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Background: News coming out that months upon months now Shane McMahon has loved and pitched the idea of ECW coming back as a third brand to the WWE roster. ECW would be live on Tuesdays and would occur before the Smackdown tapings as well, now on December 1st WWE has officially announced ECW will indeed be coming back and will be broadcasted LIVE every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. on WWE.com. Not only will Shane McMahon be fully in charge of the ECW brand but Paul Heyman will be the main head writer as well and thus going forward all WWE PPV events will now include RAW, Smackdown and ECW until specified. Shane McMahon has already announced that the ECW World Championship has been rewarded to Rob Van Dam!

RAW Roster:​

GM Eric Bischoff - Heel
John Cena - Face
Ric Flair - Face
Shawn Michaels - Face
Kane - Face
Shelton Benjamin - Face
Eugene Dinsmore - Face
The Hurricane - Face
Rosey - Face
Val Venis - Face
Hulk Hogan - Face
Triple H - Heel
Kurt Angle - Face
Chris Jericho - Heel
Edge - Heel
Carlito - Heel
Gene Snitsky - Heel
Chris Masters - Heel
Antonio Thomas - Heel
Romeo Roselli - Heel
Simon Dean - Heel
Lance Cade - Heel
Trevor Murdoch - Heel
William Regal - Face
Trish Stratus - Face
Lita - Heel
Candice Michelle - Heel
Mickie James - Heel

Smackdown Roster:​

GM Theodore Long - Face
Batista - Face
The Undertaker - Face
Chris Benoit - Face
Rey Mysterio - Face
Booker T - Face
Paul London - Face
Brian Kendrick - Face
Jamie Noble - Heel
Heidenreich - Face
Road Warrior Animal - Face
Funaki - Face
Scotty 2 Hotty - Face
Billy Kidman - Heel
Torrie Wilson - Heel
Palmer Cannon - Heel
John B. Layfield - Heel
Randy Orton - Heel
Orlando Jordan - Heel
Doug Basham - Heel
Danny Basham - Heel
Matt Hardy - Face
Joey Mercury - Heel
Johnny Nitro - Heel
Sharmell - Heel
Melina - Heel
Paul Birchall - Face
Spike Dudley - Heel
Steven Richards - Tweener

ECW Roster:

(Faces) Owner: Shane McMahon
Al Snow
Big Show
Bobby Lashley
Hardcore Holly
Rob Van Dam
The Boogeyman
(Tweeners) Psychosis
Super Crazy
Mick Foley
(Heels) Big Daddy V
CM Punk
Eddie Guerrero
Mr. Kennedy
Paul Heyman
Rene Dupree
Tyson Tomko

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RAW, Smackdown and ECW present....Armageddon!​
LIVE from Phoenix, Arizona!​

* Ever since WrestleMania 21 when The Undertaker streak continued by defeating Randy Orton, the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history had a goal and that is take out the legend known as The Undertaker. Once Orton returned from injury and was drafted to Smackdown in the WWE Draft Lottery, he continued his feud with the deadman by bringing back his father "Cowboy" Bob Orton to win the match at Summerslam and even beating him in a two on one handicap casket match at No Mercy then burning the casket with The Undertaker inside! At Survivor Series when Orton won the Traditional Survivor Series match for Team Smackdown, The Undertaker proved the dead shall rise again and returned to the WWE and his target aimed at the legend killer. Undertaker forced this Hell in a Cell match between him and Orton to end the rivalry once and for all. To kick off Armageddon, The Undertaker defeats Randy Orton via a Tombstone Piledriver.

* Chris Benoit made Booker T submit to win the WWE United States Champion after becoming the number one contender three weeks ago on Friday Night Smackdown!

* Nunzio has been a fighting Cruiserweight Champion and even bringing some extreme to the Cruiserweight division by heading to the ECW roster but that was until 'The Boss' Spike Dudley returned to Smackdown and his eyes set on the title. Spike said he doesn't want to join the ECW roster even when Paul Heyman offered him a contract himself, Spike is tired of the ECW and spending multiple nights in the hospital, he's focused on Spike Dudley and ONLY Spike Dudley. Spike Dudley brings back the Cruiserweight Championship to Smackdown and beats Nunzio by grabbing the tights when the referee didn't notice.

* The rivalry between John Bradshaw Layfield and the World Heavyweight Champion Batista continues when JBL still claims he is the wrestling god and should be respected by being the longest reigning WWE Champion in Smackdown history! But this time Rey Mysterio, Batista's good friend for a couple of months now beat JBL at Survivor Series in controversial fashion. Smackdown general manager Theodore Long ordered a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship between JBL, Rey Mysterio and the champion Batista. At Armageddon, Batista beats JBL via Batista Bomb.

* The two best women wrestlers on the RAW roster are Lita and the WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus. Through out there whole career these two wrestlers have been going back and forth with there victories and championship victories and Armageddon makes no different when there rivalry continues. At Armageddon Lita once again captures the Women's Championship with a Swantan Bomb.

* When the television premier of ECW happened, ECW Owner Shane McMahon rewarded the ECW World Championship to Rob Van Dam. Big Show jumped to the ECW roster when Paul Heyman became his client after being long time friends and has been dominating ever since. Eddie Guerrero after finally coming over the jinx of beating Rey Mysterio jumped to the ECW roster to capture the World Championship one more time, and finally ECW drafted Captain Charisma, Christian and his problem solver Tyson Tomko. Christian had a real hot winning streak including victories over Tajiri and Rhyno so Shane McMahon ordered a Fatal 4 Way Hardcore Match at Armageddon between Christian, Big Show, Eddie Guerrero, and Rob Van Dam. At the event Eddie Guerrero lied, cheated, and steeled by winning the ECW World Championship by landing a frog splash on Big Show. After the match Big Show was rolled out of the arena on a stretcher after suffering a neck injury and will be out for eight months.

* Backstage we go to a very nervous Paul Heyman that just lost his client and will be out for over six months when RAW general manager Eric Bischoff came into his locker room and tried to calm Heyman done but Heyman knew they both still have neutral hate for Bischoff no matter what mood they both have for Bischoff hating ECW and Heyman knowing Bischoff ran ECW out of business when it wasn't run by WWE. Heyman kicked Bischoff out of his locker room as we go back to ringside.

* The Ultimate Opportunist and the Rated R Superstar Edge is once again the number one contender for the WWE Championship. Ever since Edge and Lita have became a power couple on the RAW roster, they have been unstoppable including Edge having a clean non-title victory over the WWE Champion - John Cena. Eric Bischoff made the match two weeks ago on RAW for Armageddon. In the main event Lita used her newly won Women's Championship and hit the title across the skull of John Cena, Edge than speared John Cena and pinned him ONE.....TWO.....THREE! The Women's Champion and now the NEW WWE Champion Edge make out as Armageddon goes off the air!

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WWE Royal Rumble - LIVE from the American Airlines Center in Houston, TX

* The night after Armageddon the new Women's Champion Lita and the new WWE Champion Edge decided to get married...but also get married live on national television LIVE on Monday Night RAW! Shortly after Edge had kissed the bride, John Cena came down to the ring and was pissed off Lita and Edge cheated there way to winning the WWE Championship so he decided to ruin the whole wedding ceremony. Weeks after that Edge made a promise to the entire WWE fans that he would end John Cena at the Royal Rumble and ruin his little rematch. To kick off the Rumble these two bumped heads till the end but Edge once again 'The Ultimate Opportunist' tried to use brash knuckles to cheat his way to another title match victory but the referee noticed and rang the bell right away. John Cena was declared the victor but Edge remained the WWE Champion, after Cena got up from being hit with the illegal object Edge speared Cena and maid out of Lita as we head to commercial break...

* Rob Van Dam was owed a rematch for the ECW World Championship ever since he lost the title in the Fatal 4 Way match at Armageddon against Big Show, Christian and the man that defeated him for the title - Eddie Guerrero. Eddie refused to defend the title but ECW Owner Shane McMahon demanded him to defend the title. In the match a debuting Big Daddy V comes running down to the ring and attacks Rob Van Dam to have the match end via disqualification. We would find out later Big Daddy V is now Eddie Guerrero's body guard. Shane McMahon gave Van Dam another shot at the ECW World Title for Royal Rumble but he made Guerrero pick the stipulation and he picked a Special Referee match, having Big Daddy V be the special guest official. At the Royal Rumble, Big Daddy V was ordered to call the match down the middle or he would be fired on the spot - said Owner of ECW Shane McMahon. During the match Daddy V followed the orders of Shane O'Mac but Eddie proved why he's the top dog in ECW by defeating Van Dam with a frog splash. But after the match the sore winner of Guerrero had Big Daddy V have insult to injury to Van Dam. Eddie finishes the job by landing another Frog Splash....

* We go to backstage with Triple H, announcing that his old friend Kevin Nash has came back to the WWE and became his eyes in the back of his head. Triple H said he would defeat Kurt Angle and have his eyes set on the WWE Championship in the main event of WrestleMania 22. Weeks leading up to the Royal Rumble on RAW, Kurt Angle finally changed around his attitude and became everyone's Olympic Hero and was the one to stand up to Triple H's reign of terror around the RAW roster. Angle challenged The Game to a match for Royal Rumble to see who the better wrestler is. At the Rumble, in a back and forth match Triple H was about to win the match with a pedigree but HULK HOGAN?!? At Survivor Series, Triple H attacked Hulk Hogan after the event in the parking lot and nearly broke his ribs after landing a pedigree on Hogan's own car. Hogan nails a leg drop on The Game and Kurt Angle locks in the Angle Lock forcing Triple H to tap out! ANGLE WINS ANGLE WINS! Hulk Hogan has returned and screwed Triple H!

* Backstage to Vince McMahon's office where we see Smackdown general manager - Theodore Long, RAW general manager Eric Bischoff, and ECW official Paul Heyman. Bischoff mid way conversation continues to trash talk Heyman how ECW is trash just like when WCW ran it out of business. Mr. McMahon walks into his office and tells Eric to shut up as he has an announcement for all three general managers. McMahon announces there will be a triple threat Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 22. And weeks leading up to the event there will be a tournament on all three brands to determine who represent RAW....Smackdown...and ECW. The finals of the tournament will take place at No Way Out in four weeks and also lets the general managers know they will be able to select who participate in the tournament. McMahon wishes all three managers good luck as we go back to ringside.

* John Bradshaw Layfield begged to General Manager - Theodore Long for weeks leading up to Royal Rumble for one last title match against the champion Batista. After Theodore had enough he agreed to the match and said if he lost, he would be in the shuffle with everybody else. At Royal Rumble Batista shuts JBL up for once and for all with a Batista Bomb. ONE...TWO....THREE! JBL once again is unsuccessful and must fight his way back up in the title hunt!

* The thirty man Royal Rumble Match. Three brands, 10 RAW Superstars, 10 Smackdown Superstars and 10 ECW Wrestlers. They're fighting for one thing and that is to main event WrestleMania 22 in Chicago! Randy Orton with his father "Bob Orton" at ringside lasted the longest out of anybody out there from entrant twelve won the Royal Rumble by last eliminating Ric Flair. Smackdown's Randy Orton - the youngest World Champion in history can now add Royal Rumble winner to his resume as he will main event WrestleMania 22. The last images are shown of Randy and Cowboy Bob pointing at the WrestleMania sign as Royal Rumble goes off the air.....

Let me know what you guys think, and thanks for reading!

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WWE No Way Out 2006 - LIVE from the MGM Grand!​

* We kickoff No Way Out with ECW representative Paul Heyman pissed off and fed up with Eric Bischoff claiming ECW is still what it was back in the day and RAW under his reign will run ECW out of business again. Heyman has a proposal for Bischoff involving WrestleMania 22 in Chicago. Heyman proposes an ECW Extreme Rules match between Heyman and Bischoff but the two of them will pick representatives for Team RAW and Team ECW. Heyman introduces ECW's representative being 'The Hardcore Legend' Mick Foley. Moments later Bischoff comes out and accepts Heyman's challenge and so happens to know someone that will back him up against anybody on the ECW roster. Bischoff introduces The Rock! Foley has a shocked look on his as The Rock comes down to the ring and Rock Bottoms, Mick as Heyman escapes the ring. Heyman has a worried face as Bischoff has a viscous smile as we head to commercial break....

* Heyman stays in the ring as his client CM Punk comes down to the ring to compete in ECW's bracket of the Money in the Bank tournament as he takes on ECW Original Sabu. CM Punk pulls off a huge upset by defeating Sabu and will be heading to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 22 in his hometown of Chicago!

* The sixteen time World Heavyweight Champion - Ric Flair has been dominating RAW for months now as the Intercontinental Champion but this time he has a tough task against the young gun and former WWE Tag Team Champion - Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin won a number one contenders match Battle Royal two weeks ago on RAW to get to this point. At No Way Out, Benjamin upset the entire world by winning the title against the Nature Boy! After the match a show of respect was deserved when Flair offered his congratulations to the new champ!

* The Smackdown part of the MITB Tournament bracket came down to the 'Wrestling God' John Bradshaw Layfield and the five time WCW Champion Booker T. At No Way Out, JBL cheated to pick up the victory by grabbing the tights of Booker T and heading back to the main stage of WrestleMania. Booker T begins to argue with the referee after the match knowing he got screwed.

* The extreme madness continued with Rob Van Dam and Eddie Guerrero. These two extremist can't handle being in the same ring together so ECW Owner - Shane McMahon ordered a Barbed Wire Steel Cage match between the two men for the ECW World Title. At No Way Out, RVD won back the ECW World Title after a bloody mess all over the ring. Both men will never be the same!

* Ever since Randy Orton disappeared from Smackdown after winning the Royal Rumble match, Mark Henry he has claimed his spot as the number one contender against Batista. Batista didn't think Henry deserved a title match but Henry continued to try to injure the World Champion multiple attacks every week including bruising the ribs of The Animal. Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long made the match for No Way Out between the two men for the World Heavyweight Title but Batista survived against a tough World's Strongest Man - Mark Henry. After the match RKO OUTTA NOWHERE! Randy Orton has returned and has now claimed he has chose Batista has his choice for the main event of WrestleMania and it will be for the World Heavyweight Championship!

* The RAW side of the tournament bracket came down to Chris Jericho and The Big Red Machine - Kane. At No Way Out, the match ended in a double count out and we later found out both men will be added to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match so the Ladder match will now be a Fatal 4 Way instead of a Triple Threat!

* The wicked mind of the ultimate opportunist Edge continues when him and WWE Women's Champion have a LIVE sex celebration after Edge's victory at the Royal Rumble against John Cena. Even though it was won via disqualification, the celebration rolls on and the title reign of the Rated R Superstar continues. Triple H showed an impressive showing over the last couple of months in the Royal Rumble match and taking out Hulk Hogan at Survivor Series. RAW general manager Eric Bischoff added Triple H to the title picture by making a one on one match between The Game and Mr. Cena on RAW a few weeks back, Triple H won the match via a pedigree and was added to the title match for No Way Out. At No Way Out, 'The Immortal' Hulk Hogan returned and attacked the man who pedigree'd him on his own car back on Survivor Series night in-front of Hulk's children. Hogan left The Game in a bloody mess but after leaving the ring and the damage was done, Edge rolled into the cover and pinned Triple H after he took John Cena outside the ring with a steel chair. ONE....TWO....THREE, Edge is still the WWE Champion as No Way Out goes off the air....

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Looking forward to Mania! You have some great storylines going, and they are progressing very well
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