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WWE 2006: The Next Generation

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Hey everyone. New to the forum here and wanted to take a stab at Be The Booker since it seems like a cool way to get to writing and what not. This will be starting from after WrestleMania 22.

WrestleMania 22

The Big Show & Kane def. Carlito & Chris Masters to retain the World Tag Team Championships

RVD def. Shelton Benjamin, Ric Flair, Finlay, Matt Hardy and Bobby Lashley to win the Money in the Bank contract

JBL def. Chris Benoit to win the United States Championship

Edge w/ Lita def. Mick Foley in a Hardcore Rules Match

The Boogeyman def. Booker T and Sharmell

Mickie James def. Trish Stratus to win the Women’s Championship

The Undertaker def. Mark Henry in a Casket Match

Shawn Michaels def. Vince McMahon in a No Holds Barred Match

Rey Mysterio def. Kurt Angle and Randy Orton in a Triple Threat Match to win the World Heavyweight Championship

Torrie Wilson def. Candice Michelle in a Playboy Pillow Fight

John Cena def. Triple H to retain the WWE Championship

RAW Roster

Ashley Massaro–Currently injured*
The Big Show – World Tag Team Champion
Candice Michelle
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Danny Basham – Inactive since February*
Jerry Lawler – RAW Color Commentator
Joey Styles – RAW Play-by-Play Commentator
John Cena – WWE Champion
Jonathan Coachman – RAW Color Commentator
Lance Cade
Lillian Garcia – Ring announcer
Maria – Part-time Interviewer
Matt Striker
Mickie James– Women’s Champion
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Rob Van Dam – Money in the Bank contract holder
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin – Intercontinental Champion
Todd Grisham – Backstage interviewer
Torrie Wilson
Trish Stratus
Trevor Murdoch
Triple H
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis
Vince McMahon– Interim General Manager

Tag Teams and Tandems:
The Big Show & Kane
Carlito & Chris Masters
Edge & Lita
Snitsky & Tyson Tomko
The Spirit Squad – Johnny, Kenny, Mikey, Mitch & Nicky
V-Squared – Viscera & Val Venis
Vince’s Devils – Candice Michelle & Torrie Wilson

Friday Night SmackDown! Roster

Batista– Currently injured*
The Boogeyman
Booker T
Brian Kendrick
Chris Benoit
Doug Basham – Inactive since February*
Gregory Helms – Cruiserweight Champion; Injured for 3-5 weeks*
Hardcore Holly – Currently injured*
Jamie Noble
Jillian Hall
Joey Mercury – WWE Tag Team Champion
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield – United States Champion
Johnny Nitro – WWE Tag Team Champion
Josh Mathews – Backstage interviewer
Ken Kennedy– Currently injured*
Kid Kash
Kristal Marshall – Backstage interviewer
Kurt Angle
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Michael Cole – Friday Night SmackDown! Play-by-Play Commentator
Mike Gymini
Orlando Jordan
Paul Burchill
Paul London
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio – World Heavyweight Champion
Road Warrior
Scotty 2 Hotty
Simon Dean
Steve Romero – Backstage interviewer
Super Crazy
Tazz – Friday Night SmackDown! Color Commentator
Theodore Long – General Manager
Todd Gymini
Tony Chimel – Ring announcer
The Undertaker
William Regal

Tag Teams & Tandems:
Booker T & Sharmell
The FBI – Nunzio & Vito
The Gymini – Mike, Todd Gymini and Simon Dean
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield & Jillian Hall
Kid Kash & Jamie Noble
The Mexicools – Psicosis & Super Crazy
MNM – Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, Melina
Paul London & Brian Kendrick

PPV Schedule
WWE Backlash – April 30, 2006 – Rupp Arena – Lexington, Kentucky
WWE Judgment Day – May 21, 2006 – U.S. Airways Center – Phoenix, Arizona
WWE Vengeance – June 25, 2006 – Charlotte Bobcats Arena – Charlotte, North Carolina
WWE The Great American Bash – July 23, 2006 – Conseco Fieldhouse – Indianapolis, Indiana
WWE SummerSlam – August 21, 2006 – TD Banknorth Garden – Boston, Massachusetts
WWE Unforgiven – September 17, 2006 – Air Canada Centre – Toronto, Ontario
WWE No Mercy – October 8, 2006 – RBC Center – Raleigh, North Carolina
WWE Cyber Sunday – November 5, 2006 – U.S. Bank Arena – Cincinnati, Ohio
WWE Survivor Series – November 26, 2006 – Wachovia Center – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WWE Armageddon – December 17, 2006 – Richmond Coliseum – Richmond, Virginia

I'll be getting to work this week on the first show this week and hopefully have it done by the end of the week. This is my first BTB so I don't expect it to be amazing but I would appreciate if it reviews came in for it, and any words that could help me improve as I go on. I'll do my best to return them on a close to consistent basis. With summer approaching, I think I can accomplish that as well as hopefully turning this BTB into a success.​
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Marks for 06. Stacked midcard and probably the year with the most wasted potential in recent times, imo.

Good luck and I'll be reading.
Marks for 06. Stacked midcard and probably the year with the most wasted potential in recent times, imo.

Good luck and I'll be reading.

Sweet. thanks man, I hope I do well. I'm not exactly the BEST writer, but i'm gonna do my best
Official Monday Night Raw Preview for April 3rd, 2006

It's been 24 hours since Wrestlemania 22, yet several questions still remain unanswered as Raw remains in Rosemont, Illinois for the second consecutive night.

Rob Van Dam finally broke through the glass ceiling and won the Money In the Bank match. Will Van Dam cash in tonight, or bide his time and take full advantage when the time is right?

John Cena defended his title last night vs Triple H in an environment that was quite hostile. Cena is scheduled to address the crowd tonight. Will that hostile environment follow him, and what will Triple H have to say about losing last night?

Edge was able to defeat "The Hardcore Legend" Mick Foley last night in an incredible match that stole the show. After spearing Foley through a flaming table, what kind of condition is Edge in, and have we seen the last of Mick Foley?

Shawn Michaels was able to fulfill his promise to put Mr McMahon through "his own personal hell". Is this the end of this feud, or does Mr McMahon have something up his sleeve?

Also, Shelton Benjamin will be in action, defending his Intercontinental Title against "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. New Womens Champion Mickie James will also be in action, fresh off her victory against Trish Stratus. And the World Tag Team Champions Big Show and Kane, defending their titles for the second time in 24 hours, this time against Snitsky and Tomko.

All of this and more tonight on RAW at 9/8 Central from Rosemont, IL
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Interesting roster will be good to see what you do with kennedy and RVD as I loved them at this time
Preview teases a lot which I suppose is good. Doesn't give that much information like some others, but you are new to this after all so no big deal. Shelton/Flair sounds pretty awesome an Show and Kane should most likely retain against Snitsky & Tomko.

Will be reading. Looking forward to the show.
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WWE Monday Night Raw
April 2, 2006
Rosemont, Illinois

Prior to the show we get video recap of the spectacle that was WrestleMania 22 24 hours ago; The Big Show & Kane retaining their World Tag Team Championships by defeating Carlito & Chris Masters; Rob Van Dam seizing the moment and winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, guaranteeing himself a WWE or World Heavyweight Championship match within the next year; Edge defeating Mick Foley in a brutal and unforgettable Hardcore Match; Mickie James capturing the Women’s Championship defeating Trish Stratus; Shawn Michaels defeating Vince McMahon in a No Holds Barred Match and John Cena retaining the WWE Championship defeating Triple H in a thrilling main event.

Once the video package ends, the Raw opening video plays, before we enter the Allstate Arena, with the pyro blasting off in post-Mania fashion. Finally we jump to our esteemed 3-man announce team.

Joey Styles: The pageantry is over. The dust has settled. Careers and lives have been immortalized forever. This is the beginning of the fallout from one of the greatest nights in WWE history. This is Monday Night Raw!! We are live for the second night in a row in the Allstate Arena, just outside of beautiful Chicago, Illinois, and we welcome you to the flagship show in sports entertainment. Hello everybody. I’m Joey Styles, and Jonathan Coachman, and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler join me here at the broadcast table. Guys, there isn’t much else to really say except WHAT A NIGHT last night was!

Jonathan Coachman: Y’know Joey Styles you might have only appeared during one match last night, but you finally saw what the big leagues are like kid. Out of the bingo halls and dumps, and into the big-time baby! Just like the song said. WrestleMania was unlike any other event we have ever witnessed in history, and I can’t wait to get things started here tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Coach I think we could have done without the insulting, but Joey Styles you’re absolutely right. WrestleMania 22 was amazing. It was incredible. And I am still in amazement of EVERYTHING that transpired here in this arena, just 24 hours ago.

Jonathan Coachman: And if you think you’ve seen it all folks, don’t worry -- cause you haven’t! Raw is bringing the hits each and every week to you, no matter what. We’re no imitation, we’ve got the best, and that’s why last night we headlined WrestleMania with a bigger and better main event than I’ve seen in recent memory.

Joey Styles: That’s right Coach and I can’t believe I just started talking and said those three words. But anyways, John Cena and Triple H put on one of the greatest main events in WrestleMania history, and it was Cena, who despite the hostile environment he walked into here in this arena, despite the fact that he may have faced arguably one of the greatest performers in history, despite all the odds, walked into WrestleMania as the WWE Champion, and walked out as the WWE Champion just as he promised.

Jonathan Coachman: I’ll admit it -- I was one of Cena’s biggest doubters. But he proved to me last night that he can go with the best. And he earned my respect. Does that mean I like him? Hell no. Triple H is my boy, and I feel like in a rematch, The Game would come out victorious and prove why he’s the best in the business right now.

Match #1:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair
Intercontinental Championship Match
Solid, and very closely contested match with both men off the heels of falling short last night in the MITB Ladder Match showcasing their talents to officially kick off the new WWE season. Despite still nursing some wounds, bumps, and bruises from last night, Flair and Benjamin put on an awesome TV match to kick off Monday Night Raw. After 8 minutes of action we cut to a commercial break. When we return, Benjamin is in control until Flair makes his comeback around the 12 minute mark.
The finish comes as Flair would look to apply the Figure Four Leg Lock for the second time in the match, but Benjamin pushed him away with his feet. The IC Champion sprung up to his feet, and out of nowhere hit the T-Bone Suplex to secure the pin fall victory.
Winner: Shelton Benjamin at 14:31.

Benjamin successfully retains his title and he raises his arms up in the air in the center of the ring, and receives his belt from the referee. Benjamin shoves him away, not wanting the referee to get a taste of his glory, as he then heads over to the corner of the ring and climbs up and hoists his belt high in the air. Shelton then leaves the ring, as the camera focuses on Flair, who slowly climbs up to his feet and receives a warm response from the crowd, and feeling the warmth and love from the crowd Flair blows them a kiss before exiting the ring and walking up the ramp.

Cut backstage.

Backstage, Edge is just arriving it appears, walking through the backstage area carrying a duffel bag on his shoulder. Dressed in a black leather jacket, with a black designer shirt underneath and jeans, ‘The Rated R Superstar’ is joined by his sultry girlfriend Lita, as the two have their arms around one another while they walk into the arena. Todd Grisham walks up to them with a microphone.

Todd Grisham: Edge, Edge. Quickly before you leave I know that this has probably been the most excruciating, the most painful and the most gruesome twenty-four hours of your life. Can you give us an update on your condition?

Edge stares at Grisham blankly.

Edge: Yeah yeah I can Todd. I can tell you about my condition. I can tell you how last night I spent the night at the hospital down the street from here. And that my doctors aren’t letting me compete here tonight and I have some scars on my body that won’t ever heal. So to answer your question, nerd, I’m just peachy. Now move it.

The controversial couple goes to walk, but Todd, being the annoying interviewer that he he is, steps in front of them.

Todd Grisham: But one more thing um… do you plan on listening in later on tonight when John Cena addresses the crowd here in Rosemont as well as the rest of the locker room after his victory last night at WrestleMania?

Edge’s sarcasm just a few moments ago seems to have faded into a cold, cold stare into Todd’s eyes.

Edge: Yeah I … I plan on doing a lot more than listening, chump. I plan on being there when John Cena makes his little “address” to the people here in Rosemont. As far as making an impact … that depends on how I’m doing. So for the second time, scram.

This time, the couple trudges on through past Grisham and seemingly into the arena.


Backstage, Ric Flair is walking through a hallway, looking beaten and broken following his match with Shelton Benjamin just a moments ago. The camera spots Carlito & Chris Masters in the hallway against the wall, cracking smiles and laughing a little bit as Flair passes on by.

Chris Masters: Well look who it is… {Walks over to Ric, who turns around, as Carlito joins his comrade} the sixteen-time Heavyweight Champion of the World … {mockingly} WOOO … Ric Flair.

Flair doesn’t look too pleased with Masters’ arrogance to start things off here.

Chris Masters: Carlito?

Carlito: {Tossing apple into the air} Yeah Chris?

Chris Masters: Do you even remember the last time Ric over here, won a match? I mean, it’s been ages it seems hasn’t it?

Carlito smirks, as Ric’s face looks to have complete disbelief.

Carlito: Yeah Chris. Carlito doesn’t even remember the last time that Ric Flair was a main eventer. I mean, the last time dat Ric Flair was main eventing a Pay-Per-View, {chuckling} you and me, you and me weren’t even born yet.

Masters and Carlito share a laugh, as it then appears that Flair’s had enough.

Ric Flair: Are you … kidding me!? DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU’RE TALKING TOO, HUH??

Flair’s eyes light up with passion.

Ric Flair: I’M THE NATURE BOY!! WOO!! I’M RIC FLAIR, DAMMIT!! WOOO! The LIMOUSINE RIDIN’, JET FLYIN’, KISS STEALIN’, WOO, WHEELIN’ DEALIN’ SON OF A BITCH!!! And I sure as HELL … have a lot more respect than the two of you pieces of crap can say that they have.

Crowd pops.

Ric Flair: So either YOU … and YOU … stop talkin’ … {puts up fists} or we start fightin’! What is it?

Masters and Carlito look at each other for a moment, before Masters turns around and strikes Flair in the face!! Carlito stays behind, watching as ‘The Masterpiece’ blindsides Flair right when he goes to put up the dukes, and beats him down against the wall of the hallway while the crowd around them inside the arena can be heard booing loudly.

The Nature Boy soon thereafter begins to fight back! Flair fires away at Masters with a few right hands, and a few knife-edged chops, before Carlito steps in the way and knocks Flair back with a right hand. Carlito then runs up and knees Flair in the gut, as Masters then walks over and grabs him by the back of the neck and applies the Masterlock!

Flair tries fighting out of it but he remains a sitting duck, as Masters applies all of the pressure that he possibly can, while Carlito stands and barks orders. Finally, better late than never, referees and other officials head over to the scene.

They break the two men apart and Carlito helps restrain Masters as well, while those officials help Flair up. Masters shouts out at Flair, calling him an old man, before Carlito pulls him away off camera.

Back to ringside.

Match #2:
The Big Show & Kane vs. Snitsky & Tyson Tomko
World Tag Team Championships Match
For the second straight night, the World Tag Team Champions are put to work, defending their Tag Team Championships against the large team of Snitsky and Tyson Tomko. Despite their roles on Raw over the last few months, Snitsky and Tomko put up a good fight, creating a passable contest that is nothing appearing to be a squash. The finish comes as Tomko looks to hit Kane with a Big Boot, but Kane sidesteps him and grabs him by the throat! With him goozled, Kane powers him up high and delivers the Chokeslam From Hell to get the pin fall victory.
Winners: The Big Show & Kane at 7:55.

Kane and Show stand tall in the ring holding their World Tag Team Championships high, for the second night in a row successfully defending them as this dominant team shows why they’ve held the titles since November of 2005.


The Big Show and Kane turn around and look toward the stage, as the interim General Manager Mr. McMahon steps out, wearing a nice gray suit, while looking to be in rough condition after last night’s No Holds Barred Match, mic in hand.

Mr. McMahon: {Hearing “ASSHOLE” chants} SHUT UP!

Crowd boos

Mr. McMahon: I’m talking dammit! Show some respect for me!

The crowd doesn’t seem to be in the mood for Vince as they continue to boo him.

Mr. McMahon: First off, Big Show, Kane, I would like to personally congratulate you on a job well done on defending your World Tag Team Championships for the second straight night.

Skeptically the crowd as well as Kane & The Big Show looks on.

Mr. McMahon: And because you two appear to be “fighting champions,” being that you are quite possibly the largest and most formidable World Tag Team Champions in WWE history, I would like to inform the two of you that as the interim General Manager of Monday Night Raw, you two will be defending your World Tag Team Championships once again, on April the 30th, live on Pay-Per-View, at the Raw-branded Pay-Per-View, Backlash. And because you two are no ordinary team, I feel as if there needs to be a bit of a tweak to the match; something that is not normally seen here in the WWE.

Kane and Show look a bit puzzled, before looking at one another and then back at the stage.

Mr. McMahon: For the first time ever in the WWE, this World Tag Team Championships Match … will be a 5-on-2 Handicap Match. And your opponents will be … the only collective of superstars in the WWE that can fit this 5-person billing …

Vince smiles, while Show and Kane look a bit befuddled …


The crowd groans in annoyance, as Kenny, Nicky, Mitch, Mikey, and Johnny, better known as The Spirit Squad, step out on stage in their matching green and white uniforms. All 5 men then begin to walk down to the ring, as Kane and Show stand and wait in the ring, not looking to be amused, nor afraid of what’s to come.

The Squad circles the ring, and on Kenny’s call all the others jump onto the apron and then go in the ring. Show and Kane due to their size and strength overpowering theirs, are able to fend them off at this point in time. But like leeches, the Squad continues to come back and fire away; doing the best they can to hammer away at the titanic-like tag team.

Getting worn down eventually after about a minute and a half of a barrage of rights and lefts, Show and Kane begin to show a bit of weakness and Johnny and Mikey jump on show and Nicky and Mitch jump on Kane. Kane throws off Mitch who had his arms locked around his neck trying to choke him out, and then Nicky does the same. Mitch then comes back over and kicks Kane between the legs!

Kane drops to his knees as Mitch hammers away at his back, and then Mitch charges over and chop blocks The Big Show! Bringing the 7-foot 500-pound man down to his knees, Mitch, Johnny, and Mikey all stomp and hammer his back with their forearms, as The Spirit Squad have somehow subdued the World Tag Team Champions!

Kenny on the outside continues to bark orders, and then Mikey walks outside and grabs a steel chair! Mikey goes in the ring, and then creams The Big Show in the skull with it! Mikey looks flabbergasted with the enormous dent put into it, but quickly tosses it away as The Big Show is still on his knees. Kenny gets on the apron and tells them to drag Show over, as we also see Nicky waiting for Kane to get up as he leaps up and hits him with a Reverse STO!

The Squad all drag Big Show on top of Kane. Kenny then ascends, and perches himself on the top rope. Kenny looks around at the crowd, then down at the World Tag Team Champions, before launching off… hitting a GUILLOTINE LEG DROP!

The Squad breaks out in excitement and cheer as somehow, these 5 male cheerleaders have taken out the dominant World Tag Team Champions! The Coach notes that if these 5 can do the same thing at Backlash, then we’ll have new World Tag Team Champions. The Spirit Squad disperse, as we see the World Tag Team Champions beginning to stir, and not looking too happy in what just occurred.


A video plays after the commercials, hyping up this week’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown! Featured is the news of an epic 8-Man Tag Team Main Event Match, where NEW World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio will join forces with the former World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, the former United States Champion Chris Benoit, and The Undertaker, against Randy Orton, NEW United States Champion John Bradshaw Layfield, Booker T, and Finlay.

Match #3:
Mickie James vs. Torrie Wilson
Non-Title Match
The first match for Mickie James as Women’s Champion is a showcase match for her, as she takes on the veteran Torrie Wilson. Wilson manages to put up a fight, but it is Mickie that showcases her talents well enough to look pretty strong coming off the huge victory twenty-four hours ago at WrestleMania 22 to become the Women’s Champion by defeating Trish Stratus. Mickie eventually puts Torrie to bed, hitting the Mick Kick for the impressive three count victory.
Winner: Mickie James at 4:09

James gets up to her feet and gets her title belt, as the Rosemont fanatics give a mixed reaction to their new Women’s Champion. She hugs the title belt, and then walks over toward the corner, and goes to climb up, but then scurries out of the ring … as TRISH STRATUS has ran down! Mickie hops over the barricade, scared for her life, as the imposing former Women’s Champion stands in the ring, glaring out at her adversary, who has ran like a scalded dog.

Cut backstage.

Backstage, John Cena, the controversial WWE Champion, who 24 hours ago survived a war with Triple H to retain that very title, sits in a chair in his locker room, amidst a humongous mixed reaction from the fans in the background. Dressed in his black ‘HUSTLE – LOYALTY – RESPECT’ sweatshirt, hood up, and black ‘Chain Gang’ 3/4 length shorts, and black sneakers, his eyes are fixated on his WWE Championship, the fifteen pounds of gold that he has held since WrestleMania 21, aside from 3 weeks in January. They however turn, as he looks over and stands up, putting his title belt on his shoulder… as Shawn Michaels has entered the locker room!

Shawn Michaels: {Putting up a hand of peace} I’m not here to cause any trouble. ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ isn’t about that anymore. I came in here right now, to congratulate you.

A bit skeptical, Cena watches on.

Shawn Michaels: Normally I’m not the man to do this sort of thing. But after last night, after I watched you go to toe-to-toe with a man I used to call my best friend Triple H, respect is something that I’ve got to give you.

Shawn puts his hand out.

Shawn Michaels: Shake my hand.

Cena looks into the eyes of HBK, and after a moment of silence and null movement, Cena grabs Michaels’ hand and shakes it. Michaels slaps Cena’s bicep.

Shawn Michaels: Now if you don’t mind John, I’d like to give you some advice.

Cena simply nods.

Shawn Michaels: I think that it’s tough to ignore the kind of environment you were in last night. The kind of mixed reaction you heard from everybody out there, is something at this rate, in my opinion, that you should get used to.

Cena raises an eyebrow inquisitively.

Shawn Michaels: Not everyone’s gonna love you, John. You’re not gonna be able to grab everyone’s attention, and make them want to support you. You’re not gonna get everyone to buy your merchandise, cheer you on in every match, and not everyone’s gonna want your autograph or shake your hand. You’re a marked man, John. Even by the fans of the WWE, as it appears to be that evident after last night.

Cena doesn’t move a muscle, as Michaels goes on.

Shawn Michaels: But the advice I’m gonna give you … is simply to not … care. When you’re a champion here in the WWE, you’ve gotta have a thick skin. You’ve gotta put all the people that don’t like you, you’ve gotta put all the hate, all the words, all the pressure that people put on you, and put in the back of your mind. Every night that you go out to that ring, you should think one thing … and one thing only …

Michaels points to the title belt.

Shawn Michaels: …that’s walking in, and walking out, with that fifteen pounds of gold on your shoulder right now. Cause there’s guys in this locker room, that would KILL to have that title belt. The young guys who want a shot at the big-time … like yourself … and the guys who’ve been around here for a long, long time, and that want another shot at glory … like me.

Michaels’ eyes can’t help but find the title belt on Cena’s shouder again, before looking up.

Shawn Michaels: Understand?

Cena simply nods again, as Michaels nods as well, before walking away. Cena takes the title belt off his shoulder again, and sits down, and once again finds himself in a deep stare at the gold.


A vignette plays…

A shadowy figure stands in the darkness as some shots flash of a wrestler hitting some stiff kicks on some poor fellows. The figure moves forward as some more shots flash this time of a man’s tattoos which feature the Pepsi logo, “D-R-U-G-F-R-E-E” on the man’s fingers, and the ink on his arms. The figure approaches as we see this man who looks more familiar now, locking in submission holds and hitting some more kicks and strikes. The figure’s shadow disappears and we see it’s a man with shoulder length black hair, taped wrists and black trunks with yellow stars and stripes on them.

Words appear on screen as we hear the man speak.

“My name … is C … M … Punk …”


Fade out.

The crowd cheers wildly as “Mr. Money in the Bank” Rob Van Dam steps out onto the stage, dressed to compete with a black tee on with “RVD” written on it in yellow, on top. Van Dam does the thumb taunt, and pats the briefcase before Van Dam continues on down to the ring. Rob steps in and is handed a microphone.

Rob Van Dam: Last night, at WrestleMania 22, I had an opportunity to finally have a chance to become WWE Champion, in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. And needless to say, I took full advantage of that opportunity!

RVD cheers, as RVD nods.

Rob Van Dam: I had my opportunity, along with five other guys, to get a contract to fight for the WWE Championship, any time, and any place that I wanted to … {holds up the briefcase} and I seized it!

Van Dam smiles as he nods, putting down the briefcase now.

Rob Van Dam: RVD FINALLY has a guaranteed WWE Championship Match for the next 364 days, thanks to the Money in the Bank Contract, that I grabbed last night in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

RVD nods as the crowd chants “R-V-D” over and over.

Rob Van Dam: Now I can wait all year, and cash it in next year at WrestleMania 23 in Detroit … I could cash it in at the Royal Rumble next year … at Survivor Series in Philadelphia, where I as everybody knows, RVD got his start in E … C … W …

“E-C-DUB” chant starts up.

Rob Van Dam: I could cash it in at SummerSlam … I could cash it in at Backlash … or hey, why wait? I could cash it in, tonight.

The crowd lets out another pop, while RVD brings the mic up again.

Rob Van Dam: Now I may not do that, because I’m not like Edge, and I’m not going to do it without surprise involved. I already know in my mind right now, when I’m going to do it. And I can assure each and every one of you, all of my fans out there, that “Mr. Monday Night”, yours truly, will seize the moment, and will become the WWE Champion.

Crowd pops for Van Dam, while he eyes the briefcase.

Rob Van Dam: And when I do-


Some of the loudest heat of the night so far pours out from the rafters, as Carlito saunters out onto the ramp. The arrogant southpaw wears a huge smile on his face from ear-to-ear, as well as a pair of beige slacks, and a melon-colored collared shirt. CCC tosses his shiny red apple up and down, while bickering with the fans. Carly slides into the ring, and then receives a microphone.

Carlito: Look who it is…

CCC walks around for a bit.

Carlito: …Rob Van Dam, “Da’ Whole Damn Show,” “Mister Monday Night,” and now “Mister Money in da’ Bank?”

Carlito shakes his head in disagreement.

Carlito: Das not cool…

The crowd boos, as CCC smirks and tosses his apple up.

Carlito: …You and I, we got a lotta history. See, Carlito remembers, the last time that you and I were in a ring in a similar situation as this. Carlito was hot off winning the Intercontinental Championship, which I did on my very first night on Monday Night Raw … just like I won the United States Championship on my very first night in my career on SmackDown. And you? You were comin’ off an injury, and just drafted to Raw.

Carly continues to pace, as the eyes of Van Dam follow him.

Carlito: Just in case you forgot though, it’s okay. Carlito prepared a very special video, just for you…

Carlito points toward the titantron, which plays the footage from last June’s encounter between Carlito and RVD…

Raw – 6/27/2005: said:
On the very first edition of Carlito’s Cabana on Raw, CCC’s guest is the final draft pick for Monday Night Raw. That draft pick just so happens to be Rob Van Dam, who walks down to the ring with a knee brace on. CCC and RVD exchange words, eventually leading to Carlito attacking the vulnerable and hurt Van Dam. Further injuring Van Dam by picking apart and striking the knee, removing the brace as well, this would be Van Dam’s last appearance in a WWE ring until January of this year.
The video ends and the crowd begins to boo, while RVD shakes his head, and Carlito nods his.

Carlito: So now here we are today. RVD, you’re fresh off arguably da’ biggest win of your career; you won Money in da’ Bank, beating out five other guys in da’ WWE, that personally, Carlito could pick apart. Ric Flair? {Shakes his head} He’s old. He’s washed up. Carlito’s better than him.

Heat for the running down of “The Nature Boy”, as Carlito takes a step forward.

Carlito: Shelton Benjamin? Carlito’s already beaten him for da’ Intercontinental Championship. Shelton Benjamin’s not cool. Shelton Benjamin’s not even in Carlito’s league.

Mixed reaction, as Carly sticks it to the IC Champion.

Carlito: And if I had to go back home -- to SmackDown! -- and face the likes of … {shakes his head} Finlay? Bobby Lashley? Matt Hardy? Carlito would walk through that competition with ease. None of them are on Carlito’s level. So when you look at it … nobody in that match -- not even you, RVD -- measure up to Carlito.

As the crowd gives heat, Carlito looks out to them in disgust and scowls.

Carlito: So-

Rob Van Dam: Are you done yet?

OH! Carlito looks flabbergasted that RVD interrupted.

Rob Van Dam: Cause all I’m hearing from you right now Carlito … is a bunch of bullshit.

Carlito’s eyes widen, while the crowd gasps and pops at the vulgar language from Van Dam. An “R-V-D” chant picks up, subsequently.

Rob Van Dam: Do you have a point to be out here right now?

Carlito: Yeah, Carlito has a point.

Carly walks up to Van Dam.

Carlito: The fact is, Carlito knows something you don’t. And das dat’ you … {points to RVD} you’re a marked man around here now … {points to briefcase} because of ‘dat.

RVD looks down at the briefcase.

Carlito: So to me … it looks like despite the greatest victory in Rob Van Dam’s career … Rob Van Dam was injected with the greatest dose of poison in his entire life …

The crowd gives heat, as RVD’s eyes meet Carlito’s again with a stern look.

Carlito: And you might be asking yourself right now, why I would come out here … and tell you you’re a marked man?

Carlito smirks.

Carlito: ‘Cause I’m one of the guys … {points to Van Dam} who’s after you…

Carlito nods.

Carlito: …and your Money in ‘da Bank Contract.

CCC tosses his apple up in the air, while he paces around again.

Carlito: So while you’ve got all ‘dese hopes and dreams of becoming WWE Champion for ‘da first time in your career, you better believe ‘dat Carlito, shares ‘dose dreams, and ‘dose hopes. Carlito too, wants to be ‘da WWE Champion, more than anything. And ‘da way I see it? Carlito can only do that … if Carlito … {points to Van Dam} goes through R … V … D.

CCC walks up to Van Dam, with more heat resonating.

Carlito: So if I were you, RVD, I’d hold on to ‘dat briefcase as much as you can. Cause as far as Carlito’s concerned … ‘dat briefcase, is on borrowed time. ‘Dat briefcase is going away from the ruins of {CCC’s face sours} ECW, away from Philadelphia, and Battle Creek … {smiles} and on vacation to paradise … to ‘da Caribbean … to Carlito’s home.

Carlito nods.

Carlito: RVD … you as WWE Champion? … ‘Das not cool.

Heat, as Carlito’s face goes from sour to sweet.

Carlito: But Carlito as WWE Champion? … … ‘Dat? ‘Das cool …

Carlito lets out a huge shit eating grin, as he tosses his apple up and down into his hand. After a few moments, he takes a bite out of it. The crowd groans, as Van Dam leers at the man who has run him down now … the man who has talked a lot of crap over the last few months … the man who put him on the shelf for months …

… as Carlito takes a bite out of the apple …

… Van Dam tosses the briefcase in the air, as Carlito catches it …


RVD crawls up to his feet, having heard enough of CCC’s comments and finally shutting up ‘Da Bad Apple. He grabs his briefcase and exits the ring as his theme music plays in the background, and turns back toward the ring and stares a hole through Carlito, who is spitting out some of the pieces of the apple he was chewing and planning on spitting in RVD’s face.

Carlito angrily looks at Van Dam who is backing up the ramp, MITB briefcase in tow, having been embarrassed here by “The Whole Damn Show” Carly spits out the pieces and starts yelling out in Spanish at RVD, who chills back and does the thumb taunt to a loud pop from the Chi-Town faithful. CCC points at Van Dam, telling him it won’t be the last time he sees him.


Backstage, inside of his office, Vince McMahon stands by with Maria, microphone in hand.

Maria: Mister McMahon, you told me during the break that you have an announcement to make. What is that announcement?

Mr. McMahon: Well Maria you are in fact right. I do have an announcement to make. And it is a huge announcement regarding the future and fate of Monday Night Raw. So if everyone could give me their undivided attention that would be wonderful.

Crowd buzzes as McMahon turns toward the camera, as Maria brings the microphone up.

Mr. McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen I am hereby announcing that as of the end of Backlash, I, Vincent Kennedy McMahon will no longer be the General Manager of Monday Night Raw.

Crowd pops for the inevitable end of The McMahon Era.

Mr. McMahon: I have chosen to relieve my duties as General Manager because quite frankly, I myself am much larger than the role of General Manager. I am the Chairman of the WWE. Without me, the WWE would not be what it is today. The WWE is my father’s creation and I took the ball from him when he asked me to, and I ran with it and created a global empire.

Vince clears his throat.

Mr. McMahon: I believe that the General Manager position is of no use to me. I have nothing to prove by running Monday Night Raw. I have nothing to prove by running the show that I created. I have proven to everybody around the world what I can do with Monday Night Raw, and Friday Night SmackDown! I have proven that I am the greatest man walking the face of the earth, inside the wrestling industry … and that’s not something I’m just saying. That’s a fact.

McMahon’s arrogance grabs a few boos around the arena in the background.

Mr. McMahon: So with that said ladies and gentlemen over the next few weeks I will be working an interview process for the eventual new General Manager, whom I will hand the reigns of the show that I helped create, and hopefully that person will do a better job than the last person that I oversaw running this show … that man of course, was Eric Bischoff.

Crowd boos for the mentioning of The Bisch, while some Easy E lovers in the crowd cheer also.

Mr. McMahon: With that said, I would like to also say that I myself will make the announcement, and officially hire the person that I choose to be the General Manager of Monday Night Raw, in just under four weeks from now, in Lexington, Kentucky, at Backlash, live on pay-per-view on Sunday April 30th.

Crowd pops

Mr. McMahon: Now a man who takes over for Monday Night Raw has to have redeemable qualities. They have to have the ability to run the show here and of course, be a man who I, Vince McMahon, believe can do the job well. And I have thought of some candidates whom I can guarantee you I will be interviewing with.

Vince nods as the crowd waits and buzzes.

Mr. McMahon: Some viable candidates that I have thought of could be … a man that I have lots of history with … one ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin…

Enormous pop as Vince smirks.

Mr. McMahon: ...my son, Shane McMahon…

Crowd boos

Mr. McMahon: …another man that I have history with, a fan-favorite; in fact you can call him … ‘The People’s Champion’, The Rock…

Epic pop.

Mr. McMahon: …while I cannot the stand the man on a personal level, another man I believe could be fit for the job, is 2005 Hall of Fame Inductee, Hulk Hogan…

Even larger pop.

Mr. McMahon: …another one could be the man who tore up his body last night at WrestleMania 22, ‘The Hardcore Legend’ Mick Foley…

A great pop for Mickles.

Mr. McMahon: I could reach into the past of the WWE, into the last generation of greatness, and I could pluck out … the former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse “The Body” Ventura…

A resounding reaction for “The Body.”

Mr. McMahon: …hell, I’ll admit it. I’ve even thought of the idea, you’ll love this … I’ve had the idea of calling 2006 Hall of Fame Inductee … Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart, for an interview …


Mr. McMahon: Whomever I choose I can promise you, they will lead by example and take Monday Night Raw, grab it by the throat, and shake it to its very core. A job that I once told Eric Bischoff to do, and just like with WCW, he failed me. So you can guarantee that Eric Bischoff will not be one of the candidates interviewed for the position.

Lots of cheers for this announcement as McMahon adjusts his suit jacket.

Mr. McMahon: So with that said ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the rest … of Raw.

McMahon lets out a large, signature smile.

Back to ringside.

Match #4:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Masters
A passable match showcasing two fairly established mid-card wrestlers on Monday Night Raw, as the crowd gets behind Chavo from the get go and stays that way throughout the match. Masters looks strong after earlier on in the night, when he beat up ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair following his loss against Shelton Benjamin with the Intercontinental Championship on the line.
This match’s finish comes as Masters rolls Chavo into the ring. The Masterpiece looks for the Masterlock, when … “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”, THE NAUTRE BOY’S MUSIC HITS!!! Masters’ attention is drawn to the stage, where he looks out and waits for Flair to arrive. Meanwhile behind him, Chavo stirs, and sees Masters looking away, and in vintage Guerrero fashion, decides to lay down on the mat. As seconds pass by, no sight of Flair is seen, so Masters gives up, and turns around … as Chavo gets up and pulls Masters down with an inside cradle … picking up the victory!!!!
Winner: Chavo Guerrero at 7:55.
Fuming that he loss, Masters tries to grab Chavo, but the elusive Guerrero gets out of the ring before he can, as Guerrero grins eagerly while Masters throws a mini-sized tantrum in the ring, after being screwed by Ric Flair. As Chavo backs up the ramp, NAITCH WALKS OUT ON THE STAGE!!! Masters from inside the ring callsFlair down, as The Nature Boy stands with his hands on his hips, showing Masters that he won’t be falling for any tricks. Chavo gets to the top of the stage, and shakes Flair’s hand, before heading to the back as Flair and Masters stare each other down from a few feet away.


Backstage, we once again see Mr. McMahon, this time with The Spirit Squad in his office.

Mr. McMahon: Gentlemen, good to see you all her looking so… eager.

Kenny: We sure are eager, Mr. McMahon. I mean, {looking around at his group} we are ecstatic about our World Tag Team Championships shot at Backlash. {Turning to face the Squad} Isn’t that right, boys?

The group jumps around and yells, blasting airhorns and making themselves really look like total idiots and assholes.

Kenny: Yeah, you can tell now, we are humbled and ready to take the Tag Team Titles away from The Big Show and Kane.

The group, once again, obnoxiously at that, begins to cheer and jump around.

Mr. McMahon: Hey, hey. Let’s not get out of hand right now guys. You have your championship match, but let me remind you that that’s just … one match. You have a lot of proving to do over the next weeks. ‘Cause I’m hearing whispers that my decision to name you all Number One Contenders is one that isn’t being fairly received in the locker room.

Kenny raises an eyebrow.

Mr. McMahon: Oh yeah, especially with … Eugene and Goldust. Yeah, they don’t think you’re tough enough. {Squad: HUH?} They don’t think you’re ready. {Squad: WHAT?} They don’t think you’re man enough to do it!

The Squad, in complete befuddlement, all collectively groan and yell.

Kenny: We want -- a piece -- of those freaks next week right here on Raw!!!

Airhorns are blasted, cue massive amounts of senseless shouting.

Mr. McMahon: You want it? {Waits} You’ve got it!

All 5 jump up and down in excitement and anxiousness, now knowing they face the ‘formidable’ team of Eugene and Goldust. Kenny turns toward the group and they all huddle up before putting their hands on top of one another.

Spirit Squad: ONE – TWO- THREE – SPIRIT SQUAD!!!!

They break off the huddle and disperse from the locker room, as Vince shakes his head, knowing along with the rest of the crowd, just what REALLY are these guys’ deals?

Cut to Todd Grisham, at the interview position.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen my guest at this time … Carlito.

For the third time tonight Carlito appears, this time looking a lot angrier than the last two times we’ve seen him.

Todd Grisham: Carli-

Carlito snatches the mic away.

Carlito: Get outta here!

Grisham walks away as CCC faces the camera.

Carlito: RVD … you want to embarrass Carlito in front of everybody? Well Carlito, is going to embarrass you.

CCC gets a negative response from the fans in the background.

Carlito: ‘Cause right now, Carlito is challenging you to a match … at Backlash. And I want ‘da Money in ‘da Bank Contract … to be on ‘da line.

Carlito scowls as a buzz enters the arena.

Carlito: And if it’s not … Carlito’s just gonna have to take it from you … and ‘dat … das VERY cool.

Carly takes a bite of an apple in his hand, and then chews, before spitting in the camera! Faintly, we see Carlito walking out of sight, as the Caribbean native has now laid down a challenge to Rob Van Dam.



The Windy City blows the roof off of the Allstate Arena, having come off the commercial interlude, for the largest reaction of the night albeit mixed for the reigning WWE Champion, John Cena. Dressed in the same attire we saw him in before, Cena carries the WWE Championship with him down to the ring, slung on his shoulder. He plays to the crowd before entering the ring. He collects a microphone from Lillian Garcia at ringside.

John Cena:

The champ can’t even get a word out, as the electric Allstate Arena is going wild, with many cheers that are of course challenged by boos.

John Cena: … … … … THE CHAMP -- IS STILLLLL -- HEREEEEEEEE!!!!!!

A huge mixed reaction, and another “CENA” chant starts up, while another “CENA SUCKS” chant does as well, as Cena begins to pace.

John Cena: Ever since I won this WWE Championship for the first time back at WrestleMania 21 I’ve had a target painted right on my back. And ever since then, I knew what it was like to not be the hunter … but rather to be … the hunted. For years and years before that moment, ya’ boy was just a punk kid lookin’ for an opportunity. I never truly felt that feelin’ before to have everybody come after you. Needless to say right from the get go I was challenged.

Cena runs a hand over his jaw.

John Cena: It didn’t matter if it was JBL, if it was Chris Jericho, if it was Christian, if it was Kurt Angle, or Shawn Michaels, or even going through an Elimination Chamber with Carlito, and Kane, and The Big Show among others. It didn’t matter if it was Edge, and it sure as HELL didn’t matter if it was Triple H-

Cena’s cut off by a massive pop from what appears to be the adults in the crowd.

John Cena: Yeah, I know. You like the man. I respect the man, but I don’t like him.

Mixed reaction for this, as The Franchise shakes his head.

John Cena: I ain’t supposed to like the men that come into this ring, that try and take what I worked so hard for years and years to get. And Triple H I know you’re back there, so listen up and listen real good, cause ya’ boy ain’t repeating this … … …

Cena steps forward to the ropes, facing the titantron.

John Cena: …ya’ll can stick it homie…

Mixed reaction, as an eye opening comment runs through the Allstate Arena.

John Cena: …I beat you last night at WrestleMania. I did what you told me I couldn’t do. I went up on the biggest stage, under the brightest lights, with the world watchin’, and stuck it to you, and EVERY-BODY who doubted me … and quite frankly it looks to me like there’s still a few people in this arena that have hung around since last night …

The Cena haters around the arena voice their opinions, as the champ can only help but smirk.

John Cena: Ya’ll can have your opinions on me … I don’t care if you hate me, I don’t care if you love me, I’ma do what I do and that’s bust my ass each and every night for this business and to keep this in my possession each and every night.

Cena’s passion bleeds through as he holds up the WWE Championship.

John Cena: And if there’s anybody in the back that wants to take it from me then so help me GOD I dare them to, because there’s no way that I’m giving up this unless you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Cena paces around the ring, holding up the mic.

John Cena: And that’s the-


The crowd goes absolutely crazy, with yet another STRONG ovation, that eventually degenerates into a mixed reaction, as the lights in the arena fade, eventually giving way to the ever familiar strobe lights, lighting up the arena, as Triple H emerges from the back. Hunter is sporting his usual dark jeans, and leather jacket and black King of Kings tee, and he walks down to the ring with his eyes not moving away from John Cena. The Game steps onto the apron, and climbs into the ring.

Triple H and John Cena don’t back down from each other by an inch, as immediately they go nose-to-nose, sending the Rosemont fans into an absolute frenzy. With his music dying, a “TRI-PLE-H” and “CE-NA” chant duel with one another amongst the hot Rosemont crowd, igniting the Allstate Arena on fire. HHH pulls the mic up.

Triple H: Congratulations, John.

Mixed reaction for this, as the champion remains skeptical.

Triple H: You thought I’d miss out on your victory celebration? Thought I wouldn’t come down to the ring after the biggest win in your entire career?

John Cena: Guess you didn’t.

Cena’s face remains expressionless, as HHH lets out a smirk.

Triple H: I bet you feel really proud right now, that you can stand in this ring right now and say with confidence, that you beat the very best in the business, huh John?

John Cena: Yeah I can, and quite frankly … {gets closer} I could do it again.

EXPLOSIVE mixed reaction for this, as the two get nose-to-nose again.

Triple H: Is that so?

John Cena: …damn right.

Hunter smirks again.

Triple H: Well you name the time … and I’ll be there-

The crowd cuts HHH off with a monstrous pop.

Triple H: Except this time … that title belt will be on my shoulder, and not yours.

HHH pulls the mic down and stares in the eyes of John Cena, as the two look ready to strike any second…


The crowd erupts in a huge mixed reaction, as the smoke begins to rise through the stage, and “The Rated R Superstar” Edge finally emerges through it, dressed in jeans, a black shirt and jacket. Lita clings on, dressed with barely anything on as usual, and the controversial couple head down to the ring. They go into the ring, in a different manner due to Edge’s beaten and broken body, and Edge receives a microphone from one of the stagehands.

Edge: Sorry to interrupt this little heartwarming moment you two are having … but let’s face it, nobody wants to see you two talk. Everybody in this arena tonight, wants to see … ME.

Mixed reaction, as Cena and HHH raise their eyebrows.

Edge: Unlike you Hunter, I WON my match last night at WrestleMania. I beat Mick Foley, “The Hardcore Legend,” in a Hardcore Rules Match, his own game. And not only did I do that, but unlike you two who were in the “main event,” it was ME that STOLE ... the SHOW …

Edge nods, as HHH walks up.

Triple H: Edge, I hate to break it to you, but I already did that six years ago. {Owned} So I think you should speak in more relevancy, than something that I already did years ago.

Frustrated, Edge fumes with anger.

Edge: Relevance?!? Hunter, when was the last time you held a World Title? The beginning of last year? I’ve already been WWE Champion this year, and oh yeah, one more thing. I’ve done something … that you haven’t, and that’s beat YOU {points to Cena} John Cena.

Crowd pops

Triple H: Edge, you’re right. I haven’t held a World Title, since the beginning of last year. But I’m having a hard time remembering when you won the WWE Championship … I think … {scratches his head} Oh yeah! Yeah I remember. See I went to sleep right after you won it at New Year’s Revolution, and when I woke up a few hours later … you had already lost the belt.

Owned again. Pissed off, Edge rakes his hand through his hair and pulls at it.

Edge: SHUT UP!

Mixed reaction as Edge walks up to Hunter.

Edge: SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!!! I don’t have to take that kind of crap from you Hunter. ‘Cause in the last year, I’ve done more than you have. I won Money in the Bank, I became WWE Champion, and I won at WrestleMania. So if you think that losing is going to help you get a shot at his champion, you’re wrong… WRONG … WRONG … WRONG – WRONG!!!

Edge backs away, smirking and nodding his head.

John Cena: Yo, yo, yo. Wait, wait a minute. Hold on a minute I need to take a minute to clarify what’s going on right now cause all I’ve heard the last few minutes are insults by a guy who walked around last night with a crown on his head, and a guy who claims he’s “RATED R” and has a walkin’ talkin’ case of Chlamydia wrapped around him right now.

Gasps and some laughter break out in the crowd, as Lita looks to be pissed off as Hunter can’t help but let out a faux smile.

John Cena: So lemme … lemme get this straight right now. {Adjusts cap} {Points to Triple H} YOU want a WWE Championship Match, and {points to Edge} YOU want a WWE Championship Match, is that right?

Edge and Hunter nod, with Edge nodding feverishly.

John Cena: Welp I guess-

***SEXY BOY***

WHAT ON EARTH!? Rosemont blows the roof off the Allstate Arena, as ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels emerges from the back! Dressed in cowboy boots, jeans, a black ‘H-B-K’ tee and a sand colored cowboy hat with his hair down, Michaels does a twirl, and drops down to his knees as pyro rocks the arena behind him. HBK gets up, and swaggers his way down to the ring, already filled with megastars, and Michaels takes the mic from a stagehand and begins to circle the arena.

Shawn Michaels: Hold on a minute here folks! It looks like ole’ HBK missed an invite to the rodeo tonight!

Crowd pops, as Michaels paces.

Shawn Michaels: I mean you already see in this ring, possibly, the greatest collection of superstars that Raw has to offer. BUT, it seems to me like everyone in the ring right now, is forgettin’ the greatest of ‘em all!

The crowd is amused, as Michaels walks up the steps.

Shawn Michaels: And y’know who I’m talkin’ about! I’m talkin’ about “The Showstopper,” “The Headliner,” “The Main Event,” “The Icon,” the man who comes out each and every night, and gives all of YOU {pointing to the crowd} a show like you’ve never seen before, because I can. And most importantly, I’m talking about the man, who is known as “Mister WrestleMania!”

“HBK” chants start up, as all 3 men in the ring don’t look to be amused. Michaels climbs into the ring.

Shawn Michaels: So whether or not it’s YOU {points to HHH; the crowd explodes as Michaels smirks as he looks into the eyes of his former friend} … YOU {points to Edge as he walks up, gathering a mixed reaction} … or even YOU {points to Cena, which gathers the largest reaction from the crowd. Michaels stares into the eyes of Cena} NOBODY had better forget … “The Heart-Break-Kid” SHAWN -- MICHAELS!

The crowd roars, and the “HBK” chants only get louder around the arena. Michaels smirks and nods at all of them, looking around at them, as Edge then strikes Michaels!! Michaels fires back with another and a brawl ensues!!! HHH pairs off with Cena, as those two go head-to-head, striking each other with ferocity and with no regard for anything going on, while HBK and Edge battle in the corner.

Michaels hits Edge with a couple of knife-edged chops to the chest, which causes Edge to cover and guard up feeling the effects of last night. Lita jumps on Michaels, and distracts him for a moment, and Michaels turns around as Edge comes charing through …

… SPEAR -- ON TRIPLE H!!! Cena had shoved HHH off, and Michaels sidestepped Edge and “The Rated R Superstar” takes out “The Game!” Edge, obviously not aiming for whom he wanted to, gets up and loses focus. Lita slides off of Michaels and walks over to Edge, but Edge is suddenly lifted up by John Cena … F-U!!!!

The WWE Champion puts down “The Rated R Superstar” and his hated rival, as he stands tall and looks down at Edge and Triple H and waves his hand in front of his face, telling them they can’t see him. Cena then turns around …

… INTO SWEET CHIN MUSIC FROM SHAWN MICHAELS!!!! THE CHAMPION GOES DOWN COURTESY OF THE SHOWSTOPPER!!! Michaels grins, as he looks over Cena, and points down at him, saying, “you better learn, to watch your back, jack!” as Michaels then lifts his head up and looks out into the crowd.

Michaels’ music hits as Cena, Edge, and Hunter all remain on the ground, with “The Heartbreak Kid” being the one to stand tall here tonight following WrestleMania 22 and his victory against Vince McMahon. Something catches HBK’s eye, as he steps over Cena, reaches down … picking up the WWE Championship!

The crowd blows up as Michaels picks up the very championship belt that has allured him ever since he lost it at WrestleMania XIV, eight years ago right around this time. HBK takes a long, long stare at the title belt, as we fade to black.



WWE Backlash
Date: April 30th, 2006
Location: Rupp Arena; Lexington, Kentucky
Event Music: Danko Jones; Baby Hates Me

World Tag Team Championships Match; Five-on-Two Handicap Match:
The Big Show & Kane © vs. The Spirit Squad
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Great show

Good opening match but I thought it was a bit long but it set up all the other moments

Big Show and Kane retained as expected and Spirit squad attack adds intensity to their match

I thought the Carlito RVD segment was really good and set up a potential match with the case on the line , Carlito being obnoxious was classic

Flair Masters looks nailed on and will be a good step up for Masters

The title picture looks good and whether there is a 4 way or a contenders match it will be interesting

Only sticking point is who challenges for the IC belt, Chavo perhaps

7.5/10 for me - very good opening show
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Really good opening show.

2006 was a good year i thought however a lot of stars were buried before they got a chance. Hopefully you can change that.

You don't describe the matches or much of what happened but your promos and everything else is great. The end of the match is enough after a brief description like you are doing.

Expected both of the title matches to end with the champions retaining.

Flair/Masters is interesting and hopefully you can use the Masters character well as on WWE he didn't/still doesn't come over as great. Chavo winning over Masters was good but might damage the Masters character a little but you can improve him before he faces Flair.

Show/Kane vs Spirit Squad will be interesting after the attack. I liked the way you wrote the attack and it sets up the match well with a few weeks still to develop the rivalry.

I really liked the RVD/Carlito segment. Carlito was one of my favourite wrestlers and you had him spot on as the arrogant "cool" guy. The van daminator with the case was cool and can see a match between the two at Backlah.

The confrontation at the end was interesting. You write promos and segments well.

Good start and i will continue to read on.
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Official SmackDown! Preview for April 7th, 2006

5 days off the heels of the greatest spectacle in sports entertainment, Friday Night SmackDown! rolls into Peoria, Illinois for what should be nothing short of a history making night.

Rey Mysterio was able to accomplish a lifetime dream in winning the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 22 over Kurt Angle and Randy Orton. The win was dedicated to his best friend, the late, great Eddie Guerrero. Rey is scheduled to address the fans to open tonight’s show. Will Randy Orton and the former World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle have something to say to the new champion?

Whatever bad blood there is between Angle and Mysterio will have to be settled quickly, as they will be teaming up with one another in an historic Eight Man Tag Team main event. Mysterio and Angle will be teaming up with the former United States Champion Chris Benoit, and the staple of the WWE, The Undertaker, squaring off against “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton, the new United States Champion John Bradshaw Layfield, Booker T, and Finlay. Chaos is ensured in a match with egos and tensions about.

Also, The Mexicools will be taking on The Hooligans, Brian Kendrick and Paul London, to determine the #1 Contendership for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Also, the remaining competitors in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match will be in action as Matt Hardy will take on Simon Dean, and “The Real Deal” Bobby Lashley will take on William Regal.

All of this and more on Friday Night SmackDown! 8pm/7pm CT. Check your local listings.
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