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WWE 2004: Beginning It All..... Again.

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Hi everyone, this is my btb of WWE in 2004(as the title says), hopefully this will go better than my Acquisition of TNA btb which I belive it will since I have spent my hiatus reading up on classic btbs. So this is starting on RAW post-Wrestlemania XX and the only major difference is that neither Goldberg nor Brock Lesnar have left WWE. Also, Miss Jackie, Sable and Sakoda(who?) have both left Sable on her own terms,Miss Jackie & Sakoda... not so much. Wrestlemania results are all the same other than Goldberg vs. Lesnar being a rather decent bout. Here's a reminder of them

Wrestlemania XX

WWE United States Championship
John Cena d. Big Show(c) after nailing Show with Brass Knux and hitting the FU to win the US Title.

World Tag Team Championship
Booker T/ RVD(c) d. Dudley Boys, La Resistance, and Team Perfection(Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade)

Evolution d. The Rock n' Sock Connection after Orton RKO'd Foley.

Sable/Torrie Wilson d. Stacy Kiebler/Miss Jackie

Chirstian d. Chris Jericho after a shocking betrayl at the hands of Trish Stratus then as King would later put it Christian and Trish Stratus played "mouth hockey"

Cruiserweight Championship
Chavo Guerrero(c) retained in a Cruiserweight Open that included Ultimo Dragon, Jamie Noble, Funaki, Nunzio, Billy Kidman, Tajiri, and Rey Mysterio.

Goldberg d. Brock Lesnar after a Spear/Jackhammer combo. Post-Match Austin gave Lesnar a Stunner then shares a beer with Goldberg, suprisingly not giving him one.

WWE Tag Team Championship
WWE Tag Team Champions Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty d. APA, WGTT, and the Basham Brothers.

Women's Championship
Victoria(c) defeated Molly Holly and shave her head after the match

WWE Championship
Eddie Guerrero(c) pinned Kurt Angle after Eddie untied his boot and slipped it off when Angle attempted an Ankle Lock and rolled him up.

Undertaker returned with Paul Bearer defeated Kane with a Tombstone

World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Benoit won a classic Triple Threat match with HHH(c) and HBK and making Triple H tap to his Croppler Crossface. After the match Benoit celebrated with friend and WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero to end the the show.

RAW- General Manager: Eric Bischoff
Al Snow
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley
Chirs Benoit
Chris Jericho
D-Von Dudley
Gail Kim
Garrison Cade
Mark Henry
Molly Holly
Randy Orton
Rene Dupree
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Rob Van Dam
Rodney Mack
Scott Steiner
Shawn Michaels
Spike Dudley
Stacy Kiebler
Steve Austin *Sherrif*
Stevie Richards
Sylvan Grenier
The Hurricane
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Val Venis
William Regal

Smackdown! General Manager: Paul Heyman
Billy Gunn
Billy Kidman
Brock Lesnar
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Chuck Palumbo
Dawn Marie
Eddie Guerrero
Edge(Injured for over 1 year-return soon)
Hardcore Holly
John Cena
Johnny Stamboli
Kurt Angle
Matt Hardy
Orlando Jordan
Rey Mysterio
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shelton Benjamin
The Big Show
The UnderTaker
Torrie Wilson
Ultimo Dragon

WWE Champion: Eddie Guerrero
United States Champion: John Cena
WWE Tag Team Champions: Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guerreo

World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Benoit
Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton
World Tag Team Champions: Booker T & RVD
WWE Women's Champion: Victoria

Tag Teams and Stables
Evolution: Triple H, Randy Orton, Ric Flair, and Batista
Dudley Boyz: Bubba Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley
Team Perfection: Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade
Thuggin N' Buggin Enterprises: Theodore Long, Rodney Mack, Mark Henry, and Jazz
The Superheros: The Hurricane & Rosey
La Resistance: Rene Dupree, Rob Conway, and Sylvan Grenier
Booker T & RVD

Akio & Tajiri
World's Greatest Tag Team: Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas
Full Blooded Italians: Nunzio, Chuck Palumbo, and Johnny Stamboli
APA: Bradshaw and Faarooq
2 Cool: Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty​
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2004 was my favorite time period ever, and I've tried many BTB's from that area but always end up failing, so hopefully you won't do the same!

Good luck with this, and I'll be reading!
Gerweck.net News & Notes

-WWE has apparently requested contract negotiations with former WCW Cruiserweight Champion Juventud Guerrera and Independent Stars Matt Bently, TJ Wilson, Bryan Danielson, CM Punk and Teddy Hart. Obviously the latter five would first go through OVW however Juvi would more than likely go straight to Smackdown to be apart of the Cruiserweight Division.

-Mick Foley and The Rock are both under contract still but may not be used for several months, if not till next year's Wrestlemania.

-A WWE Brand Draft will be taking place on next week's RAW and will likely be announced tonight.

-There is talk of making all the divas exclusive to RAW and the Cruiserweights to Smackdown! Again though, just talk.
Roster seems good. I like the idea of Lesner and Goldberg sticking around. I always thought they should never have left.
Good luck
K, here goes. I am going to give it one more go. After reading Legend's boneriffic BTB I've been inspired to that if I'm going to win.... I've got to make it a win. So here we go. A note first: The opening stages of this may seem like a rip-off of real life (especially the draft) but it will get better as the weeks go on. Also please comment on my booking style if you can. Well here we go!

Madison Square Garden; New York City

The WWE opening plays ending with a picture of Eric Bischoff to some heat.

There is no recap of Wrestlemania, pyro, or theme song for RAW tonight. Instead in the ring is Lillian Garcia.

Lillian: Ladies and Genltemen, please welcome the NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Benoit!

The crowd erupts at the mention of Benoit's name and "Whatever" hits and walking down to the ring with his t-shirt in his blue wrestling tights is the "Rabid Wolverine". The World's Heavyweight Championship is slung over his right shoulder, but that's not all that's different. Gone, for the moment, at least is his cold unforgiving stare, and it is replaced by a very proud smile. Benoit stops at the stage a looks around as the camera shows fans in the audience, nearly every one of them on thier feet clapping. Benoit takes it all in before making his way down the ring. Benoit climbs the steel ring steps leading to the ring stopping once more to survey the passionate fans who are still rabid (no pun intended).
Benoit steps into the ring and immediatly makes his way over to the far left corner, removing the World Championship from his shoulder, stepping up to the second rope,and holding high overhead for MSG to see. The crowd once more shows there approval of this in the form of a pop. The commentators have thus far remained silent letting Benoit soak in his World Championship win from last night. Benoit finally steps down from the corner and puts the championship back over his shoulder as his music stops. The crowd however has not. The World Champion is handed a mic but cannot speak as the crowd is now chanting "Benoit" at a deafening volume. The normally emotionaless face of Chris Benoit is now a polar opposite as you can clearly see Benoit holding back tears. The crowd still does not die down and Benoit's face no longer holds back the tears as two long streaks now go down his face. The crowd see this and shows thier appreciation with applause. He puts his wrist up to his face as he wipes away his tears. Finally, the crowd begins to die down as the new Champion takes a deep breath before speaking.

Benoit: Thank you... Thank you very much.

The crowd once more reacts, not with the normal idiotic "What?" chants but with another round of applause.

Benoit: I'm not very good with words, and hell even if I was... thier are no words that can really say how I'm feeling right now.

MSG again applauses as a sign is focused on simply reading: "Chris Benoit; World Champion"

Benoit: Growing up I fell in love with this business watching men like the Dynamite Kid, thinking "one day I'm going to do that". I did that and thought that was as far as would ever get. My whole career I lived with the knowledge of knowing I would never be World Champion....

Benoit pauses as the crowd again pops for Benoit's success

Benoit: I did not have the strength of Hulk Hogan.... Or the charisma of The Rock....

Crowd starts again with a lighter "Benoit" chant, a small congrigation of the fans are shown close up chanting as well

Benoit: Through Stampede, to Japan, to ECW, WCW and even the WWE I was always told I wasn't championship material, to the point that I gave up on myself....

Benoit pauses for a second

Benoit: However, there are some people who never gave up on me... and I would like to thank those people...

Again he pauses

Benoit: I would like to thank my family.... my friends.... my trainers, particularly the Hart Family who taught me so much and just to let you know, I dedicate my victory to the memory of Owen Hart.

A big pop at the mention of Owen and an "Owen" chant breaks out as Benoit nods

Benoit: And most of all..... my fans

Another large pop as MSG shows thier approval

Benoit: You've been with me through it all including winning the Rumble from number 1, and last night.....

Yet another big pop as Benoit holds up his newly won prize. The crowd eats it up as Benoit puts the belt back on his shoulder

Benoit: Now I will defend this title with that same passion that I've always had for this great sport and my next stop is Backlash, in front of my home town Edmonton!

Suddenly, "Sexy Boy" hits to a shock of everyone especially Benoit, as Shawn Michaels appears from behind the curtain! He gets a big pop, however also some heat as he has interrupted Benoit's celebration. Michaels is wearing blue jeans, his "HBK" t-shirt, and an "HBK" baseball cap. Michaels walks to the ring looking cocky but that's HBK. He enters the ring and grabs a mic.

HBK: Well first off Chris, I have to say congratulations.

Benoit's old scowl is back as he simply stares angrily at Michaels

HBK: No doubt you're wondering what Shawn Michaels is doing out here but I do wish to congratulate you on your victory. I understand what it's like to come from nothing to win the World Title. Don't forget only one other guy ever won the Rumble from Number 1 and you're lookin' at him..... But I just wanted to make one thing clear to you.... Last Night you may have made Hunter tap but you did not beat Shawn Michaels.

Benoit's face reamins a cold empty stare as some of the fans let out a "ooooh" at Michaels' claim

HBK: And until you beat the Showstopper, you ain't beat nobody. So Chirs, I'm just saying, enjoy it while it lasts because I'm taking for that World Title, by any means necessary.

"Sexy Boy" hits as Michaels leaves the ring allowing Benoit to ponder on his final words. Benoit stares down Michaels as HBK makes his way to back.


JR: Well ladies and gentlemen welcome to RAW and already shockwaves being felt in the WWE.

Recap of Michaels vowing to take take the World Championship

JR: Shawn Michaels, as always, a lightning rod of controversey.

King: You've got that right, how dare he try to get a title match when obviously Triple H is next in line!

JR: We'll be hearing from The Game later tonight-

JR is cut off by "Can You Dig It" and a big pop as Booker T makes his entrance with partner Rob Van Dam

Lillian: The following contest is scheduled for one-fall! On the way to the ring from Houston; Texas, he is one half of the World Tag Team Champions, Booker T!

Booker T stops at the ramp with RVD looks at his hand before leaping in the air with
Booker enters the ring and hands his Tag Team Title to the ref as RVD ventures to the ringside.

"Au Reviour" hits to heat

Lillian: And his opponent accomponied by Sylvan Grenier & Rob Conway, Rene Dupree!

Dupree walks to the ring as do Conway and Grenier, the latter of which has the French Flag in hand.

Rene Dupree vs. Booker T

Match Highlights
3:21- At this point, Booker has dominated this brawl. Booker has Dupree in the corner hitting some loud knife edge chops to some "oooohs" of the crowd. Dupree gets in his first offense of the match in the form of a thumb to the eye. Booker backs off grabbing his eye as the ref scolds Dupree, who obviously couldn't care less. Dupree explodes out of the corner with a big clothesline that not only knock Booker down but himself as well. Dupree, obviously feeling the punishment thus far, is slow to get up. He still beats Booker to his feet, who uses the ropes to stand. Dupree meets Booker by the ropes and attempts an Irish Whip. Booker counters and sends Dupree in to the ropes but instead of rebounding, Dupree catches himself. Booker runs toward Dupree, but Dupree pulls the ropes down sending the Book Man to the outside! Referee Chad Patton turns his back to Booker to stop Dupree from pursuing him on the outside. You know what happens next, Grenier and Conway begin to stomp away at Booker. RVD arrives to chase them off, just as Patton turns around. RVD recieves a scolding from Patton, while RVD tries to inform him of La Resistance's interference as the show heads to commercial.

6:01- Now Dupree has kept control for the most part, with Booker fightin back for moments only tobe shut down by WWE's youngest superstar. Dupree now has Booker in a standing front facelock. Dupree then hooks him up for then connects with a vertical suplex. Dupree rolls onto cover:

No, Booker gets his shoulder up. Dupree's face shows an irritable look in the referee's direction. Grenier begins to slap the mat and shout in French. Booker is still down as Dupree looks toward him standing directly above his head and cracks a cocky smile. Dupree looks back up and begins his French Tickler dance to some heat from the Garden crowd. Dupree finishes his pre-elbow ritual and hits the ropes running. Dupree drops an elbow, and misses as Booker rolled out of the way. Booker gets to his feet at the same time as Dupree, who is gripping his elbow in pain. Booker hits his big side kick knocking Dupree to the ground. Booker eyes start to get wide as Dupree gets to his feet in the center of the ring. The crowd starts to buzz as Booker kicks Rene in the gut, doubling him over. Booker T runs off the ropes but gets tripped by Rob Conway on the outside while the ref's back is turned, foiling the Scissors Kick, attempt! Once more RVD argues his case to Patton to no avail. As Booker rises to his feet, Dupree puts his head between his legs and hits a big powerbomb! Cover:
No, once more Booker gets the shoulder up at the last second, to the relief of the crowd.
8:01- Dupree still is in firm control, currently punching away at Booker in a mounted position. Patton forces Dupree to get off. Dupree goes over and picks up Booker as the standard "USA" chant breaks out. Dupree backs Booker T into the ropes and irish whips him into the other ropes. Rene Dupree bends down to catch Booker off the ropes but is kicked in the face by his opponent. Booker than grabs Dupree by the legs and lifts him overhead and hits his signature spinebuster. Hook of the leg:

Wait! The ref's back is turned as Conway is back on the apron! The ref is now yelling at Conway to get down as Booker releases his pinfall to confront Conway but before he can RVD grabs The Con Man's ankles and pulls him off the apron. Van Dam and Conway begin to brawl as the ref screams from the inside of the ring for them to break it up. Booker returns to lift up Dupree, but now on the other side of the ring Grenier stands on the apron. Booker starts to yell at Grenier, and gets a low blow from Dupree! Booker grabs his suckas as Dupree gets to his feet. The ref is still distracted from the Van Dam/Dupree brawl as Dupree gets Booker T up in a scoop slam position and goes for the Dupree Bomb. Booker slips out and shoves Dupree into Sylvan Grenier who goes flying! Dupree is stunned as he turns around and stumbles into Booker T who hits a huge Book End! The ref convientally turns around to see the cover:


Winner: Booker T at 9:21

After the match, Booker celebrates as RVD rolls back in the ring to celebrate with him.

JR: Another big victory for Booker T coming off retaining the title last night.

King: Well, Dupree put up a good fight, but Booker is still able to come out on top.

JR: Well one man who wasn't so fortunate last night....

A still image is shown of Triple H tapping to the Crossface last night to cheers from the crowd

JR:.... was Triple H who lost the World's Championship last night, we will see The Game and the rest of Evolution later tonight, and you know he will have a lot on his mind.


An image of Wrestlemania XX is shown

Narrator: It was a night no one could forget...
Image of Undertaker's return and his subsequent victory over Kane

Narrator: A night where the young became veterans....

Orton's RKO to Foley and Cena's FU to Big Show are shown

Narrator: And a night where the great became the greatest....

Benoit holding the World Title above his head on the turnbuckle is shown

Narrator: But now...

The video now shows a more violent approach showing big time moves hit at Mania

Narrator: These men must now face....

More images including Benoit being double suplexed through the table and Goldberg hitting the Jackhammer on Lesnar

Narrator: the Backlash!!

The video ends with the same Benoit image with the world title now becoming static and eventually cutting out.

The MSG Crowd is shown from a distance

JR: Well ladies and gentleman welcomem back to-

JR is once more cut off as "No Chance" hits to a big pop from the MSG crowd out of suprise then some heat as Vince McMahon enters Madison Square Garden, cocky walk and all

JR: What the- What is Vince McMahon doing here on RAW!?

King: That's Mr. McMahon to you, JR! He just came off one of the greatest Wrestlemanias of all time! He has all the right to be out here!

Vince stops at the ramp with a mic in hand.

Vince: You people didn't think that a Wresltemania at Madison Square Garden would go without an appearance by Vincent Kennedy McMahon!

A bit of a pop at the preciding sentence

Vince: While last night was one of the greatest nights in WWE history we must go on. We must move foward.....
Next week a groundbreaking broadcast of Monday Night RAW will take place...... A draft lottery!

Vince stops for crowd reaction but the crowd sounds confused if anything

Vince: 4 random Superstars from RAW will go to Smackdown!. 4 random Smackdown! Superstars will go to the RAW brand. In addition a trade will be open for either RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff or Smackdown! General Manager Paul Heyman to propose trades to one another.

A bit of a pop begins as they realize just what the hell a draft lottery is.

Vince: That is all... Thank you

"No Chance" starts to play but as Vince turns to leave..... but it is interrupted by "Close Your Eyes" to some heat as Christian enters the arena! Vince has stopped in his tracks, Christian looks at his employer and too stops in his tracks. Christian extends his hand to Vince, who just looks down in disgust then walks to the back. Christian keeps his shit-eating grin on, shrugs, and continues his venture to the ring and points to some of the peeps in the crowd.

King: Captain Charisma is here!

JR: Yeah, and where is that jesabell?

King: Jesabell?! JR, Trish Stratus is a goddess!

JR: Yeah sure a goddess, she and Christian humiliated Chris Jericho and broke his heart.

King: Well turnabout is fair play, remember that stupid bet he had!

JR: Yeah, Christian was part of that too, wonder if Trish knows that.

Christian is now in the ring as the crowd mostly booing, with a few notable cheers

Christian: Greeting to all my peeps who
came to for CC in MSG!

Now some more cheers from the "peeps" but still mostly jeers.

Christian: Now as you all witnessed last night, your favorite superstar defeat that loser Chris Jericho....


Christian: ....and permantly etch my name as the best tag team AND singles competitor in Wrestlemania history!


Christian: And-

Christian is cut off by a loud "Y2J" chant

Christian: Wait... apparantly you people are not very good at math... you know didn't pay attention to your arithmetic because you should all know.... Y2J=Loser!

Crowd gives Christian some big time heat.

Christian: Now that I've proven that I am the best part of any team I've ever been apart of........ and I mean any team!
The crowd pops at the obvious reference to not only Chirstian & Jericho but also Edge & Christian

Christian: Now Captain Charisma is focusing on his singles career! No more tag teams! Now.... it's all about me!
Again about a 85% of a negative reaction with about 15% of a more positive reaction

Christian: But of course behind every great man.... is a great woman... you know the gal give it up for my biggest peep: Trish Stratus!!

"Time to Rock N' Roll" hits to heat as Trish Stratus enters the arena and as always... she's smokin'. Trish makes her way to the ring and up the steps. Christian sits on the second rope for his new valet. As Trish enters Christian raises both his eyebrows twice, as only a CLB can. Trish grabs a mic but Christian speaks first.

Christian: Now Trish you've been bad, please explain to the peeps why you broke... poor, wittle, Cwis Jericho's heart.

Christian quivers his bottom lip as he mutters the last part. The crowd shows it's disapproval as Trish goes to speak

Trish: Well quite simply ladies and gentlemen, Chris Jericho is not who you think he is. He thought of me as some kind of trophy. He thought of me as a simple bet. But to be fair who could blame him... I'm definitely the best he has had or ever had!

*HEAT* but also a "Slut" Chant breaks out.

Trish: Thankfully, Christian let me know of his intentions. He told me about his stupid contest he's having for a canadian dollar! But....

Trish gives Christian a seductive look

Trish: ..that's not all he told me.

Christian looks around cockily

Trish: He told me his true feelings and showed me how much better of a man he is than Chris Jericho!

Some heat with a few whistles from the older men in the crowd

Trish: And to be honest Chris, I'm way out of your league.

Heat and "Slut" chants

Trish: It's not like you didn't know it! You would call me up every night "Oh your my everything", "I can't live without you", "I love you"

Trish said the last part in a very mocking tone and now she wipes her eyes like a crybaby before smiling, Christian walks up to his new girlfriend before speaking

Christian: Let's kick it old school and for the benefit of those with flash photography and for Chris Jericho.... we'll strike a 5 second pose.

Both Trish and Christian drop their mics as Christian grabs Trish, leans her back and proceeds to plant her with a passionate kiss as the crowd boos


JR: Oh please this is disgusting!


"Break The Walls" hits without the pyro to a huge pop as Trish and Christian stop thier embrace and look up toward the ramp and sure enough a furious Chris Jericho storms to the ring! The crowd goes wild as Jericho slides in the ring! Christian and Trish quickly slide out the other side as Jericho follows! Trishtian (see what I did there) run a full on sprint up the ramp with Jericho in hot pursuit as RAW goes to.....


JR: Well ladies and gentlemen during the break.... well just watch.

DURING THE BREAK: A parking lot is shown as Trish and Christian come into view and run immediatly to a silver car.
Christian unlocks the door with his beeper thing.

Christian: Get in! Get in!

Trish opens the door to the passenger side and quickly enters the vehicle. Christian meanwhile does a Dukes of Hazzard-like slide across the hood and enters the car on the driver side. Christian starts the car just as Jericho comes out of the woodwork and opens up the passenger side door. Trish screams but the car screechs off and Jericho loses his grip on the door as the heel couple make thier getaway, with Jericho looking on with a scowl on his face.
JR: Certainly Chris Jericho has a right to be angry after the humiliation he suffered last night.

King: He had no right interupting that new young couple! If you ask me Jericho is just jealous of Christian success.

The bell rings and already in the ring is Stevie Richards.

Lillian: The following contest is scheduled for one-fall! In the ring: Stevie Richards!

"Goldberg's March" hits to a very big pop and here comes Goldberg!

Lillian: And his opponent from Atlanta; Georgia: Goldberg!!

Goldberg emerges from the curtain to much fanfare as he kicks in the air and pyro goes off.

JR: A man who represented RAW proud last night, Goldberg storms to the ring with a very proud swagger to him, and with good reason.

King: That match with Brock Lesnar was one of the hardest hitting matches I've ever seen JR! But in the end, like you said Goldberg came out of it with a victory for RAW.

Goldberg climbs up the steps and enters the squared circle

Goldberg vs. Stevie Richards
As soon as the bell rings Goldberg runs at Richards, tucks his head down, and hits a huge SPEAR!! The crowd pops big as Goldberg rises to his feet giving the crowd a cut-throat gesture as he calls for the end. Goldbergs picks Stevie up by the head, tucks it under his own arm. Goldberg gives a slow glance around before throwing Stevie's arm over his shoulder, lifting Stevie overhead, and driving him down with the Jackhammer! Cover:
Winner: Goldberg at 00:31

Goldberg gets off his fallen opponent and raises his arms in the air.

JR: An absoulutly dominating performence by RAW's own Goldberg.

King: But remember JR with the draft lottery Goldberg may not-

As Goldberg turns around he is met with a steel chair to the head! Goldberg goes down!


King: What the-

JR: My God! King, that's Scott Steiner!!

Indeed, it is! Steiner holds the chair in his hand and looks down at Goldberg, before making his exit from the ring to some heat.

King: We haven't seen Scott Steiner since- I dont know when!

Steiner flexes before heading back behind the curtain

King: What the hell is Steiner thinking?! Even if he wanted to make an impact this will make Goldberg want his head on a platter!

JR: But King, Goldberg is out cold! I don't recall just anyone ever doing that to Goldberg!

Backstage, Chris Jericho walks the hallways with the same scowl on his face. Jericho turns to go in his locker room.

???: Chris!

Jericho and the camera turn to see who summoned him and the mug of RAW Generel Manager Eric Bischoff is revealed as the boos come raining down. Bischoff also does not look happy.

Eric: What the hell was that?!

Jericho's expression doesn't change.

Eric: You can't be driving our top superstars away on a night that could be thier last on RAW!

Again Jericho couldn't care less

Eric: You know what I'm going to do.... I'm putting you in a handicap match tonight: Chris Jericho vs. Jindrak & Cade!

The crowd boos, Jericho's face changes this to time to one of some how more anger, but then strangely he starts to grin.

Eric: What's so damn funny?!

A finger taps on Bischoff's shoulder, Bischoff turns and the camera pans back to reveal Sheriff Steve Austin! The crowd goes bananas!

Austin: Thier a problem here gentlemen?

Eric: Well Steve-

Austin: What?

Eric: I was just-

Austin: What?

Eric: I was making-

Austin: What?

Eric: I was putting Jericho-

Austin: What?

Eric: I was making a match between Jericho and Team Perfection!

The crowd once more boos

Austin: Well that's not fair.

Crowd: What?

Austin: What gives you that right?

Crowd: What?

Austin: Your stupid leather jacket?

Crowd: What?

Austin: Your stupid shoes?

Crowd: What?

Austin: Your stupid haircut?

Crowd: What?

Eric: I'll tell you what gives me the right!

Crowd: What?

Eric: I'm RAW's General Manager!


Austin: Well you stupid sonuvabitch, I'm sheriff 'round these parts, and I say Chris needs a partner.


Austin: How 'bout? The New World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit!

Big pop at the mention of Benoit

Austin: In fact...

Austin looks up toward the camera and says

Austin: If you wanna see Chris Benoit team with Chris Jericho here tonight give me a hell yeah!


Austin: Guess that settles it, Chris go get ready.

Jericho: No problem, boss.

Jericho gives a parting smirk to Bischoff who looks furious

Eric: You know, Steve-

Crowd: WHAT?

Eric: You're the one guy-

Crowd: WHAT?

Eric: I hope gets drafted to Smackdown!, next week!


Austin: If I am drafted next week-

Crowd: WHAT?

Austin: I'm gonna have to park in the handicap spot-

Crowd: WHAT?

Austin: Because the first thing I'll do is break my foot off in your ass!

The crowd gives a big pop as Austin walks off screen leaving a fuming Eric Bischoff


Some big pyro goes off then "Drop the Bombshell" hits to a big pop and out come those damn Dudleys

Lillian: The following contest is scheduled for one-fall introducing first, Bubba Ray and D-Von, The Dudley Boyz!

The Dudleyz come to the ring and taunt

"Macmillitant" hits to little reaction but heat as Rodney Mack and Mark Henry come to the ring with Teddy Long

Lillian: And there opponents representing Thuggin' and Buggin' Incorperated and being accompenied to the ring by Theodore R. Long, Mark Henry and Rodney Mack!

Thuggin' and Buggin' vs. The Dudley Boyz

Match Highlights
9:00- Your probably wondering why the first highlight comes so late in the match. Well this match has just been a long filler match with little-to-nothing interesting. At the moment D-Von's been in for while and Bubba's on the apron itching for a tag. Right now Mark Henry is pounding on D-Von in the corner with sloppy punches. It's only been about 5 minutes total for Henry and he already looks like he's sucking wind. Henry goes to irish whip D-Von into the opposite turnbuckle but D-Von counters and sends Henry running(see: "light jog") into the turnbuckle. Henry goes back first into the corner. D-Von asserts himself on the second rope and begins to punch away at the big man.

Henry suddenly grabs D-Von by the waist and locks in a bearhug! Henry demonstrates his strength by walking toward the middle of the ring with D-Von locked in his clutches. D-Von slips Henry's head under his arm and nails a huge DDT breaking the hold and grounding the big man! D-Von begins to stir as does Henry. Bubba starts to clap as does the crowd to will D-Von toward his half-brother. Henry as well tries to make his way to Mack. D-Von finally makes the tag as does Henry! Bubba runs in and immediatly starts punching away at the newly tagged Rodney Mack. Mack goes for an very wild clothsline but Bubba ducks, hooks Mack's arms in a full nelson and hits the Bubba Bomb! Bubba rises back to his feet as Mark Henry miracuosly recovers and starts trading punches with Bubba Ray Dudley. In a damn near miracle, D-Von also recovers and joins in the fracas, punching away at Henry with his fellow Dudley. Henry begins to stagger as both men grab Henry by a leg and hit a double flapjack!

JR: The world's largest double flapjack!

Bubba and D-Von prepare for the end but suddenly, Teddy Long slides into the ring! Bubba immediatly grabs Teddy by the back of his collar. Teddy shakes his head in panic as the Dudley Boyz look at one another and nod. Bubba picks Teddy up and hits a scoop slam! D-Von ascends to the top rope as Bubba has Teddy's legs in grip. The crowd begins to buzz as D-Von, Bubba, and the crowd all yell in unison: "Wazzzup!" D-Von comes off the top rope with a diving headbutt to the Macmillitants! Teddy painfully rolls out of the ring as D-Von and Bubba measure Rodney Mack. Amazingly the ref has found none of this illegal. Mack turns around and is grabbed by the legs by D-Von who lifts him up for a flapjack and Bubba hits a cutter, the 3D!! Cover by Bubba:


Winners: The Dudley Boyz at 11:35

The Dudleys celebrate in the ring as the fans cheer.

JR: A big victory for the Dudleys, but ladies and
gentlemen later tonight, after a grueling main event last night, Triple H and the rest of Evolution will be here tonight, what will the game have on his mind?

King: Not only that, but also a big main event tonight: Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak versus Chris Jericho and the new World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Benoit!.


The music of Molly Holly hits to heat.

JR: Well here she comes, Molly Holly who lost her match last night and that's not all she lost, King!

King: No sir, after the match Victoria shaved Molly's head!

JR: Well, where is Molly?

The camera shows the entrance ramp and Molly still hasn't entered the arena. The crowd is still booing. Molly finally enters..... wearing a red wig! The crowd boos as Molly acts like she has no idea what they're booing at. She raises her arms in the air as she walks down the ramp. Molly enters the ring and grabs a mic.


The crowd's booing stops Molly in her tracks.

Molly: I can see you all enjoy my new hairstyle!

The crowd boos, meanwhile Molly smiles with her Peg Bundy wig in tow, which looks pretty bad in and of itself, but Molly seems oblivious to this fact.

Molly: So-

I Ain't The Lady To Mess With, Woooooo!

The crowd cheers as the Women's Champion Victoria enters through the curtain. Victoria quickly walks down the ramp, the championship around her waist and enters the ring. Molly has a panicked look on her face.

Molly: Hey! Hey! Wait-

Molly tries to pull a CM Punk and attacks Victoria in the form of a mic shot to the face, but Victoria blocks it with her right arm and cracks Molly in the face with a left hook! Molly goes down! Victoria grabs Molly by the back of her shirt and throws her sholder first into the ring post. Molly grips her shoulder in pain and backs into Victoria who pulls her wig off! Molly immediatly grabs her exposed cranium and screams! Molly Holly gets the hell out of the ring and sprints up the ramp grabbing her head the whole way up the ramp as "I Ain't the Lady to Mess With" hits as the camera shows Victoria in the ring clutching that ugly red wig and smirking.

JR: Well, Molly Holly is certainly not having a good week.

King: You're not kidding can we see this again?

A slow-motion replay is shown of Molly's bald head being revealed.

Backstage, Chris Benoit, World Heavyweight Championship around the waist is shown walking to the ring to a pop

JR: But up next ladies and gentlemen, our main event!


"Tunnel Vision" hits to relitively little fanfare as Jindrak and Cade are a good young upstart team, just not a very known one.

Lillian: The following contest is scheduled for one-fall: on the way to the ring: Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade!

JR: These two young blue-chippers have quite a big oppritunity to make an impact if they can knock off Jericho and the champion Chris Benoit.

Jindrak and Cade wear matching red tights and raise there hands in the air on opposite sides of the ring

"Break the Walls" hits to a big pop as the camera flashes to the titantron, then to the man entering Madison Square Garden, Chris Jericho. His arms are up at a 180 degree angle and his back toawrd the ring. He turns and walks cockily toward the ring.

Lillian: Introducing the opponents, first, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; 'Y2J' Chris Jericho!

JR: Well, Chris Jericho was unsucessful at getting revenge on his former best friend and his former girlfriend, but he hopes to vent his frustrations in this main event tag team match.

Jericho enters the ring staring at his opponents. His music has stopped and the crowd begins a "Benoit" chant.

"Whatever" hits and the crowd gives him a huge pop despite already having seen him earlier. Benoit walks through the curtain this time with the world title around his waist.

Lillian: And his partner from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; the NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Benoit!

JR: Just 24 hours after the biggest win of his career, Chris Benoit enters the Garden for this tag team match!

Benoit enters the ring raising his arms in the air.
Chris Benoit enters the squared circle and holds his arms in the air.

Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho vs. Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade

4:04- Suprisingly, the young team of Jindrak and Cade have hung with the World Champion calibur team of Benoit and Jericho. Right now it's Benoit and Jindrak. Jindrak is laying down right hands on Chris Benoit in the center of the ring. Suddenly, Benoit catches one of the jabs, drags Jindrak down by the arm, and puts Jindrak's arm between his legs looking for the Crossface! Jindrak rolls out and both men quickly get back to thier feet. Jindrak then leaps in the air and hits a BIG standing dropkick! Benoit goes down! Jindrak then crawls over and hooks the leg:

No, a close two-count. Jindrak is in control as the show goes to break.

8:57- This match is going for a while, probably due to the three glorified squashes (or not so glorified in Goldberg v. Richards case) that came before it. Right now Cade is in with Benoit who's yet to tag out since the opening moments of the match. Cade has Benoit on his butt, with a knee in the back and applying a chin lock. Benoit starts fight out by elbowing Cade in the stomach and getting back to a veritical base. Benoit breaks the chin lock, runs off of the ropes, and INTO A CLOTHESLINE BY GARRISON CADE-


Both men are now down as Benoit is the first to shake the cob webs and begins the slow crawl toward his partner. Cade also starts to move toward his corner, which may be easier considering he is significantly closer. Both men continue to inch foward as Jericho outstreches one arm and uses the other to persuade the crowd to will Benoit toward his corner. The crowd obviously obliges and begins to stomp the floor and start a "BENOIT!" chant. Both men reach...


The crowd boos not so much out of hate for Jindrak and Cade but more out of love of Benoit and Jericho. Jindrak charges into the ring but....


Jericho runs in, a house of fire! Jindrak runs in for a clothesline, but Jericho ducks, turns around, and is clotheslines Jindrak down! Cade runs in illegally (and foolishly) and gets a lariat from Jericho for HIS troubles! Jericho picks up Jindrak and hits a hard knife edge chop!
Jericho hits multiple chops working Jindrak to the corner. The crowds "WOOOOOs" with each chop. Jindrak's chest begins to turn a sickly purple/red color. Jindrak is now in the corner as Jericho unleashes two more chops on Jindrak (followed by two more subsequent "WOOOOOOOOs"), then whips Jindrak into the opposite corner and follows up with a hard clothesline. Jericho then grabs the youngster's head, runs foward, and hits the bulldog! Jericho gets up to his feet and looks toward the ropes. The crowd begins to buzz. JERICHO GOES FOR THE LIONSAULT.....



The crowd lets out an "oh!" at the athleticism by Y2J! Jindrak rises to his feet and charges in again......

But Jindrak punches Jericho in the top of the head and shoves him off with his legs into the corner. Jindrak flips backward to his feet. Jindrak runs across the ring for a splash in the corner.... but Jericho moves out of the way....


The crowd once more let's out a collective "Ohhhh!", followed by a round of applause for the incredible athleticism by the big man. Jericho is down as Jindrak crawls toward the cover:


Jericho continues to fight as Jindrak looks frustrated.

16:27- Despite the fact that one half of the team main event team won the World frickin' Title last night, Benoit and Jericho are showing thier professionalism by making the young team (Jindrak in particular) look tremendous. Jericho is now in the ring with Jindrak as the two hammer away at each other with clummy blows. Jindrak gets the upper hand and backs Jericho into the ropes where Chris Benoit is standing but not close enough so he can make the tag. Jindrak sends Jericho into the opposite ropes, where his partner Garrison Cade stands on the apron. Jericho bounces off the ropes, and toward the center of the ring. Jindrak makes a rookie mistake and bends down to early for a big back body drop and gets a kick to the face from Y2J for his troubles. Jindrak staggers up as Jericho bounces off the same ropes he just bounced off of.....

Jindrak crawls into the cover immediately:



Jericho still kicks out!! The frustration is now extremely evident on the face of young Mark Jindrak. Jindrak rises to his feet and begins to wiggle his fingers. Possibly calling for the end as Jericho rises slowly to his feet using the ropes. Cade is the only person in MSG showing support for Jindrak as he stalks the first ever Undisputed Champion. Jindrak approaches Jericho from behind......



The crowd cheers as Jericho throws Jindrak over the top rope, who holds on with his partner Cade standing right next to him. Jericho then springboards off the ropes and dropkicks Cade right into his partner Jindrak!! Both men tumble off the ring apron! Jericho rises to his feet, walks over to the opposite corner of the ring and tags in Chris Benoit! Both men walk toward the center of the ring, see thier young rising opponents, glance at each other,


The crowd goes wild, as Benoit and Jericho rise back up to their feet. They grab Jindrak and throw him back under the ring ropes and into the ring. The two vets then grab the rising Cade and throw him into the ring steps! Cade flips over the steps and lands hard! Benoit gets into the ring and Jericho follows. The newly recovered Jindrak then runs at Benoit with a clothsline, who ducks, and Jindrak runs into a dropkick by Jericho! Jindrak turns around clutching his chest.....


Winners: Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho at 20:07

Lillian: Here are your winners: Chris Jericho and the World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Benoit!
The ref hold both men's arm up high, both look extremely exhausted.

JR: What a main event here tonight on RAW! Jindrak and Cade took the fight to the vets, but in the end Benoit and Jericho proved why they are two of RAW's best superstars!

King: You said it JR and- Uh oh!

In the ring the Chioda brings the World Title in for Benoit, but it is snatched out of his hands by Jericho! The music stops as Benoit stares at Jericho who has his World Title in his hands. Jericho looks down at the World Heavyweight Championship, which is really further away then it appears. The crowd begins to buzz at a possible physical altercation between "The Rabid Wolverine" and "Y2J". Jericho runs his free hand through his hair before glancing up at the Champion. Jericho agressively shoves the World Heavyweight Championship to Benoit who grabs it. Jericho then makes the universal sign for "I want the title" by spreading his hands around the waist. Benoit cooly puts the World Championship over his shoulder and exits the ring, keeping his eyes on Jericho the whole time.

King: Looks like Captain Charisma isn't the only thing Jericho wants to get his hands on.

Benoit begins to walk backward up the ramp, keeping his eyes on Jericho who continues to glare back. Benoit finally turns around........


JR: OH! Where the hell did Shawn Michaels come from!!

The crowd gives a definite mixed reaction as HBK looks up and grins as Jericho continues to stare.

JR: We knew HBK wanted a title shot but my gosh he's laid out Benoit.

King: Thier is no rest when you're champ, JR! Benoit got a target on him and HBK just got a bulls-eye!

Benoit is shown coming to with a scowl on his face as HBK heads up the ramp.

JR: Well ladies and gentlemen up next, Triple H will speak for the first time since losing the title last night at Wrestlemania!


"Line in the Sand" hits to heat and here comes Evolution. Triple H leads the way wearing only a HHH T-shirt with his tights. Batista and Orton are dressed similarly only instead of HHH T-Shirts thiers are Evolution Shirts. Orton has the Intercontinental Championship draped over his shoulder. Flair, of course, is dressed classy with a suit standing close to The Game. Triple H has a very bad scowl on his face.

JR: Last night could have very well have been the worst night in the career of that man, Triple H.

King: His face tells the the story JR, Triple H tapped out to Chris Benoit in a Triple Threat match, and lost the World Heavyweight Championship.

Evolution enters the ring, Triple H standing in front with his followers behind him. The music is stops as The Game prepares to speak.

Triple H: I-

HHH is immediatly drowned out by chants of "You Tapped Out!". The Game's face turns red with both anger and embaressment.

Triple H: Benoit.... enjoy your little fairy tale while it lasts.

Crowd boos.

Triple H: Because as soon as I get my rematch, I'm going to put your head through the ring!

More boos.

Triple H: Chris last night, I'll admit, you made me tap.

Cheers from MSG

Triple H: That is something very few in this buisness can claim. But make no mistake about it. You are not better than me.


Triple H: And if Shawn Michaels hadn't stuck his nose where it did not belong..... then I would be standing here with my World Heavyweight Championship around my waist!

Crowd shits on The Game now as Flair nods his head in agreement.

Triple H: You people can boo me all you want but your little midget hero Chris Benoit can not hold a candle to me! You people know it, everyone in the back knows it, and most of all Chris Benoit knows it!

The crowd, of course, continues to boo. The Game runs his hand through his hair.

Triple H: Why do you think Benoit failed to mention me in his little victory speech? And Shawn Michaels, don't think I forgot about you. Beat up Benoit all you want, all your doing is softening him up for me!!

The crowd really gets into it now booing and starting up the "You Tapped Out!" chant again

Triple H: Thier's a lot of love in those boos. Face it, whether you fans admit it or not you like me as Champion. I put your asses in those seats!

The crowd of course continues to boo.

Triple H: The name Chris Benoit did not sell out Madison Square Garden, the name Shawn Michaels did not sell out Madison Square Garden, MSG sold out in mere seconds because everybody knew that I would be champion! And the only reason it's sold out tonight is because you all thought I would be standing with the World Title around my waist.

More heat

Triple H: But don't worry because ladies and gentlemen you are looking at the next World Heavyweight Champion....

The Game steps foward a bit

Triple H: And his name is-


JR: Oh my GAWD!!

King: He did not just do that!

The crowd erupts as Orton stands up and looks down as Batista and Flair look shocked at Orton then move to check on their fallen leader. They help Triple H to his feet as Orton continues to coldy stare. Triple H starts to regain his bearings and looks up toward Orton furiously. The Game shoves Flair and Batista away and begins to pursue Orton.........


JR: Ohhh!

The crowd is now going nuts realizing what's happening as Flair cofirms thier suspicisons when he throws the doubled over Triple H to Batista WHO GETS TRIPLE H INTO THE POWERBOMB POSITION, LIFTS UP HIM UP, AND HITS THE BATISTA BOMB!!!

The crowd is absolutely going crazy as it is indeed true, Evolution has turned on Triple H!! Orton then walks toward the unconcious body of The Game. Ric Flair takes off his jacket and walks up to HHH with Batista. The three remaining members of Evolution glance at one another and begin to stomp the hell out of Triple H!! The Game can't even cover up as his former followers continues thier assault. Orton then gets on top of HHH in a full mount, grabs his head, and begins to hammer away at the skull of The Game with right hands. When Orton finally gets up the camera zooms into Triple H who is now a bloody mess. Orton then looks away before glancing at Flair and muttering to him, "Do it." Flair immediately obliges going toward the spread-eagle body of Triple H, grabbing The Game by his leg, and applying the Figure-Four Leglock!! The Game starts to scream in pain as Baista and Orton approach and begin to stomp away at Triple H! HHH wants again goes limp as Orton stops Batista and looks toward the ropes.


The crowd groans as Flair releases his signature hold, and Orton rises to his feet and strikes his "Destiny" pose. The crowd actually starts to give Orton some heat. Orton then turns to now his followers and tells them to lift up Triple H. The oblige and lift Triple H by each of his arms. Triple H, barely concious, bloody, and battered and lifts his head and looks at Orton. Orton grabs Triple H by his chin, lifts his head up higher, and.......


Orton immediately rises to his feet and grabs the previously dropped microphone. The Interconinental Champion puts a single foot on the back of the head of the fallen Triple H. Orton puts the mic up to his mouth...

Randy Orton: Triple H you had one thing right..... You are looking at the next World Heavyweight Champion.......

And his name........ is Randy Orton!!!


Pardon any mistakes this week had to use Notepad
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