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WWE '12- The Lost Highway

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen alike to my very first BTB the lost highway. this BTB will begin from the Royal Rumble 2012 of which i will rebook. The first order of buisness is this article from WWE.COM

Jan 2nd
WWE officials, leaving a meeting earlier this morning deciding that the WWE supershow format will be eradicated. The Hard Brand Split will be put into place. This has been done in order to bring back credibility and dynamic programing back to Smackdown.

Jan 3rd

WWE Smackdown begins a new era with a new day and new home!
the USA network has signed a 5 year deal to carry Smackdown programming. In order to begin bringing back Smackdown to a dynamic and compelling television program, officials at the USA network felt the need to have it be live, in which anything can happen. Beginning January 29th Smackdown will eminate live on Tuesday nights.

Randy Orton
Mark Henry
Jimmy Uso
Jey Uso
Big Show
Cody Rhodes (IC Champ)
Daniel Bryan (WHC)
Wade Barrett
Ted Dibiase
Jinder Mahal
The Undertaker
Heath Slater
Sin Cara (injured)
Ezekiel Jackson

Monday Night Raw

CM Punk (champion)
Chris Jericho
The Miz
R Truth
Kofi Kingston
Brodus Clay
Dolph Ziggler
Jack Swagger (US Champ)
Santino Marella
Zach Ryder
Drew McIntyre
John Cena
David Otunga

The first show, The Royal Rumble will be posted shortly!

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THE RESULTS. and the changes...

Stayed the same:

John Cena vs Kane- No contest, Kane attacks Zach Ryder after match.

World Heavyweight Title: Daniel Bryan def Big Show and Mark Henry


WWE Championship Dolph Ziggler Vs CM Punk

Right after Justin Roberts introduction of the match, John Laurenitas appears on the stage with a microphone.

JohnnyMy name is Mr. John Laurenitas, and i am the executive vice president of talent relations and interim general manager of Monday Night Raw. I understand that HHH will appear Monday on Raw to give me a job evaluation. Now I know, as well as you all know that my job so far has been nothing short of stellar. I will continue to prove how good a job i am doing and in the interest of avoiding any problems occurring with myself as an unbiased official i will use my professional judgement and give up my referee spot. Thank you all very much and God Bless St Louis!

Johnny leaves to a chorus of heat

Match Ending These two ring workers put on a helluva fast paced match. Ziggler tries to hit Punk with a clothesline when Punk ducks and Dolph nails the ref. Punk lifts up Dolph for the GTS, Ziggler slips out and counters with a DDT. He goes for a fame asser before CM Punk catches him in mid air throwing him up and kneeing him in the face with the GTS! Punk leans up on the top rope catching his breath when out of nowhere….. A masked man emerges from the crowd and clocks Punk across the skull with a lead pipe! The masked man gets in the ring and pulls Dolph over Punk who appears to be out. He exit’s the ring swiftly in hopes of not being noticed. The ref stirs but it appears in his coma he saw the foul play and calls for the bell!!

Winner VIA DQ: CM Punk[/COLOR

Dolph Ziggler stairs at the masked man who is standing ringside with utter contempt. He SNAPS and chases this masked assailant and he tries to escape throught the crowd. Before the unknown renegade can make his daring escape Dolph catches him by the clothing and whips him back into the ring. Dolph wastes no time jumping onto the man tearing off the mask. its..........JOHN LAURENITAS! Dolph looks dumbfounded. The man of the majestic voice begs for forgivness as he climbs to his feet saying, " Dolph, I'm sorry" Dolph looks up and down for a few seconds before.........WHAM! Dolph nails him with a furious right hand garnering a boisterous reaction from the crowd. Dolph is wailing away on Johnny until Punk 1stirs and walks toward them. Dolph noticing Punk gives him a look and says "he all yours!" Punk lifts up Johnny for the GTS and CONNECTS. as Johnny bounces off from the knee strike Dolph nails the ZIG ZAG! Dolph pops up staring down Punk

Dolph: (without a mic) " One next time we meet, it's just you and me, and I'm taking that title!

Punk(no mic) Anytime Dolphie any time!

Dolph exits the ring as Vickie follows looking super pissed.


29 men have entered, and now only 8 remain in the ring as the 30th competitor is awaited with baited breath. 3.......2........1...........

Miz entered @ 1

Dolph Ziggler entered @ 3

Mark Henry entered @ 20

Jinder Mahal entered @ 25

Santino Marella @ 26

Kofi Kingston @ 27

Jack Swagger @ 24

Chris Jericho @ 28

Randy Orton @ 29


John Cena runs to the ring, the crowd is in shock...can Cena be the first man to double main event Wrestlemania?? He runs in on a full head of steam. Nails Jericho, nails Miz and nails Kingston. Jack Swagger runs to Cena and gets lifted up for the AA over the top rope... Elimination! Cena turns to Jericho, AA to the canvas, same to Miz, Mahal charges, gets tossed out of the ring, Cena looks to Marella..AA To him too! Cena stands alone as all others are fallen and getting up as Cena tries to look to see who he should try to attack next when....

IF YA SMELL.........!!!!


HOLY S&*%$$%!!! The pop is enormous as the most iconic theme in the history of the WWE rings through the arena as the Great One appears on stage in his normal getup of an I BRING IT shirt and track pants. Cena stairs down the ramps as The Rock makes his way to the ring and climbs into the ring. The Rock and Cena stare one another down intensly as Cena says " Hey welcome back bud" SLAPS THE ROCK IN THE FACE!! The Rock nails him with a right hand as they exchange blows back and forth! The competitors in the ring strategically stand around watching the situation unfold. The Rock begins to take control with his trademark blows Cena reels back. the rock spits in his hand for the death blow when Cena lifts him up for the AA. The Rock reverses it turning cena around for trademark DDT and nip up. The Rock then begins to stalk him. Cena gets up, turns around INTO THE ROCK BOTTOM!! the building erupts.the rock isn't finished he pulls Cena toward the ropes and goes behind him holding up on the ropes. getting up is Santino. he pulls the stocking out of his tights and puts it on his hand! he yells out COBRA! and runs toward the prone Cena who tumbles out of the ring as The Rock pulls the ropes down. CENA ELIMINATED BY SANTINO! The Rock walks by the fallen Cena giving him the mocking U CANT C ME as he walks out of the arena to a chorus of Rocky chants

fast forward

Only two men remain, Dolph Ziggler and Wade Barrett. The two men stare each other down in the middle of the ring, ready to determine who truly is the future of the business. right before they can lock up, all of the sudden, DAVID OTUNGA NAILS DOLPH FROM BEHIND WITH A STEEL CHAIR KNOCKING DOLPH TO THE GROUND. Wade lays back while Otunga hits Dolph around 10 times with the chair, defending the honour of his fallen GM. Wade would then interrupt telling David "I'll take it from here." Otunga hands the chair to his former Nexus leader leaving the ring.

Barrett clutches the chair, waiting as Dolph stirs, trying to get back to a vertical base, He lifts it up WHAM! nails Dolph!! Wade stands around toying with Dolph. He then unfolds the chair into it's seated position. He picks up the fallen Dolph and lifts him up into the fireman's carry. WASTELAND ONTO THE CHAIR!! Dolph screams out in pain lying in a position looking like he fell out of a building! Wade with all the confidence in the world picks up the nearly limp Dolph and holds him in the air. HE RUNS TOWARDS THE ROPES AND TOSSES DOLPH OUT..............BUT DOLPH GRABS ON THE ROPE WITH ONE ARM!! Wade is angry by this turn of events. Dolph rolls underneath the ropes crawling back into the ring. Wade charges Dolph when Dolph flips him over the ropes..............ELIMINATION??? NOOO wade stays him hanging onto the ropes. Dolph goes over to Wade and fires right hands, each one knocks Wade closer to the edge.

One more blow.......... No Otunga gets back in and drops him with the Verdict Spinebuster! Wade is able to recover as both men now begin to double team on Dolph. Otunga goes to the apron as Wade props him up the ropes. Wade picks up the fallen chair ready to knock Dolph straight out. He swings!!!........... Dolph moves out the way nailing Otunga across the skull!! Otunga falls knocked out cold. Dolph from his fallen position grabs Wade's leg and drops him over the ropes....ELIMINATION???????????? NO WADE HOLDS ON AGAIN. Dolph is dumbfounded. He runs off the rope and charges towards Wade with a diving clothesline.....Wade CATCHES HIM IN MID AIR AND THROWS HIM TOWARD THE TURN BUCKLE MAKING HIM CROTCH THE TOP! Wade climbs from the apron onto the turnbuckles, lifting him on his shoulders, IS WADE GONNA WASTELAND HIM FROM THE TOP TO THE FLOOR, NOOOOOOOOOO DOLPH REVERSES INTO A HEADSCISSORS SENDING WADE FLYING FROM THE TOP TO THE FLOOR! WADE HIS IT WITH A SUPER IMPACT AS DOLPH HOLDS ON TO THE RING BY THE ROPES.....


Dolph gets back into the ring jumping around in pure bliss as the crowd roars!! Several replays of the amazing elimnation are shown as Dolph climbs to the top rope. He points at the Wrestlemania 28 sign yelling HOW DAMN GOOD AM I!!?? as the pyro goes crazy as it always does. the show ends as Dolph jumps on the other turnbuckle celebrating


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Merely 24 hours after a newsworthy Royal Rumble Pay Per View Raw airs live from the Sprint Center in Kansas City Missouri! it promises to be a night for the ages!

After accomplishing the greatest feat of his career so far, we will hear from Dolph Ziggler as he celebrates his Royal Rumble victory. How will the self proclaimed Show off celebrate his victory?

After making a surprise return at the Royal Rumble match, helping to eliminate John Cena, Michael Cole and King will interview the one and only Great One The Rock. How will the Rock explain his actions and what will he have to say for his Wrestlemania opponent John Cena

After coming to a No Contest last night at the Rumble, John Cena and Kane will go one on one live in a No Holds Barred rematch in which THERE MUST BE A WINNER! what kind of fireworks will occur when this match kicks off?

WWE COO Triple H will be in attendance tonight to give John Laurenitas a job evaluation. After Mr. Laurenitas' attempt to cost CM Punk the WWE title, will his firing be a forgone conclusion?


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A video package plays showing the final moments of the Royal Rumble where Dolph Ziggler wins it.

No Nickelback plays to ring in Raw as we have a shot panning over the crowd

in the arena....


The crowd gives a generous pop for the Royal Rumble winner. After his attack of John Laurenitas. He runs out as happy as a man who's dreams who have been realized can be. He is clad very dapper as he is wearing a white suit with a pink shirt(only he could pull this off) with expensive looking shades. as he climbs atop the pyro on the stage goes nuts setting off an Independence Day worth of sky candy to celebrate the Rumble winner. Vicky Guerrero stands by his side almost inaudible, this is Dolph's night. He removes his shades and grabs a mic.

Dolph Ladies and gentlemen! Kansas City Missouri! You are witness to the future of this buisness, you are witness to the man who outlasted 29 other men, 29 other living breathing human beings, from Orton, to Cena, Barrett hell even the Road Dogg I beat them all

Pop for this

DolphAfter 6 years, 6 long years of bottom feeding, grinding it out fighting for every thing i got, finally, i have broken through I have done it! and most importantly I did it by myself. I didn't need some two bit "business" man with laryngitis or a celebrity husband lawyer to do anything for me! Anything at all! I came, I saw, I showed off, and I as God is my witness I conquered!

Cheers for his intensity

Dolph This was no easy road, not by a damn longshot. I came into this business not some chosen son, my dad wasn't a legend and I'm not seven feet tall 290. So for that, I came in much maligned. I clawed my way to the top.

Dolph Look at me though, getting ahead of myself, because I will not be satisfied, not complacent until I have GOLD around my waist! Weather it be the WWE or the World heavyweight, i will take it so Punk, Bryan, you better get on your knees, and pray to whatever god you believe in and you pray and pray hard i dont pick you because whoever I do pick will run headlong straight into a runaway freight train dead set on taking what belongs to him!!

Pop for the intensity[/COLOR

DolphI've had my shots at the brass ring, hell i was even champion for about 10 minutes or so, and last night i had a shot to go into Mania with the title and I never capitalized. I'm not going to stand here and make excuses, I didn't get those titles because i did not capatalize on my chances. I'm a man, I admit it.

Dolph No one wants to be at the top of the mountain more than me, that is a goddamn fact ladies and gentlemen. So why Dolph? why am i not the top dog. For years that question has alluded me until last night. Last night Big Jackass came and interfered with my match, which cost me a victory i had in my back pocket!

Mixed Reaction

Dolph You see, all my years here I'v been by someone's side. I came in with a male cheerleading troupe named the Spirit Squad hell i was even Chavo Guerrero's caddy. And they all landed me in the same , obscurity!

The crowd senses something

DolphWhere am I going with this? Well....(he turns to Vickie)Vickie, you took me under your wing, and have groomed me. For that I am thankful. But you know what, your influence has taken me only so damn far, to where i was before last night, what's the word, midcard fodder. Vickie, I came into this business to be the greatest and well that's not happening in this current situation I'm in.

Crowd begins to cheer vickie beings to ask him what he means

DolphI mean when I come out every night with you by my side, yelling like a banshee every night, no one notices the greatness that is Dolph Ziggler, all there focused on is get this annoying trashbag hoe out of the damn ring!

Vickie is crushed! the crowd pops huge!

DolphWhat i want to say to you is Vickie, as far as you being my manager......YOU'RE FIRED!


dOLPHGOD THAT FELT GOOD! (vickie is screaming and crying like a crazy woman.) Maybe you didn't hear me! Maybe you didn't hear these people, GET THE HELL OUT OF MY RING!

the crowd eats it up

Dolph[/COLOR.Vickie stomps out, broken hearted.]

DolphCmon guys lets give her a proper send off. NANANANAN HEY HEY HEY GOOOOODBYEEEEEE!!!(he continues to sing until she has fully exited)

DolphListen up! to the two champions and to everyone in the back and to all of you here and all those at home. I. HAVE. ARRIVED. and this guy doesn't change. my hair still stays bleached, I'm still wearing flashy coloured clothing and I will continue to SHOW OFF! the only difference is, when the lights go on bright, in front of 80 grand in Miami and in front of millions around the world from Detroit to Russia from to Kansas City to Afghanistan and everywhere in between will watch me as I reach the top of the mountain. Hows that for backing it up!

Dolph drops his mic, does his trademark hair flick and leaves the ring as we cut to commercial


We return to see Vickie backstage packing her bags and walking out. Josh Matthews approaches

Joshhey vickie I was wondering if i could get a word about what happened tonight

VickieYou want a word, here's my word. I made Dolph Ziggler who he is today. He doesn't appreciate me, these people don't appreciate me so you know what... I QUIT!

vickie leaves as the entire arena is in a state of pure euphoria!

Match one Jack Swagger Vs Santino

The match is back and forth. The ending comes as Santino is on the canvas. Swagger locks in the ankle lock. He wrenches it, until, Santino rolls through for the cradle pin.....



Winner: Santino

Marella celebrates in his trademark trumpet and dancing around.


John Laurenitas and David Otunga are sitting in his office looking dejected. Otunga sips out of his flask before talking.

Otunga: Listen John, I'll admit it might not look good tonight for your job evaluation, but Triple H has to see the light. You are the best and most innovative general manager in the history of Monday Night Raw. He cannot possibly find someone better.

Johnny: David, HHH needs to see my side of this. CM Punk as a champion is a cancer to this great show. I mean I was doing a service to this business.

Otunga Listen John, your best course of action is to put together the best possible show tonight to show Triple H that no one else can truly put on a better show than Mr. Excitement.

Suddenly The Miz comes into the shot looking upset

Miz Mr. Laurenitas, tonight I want you to know that you have my utmost support tonight. You took the cesspool that HHH made and turned it into an almost utopia. Tonight I came in for a reason. I want R Truth and I want him in the middle of the ring tonight! I want to put an end to him, grant me my request sir please I need this!

Johnny Miz, you got your wish, because I am Mr. Excitement I know what these fans want so tonight in the middle of the ring it will be R Truth Vs The Miz.

Miz (Shakes his hand) Thank you sir good luck tonight!

Otunga Now sir, in my years at Harvard Law I am great at developing an argument, so let's get to work.

Cut Back to Arena

Match 2: Kofi Kingston Vs Heath Slater

The match is one that is actually quite competitive though Heath catches a Trouble In Paradise




Winner Kofi Kingston

Before cutting to commercial we are reminded that we will hear from The Rock next!!


We return to see a close up of the word Boots to Asses on the back of the Rock's shirt as he turns around facing the camera. He whips off his sunglasses.

The Rock: Finally...... The Rock has come back to Monday Night Raw!!!

The crowd erupts

All day. All day I've been hearing the questions. My twitter page filled to the brink with a bunch of 35 year old virgin Cena fans asking, (mockingly) "why wocky why" why did you show up January 29th St Louis, Missouri and screw Cena out of the Royal Rumble win? It's quite simple, The Rock simply gave Cena exactly what his candy ass had coming


The Rock Cena, you think The Rock didn't hear you calling me out at the Slammy Awards, giving that whole "I'm better than the Rock because I show up everynight and the Rock doesn't please accept me" speech.

The Rock: It's the same monkey crap every damn night isn't it John. You're music hits in every arena all over the world it's the same damn thing isn't it. 30 percent of the arena gets up and cheers. In that 30 % is children under the age of 10, visually impaired females who find you attractive, and a bunch of 40 somethings living in their parents basements losing their bladder at the sight of your goofy frutty pebble ass.


The Rock Then you look to the camera, and say some stupid crap which is almost outweighed by the fans hate for you. After that you run straight to the ring looking like a penguin with a piece of ice lodged up its lady parts.

Laughs from the audience

The Rockand you grab the microphone and then the crap just flows out. You bored these poor people, The Rocks people, these people who I entertained night in and night out, the people that you claim to be here for every night are the ones you demand a damn refund!

ooooooos from the crowd

The Rock[/COLOR: There is a reason why these people hate you. Look back at all the greats, the greats i went to war with these people all came to see for a reason.People filled arenas to see the Peoples champ every night, to see The Texas Rattlesnake open up cans of whoopass, The Undertaker take souls, HHH be the cerebral assassin! We all had something that people came to see, a distinguishing quality. so lets take a look at your distinguishing quality. You look like a prepubescent boy whose balls havent dropped yet shiny fruity pebble yaba daba bitch!

Huge Pop!

The Rock: Looking back at all the greats, who held the proverbial ball in their day, from Hogan to Michaels, to Austin To me, you John are a disgrace to all of those men! So its pretty simple why i eliminated your ass, to show you that your days of disgracing the greats is over. because John you have crossed paths with the Jabroni beatin, pie eating, trail blazing, eyebrow raising, kicking ass, taking names, never slaking a bit, ready to bring the pain to you John Cena, you rub-ix cube looking piece of SHIT! (censored for tv)

The crowd eats it up!

The RockI am not alone in my feelings about you John. The greats are not happy with you John. In fact there is one man in particular who aint happy with your crap. A good friend of The Rock. A man who I have went to war with creating the most storied rivalry in the history of the WWE, Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Huge pop for the mention

The Rock In fact, I have just gotten of the phone with him and he told me John, next week live on Raw from Houston he is gonna be there live to call your candy ass out. So for the first time ever, The Rock, Cena, and Austin will all be in the same ring together live on Raw!


The Rock See John, you got your ass in a whole lot of trouble now, and next week the Rock is going to Bring it next week and for the next coming weeks and I truly hope you got used to the feeling of defeat last night because you will feel that feeling again in tenfold when after Wrestlemania when you are lying on the ground looking up at the Great One after receiving the ass whipping of a lifetime!.............................IF YA SAMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK. IS. COOKING!!!!

The Rock lifts his trademark eyebrow as his music plays throughout the arena to an electrifying response



Ending: The match is back and forth, Truth beings to mount a serious offense looking to drop the lie detector on Miz when Miz nails him with a low blow! The bell rings, disqualification. the Miz however is far from satisfied, going underneath the ring to grab a lead pipe from underneath the ring climbing back in. He stalks Truth from behind, and then WHAM!! Miz nails him in the back of the right knee!! he continues to hit him on the same knee about 5 to 6 times with a crazed look on his face. Referees and officials break The Miz up from annihilating Truth. Miz is escorted to the back by refs with an evil smile on his face. The doctors and officials begin to carry Truth to the back, and before he reaches it.....MIZ EMERGES FROM THE BACK AGAIN NAILING TRUTH AGAIN IN THIS KNEE!! Officials swarm Miz but he threatens them back with the pipe. Miz goes behind Truth and...SKULL CRUSHING FINALE ON THE STAGE!! The camera does a close up on the Miz face as he brings himself vertical in a scene eerily similar to the attack the night after Survivor Series.



Cena runs to the ring with that smile, seemingly unfazed by the comments of The Great One.



Ending: After an toughly contested battle Cena is down as Kane goes for his missile clothesline. Cena pushes Kane off the ropes as he crotches the top! Cena goes to the top rope to try and give him a superplex when. Kane grabs a hold of Cenas throat! CHOKESLAM OFF THE TOP ROPE!! 1............2................3

Winner: Kane

The crowd is shocked as Cena lost the match clean, suspicion sets in that maybe The Rock may have gotten to Cena.


A black and white shot pans over the different sets of Smackdown over the years. a voice chimes in.

For over twelve years, it has produced many different superstars

Shots of the Rock, Brock Lesnar, Batista, Cena show up

Given countless memories to last a lifetime

Different shots appear... John Cena's debut, Brock Lesnar and Big Show Breaking the ring, Kurt Angle revealed to be bald!

And tomorrow night, it begins a new era... Live!

Featuring, The World Heavyweight title triple threat No DQ falls count anywhere match, Daniel Bryan will defend against the Big Show and Mark Henry. and the return of one of its greatest superstar! THE UNDERTAKER!

Tune in live Tomorrow night, 8/7 C on USA!

**One Man Band**

Heath Slater makes his way to the ring in jeans, cowboy boots and a denim jacket. the crowd oozes hatred for the most annoying looking superstar possibly in the history of the business.

HeathAA'Rite cut ma music. Ladies and gentlemen you are bearing witness to the future of the dubya dubya ee' the one man band Heath Slater!

Huge Heat

Heath I yam the most multifaceted most multi talented man in this business. I mean I am dynamite in the ring, I have the look and I am a rockstar! So tonight you inbred Kansas City hicks are in for a treat. I am going to show you my amazing singing ability!

The heat keeps coming

HeathSo I'm gonna let the audience decide which song for me to sing (he holds the mic out to listen for requests but all he hears is boos) Wait i think I hear We are the champions! Yeah that's fitting because I am a future champion, alright here goes... "I paid ma dues, time after time, I done my sentence but committed no crime, and them mistakes I made a few!!!!! (the crowd cant take it.)...


The Great Khali makes his way into the ring to a generous pop!

HeathWhaddya doin here!! Can't ya see me entertainin' these fans you over grown freak...


The Great Khali nails him with a gigantic chop to the head knocking the One Man Band out cold he grabs the mic

Khali Heath... you shut up, you talk talk funny!!

Khali drops the mic and starts dancing his Indian dance in the middle of the ring.

Cuts backstage

John Cena is sitting in the locker room in pain, physically and emotionally it seems. Josh Matthews walks into the shot.

Josh MatthewsUhh John if I could, how are you feeling after the defeat at the hands of Kane

John looks at Josh, contemplating the question, until he turns his head back down towards the ground making it clear he's in no mood.

JoshUhh alright thanks John.

Cuts to Parking lot

a limo pulls up in the parking lot. the driver opens up the door to reveal The Game HHH emerge. he begins to walk as we cut to the final commercial in preperation for John Laurenitas job evaluation



HHH comes out to a great reaction from the audience dressed in his COO business suit.

HHHAlright I'm not here to mess around tonight, Laurenitas, get your ass out here!

Big pop from the audience

Johnny comes to the ring accompanied by David Otunga. He holds a mic

JohnnySir if i could, I have some words in my defense.

Triple H(looking at his watch) Here you got like a minute but my mind is pretty well made up so it better be spectacular.

JohnnySir, I was doing this company the biggest favor. CM Punk has been holding the most prestigious title in the world. He doesn't belong here, he never belonged at the top, I only did what was good for business. Punk has disrespected me, he's disrespected Mr. McMahon and he has disrespected you.

Triple H mockingly listens

JohnnyI have a vision for this show, a vision that has great men be the cornerstones of this show, not some Mcdonalds worker covered in tatoos and piercings. Hunter I did this for the greater good. I did this for the growth of this great company and most importantly I did it for these people. Punk is a cancer...


the champ walks directly to the ring with a sarcastic grin on his face.he has a mic

PunkAlright I think I speak for all of these people here tonight when I tell you no one wants to hear a damn word you have to say!

Punk's smile turns into a bit of a scowl

PunkSee I'm pretty pissed off about what happened last night, about you hitting me over the head with a lead pipe and trust me before we go off the air, one way or another I'm going to kick your ass, but before the physicality comes I want to destroy you verbally.

Pops for this prospect

PunkI know why, I know exactly why you hit me with that pipe and it has nothing to do with business nothing to do with some vision of the WWE, no it has everything to do with bitterness. You, Funkman are a bitter man.

PunkYou're bitter as much as all the guys in the office are bitter that a guy they tried to hold down so long took the company by storm. You can't stand that fact can you? This guy in front of you, this vanilla midget as you would say, this guy covered in tats, covered in piercings, exceeded all expectations while a guy like you, coming from a family of greats, who had the supposed look couldn't do a damn thing with the silver platter handed to him!

CM Punk chants ring out

Otunga interjects

Otunga Listen Punk, you better learn a bit of respect...

Punk in one swift motion grabs his belt and CRACKS IT OFF OTUNGA'S SKULL!

Punk David, don't you know it's rude to interupt? So yeah, my face hurts from that shot last night but I'm going to smile, I'm going to laugh watching a no good two bit hack jealousy ridden piece of crap get fired, and I'm sure every single person here feels the exact same way I do. In fact, I know they do, which is why I brought some people.

Dolph ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Santino, Great Khali, Brodus Clay, and other various faces emerge on the ramp

PunkSee these fine gentlemen over here are going to help you see your way out of this building and make sure the door doesn't hit you on the ass on the way out!

Pops as Johnny's dismissal is coming

Punk So Hunter, without further adieu, please for all of our sakes, Kick this ass straight out the door onto the unemployment line where it belongs!

a smile crosses Triple H's face

Triple H Well Ace, it's pretty apparent at this point. You took my job back in October, promising to take it to heights I could never imagine, well its pretty clear you haven't done a single good thing since your arrival. So by the power vested in me as COO I'd like to say Johnny. YOU'RE FIRED!!

a huge pop rings through the arena

PunkOh yeah Johnny, by the way, best of luck in your future endevours!

Punk kicks him square in the balls and then lifts him up and HITS THE GTS! he grabs Johnny's unconscious carcass and dumps it onto the crowd of faces who proceed to carry him out of the arena


In one swift motion HHH produces a sledgehammer out of the back of his suit and WHAM NAILS CM PUNK AS HE TURNS AROUND ACROSS THE SKULL!!! THE CROWD IS IN AWE! HHH pounds on Punk at least 10 more times on the head with the hammer. He turns Punk around to face him, grabbing him by the face and SPITS IN HIS FACE! WHAT IS GOING ON?? The Game is not done he throws Punks lifeless body outside of the ring. He begins to clear off the announce table. He grabs the cable from the monitor and begins to CHOKE THE LIFE OUT OF PUNK. This lasts about a minute as Punk lies lifeless on the table. Triple H climbs on top and sets him up...PEDIGREE THROUGH THE TABLE!!! the crowd shower heat on Triple H though most don't know what to make of this shocking turn of events. Triple H climbs back into the ring and grabs a mic.

Triple H So Punk I guess it's time for me to name the new guy running the show, so from now on, running Raw will be ME! Triple H! Punk, let me be the first to welcome you, to your own personal hell!

The show goes off the air with Triple H standing with an angry look on his face that eerily turns into a sadistic smile.

end show[/B
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