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WWE 2006: Resurgence of Excellence

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It is November 2006 in the WWE. Cyber Sunday has just happened, and was a huge success, with plans to repeat the event next year. However, there are far more grand plans on the mind of Vince McMahon. As the industry leader, McMahon wants to bring back the standard of excellence once known so well in the company. McMahon promised in a press release that

Vince McMahon said:
World Wrestling Entertainment will return to the legacy of the great matches that defined its past. Such contests as Ricky Steamboat versus Randy Savage, Bret Hart versus Mister Perfect, and Shawn Michaels versus Razor Ramon, will live on again in the new, exciting WWE.
There has been talk of "trimming the fat" on the roster, as well as adding large amounts of well-known foreign and independent talent.

On the Morning of November 6, 2006, WWE.com released the following information

WWE.com said:
World Wrestling Entertainment has released the following superstars:
Chris Masters
Sylvester Terkay
Shannon Moore
Ryan O'Reilly
Rene Dupree
The Great Khali
The Zombie
Macho Libre
Simon Dean
Sylvan Granier
Gene Snitsky
The Boogeyman
Shawn Daivari
Imposter Kane
Joey Mercury
Rene Dupree
Scotty 2 Hotty

We wish all of them the best in their future endeavors.

The following superstars have also transitioned from the main roster into primarily backstage roles
Steve Austin
Mick Foley
Dave Taylor
Val Venis
Jim Duggan

Lastly, Chris Benoit has been sent home for a quick vacation, with apparent concern for his health.

Current WWE Rosters

WWE Monday Night Raw
WWE Champion- John Cena
WWE Intercontinental Champion- Jeff Hardy
World Tag Team Champions- Ric Flair and Roddy Piper
Triple H
Shawn Michaels
Carlito Cool
Charlie Haas
Shelton Benjamin
Edge w/Lita
Umaga w/Armando Alejandro Estrada
Trevor Murdoch
Lance Cade
Matt Striker
Vladimir Kozlov
Shad Gaspard
Johnny Nitro
Robbie McAllistair
Rory McAllistair
Randy Orton
Kenny Dykstra
Johnny Jeter
Mike Mondo
Nick Nemeth

WWE Women's Champion- Lita
Mickie James
Beth Phoenix
Torrie Wilson
Melina Perez
Candice Michelle

Tag Teams
The Highlanders
The Spirit Squad
Cryme Tyme
The World's Greatest Tag Team
Cade & Murdoch

General Manager- Eric Bischoff
Announcer- Lillian Garcia
Commentary- Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, and The Coach​
WWE Friday Night Smackdown
World Heavyweight Champion- King Booker w/Queen Sharmell
WWE United States Champion- Vacant
WWE Cruiserweight Champion- Gregory Helms
WWE Tag Team Champions- Paul London and Brian Kendrick
The Undertaker
Rey Mysterio
Chavo Guerrero w/Vickie Guerrero
Fit Finlay
William Regal
Mr. Kennedy
Matt Hardy
Mike Mizanin
Jimmy Wang-Yang
Montel Vontavius Porter
Mark Henry
Kid Kash
Jamie Noble
Sho Funaki

Layla El
Jillian Hall
Michelle McCool

Tag Teams
Paul London and Brian Kendrick
The Pitbulls
Teacher's Pets

General Manager- Teddy Long
Announcer- Tony Chimel
Commentary Team- Michael Cole and Josh Matthews​

Tuesday Night ECW
ECW World Champion- The Big Show
Rob Van Dam
The Sandman
CM Punk
Elijah Burke
Mike Knox w/Kelly Kelly
Kevin Thorn
Bobby Lashley
Hardcore Holly
Stevie Richards
Tony Mamaluke
Little Guido
Big Guido
Al Snow
Super Crazy
Tommy Dreamer
C.W. Anderson
Doug Basham
Danny Basham
Danny Doring
Balls Mahoney

Rebecca Dipietero

The Mexicools
Doring and Roadkill
Full Blooded Italians
The Basham Brothers

General Manager- Paul Heyman
Announcer- Justin Roberts
Commentary- Taz and Joey Styles​
Author's Note: I'm going to bring in a lot of ROH and TNA guys, as well as OVW/indy guys in general. I've done my research, and am not going to pick guys who were either titleholders at the time or in the middle of a significant push. So there will be no Danielsons, Homicides, Christians, Angles, or any other such things in WWE...in 2006. However, I am more than willing to take suggestions from all of you about who to hire, fire, or move into a different position, both as a wrestler or otherwise talent. Probably a bit more news tomorrow, recaps of Raw and Smackdown, and then the first show by Sunday. Let's all have fun!
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PWInsider.com said:
The end of the World is nigh, folks. Vince McMahon has reportedly been sending talent scouts, not just to Philadelphia , Orlando, and New England (homes of CZW, TNA, and ROH, respectively), but Canada, Mexico, Europe, and even Japan. Yes, you're reading that right. Vince McMahon is interested in new, international talent for the WWE. This is clearly a sign of the end times
Pro Wrestling News said:
There's apparently a buzz going around inside the WWE with plans to push several of the younger members of the roster. Elijah Burke, Mr. Kennedy, and MVP are in for pushes, which should come as no surprise. But what IS surprising is the apparent desire to push Nick Nemeth, "Nicky" of the Spirit Squad, into a solo career. Keep watching to find out what happens.
WWE Monday Night Raw, November 6 2006

Raw opens with, surprisingly, Mr. McMahon. The crowd pours heat on McMahon, until he reveals that he has a major announcement. The crowd quickly hushes as the Chairman reveals his huge news: there will be an emergency draft this weekend on Saturday Night's Main Event on NBC. This is not only because the WWE is in need of a major shakeup, but also because, by this Saturday, the WWE will have required several new pieces of talent that need to be introduced into the company. The crowd has completely spun their reaction to McMahon 180 degrees, causing McMahon to leave with a cocky smirk, while the announce crew put over how huge this was.

The first match of the night had Carlito taking on the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga. Despite Carlito's natural athetlicism and skill, and the fans on his side, the young Carribean star was no match for the living engine of destruction in Umaga, who demolished Carlito in 7:09. But Umaga did not stop when the match was done, encouraged by Estrada to continue his assault, beating the young man bloody, leaving Carlito in a pool of his own blood as Raw went to commercial.

When Raw came back, Todd Grisham was backstage with Rated-RKO. The two cocky young heels brag about their victory over Degeneration X last night, claiming that they had done what countless legends had been unable to do, and took DX OUT. They failed to mention Bischoff's less than impartial refereeing, and instead talk about the draft announced earlier in the night. Neither of them were worried about Rated-RKO being split up, since the team had accomplished what it needed to do in taking down DX, and wherever they went, they were clearly first in line for a title shot. "So look out, Smackdown and ECW, because The Rated-R Superstar, and the Legend Killer, are coming for you."

The next match was a Women's match, with Candice Michelle taking on Victoria. Lita joined for commentary, but really used the time to run down the division, albiet conspicuosly avoiding mention of Beth Phoenix. The match was decent, with a fair amount of back-and-forth action between the two women, before Michelle picked up the victory at 5:00. While Candice celebrated with the crowd, Beth Phoenix tore down the aisle, and wiped her out with the Beth Valley Driver, then gave the same treatment to Victoria. When Beth turned her gaze to the announce desk, Lita sank back in her chair to the point of hiding under the announce table, amusing Lawler to no end.

We went backstage next, to Eric Bischoff's office, where The "World's Greatest" Tag Team were giving Bischoff an earful about not being in the tag title match last night, or in the one tonight. Bischoff explained very plainly to the two that Flair and Piper were voted for by the fans, and The Spirit Squad had invoked their rematch clause tonight, so there was no chance for Haas or Benjamin to get inolved. If they were patient, they would get a chance. The two cocky young athletes left shortly afterward, grumbling about "hoping to be drafted."

We then had the aforementioned tag title match, with Flair and Piper receiving heroes' welcomes. The crafty veterans held their own over the Spirit Squad (represented by Kenny and Johnny), in an entertaining match. The other members of the squad cheered their partners on, save for Nicky, who watched with growing frustration. In a pivotal moment in the match, after Johnny superkicked Piper and attempted to tag in Kenny, Kenny was distracted by Nicky delivering a superkick of his own....TO MITCH! Mikey attempted to retaliate against the now-spiritless squad member, but Nicky spun him around and gave him a GERMAN SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR! Back in the ring, Piper had tagged in Flair, who got Johnny in the figure four to retain the tag titles in 8:30. But the veterans had little time to celebrate as Nicky climbed into the ring, taking out Kenny with a right to the Jaw, then hitting Johnny with a Rocker Dropper! Nicky was quickly on his feet, dropping both tag team champions with a running clothesline! Nicky stormed up the ramp, leaving the ring and ringside area a heap of defeated humanity as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Todd Grisham chased down Nicky to get an interview with him. Nicky told Todd to never call him Nicky again, and that his name is Nick Nemeth. He talked about being disrespected as a member of the Spirit Squad, and that it's a joke of a group that he refused to be associated with any longer. Nick ripped off the top half of his jumpsuit and stormed out of the shot as we went to the ring.

Cena came out and cut a promo about how K-Fed screwed him out of beating King Booker for the World Heavyweight title and demanded that K-Fed come out now so they can settle this. K-Fed came out and told Cena that even though he can't compete in a match, since he isn't a member of the WWE roster, he CAN have a representative from ECW or Smackdown face Cena at Saturday Night's Main Event. And Cena would find out who that representative is by the end of the night.

We went backstage again for an interview with Degeneration X. They talked about being disappointed about losing to Rated-RKO, but that they'll get Bischoff sooner or later. They then talked about the draft, and the idea of DX splitting up. Neither one of them would mind going to Smackdown, but the camera cut away as they argued about which of them is more "extreme."

The Main event featured WWE Champion John Cena and Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy facing off against Kane and Johnny Nitro. This was a good, back-and-forth match, with lots of offense by all four men and good interaction. The babyfaces picked up the win when Cena FU'd Kane and tagged in Hardy to hit the Swanton for the three at 14:05

While the babyfaces celebrated, Mark Henryappeared and attacked them both, delivering the World's Strongest Slam to Cena as Federline watched approvingly. K-Fed lifted Henry's arm in victory as Raw went off the air.

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Yay! Me favorite time period!

On your note about not bringing in champions and what not, you don't have to take it so far. You bring in who you want, when you want, really. I like the touch of realism, but seeing as how you've gone the already unrealistic route and said a lot of indy bodies will be showing up, why not just take it the whole nine yards? Take realism and crucify it, I say. Plus, I'm sure no one has a problem if you manipulate what happened during outside promotions during this time.

The roster seems good, and it's nice to see someone keep ECW. Small question as to how Bischoff got to be GM of RAW out of the blue in 2006, but the roster of guys itself has a great deal of potential. Thorn and Johnny Jeter pushes plz.

Can't comment much on your first show other than I like the ease it presents when reading, although only four matches is lame.

I'll add more input over time, but I like this. Good luck with it :)

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He was....brought in as GM by Vince shortly before Cyber Sunday in this version. :p Thanks though! And I wanted to keep a bit of realism because whenever a guy just shows up in the middle of what would be his/her real world push. It kinda feels like you're screwing over the other promotion. Granted, when I'm done with SNME, TNA'll be dead in the water, but still...

Tuesday Night ECW November 7 2006​

ECW opened with Paul Heyman, who took in a mixed reaction. Heyman cut a promo on the upcoming draft, telling anyone who might come to ECW that his word was law, and they would fall in line or get put down. He also told everyone to wrestle their best tonight, because he'd be naming a #1 contender for Survivor Series in the coming weeks.

The first match was an all-Originals tag match between Rob Van Dam and Sabu against the team of Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman. The hardcore match went for a decent length of time, with the crowd kept alive through the extreme tactics of Dreamer and Sandman, as well as the athletics of Van Dam and Sabu. Sabu hit an Arabian Facebuster with a chair on The Sandman at 8:43 for the victory.

After the match, Burke appeared, clapping sarcastically and congratulating the four men. Burke cut a promo on their time coming to an end, and it was time for someone to cast them all out. Dreamer responded that there was only one of Burke, and a WHOLE lot of ECW originals. Burke would only laugh and reply "for now," and left before ECW goes to commercial.

After the break was a three-way dance between CM Punk, C.W. Anderson, and Stevie Richards. The three men, arguably the best workers on the brand, put on a clinic that got the crowd heavily excited. Richards countered an Anderson Spinebuster into a Stevie-T to eliminate him at 10:07, and Punk later ducked a Stevie Kick and hit the Go To Sleep for the victory at 15:35. Punk cut a promo after the match about the draft, saying that if he were drafted, he'd miss the ECW brand, but his only complaints would be not becoming ECW champion, and not getting a chance to slap the taste out of Burke's mouth, which got a cheap pop.

In the main event, Heyman's Champion The Big Show and Heyman's enforcers the Basham Brothers took on Big Show's chief challenger Bobby Lashley, and the Mexicools. This match was not as good as the second, but still a good main event, with the big men doing their power moves, and a lot of lucha moves and double-team spots. Big Show got taken out by a double-suicide dive from the Mexicools, and Bobby Lashley got the victory, spearing Doug Basham and hitting the Dominator to Danny onto Doug, pinning them both at 9:16. Lashley and the Mexicools stood tall while the announce put over Lashley deserving a shot at the ECW title as ECW went off the air.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown! November 10, 2006​

Smackdown opened, not with a promo as the last two shows have, but with a Cruiserweight match! Chavo Guerrero, Jr., Aunt Vickie at his side, defeated Sho Funaki in 6:18, in a fast-paced contest, as Vickie began acting more and more heelish, yelling at the crowd when they booed Chavo's victory.

THEN we went to Teddy Long's office as he cut a promo, promising that no matter who came to Smackdown in Saturday night's draft, Smackdown would continue to supply the best wrestling you can find any day of the week.

We next went to the locker room of World Heavyweight Champion King Booker. Regal came in with Finlay, and asked if Booker would allow Finlay to join Booker's court, since Dave Taylor had recently left the company. The King accepted this, stating that he would need all the nights he could afford to keep the title around his waist. Finlay knelt and kissed Booker's ring, and we went to commercial.

We came back, and it was time for another match, this time with the tag team champions, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, in action against the Pitbulls, Kid Kash and Jamie Noble. This was a contender for match of the night, if not match of the week, as the four men went back and forth, with plenty of mat wrestling mixed with high-flying action. The young tag champs came out the victors when London hit the 450 on Kid Kash at 10:13. But the champions had little time to celebrate their victory, as they were attacked by William Regal and Fit Finlay! The two grizzled veterans beat the youngsters down, before putting them each in their lethal signature submission holds as Smackdown went to break.

After the break, there was a Raw rebound, showing Mark Henry's attack on Cena after Raw's Main Event match. After that, Kevin Federline was in the ring with Mark Henry, soaking up massive amounts of heat. K-Fed talked about proving he was the trend-setter by outsmarting that copy-cat John Cena on Raw. He talked about how Mark Henry will humiliate John Cena and destroy him at Saturday Night's Main Event, and then the Smackdown audience will HAVE to love him, because Henry's victory will bring someone to Smackdown. The crowd shit all over K-Fed as he strutted out of the ring with a douchebag smirk, Henry following behind him.

The announce hyped Saturday Night's Main Event to stall for time before the next match, for the vacant United States Championship, between Matt Hardy and Jimmy Wang Yang.

The two young men put on an exciting, fast-paced match, with Jimmy's stiff offense clashing with Matt's superior wrestling technique, with the two each trying to outdo each other with high flying action. It was back-and-forth, another contender for match of the week. The finish came when Jimmy goes for Yang Time, but Matt was able to step out of the way. Yang landed on his feet, and Matt spun him around and dropped him with the Twist of Fate and the victory at 12:09. The crowd goes wild as Matt Hardy clutched the title to his chest, visibly choked up as we went to commercial.

When the show came back, Kristal was interviewing Matt Hardy, still toweling himself off and gasping for breath. Matt talked about how important being the United States Champion is, and how emotional it is to know that he's the United States Champion, and his brother Jeff is the Intercontinental Champion. Matt got cut off by Mister Kennedy, who walked into the shot to a shitload of heat. Kennedy patronized Matt, saying it was really cute that Matt had his little title, but maybe if Matt actually beat someone with some talent, as opposed to some little fake-japanese weirdo, it would be different. Kennedy said Matt had better enjoy that title while he can, because it was coming soon to, and he paused here, letting his silver microphone descend from the ceiling to an incredulous Matt: "Misteeeeer KENNNEDY!" Kennedy walked away, but then jumped back into Matt's face and the shot with: "KENN-AH-DAY!"

We went back to the ring for the main event of the night, which had perennial Main Eventer and threat to King Booker's reign, Batista, against up-and-comer MVP. This was a decent match, with some back and forth action, though Batista was clearly in control. Batista seemed to have the match won after hitting the Spinebuster on MVP and scooping him up for the Batista Bomb, when King Booker appeared on the ramp, holding up the World Heavyweight Championship high overhead. Batista turned away as Booker walked down the ramp, and the two jawed off at one another, before MVP spun Batista around and dropped him with a new finisher (though not new to his indy fans) the spinning Capoeria kick, aka Malicious Intent to pick up the major upset. MVP took a moment to gloat before rolling out of the ring while King Booker and his knights entered and started beating Batista down, bloodying him with the title belt and stretching him with submission holds, until.....


The lights go out...


When the light came back, THE UNDERTAKER was standing in the ring, causing Booker and his Knights to scramble. King Booker was able to escape, but Taker grabbed his men and dropped them with stereo Chokeslams. Undertaker struck his signature pose, eyes back and tongue out, as Booker stood on the ramp, eyes bugged in fear and belt close to him as Smackdown went off the air.

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I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with ECW, in particular, the ROH vs. CZW war being brought to the masses. The thing I loved about new ECW was it's mix of originals, new bloodd and mid-card WWE talent and the fact that the roster wasn't overloaded with one of the three categories. I think a balance is needed for it to work.

If this was me, I'd wean off a lot of the originals to leave a core of RVD/Sabu/Tazz/Richards/Dreamer/Sandman and maybe add Jerry Lynn in. Then I'd push CM Punk, Bobby Lashley, Elijah Burke and Kevin Thorn to the moon and add in a bunch of WWE veteran jobbers who are supremely over like Goldust, Matt Hardy and Hardcore Holly before finishing off by adding in the key players from the ROH vs. CZW fued to get to a point where pretty much every superstar on the roster has a legitimate claim to the title where it be through their ECW history, their supreme pushes, their reputation as a WWE veteran or through their big name status in ROH and CZW. Realistically, you should have a roster of about 20 odd people who could ALL theoretically be worthy ECW champions.

Couldn't give a shit about Raw or Smackdown though, haha!

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Erm....is that my fault?

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Oh. Yay! Thanks, then.
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