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WWE 2002: The Dawn Of A New Era

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Please have a look at several of the more respected BTB's around here to get an idea of how things are done in these parts. Color, italics, font, bolding, etc. Make it presentable. That's my main concern.

It gives me the impression that you have made absolutely no planning with this thread and made it on the spot, which is obviously a bad thing. I suggest planning well ahead of time, future feuds and cards you want to work towards cause by skimming over your first post which has numerous spelling errors and other things it doesn't give me a good feeling about you being serious and sticking with it.

Other then that, I am sure the rest will come with time and experience, best of luck, this isn't a time where most first timers' tend to start from but don't give up on it and hope it goes well for you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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