from Smackdown:
Chad Dick
James Dick
Paul Burchill
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Super Crazy

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Stereotypical WrestleMania 22 video package plays with “I Dare You” by Shinedown playing in the background. It shows Triple H picking the win up against a formidable opponent in Snitsky. It then shows various spots from the Money in the Bank Ladder match, with it finally showing Eugene low-blowing Rey Mysterio and trying to rip off his mask before reaching up and grabbing the briefcase. It then shows highlights from Randy Orton taking on Shawn Michaels, with Michaels jumping off the top rope and Orton reversing and hitting Michaels with a RKO! It shows highlights of Trish Stratus retaining her title against Mickie James and after the match; Mickie offered Trish a handshake. Trish accepted but Mickie kissed Trish again. It shows Big Show and Kane and Ric Flair winning their match against The ******* Wrecking Crew and Shelton Benjamin, with Ric Flair picking up the Intercontinental Championship from Shelton Benjamin and Big Show and Kane retaining the World Tag Team Championships. It shows highlights from the interpromotional Women’s contest, with Ashley Massaro, Michelle McCool and Maria Kanellis picking up the win against Candice Michelle, Victoria and Torrie Wilson. It shows the bloody highlights between The Undertaker and Mick Foley, including the flaming table covered with thumbtacks. It shows the ending of the match, after Undertaker pins Foley. Taking laying in the middle of the ring and raising his arm up in the air, after clenching the 14-0 WrestleMania record. It finally shows highlights of the WWE Championship match. It shows Angle locking in the Ankle Lock on Cena two separate times and one of the times, torquing it so much that Cena’s face distorts, obviously where Angle broke Cena’s ankle. It then shows the end of the match, with Cena rolling Angle up from behind in a school boy pin and picking up the victory.

The camera then pans around the arena where Raw is taking place tonight. The camera then goes to the announce table, where Jerry Lawler, Joey Styles and Jonathan Coachman are sitting.

Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to Monday Night Raw! We are here tonight, 24 hours removed from WrestleMania 22, and boy, what a spectacle that was!

King: Right you are, Joey. We saw one of the most gruesome matches that we’ve seen in quite a while last night, where SmackDowns Undertaker was able to defeat Raws Mick Foley in a horrific hardcore match. The ending of that match came when Undertaker chokeslammed Mick Foley through a table. And not only that… it was a FLAMING TABLE. And not only that, but it was a flaming table with thumbtacks on it!

Coach: And in a travesty of an event, Shelton Benjamin lost his Intercontinental Championship to Ric Flair. He didn’t even lose the title, Ric Flair more of won the title because he had Big Show and Kane on his team.

Before much more is said, “Medal” hits over the P.A. system as a very pissed off looking Kurt Angle walks out onto the ramp.

And this man, Kurt Angle, came SO close to winning the WWE Championship last night. In fact, he broke the WWE Champion John Cenas ankle in the process of his quest to win the WWE Championship.

Coach: Angle should be out here with the WWE Championship. John Cena passed out in the match and stupid referee Mike Chioda for some reason didn’t call for the bell!

Lawler: What are you talking about, Coach?! Cena never passed out in the match! His arm only dropped twice and he was able to keep it up a third time!

Angle rolls into the ring and walks over to the other side of the ring and gets a mic. He puts it up to his mouth, but gets greeted by “You Suck” chants from the WWE faithful. He puts the mic down and shakes his head.

Stop the music and SHUT UP! God, you people are so annoying. I’m the only Olympic Gold Medalist in the WWE and this is the kind of treatment you people give me? Just because I’m the only champion that you people of Chicago will ever lay eyes on doesn’t mean that you have to boo me.

With this, massive boos come from the fans.

Talking about Champions… that’s why I’m out here. Last night… last night, I BROKE John Cenas ankle. I SHOULD be the WWE Champion! I broke his ankle. There is no friggen’ way that Cena didn’t tap after I broke his ankle. There is NO WAY Cena didn’t give up in the match after I broke his ankle and he wasn’t able to compete anymore. Where is your little WWE Champion right now, Chicago? Oh, that’s right. He’s back in Massachusetts on his couch, because I BROKE HIS FRIGGEN’ ANKLE!

The fans boo even more. Angle paces around the ring a bit.

I question this company. I question the intelligence of Mike Chioda. I question why he didn’t stop the match after he saw the excruciating pain etched in John Cena’s face. I question how he thinks that the match should have continued when one of the competitors were so completely dominated!

The fans boo even more as Angle is starting to garner more heat towards the Illinois fans.

I broke his ankle, and since I broke it, I think Cena should have to FORFEIT his WWE Championship. He should forfeit his Championship to the most intelligent, the most intense and the man with the most integrity on the roster, ME. I would be the BEST choice…

Before Angle can say more; “I’m Back” hits over the P.A. system. The fans actually cheer Bischoff, probably for him finally shutting Angle up. Bischoff has a mic in hand.

Hold on a second there, Kurt. First, let me just tell you, John Cena will NOT be stripped of his WWE Championship.

Cheer from the fans.

Therefore, you will not be awarded the WWE Championship. Yes, you broke John Cena’s ankle last night, but after talking to John this morning on the phone, he said that he should be back by Backlash. If he can come back by Backlash, John Cena will keep his WWE Championship. However, if Cena can’t compete at Backlash, then he will be stripped for his WWE Championship. And if that is the case; then a fatal four way contest will take place at Backlash for the then vacant WWE Championship.

Angle (Interrupting): I know for a fact that Cena will be out for longer than a month, Eric. Since I, by all means, should have won the match if not for the idiot Mike Chioda, I should just be given the WWE Championship right now. I am the best all around wrestling that you have on this roster, Eric. I am the one that put Cena out of action, and at Backlash, I shouldn’t have to win a friggen’ fatal four way match to win the WWE Championship that should be around my waist.

Bischoff: Kurt, for the last time. If John Cena will not be able to compete at Backlash, then you will have to WIN the WWE Championship. I am not, and no one will, reward you the WWE Championship. I don’t care if you broke Cena’s ankle. I don’t care if you come so close to winning the WWE Championship. You didn’t win it Kurt, and you’re going to have to earn the WWE Championship. As I said; if Cena can compete at Backlash then he will defend his WWE Championship there. If not, a match will take place for the championship. End of story.

”I’m Back” hits over the P.A. system as a fuming Kurt Angle is left in the middle of the ring as Bischoff retreats up the ramp, behind the curtain. The camera fades to black.

The camera comes back from commercial on the announce table.

Huge announcement from Eric Bischoff before the break. If John Cena is not able to return to the WWE ring by Backlash from his broken ankle; he’ll have to vacate the WWE Championship.

Styles: And a fatal four way contest will take place at Backlash to crown the WWE Champion. Again, that’s only if John Cena is not able to return to action by Backlash.

”Virtual Voodoo” hits over the P.A. system as Umaga steps out onto the ramp.

And here he is, ladies and gentleman. A lot of buzz has been made about this man Umaga, and tonight he debuts on WWE Raw.

Lawler: He is also known as the Samoan Bulldozer.

Coach: And standing next to him there is his manager, Armando Alejandro Estrada.

The imposing Umaga makes his way down to the ring, yelling Samoan phrases as he walks down to the ring. The man with tribal tattoos on his face and body gets to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope. He climbs up the turnbuckle and stands on the middle rope, yelling tribal type yells at the crowd. He drops down from the middle rope and stands in the middle of the ring.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, accompanied by his manager Armando Alejandro Estrada, hailing from The Isle Samoa, Umaga!

”Hello Ladies” hits over the P.A. as Val Venis steps out from behind the curtain. He stops on the top of the ramp and slowly takes his towel off from his waist. He throws it into the crowd and a screaming female fan catches it and gets all googly eyed. He begins to make his way down the ramp.

And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 244 pounds and hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, Val Venis!

Venis gets to the ring and slides in. He stands up and looks at Lillian with a smile on his face and does a humping motion toward her, which Lillian blushes a bit. Referee Jack Doan rings the bell as Lillian is helped out of the ring by Val Venis.

Match 1: Umaga vs. Val Venis
Val turns around and gets a HUGE right hand from Umaga, rocking him. Umaga then delivers two more rights to Val and irish whips him into the corner. Venis hits the corner hard and Umaga runs at him, hitting him with a splash. Val Venis falls into the corner as Umaga goes to the other set of turnbuckles. He gets a running start and slams his backside into the face of Val Venis. Umaga lifts Val up to his feet and screams something Samoan into Val’s face. He then brings Val into the middle of the ring and takes his taped thumb and SLAMS it into the windpipe of Val! Val falls to the mat, clutching his throat as Umaga drops down ontop of him for the cover and picks up the three count.

The winner of this matchup by pinfall, Umaga!

Styles: That was a DOMINATION effort by the debuting Umaga tonight, King.

Lawler: It sure was, Joey. That match lasted less than a minute.

Coach: Umaga just came in and dominated Val Venis here tonight. I just don’t know what else to say. This Umaga looks like an intimidating force, I can tell that much.

The camera fades backstage to see Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in their locker room.

Triple H:
That PIG. That scoundrel. How could he? Who the hell does he think he is?! How does he think he can just kiss you like that Steph? Huh? Who the hell does he think he’s messing with?

Stephanie: I don’t know, Hunter. He’s gross. Did you see what he did at WrestleMania? He… he… he smelled my hair. He tried to kiss me again!

Triple H: I know what he did, Steph! I know I also beat him at WrestleMania. But that man, he won’t go down without a fight. I hit him in the head with a sledgehammer and he kicked out. I gave him everything I had and he still was able to kick out of everything I gave him. He’s a monster of a man, Steph.

Stephanie: He might be a monster of a man, Hunter. But you’re The Game. You’re a multiple time WWE Champion. You’ve headlined WrestleManias and you’ve won a lot of the matches that you headlined. Hunter, you can’t let him get in your head. He’s just a man. A man that you beat. A man that you pinned in the middle of that ring. No matter what Hunter, I know that you’ll prevail. You’re better than he is.

Triple H: You’re right Steph. I’m the game. And I’m THAT DAMN GOOD. I already beat this joker at WrestleMania and if he wants to come at me again, I’ll be ready. Snitsky crossed the line this time Steph, and I’ll kill him if he comes any closer to either of us.

The scene fades to commercial with Hunter in his locker room; smiling and hugging Steph.

The camera comes back to the announce table.

Before the commercial break, Triple H was in the locker room with Stephanie McMahon. It seemed as though Triple H started off a little… intimidated, to say the least, of Snitsky. But after a pep talk from Stephanie, it seems as though Triple H will be ready for anything Snitsky tries to throw at him.

Styles: Triple H wasn’t scared. Oh no Coach. He is just riled up right now. His wife got kissed by another… disgusting human being! How would you feel if your girl was kissed by another man, Coach? A man like Snitsky.

Coach: What girl, Styles? I fly solo!

”Obsession” hits over the P.A. system as the ever smiling Mickie James runs out from behind the curtain. She poses on the ramp for a second then jogs the rest of the way down to the ring. “LoveFuryPassionEnergy” hits over the P.A. as Lita steps out from behind the curtain. She walks down to the ramp and joins Mickie in the ring.

And here it is, folks. Last night, Trish Stratus defeated Mickie James to retain her Women’s Championship. Tonight, Mickie teams up with Trish’s arch rival Lita to take on Trish and Ashley Massaro.

”Be Yourself” hits over the P.A. system as Ashley steps out from behind the curtain. She walks half way down the ramp and waits for her tag team partner. “Rock and Roll” hits over the P.A. system as the Women’s Champion steps out from behind the curtain.

The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall. Already in the ring, the team of Mickie James and Lita! And on their way to the ring, Ashley Massaro and Women’s Champion Trish Stratus!

Match 2: Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro vs. Mickie James and Lita
Trish and Lita start the match off with Trish gaining the upper hand. The two go back and forth for a few minutes until Lita makes the tag to Mickie James. Mickie stares at Trish and blows her a kiss, to which Trish shakes her head. She turns around and tags in Ashley. Ashley gets rocked by Mickie and Mickie takes control of the contest. The ending of the match came when Lita was back in the ring and she was facing off against Trish. She hit Trish with a HUGE DDT and went for the pinfall, but she only got a two count. Lita then tagged Mickie into the match and Mickie waited for Trish to get up. As Trish did, Mickie ran past her and hit a forearm to the face of Ashley. Trish ran at Mickie but Mickie quickly turned around and hit Trish with a MICK KICK and pinned her to get the pinfall!

Mickie just pinned the Woman’s Champion! Mickie was able to hit Trish WITH HER OWN MOVE and pin her in this tag team contest!

Styles: You have to think that there is some indications in this matchup. Mickie might be in line for another title shot soon! I’m hearing right now that Nick Dinsmore is finally arriving to the building and I think he is on the way to the ring right now!

”Bring ‘Em Out” by TI hits over the P.A. system as Mr. Money in the Bank, Nick Dinsmore, steps out from behind the curtain to a chorus of boo’s. He is wearing a jet black Armani business suit, holding his MITB briefcase to one side and having his bag slung over his left shoulder. Nick Dinsmore smugly walks down to the ring. He steps onto the ring steps and takes off his Ray Ban sunglasses and stares into the crowd. He steps up the last two steps and gets into the ring, where Lillian Garcia has given him a mic. Nick Dinsmore puts his bag down into the middle of the ring and folds his sunglasses up; putting them in his breast pocket. He puts the mic up to his lips and smirks, nodding his head as he soaks up the boo’s from the crowd.

I bet you all want answers. Don’t you? Is that what you want? You want answers. You want to know why I did what I did, don’t you?

Dinsmore walks over to the turnbuckles, where he turns his back to them and lays against them, almost lounging.

There is a simple explanation for that, really. I did what I did… I turned my back on all of you fans. I turned my back on everything that I was fighting those two years as Eugene. And you know why I did it?

Dinsmore gets back up to his feet and paces a bit.

I did it. I did it because I WANTED TO!

With this, Dinsmore smirks and soaks up the boo’s again.

I was SICK and TIRED of trying to play up to you fans. I was tired of pretending to be something I’m not. You people really think I was some mentally challenged person? Do you REALLY think they’d let someone like that wrestle in the WWE?! Don’t you think that could be a bit… dangerous? Letting some idiot who doesn’t know the difference between a sleeper hold and a power slam… that’d just be messed up. Ya know?

The fans continue booing Nick Dinsmore. He smirks again and rubs his stubble face.

I was tired of pretending to be what I wasn’t. I was tired of trying to grab the love from all of you fans. The only reason any of you liked me is because you connected with Eugene! Oh yes you did!

Even more boo’s are heard from the crowd.

Did Nick Dinsmore just call these people… mentally challenged?

Styles: I think he did, King…

Dinsmore: All of you people here in Chicago… all of you people all over the world. You all had some type of connection to Eugene. And that’s why I had to let go of that persona. I don’t want to associate myself with any of you WWE fans. I don’t want to be known as one of… You. And now, I bet you’re wondering why I went through the whole charade in the first place, huh?

Styles: Uh. YES!

Dinsmore: I did it to be signed by the WWE. The WWE wouldn’t have accepted me as the normal bad ass I am. Oh no. There were too many of the “tough” guy personas at the tryout I was at. I had to sit there and think. What would impress these people? What is the stupidest, most sympathetic type of character I could think of? What was the type of character that would give me the chance to live out my dream? Then I came up with Eugene. I came up with the Eugene character, a loveable mentally challenged idiot. Eugene was meant to be a goof character, just to… get my foot in the door. But once I realized just how much you all fell in love with Eugene, I knew I had it. I had you all eating out of the palm of my hand. I had you all set up to fool you, and that is EXACTLY what I did. I always had every intention of showing my true side; the timing just had to be right. And I was finally able to get into a match that actually meant something, instead of all of these matches that didn’t mean anything. I was finally able to get into the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. And I figured… this is as good as time as any. It’s a perfect time to turn my back on these stupid fans and show them who I really was. And by showing the people who I really was… I got THIS. I got a chance to wrestle for the World Title and I took that chance by the horns. I wrestled the bull to the ground. I low blowed the guy you all LOVE so much, Rob Van Dam. I climbed that 12 foot ladder, raked the eyes of that little Mexican Rey Mysterio to knock him off the ladder and I reached up. I reached up and grabbed the briefcase. I looked down and realized that there was NO ONE in sight. Not a single person. I had beaten every person in that match SO BAD that they were all OUT on the outside of the ring. I knew that moment was my moment, my moment to become who I wanted to be all along. Become who I really am, and that ladies and gentle, is NICK DINSMORE.

Dinsmore holds up the Money in the Bank Briefcase. He smacks it with his hand.

I got a guaranteed title shot. I got a shot at the World Title. Anytime. Anywhere. And not that I have this briefcase, I can get something off my chest.

Dinsmore sighs a bit and lets out a big smile.

I don’t give a DAMN about ANY of you! I don’t care about what you people think about me, I never have. I didn’t care if you guys loved the Eugene character or if you hate the person you see infront of you now. None of it matters now. None of you matter. John Layfield, Rey Mysterio, hell, even John Cena. None of you matter. The only two things that do matter are this…. Me and this briefcase. The only things that matter are my guaranteed World Title shot and the man that is going to WIN the World Title when he cashes in the contract… me.

Nick starts to walk towards the ropes but stops himself. He brings the mic back up to his lips.

Who knows when I’ll cash this baby in. But when I cash it in, I will become the New World Champion. It’s not a matter of when I cash in the MITB briefcase, if I win the World Title… NO. It’s when I cash in the MITB briefcase and WHEN I become the World Champion. I don’t care who the Champion is at the time, it doesn’t matter. I am the best superstar the WWE has to offer. I don’t care if you people don’t agree with me. You’ll agree with me once I win the World Title. If you don’t, hell, I don’t care. What you people think of me doesn’t mean anything to me. I’m the BEST wrestler in the WWE. And let me tell you; when Vince decided to sign me to a WWE contract, it was the BEST decision he has ever made, cuz baby, I’m PURE GOLD! Remember the name ladies and gentleman, ‘cuz soon enough, you’ll be saying it… followed by World Champion. Folks, remember NICK DINSMORE.

”Bring ‘Em Out” hits over the P.A. system as Dinsmore drops the mic in the ring and steps out if it as the scene fades to black.”

The camera fades to commercial break.

The camera comes back from commercial focused on Lillian Garcia in the ring. “Pure Control A” hits over the P.A. system. Ken Doane steps out from behind the curtain, looking ultra focused. He starts to make his way down to the ring.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring, hailing from Worcester Massachusetts and weighing in tonight at 230 pounds, Ken Doane!

”Slow Chemical” hits over the P.A. system as Kane slowly steps out from behind the curtain.

And his opponent, weighing in at 323 pounds, he is one half of the World Tag Team Champions; Kane!

Styles: Ken Doane, the young man, gives up almost 100 pounds to Kane! Kane is also twice his age!

Lawler: Kane is a seasoned veteran here in the WWE. He’ll show up this little punk.

Coach: Hey King. I like this kid. He has a lot of potential! He gives us some new faces so we don’t have to keep seeing you dinosaurs!

Kane makes it to the ring and gets up onto the apron. As soon as he does, Ken Doane charges at him and hits him with a jumping right hand. Kane stumbles a bit and falls into the ring.

Doane showing no fear in Kane here tonight!

Match 3: Ken Doane vs. Kane
Doane surprisingly takes control of the contest after attacking Kane early and often; showing no fear in the seven footer. He hits Kane with a variety of high-octane offensives moves, keeping Kane grounded for the beginning of the contest. At one point; Doane went for a missile dropkick but Kane sidestepped him and was able to take control of the match. Kane used power moves to keep Doane grounded. The ending of the match came when Kane went for a chokeslam but Doane was able to slip out from the move. He was able to chopblock Kane and bring him to his knees. He hit Kane in the back of the head with a straight kick, making Kane fall onto his stomach. Doane then climbed up to the top rope and hit a legdrop onto the back of Kane’s head. He was finally able to roll Kane over and get the shocking victory over Kane.

The winner of the matchup, Ken Doane!

Lawler: I don’t know how he was able to do it, but Ken Doane just defeated Kane!

Coach: I told you so, Lawler. Us young guys are starting to overtake you old farts in the WWE!

Styles: That was an incredible victory for young Ken Doane. The fact that he was able to pin one half of the World Tag Team Champions; say nothing about it being the big red machine, is a huge accomplishment for a young man!

The camera goes backstage to where Trish is in her locker room, toweling off her hair after her shower. The door then suddenly flies open as Trish looks startled at the front door.

Hi Trish. I just wanted to say sorry that I had to pin you earlier tonight. I really didn’t want to but Lita just tagged me in and… I don’t know. I just got caught up with being in the ring with you and being so close to you. I just wanted to say sorry and that I love you!

Mickie blows a kiss to Trish and turns on her heel, closing the door behind her as Trish is still staring at the door, shaking her head.

I don’t know what is going on with that woman! First she tries to take Trish’s title at WrestleMania but gets pinned by Trish. And now she is trying to act all buddy buddy with Trish again? Something seems funny.

Coach: Just ‘cuz you don’t have any friends, Joey, doesn’t mean you can keep everyone in the WWE from having friends. Mickie just sees Trish as a friend…

Lawler: A very good friend, mind you.

Coach: Whatever Jerry. She just sees Trish as a friend and felt bad for pinning her tonight!

The camera fades to commercial.

The camera comes back from commercial in the backstage area. Rosey is seen standing backstage, looking at the monitor. Suddenly, Gregory Helms walks by. He stops and backtracks, stopping right behind Rosey. Rosey turns around and Helms looks up at him. Helms lifts his nose up to Rosey a bit, snorting.

Rosey. I see you’re still SHIT.

Helms smirks to himself and walks away, laughing. Rosey stands and glares at Helms as he walks away.

Why was that NOT edited out?!

Styles: You don’t remember, King? Rosey use to be S.H.I.T. Super Hero in Training!

Coach: I know you’re old Lawler but you have to remember this stuff!

Lawler: Who could forget that…

”Bring ‘Em Out” by TI hits over the P.A. as Mr. Money in the Bank steps out from behind the curtain to a chorus of boos; the fans remembering the Chicago comments he made earlier.

This young man right here REALLY turned heads last night. He decided to change his “scenery” or so he says and go by his actual name, Nick Dinsmore. And by going by his actual name, he always has a new attitude.

Coach: Yes he does, Jerry. And I like it! Nick Dinsmore is done trying to impress the fans and he’s just showing the world that he is the best wrestler in the WWE.

Lillian: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from Louisville, Kentucky and weighing in at 226 pounds, he is Mr. Money in the Bank; Nick Dinsmore!

Dinsmore walks down the ramp the rest of the way. He slides into the ring and stands up on the turnbuckles, hoisting his Money in the Bank Briefcase high over his head.

”Big” hits over the P.A. system as Big Show steps out from behind the curtain with his World Tag Team Championship slung over his shoulder. He smiles for the crowd as he starts to make his way down.

And his opponent, weighing in at over 500 pounds; he is one half of the World Tag Team Champions, The Big Show!

Big Show steps over the top rope. Like in the last match; Dinsmore runs at Big Show. However, since the bell hasn’t rung yet, Dinsmore whacks Big Show over the head with the MITB Briefcase. Big Show gets rocked a bit and falls to the mat down below, holding his head. Dinsmore quickly gets out of the ring and goes under it. He grabs a steel chair from under the ring and starts to bash Big Show in the back with it. Dinsmore looks like a man possessed as he keeps slamming Big Show in the back with the chair. Big Show tries to block the shots but Dinsmore keeps hitting him. Big Show tries to roll out of the way but Dinsmore keeps hitting him, hitting Big Show in the face with the chair! Dinsmore throws the chair away and works on getting Big Show to his feet, which he eventually does. He rolls Show into the ring with a big smirk on his face.

What the hell was that?! Dinsmore attacked Big Show before the match even started! Why would he do that?!

Coach: He was showing his dominance, Joey. He was showing that he doesn’t care about anyone or anything. He was showing that he belongs in the WWE. And what better way to show it than take out one of the biggest superstars in the WWE?!

Lawler: You may be right, Coach. Dinsmore is doing this as a statement…

Match 4: Big Show vs. Nick Dinsmore
Disnmore keeps control of the match through the entire thing, not letting Big Show catch his breath. He dominates Big Show after the assault he laid on him before the match. Dinsmore is finally able to put Big Show away with his fourth Random Act of Violence (Jumping off the top rope and landing both feet into the chest of his opponent. Think Low Ki), to pick up the pinfall.

The winner of the match, Nick Dinsmore!

Coach: Statement win right there. Dinsmore is out to prove himself and I’ll say; he did a damn good job here tonight.

Lawler: That finishing move… just looks painful. Jumping off the top rope and driving all your weight into your opponent’s chest. It could break bones!

Dinsmore grabs his now dented briefcase and looks at it. He smirks and pats it a few times, climbing the turnbuckles and holding it high above his head as the camera fades to commercial.

The camera comes back from commercial with “Cool” playing over the P.A. system. Carlito steps out from behind the curtain, flanked by Chris Masters. Carlito has a red apple in his hand as he takes a bit out of it and chucks the rest of it into the crowd. Carlito starts to walk down the ramp.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, accompanied by Chris Masters, hailing from The Caribbean and weighing in at 230 pounds, Carlito!

Carlito eats the rest of his apple and walks down to the ring. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope and waits. “One of a King” hits over the P.A. as Rob Van Dam steps out from behind the curtain. Van Dam looks to be all business tonight.

It looks like RVD is still fuming after losing the Money in the Bank Ladder Match last night.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent, hailing from Battlecreek, Michigan and weighing in at 237 pounds, Rob Van Dam!

Van Dam still looks all business. He rolls into the ring and gets on the middle turnbuckle, doing his thumb taunt.

Match 5: Carlito vs. Rob Van Dam
The match started off quick paced as you’d expect with two wrestlers like this. Carlito started off with the advantage after RVD went for a Rolling Thunder early in the matchup, showing his aggression. Carlito was able to get his knees up and RVD landed on them. Carlito was able to gain control, keeping Van Dam grounded so he couldn’t use his legs to gain an advantage. Van Dam was able to mount a comeback, hitting a spinning heel kick to Carlito out of nowhere. Van Dam kept the advantage until Chris Masters got involved and tripped up RVD as he was going for another Rolling Thunder. RVD turned around and Carlito was able to roll him up but only got a two count. The ending of the match came when Carlito hit RVD with a Backstabber. He went for the cover but RVD was able to get a foot on the bottom rope. Carlito got up to argue with the ref and Masters went for an attack on RVD, but RVD punched Masters straight in the face, knocking him down. Carlito turned around into a spinning heel kick to Carlito and he was quickly able to ascend the turnbuckle and hit the Frog Splash to pick up the win.

The winner of the matchup, Rob Van Dam!

Rob Van Dam gets up and still looks bitter about the loss last night. He rolls out of the ring and quickly walks up the ramp. The camera quickly shoots backstage, to where Ric Flair is seen in his locker room. He has a beautiful young lady on each side of him, all three drinking champagne from very expensive looking glasses. Flair has the Intercontinental Championship draped across his lap, to which the ladies are stroking slightly. Flair has a big SEG on his face as he sips his champagne. There is a knock on the door. Flair yells for the person to come in, and in comes Todd Grisham with a microphone.

Sorry to interrupt all this, Ric, but I was wondering if I could ask you some questions.

Ric: WOO! Go ahead Todd, tonight nothing can bring me down. Ask away!

Grisham: Alright Ric. Well last night you took back the Intercontinental Championship from Shelton Benjamin, in a match where you teamed with World tag Team Champions Big Show and Kane. How was that?

Ric: Woo Todd! That was a real fun match. I had a great time teaming with Kane and Big Show, WOO! Shelton took the Intercontinental Championship from me at the Royal Rumble, but WOO, I took it back on the GRANDEST STAGE OF THEM ALL, WOOO! Shelton lost that very same Intercontinental Championship to me!

Todd: He sure did, Ric. Next week, GM Eric Bischoff has made a match for the number one contendership for your Intercontinental Championship. What are your thoughts?

Ric: Todd, it doesn’t matter to me who wins that match next week. I am going to walk into Backlash the same way as I am going to walk out of Backlash, WOO!

With that, Flair stands up and walks over to Grisham. He nudges Grisham a bit towards the door and sits back down on the couch with the two beautiful ladies as the camera comes back to the announce table.

It looks like Ric Flair is still celebrating from last night!

Coach: Ric Flair did look tired, it would seem like he’s been partying all night!

Styles: And the announcement by Bischoff that a match will happen next week where the winner will face Ric Flair at Backlash for the Intercontinental Championship! That’s going to be huge!

The camera fades to commercial

The camera comes back to commercial to see Lillian Garcia standing in the ring with a mic in hand.

The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

”Unglued” hits over the P.A. system as the fans in attendance all boo.

And here comes a monster of a man, Gene Snitsky!

Styles: Last night, he took Triple H to the limit at WrestleMania and almost picked up the victory over Triple H quite a few times!

Lawler: That he did, Joey. He came close to defeating Triple H last night, but his actions leading up to that match and during that match were… odd. He got an attraction to Stephanie McMahon and has started to stalk her…

Lillian: On his way to the ring, hailing from Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania and weighing in at 286 pounds, Gene Snitsky!

Snitsky walks confidently down to the ring. He gets up onto the apron and steps over the top rope and gets into the ring. “Sexy Boy” hits over the P.A. system as the fans in attendance all get in their feet, cheering. Shawn Michaels steps out from behind the curtain to a thunderous ovation.

And last night, Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton put on a classic match, with one of the best finishing of the matches you’ll ever see! Michaels went for the elbow drop off the top rope, but Orton hit an RKO on Michaels in MID-AIR!

Coach: The right man won that match, though!

Lillian: And his opponent, hailing from San Antonio, Texas and weighing in at 225 pounds, Shawn Michaels!

Michaels walks the rest of the way down to the ring and slides in.

Match 6: Shawn Michaels vs. Gene Snitsky
Snitsky instantly goes for Michaels, clubbing him as soon as Michaels makes it into the ring. Snitsky takes control of the contest for a lot of the match after using the beat down as soon as Michaels got in the ring. Michaels was able to retake control on a missed big boot from Snitsky, hitting a Sweet Chin Music on Snitsky but only getting a two count. Suddenly, “Burn In My Light” hits over the P.A. system as Randy Orton runs out from behind the curtain. Michaels left the ring to confront Orton as the ref went out of the ring to stop Orton. Triple H jumped out from the crowd and attacked Snitsky and the two battled in the ring until Snitsky clotheslined Triple H over the top rope and down to the floor outside. The two continued battling until SNITSKY POWERBOMBED TRIPLE H THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Snitsky then ran over to the other side of the ring and hit him with a HUGE big boot. Snitsky then rolled Michaels back into the ring and lifted him up, hitting him with a sitdown powerbomb and pinning Michaels to pick up the win.

The winner of the matchup, Gene Snitsky!


Coach: Not only that, but Shawn Michaels just LOST to Gene Snitsky here on Monday Night Raw!

Lawler: And Randy Orton, Smackdown’s Randy Orton, came out here and distracted Shawn Michaels and made him lose!

Coach: Don’t blame the loss on Randy Orton, King! Michaels got outwrestled tonight and LOST to Gene Snitsky!

The camera fades to black as the camera shows Triple H in a heap, trying to get to his feet after getting powerbombed through the announce table by Gene Snitsky.

Okay, not the best show ever, but it's been forever since I've written a show.

Be gentle please. Any comments are much appreciated!

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Alright, so I've never been one to go segment by segment in reviews, so fair warning that I'll jump around a bit.

First things first, your work with Dinsmore is good. I enjoyed the promo for the most part; however, it did run long and it seems like you were repeating a lot. While you did a good job at creating this new character, I would have preferred to see you give someone to bounce off.

On a similar note, giving Angle someone other than Bischoff to work with would have made the first promo a lot better. Angle felt alright, not the greatest but definitely not the worst I have ever read.

There were a few odd lines here and there throughout the show, one that I noticed was: "that little Mexican" in the Dinsmore promo. With that being said, most of it was fine and will come with time.

Another compliment I wanted to give was Helms saying what he did to Rosey. That made me laugh and the commentators confusion after also made me smile.

With that being said, not a super duper fan of the commentary during the show. It was fine, but it didn't really add anything. The commentators are meant to be the vehicle that we see the show through, but you used them more to describe what was going on when you could have just used the descriptions to do that.

As an example:

Lawler: He is also known as the Samoan Bulldozer.

Coach: And standing next to him there is his manager, Armando Alejandro Estrada.
Man, I hated this portion. If you wanted to give him this nickname and such, you should have given AAE time on the microphone to introduce himself and Umaga. Let the commentators talk about how he has monstered outside of the WWE, how there have been stories of the devastating Samoan Spike and things of the sort. I disagree with a lot of people, and think that the commentators are integral to overall hype surrounding a written show. I hope I'm not being too harsh with this, but I think this is an area could be improved.

The matches were fine.

The main event felt a bit rush-ish. Orton coming in was fine. Triple H jumping the barrier was fine. Snitsky going over felt a bit odd and like you want to give him a boost. You made him look good at Wrestlemania and in this match, as well as the rub of Triple H being intimidated - while not my favourite part of the show - I can see what you're doing there.

You're doing Mickie really well. There's not much more I wanted to say other then I think the booked tag team match was a little off, pairing Mickie with Lita without have Mickie do something to Lita to make Trish look better. The justification after the match did make it look a bit better, something irked me about the tag team match.

Honestly, for the first show in a long time, it was a good read. There is shit to improve - as we all have - but of course, plenty of time to do that.

Oh and one more thought: Include some black in your shows. I don't mind where you put it, but the red really needs to be broken up.

Good luck buddy.
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