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The basic concept of the BTB will be taking the clock back and altering the happenings of this time period to what i would have liked to see or just what i would consider a better alternative. Matches will be written in full only on PPV's and on weekly shows i will focus on the feud and story line build and use only brief match description. Below is the roster breakdown for each show and i hope to make a few readers and have hundreds of viewers for this project.

WWE 2004 April

Raw Roster


1. Chris Benoit
2. Shawn Michaels
3. Chris Jericho
4. Edge
5. Rhyno
6. Shelton Benjamin
7. Hurricane
8. Val Venis
9. Heidenreich
10. Maven
11. Rosey
12. Spike Dudley
13. Tommy Dreamer
14. Steven Richards


1. Triple H
2. Kane
3. Scott Steiner
4. Randy Orton
5. Batista
6. Christian
7. Matt Hardy
8. A-Train
9. Test
10. Lance Storm
11. Tajiri
12. Chuck Palumbo
13. Mark Henry
14. Rob Conway
15. Rodney Mack
16. Sylvan Grenier

Smack Down Roster


1. Eddie Guerrero
2. The Undertaker
3. Rob Van Dam
4. John Cena
5. Billy Gunn
6. Rey Mysterio
7.Billy Kidman
8. Rikishi
9. Ultimo Dragon
10. Bubba Ray Dudley
11. D-Von Dudley
12. Hardcore Holly
13. Funaki
14. Orlando Jordan
15. Scotty 2 Hotty
16. Shannon Moore
17. Paul London


1. Kurt Angle
2. Big Show
3. Booker T
4. John Bradshaw Layfield
5. Chavo Guerrero
6. Matt Morgan
7. Rene Dupree
8. Rico
9. Jamie Noble
10. Danny Basham
11. Doug Basham
12. Johnny Stamboli
13. Mark Jindrak
14. Nunzio
15. Akio
16. Sakoda


1. Stone Cold
2. The Rock
3. Mick Foley
4. Ric Flair
5. Brock Lesnar


1. Vince McMahon - Owner
2. Shane McMahon - Authority
3. Eric Bischoff - General Manager
4. Paul Heyman - General Manager
5. Stephanie McMahon - Authority
6. Tazz - Announcer
7. Michael Cole - Announcer
8. Jim Ross - Announcer
9. Jerry Lawler - Announcer
10. The Coach - Interviews
11. Mark Lloyd - Interviews
12. Tony Chimel - Ring Announcer
13. Lilian Garcia - Ring Announcer
14. Howard Finkel - Ring Announcer
15. Gene Okerlund - Interviews
16. Todd Grisham - Interviews


1. WWE Champion - Eddie Guerrero (sd)
2. World Heavyweight - Chris Benoit (raw)
3. WWE Intercontinental - Randy Orton (raw)
4. WWE US Champion - John Cena (sd)
5. WWE Tag Team - Too Cool (sd)
6. World Tag Team - Flair & Batista (raw)
7. WWE Cruiserweight - Chavo Guerrero (sd)
8. WWE Hardcore - N/A (raw)


2. WWE Smack Down
3. WWE Heat

PPV Event's

1. Backlash - April 2004 (raw)
2. Judgement Day - May 2004 (sd)
3. Bad Blood - June 2004 (raw)
4. Vengeance - July 2004 (sd)
5. Summer Slam - Aug 2004 (raw/sd)
6. Unforgiven - Sep 2004 (raw)
7. No Mercy - Oct 2004 (sd)
8. Survior Series - Nov 2004 (raw/sd)
9. Armageddon - Dec 2004 (raw)
10. Royal Rumble - Jan 2005 (raw/sd)
11. No Way Out - Feb 2005 (sd)
12. WrestleMania 21 - March 2005 (raw/sd)

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Date - Apr 5, 2004
Venue - The Pyramid - Memphis, TN
Attendance - 14,094

Show Opening

(Raw kicks off with pyro as Across The Nation plays throughout the arena and fans rise to their feet. The camera cuts to the announce table where Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross welcome us to tonights show. Ross says that we have a big night ahead of us and Eric Bischoff will be making his way to the ring in just a few moments. Lawler says i cant wait to see what Bischoff has in store for us. He follows up by saying we already know our main event for tonight, Triple H will face Chris Benoit for the World Title. Bischoff's theme hits and camera men follow him down to the ring.)

In Ring Segment - Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff - " Could i have everyone's attention just for a few seconds because thats all its going to take. As many of you already know tonight their has been a match booked for the World Title between Benoit and The Game. Now as much as i would love to take credit for it i cant, this match comes from the chairmen Vince McMahon himself. And at first i thought this will work but then i realized i can make it better. You see Benoit did make Triple H tap at Mania and one the title fair and square. But their is another man who has yet had a chance to get any revenge. I am talking about Shawn Michaels, Tonights main event for the World Title will feature a guest Enforcer in none other then HBK! Have a good evening folks, i just know your gonna lover the show.

(Bischoff exits the ring and heads to the back as Raw cuts to its first commercial break of the evening.)

Backstage Segment - Eric Bischoff, Chris Benoit

(Benoit is walking backstage and comes to the GM's office and storms in. Bischoff instantly has security step between he and Benoit.)

Chris Benoit - "Whats the matter Eric, i had no intention to come in here and lay a hand on you. Hell their are things like steel chairs and lamps that can be used for that. Now what the hell do you think you are doing, its bad enough ill be in the ring with Triple H. All of his little Evolution buddies are sure to be involved, and now i here you say HBK is in the match as guest enforcer. Do you know what that means, he controls the fate of the match, if he wants a shot at the belt he can get in with HHH and Evolution and screw me to get a one on one with Hunter."

Eric Bischoff - "I here you Chris i really do, and i want you to know that Evolution is barred from ringside tonight. And if anyone of the steps a foot in that ring during the main event Triple H will be disqualified on the spot. As for HBK, yeah your right he has that power in his hands to screw you over if he wanted. But just remember one thing, He isn't the offical in the match just the enforcer. And if you were to strike back in defence its fair game as far as i am concerned."

Chris Benoit - "Now thats more like it, see ya round Bisch. Oh one more thing before i go, tell Shawn Michaels if he has any intention to screw me over. Let him know we are going to have something in common, we will have matching front teeth because i am going to kick them down his throat!'

(Benoit leave Bischoff's office and the camera fades back out into the arena. Tommy Dreamer and Spike are making their way down to the ring for tag action in the first match of the night.)

Match 1 - Dreamer/Dudley vs La Resistance

Match Description - Dreamer and Spike control the match in the early going only to be screwed at the end when Dreamer is hit with a low blow as Conway distracts the ref.

Winner - La Resistance via pinfall after a cheap shot to Dreamer in 5:21

Backstage Segment - Edge, Christian

(Edge is seen walking backstage and as he turns the corner he bumps into long time partner Christian. The two look pissed at first only to smile and hug before speaking with each other.)

Edge - "So hows it doing buddy, i heard you were going to to be given a shot at the Intercontinental Title tonight."

Christian - "No Way! i didn't here that, this is going to be great. It just goes to show management knows who pulled the most weight in E&C old buddy right!"

Edge - "Yeah that could be, but the funniest thing happened. See when Bischoff told me you were getting the shot tonight i told him i knew a way to make the match better and he agreed."

Christian - "Ok i am listening, i am up for anything that can make my title match more electrifying."

Edge - "I told him you would be, so here it is. Tonight it will be Christian vs Randy Orton vs Edge in a triple threat match for the Intercontinental Championship! Just goes to show that management knows we were about equals in E&C. Only thing is you held us down with your continuos crying and complaining. Tonight it becomes clear who the better half of E&C was and who is rightfully deserving of the title. See ya out their, the match is next!"

(Edge walks off laughing leaving Christian looking pissed as ever as Raw cuts to commercial break.)

Match 2 - Edge vs Christian vs Randy Orton for the Intercontinental Title

Match Description - The three men put on a great match in which Edge reall shows off his stuff going to the top rope several times and hitting some high impact moves. Orton manages to stay out of the way though for most of the match as Christian and Edge try to out shine each other. Finally Orton moves in for the kill and hits Christian with the RKO for the pin as he was busy gloating about hitting edge with a moon sault.

Winner - Randy Orton via pinfall after an RKO on Christian in 10:23

Backstage Segment - Batista, Flair, HBK

(HBK is show gearing up for his role as guest enforcer in the main event. Just then Flair and Batista walk in and HBK gets in a fighting position.)

Ric Flair - "Easy Shawn were not here to fight you, we just wanted to know if their was anything we can help you with."

Shawn Michaels - "You and Batista friends of Triple H my enemy come to my locker room and just want to know if their is anything you can do to help me. I tell you what their is, drop the act and get to the point because i am to stressed out for games right now."

Ric Flair - "Ease back brother, i am telling you we are here on buisness. We do have a message from Triple H that you should here before going to that ring tonight. See we are barred from ringside in that contest or we can cost Hunter the title. Now all we want you to know is it would be wise to keep your hands off the game just for tonight. And after he wins the belt from Benoit he will give you first crack at becoming next World Heavyweight Champion, WOOOOOO!"

(Before Shawn could respond Benoit enters the room and Flair and Batista back off. Flair says you just think about what i told you, its an opportunity of a life time Shawn.)

Chris Benoit - "I knew it, you are going to get in on it with those cowards to benifit your own game. I thought you were one of the good ones, turns out your nothing more then a golden appel with a rotten core."

Shawn Michaels - "You don't know what your talking about Benoit and i just want you to know right here and now i will not be using this power as enforcer in that way. Tonight i use my power to keep outside interference to a minimum and let the best man win. However if you decide to lay a hand on me, all bets are off and someone will be leaving the building on a strecher tonight."

Chris Benoit - "Heh, you got that right. And let me tell you that i don't believe a word your saying and i will have one eye on you at all times tonight. You want a shot at me for the title not a problem, you keep this match fair and i will give you a shot at the next PPV Backlash. I plan of retaining tonight and i would like nothing more then to beat Triple H tonight so we can go to Backlash and rock the world with the greatest title match of all time. You have to want it though Shawn, you have to make it happen."

(Benoit and Michaels lock into a stare down for a few seconds until Benoit shoves past and leaves the locker room as Raw cuts to commercia.)

Match 3 - Flair & Batista vs Rosey & Hurricane

Match Description - Flair and Batista get the better of the inexperience of Hurricane and Rosey as a team. Flair had Rosey near tapping several times during the match. Hurricane fought back only to have the momentum killed by a big clothesline by Batista followed by the Batista power bomb which ended the match.

Winner - Flair & Batista via pinfall afte a Batista Bomb on Hurricane in 6:52

In Ring Segment - Kane, Chris Jericho

(Chris Jericho makes his way down to the ring to a huge pop. Jeircho grabs a mic and begins to address the live crowd in Memphis.)

Chris Jericho - "Welcome Memphis to Raw is Jericho! and welcome to the kickoff party of Chris Jericho's journey back to the top of the montain. You see its been a long time since Chris Jericho has been Undisputed champion and i think its time that all changed."

(Before he could continue a loud bang following the ring posts bursting out fire Kane makes his way down to the ring and he looks ready to fight. Jericho doesn't look intimidated and waives on the challenge. Kane grabs a mic of his own and get right in Jericho's face.)

Chris Jericho - "Come on down you stuid ass clown, i have no problem going through you to get the word out their."

Kane - "You think you have waited a long time to win the World Title belt. Do you know when the last time i had an opportunity for a championship match was."

Chris Jericho - "Yeah i remember juinor, you lost the belt to Stone Cold like a day after you beat him in the first place. You know you should really look up to me, i beat Austin and The Rock in the same night and held the championship for months after that night."

Kane - "Ha ha ha, well its pretty simple when you don't have to defend the title to a seven foot deranged monster. You see if you faced me as i am today back when you held the title. You would not only have lost the belt but you would have lost your ability to walk, breath, live..."

Chris Jericho - "Sounds like a threat their juinor, i tell yah what though i just came up with a hell of an idea. I will run it by Bischoff later tonight but i propose Kane vs Chris Jericho at Backlash to determine the number one contender to the World Title."

Kane - "You would love that Jericho, but see i do what i want and not what you and these people want. If this match is going down on PPV i am going to be the one that choses the stipulation."

Chris Jericho - "Go right ahead, it doesn't make a difference what match you chose i am going to become next World Champion and i will go through you or anyone to do it."

Kane - "Ha ha so be it but its your funeral, and i mean that quite literally. Chris Jericho title shot at stake or not i want you in a Casket Match at Backlash!"

(Jericho and Kane shake and agree upon their match for the PPV. Jericho goes to leave but only to have his throat gripped by Kane who appears to be ready to choke slam him. Jericho is able to escape though with a low blow between the legs with his boot and he retreats leaving Kane in the ring in pain as Raw cuts to commercial.)

Match 4 - Shelton Benjamin vs Scott Steiner

Match Description - Benjamin does well at going toe to toe with Steiner and began to break away getting a near three count after a super kick. Steiner however fights back and gets Benjamin to tap after the Steiner Recliner. Steiner doesn't release the hold following the match which leads to Rhyno coming to Shelton's aid. Rhyno hits the gore breaking the hold, and as Steiner is slow to his feet the recovered Benjamin hits the super kick sending Scott over the top rope to the floor.

Winner - Scott Steiner via submission on Benjamin in 8:21

Backstage Segment - Triple H, Shawn Michaels

(Shawn Michaels is seen heading towards the entrance ramp only to be cut off at the stairs by Triple H. Shawn tries to move past but Hunter shoves him back and tells him he is going to listen to what he has to say.)

Triple H - "Listen to me Shawn, your options are begining to grow very thin in the title picture. Heh sort of like your hair but that another story. Anyway you need my help to get a shot at this title, because at this stage in your career title matches don't come as often as they use to. Tonight you make sure i win and you got the shot at the title at backlash."

Shawn Michaels - "You and Benoit both seem to have a similar issue and its you don't know how to listen. It may be hard to believe but my intention in tonights match is to keep it fair and clean and if i an meant to get another title shot then i will take my opportunities as they are presented to me. Now i don't know about you but i am really looking forward to seeing how this match plays out, see you out their and good luck Hunter."

(Shawn heads to the ring leaving Triple H looking somewhat worried about his chances. He kicks over some equipment before making his way towards the ring for the Main Event.)

Match 5 - Chris Benoit vs Triple H for the World Title - Shawn Michaels Guest Enforcer

Match Description - Benoit and HHH get right at it and Chris hits a headbut on Triple H and locks in a sharp shooter nearly causing HHH to tap. Hunter fights back later after hitting a knee raise followed by the pedigree getting a near three count. Benoit pulls away near the end and again locks in the sharp shooter. Shawn Michaels enters the ring and Kicks Benoit in the face laying him out cold. The ref calls for the bell and Triple H gets up and shoves Shawn pissed as he cost him the match because the title wont change hand in a dq. Shawn retaliates and hits Hunter with sweet chin music of his own.

Winner - Chris Benoit via DQ from interference by HBK in 13:02

(After the match Benoit grabs a mic and tells Shawn bets off and that he would never award him a title shot after the way he just handled the situation. Shawn grabs a mic and says he didn't need Hunter's offer or Benoit's offer, he says sooner rather then later the heartbreak kid will become champion and it will be because he took care of buisness on his own. All three men are locked in a stare down as Raw comes to a close.)​
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