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Since burnout went down. I have decided to make a new BTB set in 2002. It starts after Judgement day. There is a few slight changes in the roster. I have released Hulk Hogan and a few jobbers like Sean Stasieak from their contracts and have brought perople in from OVW like Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. The next PPV will be King Of The Ring

Here's the Raw Roster

Booker T
Bubu Ray Dudley
Chris Jericho
Danny Basham
Dlo Brown
Doug Basham
Dvon Dudley
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarret
Justin Credible
Kane out till August
Kevin Nash
Lance Storm
Molly Holly
Ric Flair
Road Dogg
Rob Van Dam
Scott Hall
Shawn Michaels
Steven Richards
Stacy Kiebler
Stone Cold
Tommy Dreamer
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Val Venis
William Regal





Eric Bischoff

Tag Teams

Booker and Goldust
Christian and Lance Storm
X-Pac and Kevin Nash


World Title Vacant
IC champion
Eddie Guerrero
Tag Champions Dudly Boyz
Womens Champion Jazz

And the Smackdown Roster

Big Show
Billy Gunn
Billy Kidman
Brock Lesner ( Manager Paul Heyman)
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Benoit out till Late June
Chuck Palumbo
Dawn Marie
Dean Malenko
Eddy Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
Jamie Noble
John Cena
Johny Stamboli
Kurt Angle
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Perry Saturn
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shelton Benjamin
Spike Dudley
The Hurricane
The Rock
Torrie Wilson



Gene Okerlund
Mark Loyd


Michal Cole


Stephanie McMahon

Tag Teams

Worlds Greatest Tag Team
Billy and Chuck
Johny and Nunzio the FBI
Saturn and Malenko

Judgement Day Results

Rey Mysterio beats Chavo Guerrero(Reys Debut)
World Tag Titles Dudlyz beat Lance Storm and Christian
Intercontinental Title Eddie Guerrero beats RVD
The Rock beats The Big Show
Brock Lesner beats Matt Hardy via Forfeit

Stone Cold beats Ric Flair
Edge beats Kurt Angle in Hair v Hair Match
Chris Jericho beats Triple H in a Hell In A cell match
WWE Title Undertaker beats Hulk Hogan in a loser retires match

The first show won't be up for a few days. The PPV Calender will be up later

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not a bad roster, but may i ask where is Scott Hall, to be with Nash and X-Pac in the nWo, that just feels empty without Hall, as he is a great inring talent, I suggest you sign him, otherwise there is little point in having an nWo.......

Good to see Road Dogg there, he can be used a funny face or a hated heel, either way it works.

No Rhyno, yet you have Perry Saturn and other kinda past their time stars, no doubt after the Hardcore title, but I think that Rhyno would be a great addition along with Scott Hall.

This thread should be interesting despite a couple of niggling roster disadvantages.....

Will be reading when the show is up...

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WWE Raw 20th May from Memphis Tennessee

The Raw theme plays around the arena while some Pyros go off

JR: Welcome to Monday Night Raw from Memphis Tennessee. I am here with Jerry the King Lawler…..And Jerry what a night we had last night at Judgement day

King: I’m still trying to get over it, New WWE Champion, Hulk Hogan’s career is finished, Kurt Angle is bald and Chris Jericho won the Hell In a cell Match

JR: Tonight Marks the start of the King Of the Ring Tournament.

King: Here is the first round matches for King Of The Ring

Screen comes on which shows 1st round matches

RVD v Booker T
Jeff Hardy v Road Dogg
Maven v X-Pac
Lance Strom v William Regal
Matt Hardy v Test
John Cena v Brock Lesner
Rey Mysterio v Shelton Benjamin
Chavo Guerrero v Bradshaw

JR: What a King Of the Ring this will be but our GM has something to tell us

“ I’m Back Eric Bischoff comes down to the ring bringing down the World Heavyweight Title which is Vacant at the moment. He grabs a Mic off Lilian and gets into the ring as the fans chant WCW Sucks

Eric: Sit down and Shut up your GM has something to say

Eric smiles as fans chant you suck to him

Eric: I was very angry when I heard that the Undertaker was going to stay on Smackdown with the WWE Title. But I’m Eric Bischoff………I’m a smart man…………………I was the one who gave WWE the biggest fight of its life………………. And one of the reason for that was………………….This

Eric holds the World Title in the air making more WCW sucks chants

Eric: The World Heavyweight Title has been worn by many great men like Goldberg

Fans boo

Eric: Like Booker T

Fans cheer

Eric: Like Macho Man Randy Savage

Fans Cheer

Eric: Like Hulk Hogan

Mixed Reaction from the crowd

Eric: Like Sting

Biggest cheers yet

Eric: And the best world Champ ever Nature Boy Ric Flair

Mixed Reaction from the fans

Eric: And tonight this title will be brought back. As it will be on the line here tonight. As it will be last nights Hell In a cell winner Chris Jericho

Fans boo

Eric: Against…………..

“Break the walls down” Chris Jericho comes to the ring with a big bandage around his stomach area

The Crowd boos as Jericho grabs a mic

Jericho: Eric last night I proved I am the King of the World………………(Crowd boos)……………………And I am so glad that I am in this main event…………………..I should of held the World Title when I was in WCW but I never got my chance and tonight I am going to take the chance. And I really deserve it for being the star of the show. But I came out here to see who I am facing…………..So go on and tell me

The fans buzz enthusiastically wondering who he will face

Jericho: Is it Stone Cold is it Doink the Clown………………….Tell me

Eric: Okay then your facing……………………….

“ Time to Play the Game”

King: What

JR: Oh my god its Triple H who lost after a vicous attack by Jericho with the barbed wire to his leg and he is walking still

King: JR he is meant to be in hospital.

Triple H grabs a mic and gets in the ring

HHH: Eric I don’t know who his opponent will be but if it is not me you better change your mind right now or it will not be the World Title on the line………….But your life on the line

Jericho: Hey Junior………………….You don’t talk to Bischoff like that you Jackass. He could fire you any time of the day. And he will stick with the current opponent will you Eric

Eric: Yes I will Chris and that opponent is……………………..TRIPLE H

The fans cheer as Jericho looks on in shock. Triple H mentions the title will be his while Jericho tries to persuade Eric for a different opponent

JR: By god the World Title will be on the line as Triple H faces Chris Jericho

King: This is going to be a great match JR but we have the first King Of the Ring match next

“ Oh you didn’t know” Road dogg comes to the ring and grabs a mic

RD: Welcome to the Dogg house ……………………..Ladies and Gentleman boys and girls children of all ages. The WWE brings you the return of the former tag team champion of the world…………………If you forgotten me I am that D..O…Double G………….The….. Road….. Dogg

JR: Road Dogg is back and is looking to make an impact in his return match

“ Hardyz” Jeff Hardy comes to the ring to a big pop

Match 1 KOTR 1st round match Jeff Hardy v Road Dogg

Start: Dogg and Hardy circle the ring and then lock up. Dogg forces Hardy into the corner who then kicks at Dog’s knee. He bounces off the ropes but Dogg takes him down with a clothesline

Match: Dogg drops an elbow and covers 1……….2……….kickout. Dogg waits till Hardy gets up and then hits a scoop slam. He goes onto the second turnbuckle and misses a diving leg drop!!! Jeff jumps up and hits a few hard right hands to Dogg and then whips him against the ropes…………..Dogg ducks a clothesline but then Hardy jumps up and hits a hurricarana. Jeff kicks Dogg in the mid section and hits a sit-down jawbreaker.

Jeff waits till dogg gets up and then runs towards the ropes…………..and connects with a springboard moonsault and he hooks the leg 1………..2……..kickout by Dogg. Dogg immediately rolls to the outside to recover. Jeff tries to jump onto Dogg from inside the ring but the ref gets in his way and doesn’t let him. The ref bends down and sees if Dogg is okay. Jeff sees that and bounces off the ropes; he leapfrogs the ref to the outside and hits Dogg with a diving hurricarana. The fans chant holy shit as the shaken ref starts counting to 10. The ref gets to 8 and Jeff gets back in and rolls out again to break the count. Jeff grabs Dogg by the hair and bounces his head off the commentary table. Jeff throws Dogg back into the ring. Jeff gets onto the apron and then starts to climb to the top rope but he wastes too much time taunting and Dogg throws him off the turnbuckle to the mat. Dogg bounces off the ropes and hits a shaky knees knee drop. Dogg hits a snap superlex and Covers Jeff 1……………2………….kickout by Jeff.

Dogg applies a headlock to Jeff. Jeff tries to get out of it but Dogg has it applied too hard. Jeff seems to be warring away so the ref lifts up Jeff’s arm up once………and it drops…………Up twice…………..and it drops………..Up 3 times…………….Jeff keeps it up. The fans cheer on Jeff who elbows away at the mid section of Dogg. He bounces against the ropes and goers for a clothesline but Dogg ducks. Dogg starts doing the doggy style punches……….He hits one……..He hits two……..He does a little dance and goes for a third but Jeff ducks and TWIST OF FATE!!! Jeff gets to his feet and goes to the top rope. He does the Hardy boy taunt and goes for the Swanton bomb………..Road dogg gets out the way. Both men get to their feet, Dogg kicks Jeff in the mid section and hits a pumphandle slam………..He hooks the leg 1………….2…………..3!!!!!!!

Winner and advancing to the KOTR Quarter final Road Dogg in 11:02

JR: What a way to start of the King Of the ring Tournament with Road Dogg getting a return victory against a valiant Jeff Hardy

King: He advances to the Quarter final where he will face the winner of X-Pac and Maven

JR: Road Dogg has returned with a bang

Backstage RVD is warming up for his match against Booker T and Eric Bischoff walks up to him looking angry.

RVD: Hey Eric what’s up dude

Eric: You should know what’s up

RVD: Take a chill pill man

Eric: I tell you what’s he matter. Last night you had a chance to take the Intercontinental Championship to Raw. But what do you do………….You screwed the opportunity. You lost…………..Now I have been very generous letting you enter the King Of the ring…………. But I have every right to fine your ass

RVD: Yo…………………..That’s a bit harsh Man………………Anyway aren’t you the guy who made WCW so crap and got your asses whopped by the WWE.

Eric face gets more red

RVD: I’m your most valuable superstar. I’m the whole Dam show. Mr Monday Night. And I will show you that tonight by beating Booker T. Do you know why because I am …………..Rob………….Van…………Dam

RVD walks out as Eric looks even more angry

A video clip shows how Stone Cold beat Ric Flair at Judgement day

JR: What a match that was but next Stone Cold tries to get through another NWO member.

King: He got lucky with Hall and Flair but tonight he has to go through X-Pac.

“ New World Order” X-Pac comes to the ring wearing Kane’s mask to big boos

“ Glass Breaks” Stone Cold comes to the ring to massive cheers. He salutes the fans at every corner but is then attacked from behind by X-Pac

Match 2 Stone Cold v X-Pac

Start: X-Pac hits a few punches to the head off Austin and whips him against the ropes, Austin ducks a clothesline and hits the Lou Thoesz press. X-Pac quickly rolls out to get him self together.

Match: Austin whips X-Pac to the turnbuckle and starts stomping a mudhole in him. Austin puts up his middle and finger and then takes him down with a hard right hand. Austin starts stomping away at him but the ref tells him to stop……….Austin looks at him………..He says what and then starts stomping away at him again. Austin picks X-Pac up and hits a superlex and then he hooks the leg 1……….2…….kickout.

Austin picks up X-Pac and then goes for a clothesline but X-Pac ducks and Austin takes down the ref. Austin tries to wake up the ref but the ref looks hurt. Austin goes to the outside and grabs X-Pac by the leg. And he bounces it off the ring post. Then a camera man takes off his cap and its Kevin Nash. He then runs toward Austin and hits him with the camera. The crowd boos as Nash brings X-Pac to his feet. Nash then wakes the ref up and escapes through the crowd. X-Pac rolls Austin into the ring and covers him 1………….2……….kickout.

X-Pac hits a spinning wheel kick to Austin and he follows that with a series of Elbow drops to the head. X-Pac drags Austin near the corner of the ring and he climbs to the top rope. And he connects with a diving body splash and he hooks the leg 1…………..2………….kickout. X-Pac picks Austin up and spinning neckbreaker. He stands over Austin and mocks him by sticking up the middle finger and then he hits a standing Leg Drop. X-Pac hooks the leg but Austin kicks out at 2. X-Pac tells the ref it was a 3 but the ref calmly replies saying it was a 2. X-Pac drags Austin to the corner and signals for the Bronco Buster. He does the suck it taunt and then runs up………..Austin sticks up his leg and X-Pac starts jumping around the ring holding to his groin area. Austin pulls him self up with the ropes, he hits a spinebuster to X-Pac. He then sticks his middle finger at him and bounces off the ropes hitting a fist drop. He picks X-Pac up and goes for the Stone Cold Stunner but X-Pac pushes him to the ropes……………..He kicks him in the mid section and goes for the X-Factor but Austin reverses it into a powerbomb in Mid air. Austin picks X-Pac up and nails with the Stone Cold Stunner. He hooks the leg 1……….2……………3

Winner Stone Cold in 10:23

JR: Austin wins, Austin has beat X-Pac and he has beat another NWO Member

King: That’s a fluke JR.

JR: He overcame two people and Austin has got a big victory

-----------------------Don’t try this at home advert------------------------

“ Un-American” Lance Storm and Christian head to the ring for this tag team match

“ Dudlyz” The Tag Team Champions come down to a good pop

Match 3 Lance Storm and Christian v Dudley Boyz

Start: Both teams begin to brawl. It ends up with the ref sending Bubu Ray Dudley and Christian out the ring to make Dvon and Storm start off the match

Match: Storm goes to work on Dvon, he drags him to the corner and bounces his head off the turnbuckle. Storm sends him to corner and distracts the ref which allows Christian to strangle him. Storm tags in Christian who starts to choke him out on the ropes. However Dvon fight back with a shot to the mid section and then takes him down with a clothesline. Dvon then catches the running Christian with a side slam. Storm gets in the ring but is back body dropped over the top rope by Dvon. Dvon then sends Christian to the outside with a clothesline. Christian gets back in the ring and locks up with Dvon, and he hits him with a knee to the gut, he then bounces Dvon against the ropes and takes him down with a dropkick, he covers Dvon 1………..2……….kickout

Christian taunts to the crowd and picks Dvon up who hits Christian with a shoulder sternum and then a scoop slam. He tags in Bubba and then he lifts Christians leg up, Bubu climbs to the top rope and hits the whazuppppp diving headbutt. Bubu covers Christian 1…………..2………kickout. Bubu hits a series of elbow drops to the stomach before hitting a leg drop. Bubu picks Christian and hits him with a spinning neckbreaker and he covers him 1………..2……….kickout. Bubu goes for the Bubu bomb but Christian kicks him and then hits him with a reverse ddt. Christian crawls to the corner and tags in Storm.

Storm climbs to the top rope and hits Bubu with a missile dropkick and he immediately covers 1………..2……..kickout. Storm grabs Bubu by the legs and drops a leg drop on them. He rolls to the outside and repeatedly hits Bubu’s legs off the turnbuckle. He rolls back in the ring applies a leglock on Bubu. Bubu about 30 seconds later gets to the ropes. Storm gets on his feet and signals for a superkick, while this is happening Dvon gets in the ring. Storm goes up and………………3D!!!!!. The Dudlyz hit the 3d. Bubu rolls on top of Storm 1……………2……………..Christian breaks the cover. Bubu quickly tags in Dvon.

William Regal heads to the ring

Regal distracts the ref and Christian grabs a title belt. He nails Dvon with it!!!! And he hits Bubu with it as well. Christian tags himself in and nails the unprettier on Dvon and he hooks the leg 1…………….2……………3

Winners Christian and Lance Storm in 10:59

JR: They stole one over the tag team champs

King: What a great win by captain charisma and captain boring

JR: This could lead up to a possible title match in the future King

King: They would be great champs wouldn’t they

JR: More likely not

Backstage Coach is standing with Chris Jericho

Coach: Tonight you have a chance to become the world champ, to do it though you have to beat the person you beat last night…..Triple H. Do you think you can beat him again.

Y2J: Coach I am the King of the world…………..I am the first ever United States Champion……………..I am the highlight of the night……….The only person who these Jackasses in Memphis want to see

Crowd boos as Jericho puts on a big smirk

Y2J: Coach I injured him and he was out for 8 months. I again crippled him last night. I bounced his head off that cell more times than he has cleaned his teeth. That Greasy jackass hasn’t had the fame that I have had. I am the first Undisputed Champion, I have my own band and unlike him I’m really that damn good and I have proof unlike him. Coach Triple H is more of a lowlife than you. And that takes something.

Coach: I’m not a lowlife though

Y2J: That’s funny the best joke I’ve heard all day. You not a lowlife look at you. You look like you have a had sex change. Your so weak a feather could fall on your head and you would be knocked out. Your a dirty,filthy,disgusting trashbag

Coach: Can you stop

Y2J: Ahhhh poor little Coachey needs his mommy because someone is telling what a jackass he is..................... I will stop though seriously Only if you do a dance for me

Coach: I’m not going to do a dance

Y2J: Looks like I am going to diss you a bit more. Okay where shall I start………………

Coach: Okay I will do a dance.

Y2J: Go on then

Coach is about to start dancing but Jericho pushes him away

Y2J: Triple H you beat me at Mania, I beat you last night and tonight I will get the upper hand again.

JR: Jericho seems very confident King about his title match tonight

King: I thought it was The Rock’s job to make fun of Coach

JR: Well they are on opposite shows

King: Well Jericho did a good job still I suppose

JR: We have got another King Of the Ring Match next King. And it will be atop quality one as RVD faces Booker T

“ Can you dig it Sucka “ Booker T comes down to a big pop and he looks very focused for this match

“ One Of A Kind “ RVD gets a very big pop. He gets in the ring and does his taunt before locking eyes with Booker

Match 4 King Of The Ring 1st Round match Booker T v RVD

Start: The two men towards each other, Booker T takes RVD down with a headlock takedown and RVD jumps up and they go face to face again. They lock up, Booker forces RVD into the corner who reverses the momentum and kicks Booker in the face

Match: RVD runs towards Booker who ducks and back body drops him over the top rope. RVD lands on the apron, Booker chops him and then superlexes him in the ring and he hooks the leg 1……….2………kickout. Booker T goes for an ax kick but RVD ducks, RVD bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Booker ducks and hits a back drop. Booker gets RVD up for a powerbomb but RVD hurricarana’s him to the outside.

RVD drops a baseball slide to Booker before bouncing off the ropes and hitting a somersault plancha to Booker on the outside. RVD tosses Booker into the ring who then meets him with an elbow to the gut. Booker bounces off the ropes but gets taken down by a spinning wheel kick by RVD. RVD waits for Booker to get up and runs at him but Booker catches him tilt a whirl backbreaker. Booker then catches RVD with an ax kick and he covers him 1……….2……….kickout. Booker runs at them ropes and hits a high knee drop. Booker applies a headlock, RVD screams in pain and tries to get out of it, RVD eventually gets out of it by elbowing away at Booker. He bounces off the ropes but Booker takes him down with a superkick. Booker puts his hand up and he does the spinarooni. While that is happening RVD jumps up, he hits a hard shot to the face of Booker and whips him to the turnbuckle. He runs up and hits a series of Shoulder thrusts.

He goes to the other corner and runs up at Booker…………. He jumps onto the top rope and goes for a hurricarana but Booker pushes him away and RVD lands on his feet, RVD hits another shoulder thrust before Booker can get away. RVD hits a monkey flip to him and then bounces off the ropes and hits a rolling thunder. RVD jumps onto the top rope and goes for the 5 star frog splash but Booker puts up his knee. RVD rolls around in pain as the ref starts to count to 10. Both men get up at 7, both men go at it exchanging punches. Booker gains the advantage when he knees RVD in the stomach; he bounces off the ropes and goes for a spinning side kick but RVD catches his foot. Booker pokes him in the eye, Booker puts RVD’S arm over his head and nails him with the Book End, he hooks the leg 1…………..2………….kickout!!!!!!! Booker can’t believe it, he stomps his hands off the mat in frustration.

Booker T picks him up and chops away at him to the ropes, Booker bounces him against the ropes and takes him down with a spinebuster. Booker then waits for RVD to get up in the bending position and goes for the scissors kick but RVD moves and Booker lands on his ass. RVD grabs Booker by the head and nails him with a tornado DDT. RVD stands up and does his “ Rob…………..Van………….Dam” Taunt and climbs to the top rope…………..And nails Booker T with the 5 star frog splash!!!!!!! Rob hooks the leg 1……………2………………3!!!!!!!

Winner and advancing to the KOTR Quarter Final Rob Van Dam 15:43

JR: RVD has won. RVD will advance to the quarter finals of the King Of the ring tournament

King: That match could of gone either way JR and he will face either one of the 2 un American buddies Lance Storm and William Regal.

JR: Booker T should not be ashamed of being eliminated in the first round, he put up a great performance and lost against a person who has a great chance of winning this.

Backstage Triple H is heading to the ring and he bumps into the NWO (Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and X-Pac)

Scott: Yo just the man we are looking for Kev

Triple H: What do you guys want

X-Pac: We don’t want to cause any trouble

Kevin: We’ve just got a proposition

Triple: What is this proposition you’ve got

Scott: Well since Hogan left us we have had serious problems

Triple H: What’s that got to do with me

X-Pac: We haven’t finished yet

Kevin: Since Hogan left us I picked up an injury, Scott hasn’t been on his natural form and has been eating too much pizza and we have been on a losing streak

Triple: Soooooo

X-Pac: We offering you to become the leader of the biggest group in history the NWO

Triple H looks shocked at what X-Pac said

Triple: You want me to lead the NWO.

Kevin: Yes Hunter do you want to then

Triple H: Can I have a think about it for a few seconds

Kevin: Fine go ahead

Triple H turns round and thinks for a few seconds. He nods his head and turns back to NWO.

Triple H: You guys are probably my best friends in this business. Known you guys for years but I am rejecting your offer.

Kevin Nash’s face turns red and he looks angry

Kevin: Okay we will ask some one else

Triple H: Thanks…………….Still Friends right

Scott: Of course homie

Triple H: I better go off for my match ……………Wish me luck

Triple H walks off and the NWO watch on

Kevin: Scott get the list out

Scott gets a scrap piece of paper out of his pocket

Kevin: Who else is there

Scott: Well there’s the Gobbely Gooker

Kevin: What!!..........Give me that

Kevin snatches the paper out of Scott’s hand

Kevin: Who put him on the list

X-Pac: Not me(x-Pac’s face goes red)

Scott: Why did you do that for

: Okay thought it would be a bit of fun to put him on the list

Kevin: Well a man dressed as a chicken to lead the NWO is not funny……………..Lets go and find that guy(Points at the paper)

King Of the Ring Commercial

JR: Well NWO obviously in trouble, asking for a new leader in Triple H

King: Well I think he made a big mistake in rejecting their offer

JR: Well think what you want but next up, is for the vacant World Heavyweight title as Chris Jericho faces Triple H in a rematch from last night

King: This is going to be great JR

JR: The battle will end tonight King but you have to fear for Triple H got more pain inflicted on his leg in that Hell In a cell match

King: He won’t walk after tonight’s over JR and he won’t be wrestling for 16 months this time

JR: You have got a sick mind but also we have heard this match will be a No DQ Match

King: That is great news

JR: Last night they went through a hell in a cell match and tonight a No DQ match for the World Title. This is getting ridicules

“ Break the walls down” Chris Jericho comes out with a big smirk on his face. He stands facing the fans on the ring apron and tells them he will 3 time champ

“ Time to Play the Game” Triple H wastes no time and walks quickly to the ring. He sprays water at the fans and then lock his eyes on Jericho

Match5 World Title No DQ Chris Jericho v Triple H

Both men circle the ring looking for an opportunity. Slowly they walk closely together until they are face to face. Jericho pushes Triple H, HHH pushes him back. And they lock up, Triple H forces Jericho into the corner, but Jericho kicks at HHH’s leg and Jericho changes the momentum. Jericho starts chopping away at HHH. He bounces his head off the turnbuckle and starts choking away at him. The ref tells him to let go which he does.

Jericho kicks at his knee a few times again and then bounces off the ropes, but is back body dropped over the top rope by HHH. HHH rolls to the outside and picks Jericho up by the hair. He hits a few punches to Jericho and then whips him against the barricade. Triple then Irish whips him shoulder first into the steel ring post. Triple H heads to the commentary table and starts taking off the monitors and headphones. While this is happening Chris Jericho grabs a steel chair. When HHH turns around Jericho comes and smashes the chair over HHH’s leg!!!!!!!!!! And then a stiff shot with the chair across his back. Jericho rolls his opponent in the ring and he hooks the leg 1…………...2…………….kickout. Jericho rests Hunters leg over the bottom rope and drops an elbow across it to inflict more damage. Jericho drags him into the centre of the ring and applies Ric Flairs finishing move the figure 4 leg lock to Triple H. HHH screams in pain as Jericho starts to apply it harder. Triple H’s shoulders are on the mat so the ref covers 1………..2………Triple H sits up. Triple H tries to punch Jericho but he can’t reach his face. His shoulders are on the mat again 1………….2……….Triple sits up and powers out of it with his uninjured leg and kicks Jericho in the face with it.

Both men get up and go at it, Jericho kicks Triple H in the leg again and bounces off the rope but gets caught by a clothesline from Triple H. Triple H takes him down with numerous clotheslines and then he takes Jericho down with a knee smash. HHH hits a neckbreaker and he hooks the leg 1………….2………..kickout by Jericho. Triple H brings Jericho into the corner and strangles him with his knee, he then follows that with a few stomps to the head and then he drops an elbow drop on Jericho. Triple H goes to the outside and grabs Jericho and pulls him out. He takes him to the ring bell table and bounces his head off it, he then takes him onto the commentary table. He puts Jericho’s head between his legs and he hits the PEDIGREE THROUGH THE COMMENTARY TABLE!!!! Both men are down as the fans chant holy shit

About a minute later Triple H puts Jericho into the ring and hooks the leg



KICKOUT!!!!! Triple H can’t believe it he thought he had won.

JR: By god Jericho kicked out

King: You have got to praise his fighting spirit JR

JR: Yes I don’t know how he kicked out of that, this match has been action packed so far.

HHH slowly picks Jericho up………….Jericho trips HHH up and locks on the walls of Jericho. HHH screams in pain but quickly gets to the ropes; Jericho pulls him back into the centre of the ring. You can see the pain in HHH’s face as Jericho applies the move harder. He stretches as far as he can but can’t get to the ropes. HHH pulls himself along the ground to get to the ropes, he reaches and he grabs it. Jericho tries to pull him away but HHH holds onto the ropes too hard. Jericho lets go, he stomps at his legs a few times and then rolls to the outside.

He looks under the ring and searches for a weapon. He pulls out a sledgehammer. Jericho looks at it and then he smirks and rolls into the ring with sledgehammer in hand. He stands over Triple H and he goes to hit it against Triple H’s legs. He swings and………….Triple low blows him with just a few centimetres away from getting hit with the sledgehammer.

Triple H slowly gets up with help from the ropes still feeling the affects from the walls of Jericho. He picks Jericho up and starts chopping away at him in the corner. Triple H whips him against the ropes and meets him with a knee smash to the face. He picks Jericho up by the hair and drops him with a vicious ddt. He hooks the leg



Kickout. Hunter grabs Jericho and tosses him to the outside. He then tosses him into the crowd. Jericho fight back and they exchange punches in the crowd. Triple H has the advantage but Jericho quickly grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays it into Triple H’s eyes. A few moments later Jericho tosses HHH back into the ring. Jericho gets in the ring and starts mocking Triple H. He kneels down and slaps Triple H off the head a few times before rolling to the outside and grabbing a steel chair.

While this is happening Triple H grabs his sledgehammer. Jericho gets in and Triple H quickly reacts by swinging the sledgehammer against the steel chair which bounces off Jericho’s head. Jericho falls down and looks unconscious. Triple H taunts and signals for the Pedigree. He puts the steel chair in the centre of the ring, he picks Jericho up and kicks him in the mid section……………And nails the Pedigree to Jericho on the steel chair. He hooks the leg



Kevin Nash and Scott Hall come out of nowhere and break the count. Hall quickly grabs a steel chair and smashes it against Triple H’s skull. Nash picks Hunter up and nails him with the jack-knife powerbomb. Hall passes Nash the sledgehammer and Nash repeatedly hits HHH with it. HHH starts to bleed heavily from the head. Hall rolls Jericho on top and the ref has nothing to do except to count




Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho


King: I can’t believe it Jericho won. This has been the greatest raw ever

JR: The NWO basically gave Jericho the title. I thought they were friends with Triple H

King: I said he should of said yes to them…………. and he has a learnt a lesson. Never say no to the NWO

JR: Well that’s the harsh reality. Triple H had the match won but got screwed

King: Don’t act all sad. It is a great day to be a wrestling fan. The King of the World has won the World Title

JR: Good for Jericho but he did not deserve it. Well that’s all we can give you tonight Folks, see you next week

Raw fades to Black


Feedback would be helpful

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That was a great show i liked your upcoming storylines your match writing is great i liked RVD over Booker and also i like NWO screwing HHH over does this mean Jericho is the new NWO leader anyways can't wait till next show and thanks it was a great read


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WWE News and Rumours

Chris Benoit is recovering quicker than thought and might come back to action early June.

. There is a rumour that WWE are trying to buy former WCW Champion to join the NWO .

. A new Tag Team is about to debut on smackdown according to a PW.COM It will be called Evolution and it will contain of John Cena and Randy Orton

I forgot to update my user title again & will do s
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WOW good show liked all of it interesting to see HHH get beat up by the NWO and your rumor's are interesting to say the least as i am trying to figure out who the former WCW champion is?and i wonder what you are going to do when Chris beniot return's.I'll be back later once you have done the next show.
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