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This is the first show After WrestleMania


The Show starts with J.R and King Talking About the brand extension
and also the matches on the card for tonite.

First match
Hardcore Fatal Four way Elimination for the Hardcore Championship
Tommy Dreamer v.s Rodeney Mack v.s Spike Dudely v.s Ryhno

Tommy Dreamer comes out with two singapore canes and cuts a promo about how hardcore he is and how he will try to make the title out to be any thing but a joke.He ends the promo sying that he is Tommy Dreamer the innovater of violence. Good reaction from the crowd.

Ryhnos next to enter then rodeney mack.

The men start to brawl out of the ring onto the floor. Rodeney Gets laid out with a cane to the head. Then Tommy turns around and catches a gore from Ryhno. Ryhno does his chest pound and whos the man thing. Thats when Spike enters from under the ring with a chair in hand and climbs in. Hits Ryhno in the stomach. Ryhno falls to his knees and another brutal shot to the head by spike. Then Spike does his chest pound to mock Ryhno. Crowd Goes crazy. A small ECW chant breaks out. Rodeney Gets out and starts to take stuff out from under the ring. He takes a stop sighn out climbs into the ring. Tommy gets up kicks Rodeney in the groin and drops him with a ddt onto the sighn. Then cloetheslines ryhno. Then he does a spinebuster to spike. Then Rodeney gets up Tommy swings a cane he ducks a nails the ref. R.M locks in the blackout, tommys tapping but theres no ref. Suddenley on the titantron tron the sound of a car crash and clapping hands. IT'S MIC FOLEY IN A REF SHIRT. Crowd goes nuts.An ECW ECW ECW ECW ECW chant starts when foley gets in the ring and puts a mandible claw on Rodeney. Ryhno starts to beat on Mic only to be Death valley driven on to the mat. Mic foley count 1 2 3. Ryhno has ben eliminated. Rodeney gets a piledriver from Foley.Spike covers 1 2 3. Rodeney has ben eliminated. Spike and Dreamer face off a show of sportsmanship as they shake hands. Foley signals for the match to start.A lock up switch to a headlock, down to a drop toehold. Another headlock. they get ups irish whip cloteshline by dreamer misses. Off the rope spike dropkicks Dreamer. Some applauds from the crowd. Spike gets a cane and hits Dreamer in the back with it several times. Pin cover 1 2 kick out Dreamer gives a back drop to spike dreamer sets up a table. Puts spike on it. he climbs up as well. DDT through the table 1 2 3 Dreamer is the new Hardcore champion. A hug is given to Dreamer by Foley and spike. Then Ryhno comes out Spike gives him the dudely dog and the three men leave together.
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