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Ok, this is my first post and I promise that before i start posting my fed, I will do many replies to other bookings. I am doing a new fed called the WWA- World Wrestling Association. It is mostly made up of castoffs from WWE and WCW. Going to start about 2 months into the promotion so here is the gist of what went down.

A new fed has been created to compete with the WWE and TNA. It is ran by Jason O'Neal (made up). The general manager of WWA Showdown (weekly show) is Bret Hart! On the first show champions were crowned in which X-Pac won the c/w title in fatal fourway against Low-Ki, Spanky, and Jamie Noble, Jazz won the Women's in a triple threat against Nidia and Gail Kim, Rico and Goldust won tag team gold against Headbangers, Farooq and Stevie-Ray. Mark Henry outlast Nathan Jones, D'lo Brown, Sean O'Haire to win IC Title. Billy Gunn won the WWA Heavyweight Championship in 30 man Royal Rumble by eliminating Scott Steiner.

Billy Gunn successfully retained the title against Steiner at WWA: Big Bang only to lose it to him at WWA: Genesis in triple threat match that featured Mark Henry as well.

Steiner cost Mark Henry the IC Title just 10 days before Genesis to Nathan Jones.

Jazz is still woman's champ after beating Gail Kim at Genesis.

Rico and Goldust are still tag champs and quite the odd pair.

X-Pac retained the title at WWA: Big Bang only to lose it at WWA: Genesis to Low-Ki. The two then shook hands and are now a tag team.

Ok so sometime in the next few days look for WWA: Shockwave with the aftermath of Genesis!!

One more thing I would like to add... expect a full roster late tonight or tommorow. And if you would like feel free to add any comments, what you would like to see, inspiration (lol) just anything you want.

Also I forgot to mentio that a full roster will be up either late tonight or tommorow. Feel free to post any comments, what you would like to see, inspiration (lol) just anything.

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Sorry about double post, it messed up...


World Heavyweight Championship- Scott Steiner
Intercontinental Championship- Nathan Jones
Tag Team Champions- Rico/Goldust
Cruiserweight Champion- Low-Ki
Women's Champion- Jazz

(No Order)
Mark Henry
Johnny Stamboli
D'Lo Brown
Billy Gunn
Gail Kim
Terri Runnels
April Hunter
Alexis Laree
Matt Morgan
Sean O'Haire
Chuck Palumbo
Mike Sanders
Kid Romeo
Jamie Noble
Amazing Red
Dean Malenko
Super Crazy
Perry Saturn
New Jack
Justin Credible
Tommy Dreamer

Thats all for now but expect many surprises and roster shakeups week after week!

WWA:Shockwave preview​

Scott Steiner Championship Ceremony

Nathan Jones vs. Johnny Stamboli-IC Championship

Rikishi vs. Spanky

Mike Sanders vs. Chuck Palumbo

Justin Credible vs. D'lo Brown

Matt Morgan vs. Sean O'haire

Low-Ki vs Jamie Noble- Cruiserweight Championship


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Ok here it is in its entirety. Sorry A-Dust, it wont happen again. I know its not that good but I would love any advice, comments, questions, ideas..etc... you might have. And I promise to get some reviews in to other shows tommorow. Plus it is kind of sloppy but I will change that next show. Plus I will prob do full matches. If not, main event always will be full match and PPVS as well. One more thing sorry, I cancelled Morgan/ O'Haire match..had other plans.


Numb/Encore starts playing and clips of WWA action are shown in the intro to WWA:SHOWDOWN. The promo ends and the pyro begins as the crowd goes nutsand starts cheering for Shockwave to begin. We then go ringside with Mike Tenay and Mark Madden.

Mike Tenay: Here we go ladies and gentleman, welcome to WWA Showdown and we are just 24 hours removed from Genesis. What a night it was that ended in the crowning of a new world champion.

Mark Madsen: That's right, that is right. We have a new champion in Scott Steiner and what a deserving individual. A true role model!

Mike Tenay: Are you kidding me? He had to use a lead pipe to get it done!

Suddenly "Hitman" hits and the WWA GM, Bret Hart makes his way to thew ring to a tremendous ovation. He walks down the ramp and rolls in before grabbing a mike.

Bret Hart- First of all, Scott Steiner! Scotty you did it. You found some way to screw up my main event and cheat to win the world title. Well Steiner, congratulations. But defending the title is a lot harder than winning it and you will learn that my friend. Now onto some more business...

"The One" hits and Billy Gunn walks down to the ring and grabs a mike.

Billy Gunn- Sorry to interupt you Bret. But I came out here for something and by God, I plan to get it. I want my world title back!!

Bret Hart- I understand where you are coming from but Billy...

"World's Strongest Man" hits as Bret looks frustrated for being interupted twice and Mark Henry makes his way to the ring.

Mark Henry- Now hold on a minute playa'. If anyone deserves a title shot it is me! Im the one who won the number 1 contendership and I didnt even lose last night! He did! *points to Billy*

Bret Hart- Whoa Whoa Whoa. I just got an idea. You two take the night off, because next week there will be a 15 man battle royal for the number one contendership. And both of you will be in it. Thank You.

*The crowd cheers as "Hitman" hits and we go to commercial. When we return we see a limo pull up. It stops and the door opens revealing... World Champ Big Poppa Pump and Midajah who get major heat. Steiner looks at his title and smirks as we return to the arena.*

Rikishi vs Spanky

3 minutes into the match, the two "faces" are having fun and just messing around. Rikishi hits a superkick and goes for the "Butt Drop" but Spanky moves and Rikishi lands on hard on the matt. Spanky then runs and then hits a dropkick to a sitting Rikishi and gets a quick cover. 1...2...3!! Spanky gets the upset!

Spanky celebrates and teases Rikishi. Rikishi smirks and then then superkicks Spanky! He rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair before rolling back in. He then nails Spanky with it repeatedly! The crowd boos as Rikishi laughs!

Tenay- What in the hell is wrong with Rikishi?!
Madsen- Looks like he got a new attitude!

* We go backstage with Terri Runnels and Johnny Stamboli*

Terri- Johnny, tonight you will face Nathan Jones for the Intercontinental Championship. You were in the Royal Rumble the first night of WWA and got injured. This is your first match back.. how do you feel?

Johnny- This is very important to me Terri. Very Important. You see, my whole career, I have been a sidekick. I was a sidekick to Big Vito in the WCW. And I sidekick to Nunzio in the WWE. But Im sick of it! Tonight is my shot. My time to prove that I can run with the big boys. And hopefully after tonight, I can prove to Bret Hart that I am worthy of being in the battle royal next week!

Terri- Well good luck tonight.

* We return to the ring as Chuck Palumbo is already in the ring awaiting his opponent. " Above Average" hits and Mike Sanders sprints to the ring. *

Chuck Palumbo vs Mike Sanders

5 minutes in, these two former friends have been going at it back and forth. Mike Sanders hits a DDT and goes to the top rope. He jumps off and gets nailed with the jungle kick. Palumbo covers. 1..2..3

Winner- Chuck Palumbo

Tenay- What a match from these two former superstars.
Madsen- A clean win... what is up with that?

*We return from commercial break and we are backstage in a superstar lockerroom.*

Rico- Man that was a tough match last night. I think I strained my back.

Goldust- Oh No! We cant have that now can we?!

*Goldust then begins to rub Rico's shoulders very secutively.*

Rico- Oh yeaahhh... Yea thats the spot...Harder!!!

* The camera then leans over to show D"Lo Brown standing there with a horrified look on his face.*

D'Lo- Um guys... this is a public lockerroom... maybe you guys could go somerwhere private?

Goldust- Great Idea!!

D'Lo- Wait No! That's not what I mean...

*Goldust and Rico then leave together*

D'Lo- Man.... that's just nasty!!

*We then cut to Scott Steiner's lockerroom where he is talking to Midajah.*

Scott Steiner- I did what I said I would do last night. I walked out with the strap. And tonight is my special championship ceremony. Now Bret Hart gave me the night off but I decided that I would defend my belt right here tonight in Atlanta!*Big Pop*Because I am that damn good!

Midajah- But Big Poppa, why? You should take the night off. Why risk it?

Scott Steiner- Why risk it? It is not risking it. I am Big Poppa Pump. The Genetic Freak! There isn't a damn person on the roster who can beat me! That is why I went to Bret and came up with an idea. Im going to let Bret put everyone's name down on pieces of paper and we will have a drawing right here tonight to see who will face me.

Midajah- You sure?

Scott Steiner- Yeah.. its time to end some careers.

*Scott picks up his lead pipe and smirks as we return to the ring and "Trailer Park Trash" hits as Jamie Noble with Nidia come to the ring to some heat. They taunt the crowd and then "Low-Ki" hits as Low-Ki comes out with his new fround friend, X-Pac to a big pop. He rolls in and Jamie immpediately puts the boots to him.*

Low-Ki w/ X-Pac vs Jamie Noble w/ Nidia​

The match has been high-paced and has gone back and forth for 10 minutes with no man getting the advantage. Low-Ki runs to the ropes and gets trippedup by Nidia. He turns around and shouts something and suddenly Jazz runs to the ring and attacks Nidia on the outside as Jamie Noble hits a spinning DDT on inside. Jazz powerbombs Nidia to the floor hard and leaves. Jamie Noble looks to the outside to see if she is ok and gets rolled up by Low-Ki. 1..2..3!

Winner- Low-Ki

After the match Low-Ki celebrates and X-Pac rolls in. The two shake hands and X-Pac raises his arm. Then he pulls him right into an X-Factor!!! He then grabs the belt and stares at it before throwing it down on Low-Ki and spitting on him as we go to commercial.

*We return as Terri Runnels is with Jazz*

Terri- Im here with Jazz and Jazz, why did you just go down there and attack Nidia??

Jazz- Why? Why? I'll tell you why! I just wanted to once again prove my dominance over this womens division. There is noone who can beat me. Noone! And come to think of it... you are a diva youself!

Jazz then punches Terri right in the face! She starts to stomp her and then grabs her shirt and rips it off! *Pop* She begins to stomp her again and walks away laughing.

* We then head to Bret Hart's lockerroom where he is standing there with a bowl in his hand full of papers standing next to Scott Steiner.*

Scott Steiner- See Bret, I am a fighting champion!

Bret Hart- Whatever, just pick.

Steiner reaches in the bowl and grabs one. He opens the paper and looks at it and looks horrified.

Steiner- Whoa wait. I have to pick again!

Brett- Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. I dont think so. If you are such a fighting champ, you shouldnt have anything to worry about.

Steiner- But he isn't on the roster!! Well at least he hasn't been here.

Brett- I dont care, that is who you are fighting.

Steiner storms out as Bret chuckles.

*We return to the ring as "JustInCredible" hits and Justin Credible comes to the ring to major heat.Then "D'lo" hits as D'Lo Brown comes to the ring to MAJOR cheers. He goes to the top rope to do his traditional head shake but is attack by Credible.*

Justin Credible vs D'Lo Brown​

D'Lo has controlled much of the match so far as this one is looking like a squash. D'lo goes for Sky High but Credible counters into a superkick. The ref gets knocked down and Credible uses the kendo stick and nails D'Lo. The ref wakes up. 1..2..3!

Winner- Justin Credible

Tenay- Oh come on! Justin Credible steals it!
Madsen- Now thats what Im talking about!

*We return from commercial break as we see Steiner getting ready for his match and looking quite fearful. We then go back to the ring where "The Bull" hits and Johnny Stamboli makes his way to the ring to a nice pop. "G'Day" hits and Nathan Jones walks down to the ring to the biggest pop of the night (besides Bret Hart) as he has obviously lost his "greenish" ways that he had in the WWE. The monster rolls in the ring and raises the IC title to more cheers*

Johnny Stamboli vs. Nathan Jones​
The bell rings as the two shake hands to show respect and the two lockup. Nathan Jones overpowers Stamboli and pushes him down. Johnny gets up quickly and runs at Nathan who yet again throws him down. Stamboli slaps the matt in frustration and jumps up. The two then stand face to face and begin to talk trash. They lock up once again and this time Stamboli knees Jones in the ribs and bounces off the ropes but walks into a sidewalk slam! Jones covers. 1..2..Stamboli kicks out. Jones smirks and picks him up. He scoops him on his shoulder and nails a Bossman slam and covers again. 1..2.. Stamboli gets the shoulder up. Jones picks up Stamboli and Stamboli hits the DDT out of nowhere! He runs to the ropes and nails a leg drop. He covers quickly but Jones kicks out with authority. He picks up Jones and punches him before irish whipping him into the ropes. He comes back but picks up momentum and big boots Stamboli! Jones takes a second to recover as Stamboli gets to his feet. Jones goes for a clothesline but Stamboli ducks and then hits a reverse Rock Bottom! He covers, 1..2..Kickout! He puts the boots to Jones and then picks him up but then suddenly Jones grabs him by the throat and starts to lift him for the chokeslam but Stamboli low blows him! He then grabs his head and goes for a spinning ddt but Jones reverses it into a monstrous spine buster! He then screams "Enough!" and grabs Stamboli by the throat. He lifts him up and nails a chokeslam! He is going to go for the cover but then stops and thinks. He then grabs Stamboli and nails another chokeslam! He then grabs him again and nails a third chokeslam! But he still isn't done. He then picks Stamboli up and puts him in the torture rack!! Stamboli screams in pain and taps!

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion- Nathan Jones!

Mike Tenay- What a monster! But this crowd loves him. But do you think this beating has anything to do with Jones wanting to be in the battle royal next week?

Madsen- You can count on it, and if I was a betting man, I would say Nathan Jones is in for sure!

Tenay- Well this will be our last commercial break and when we come back we will see the Championship ceremony and The champ will be in action. Stay tuned

* We return from commercial as "Holla If You Here Me" hits and Scott Steiner and Midajah walk down to the ring as confetti falls and there is a red carpet in the ring. Steiner taunts the crowd and celebrates with the title before taking a mike.*

Scott Steiner- Big Poppa Pump is your hook up...holla if ya' hear me!!!! *Major Heat* As much as I hate being in this god forsaken town of Atlanta, this is my night! And I will not let you or anyone else ruin it! I mean me just standing here... I am already a better champion than Billy Gunn ever was!! And there is noone on this roster... as a matter of fact.. noone in the world that can beat me!

Midajah- Now Big Poppa, I had this video prepared just for you!

* Clips of Steiner destroying numerous wrestlers and so on and so forth are showed.. The clip ends with Steiner beating Gunn and Henry and celebrating with the WWA Heavyweight title.*

Steiner smirks as the crowd boos.

Scott Steiner- You see that? You know how many careers I have ended? You know how many people I have taken out?Noone can beat me! Now lets bring out the jabroni in the back that I drawed to fight!

*Steiner looks nervous and fearful as Midajah tries to pep talk him. Suddenly "GOLDBERG " hits!!! The crowd is going ABSOLUTELY NUTS!! Steiner looks on in fear and looks scared for his life as the crowd is going apeshit! They chant for Goldberg as the pyro erupts! Suddenly, emerging from the pyro is.... Gillberg!! Its GillBerg! The crowd begin to boo as Steiner looks on in fear, now sarcasticly. Gillerg comes to the ring as now Steiner is laughing.

Scott Steiner vs Gillberg- World Heavyweight Championship​

Gillberg rolls into the ring and Steiner immediately stomps him as the bell rings. He picks him up and nails a belly-to-belly. He then locks in the Steiner Recliner and after about 2 seconds, Gillberg taps!

Winner- Scott Steiner

Steiner continues to keep the hold in and is choking out Gillberg. Midajah then hands him the lead pipe and he locks it in with the leadpipe around his throat. Gillberg is choked out. Steiner finally lets go but he is not done with the assault. He grabs Gillberg's leg and holds it out straight. He then takes the leadpipe and nails Gillberg in his extended leg, breaking it instantly!! Gillberg cries out in pain as Steiner celebrates. Suddenly Mark Henry runs to the ring. He and Steiner get into a slugfest and go back and forth when Billy Gunn runs to the ring and starts to clean house. The three brawl as secuirty seperates and Showdown comes to a fade.

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WWA Showdown Week 1

-Using bold and Italics would make it easier to read.
-Mark Henry not getting a shot, despite winning a number one contenders match.
-A bit more commentary would improve the show a bit.

-Using none WWE superstars, although I'd think you'd have to have them under different names. Although you do have Alexis Laree, Mark Henry, Dean Malenko, Tommy Dreamer and Matt Morgan.
-Lots of backstage action.
-X Pac/Low Ki and Jazz/Nidia feuds starting.
-You got me with Goldberg's music, and then Gillberg walking out.

Overall: A good first show, but there are some areas that I think it could be improved on, mainly some more commentary and using bold and italics, which would make it easier to read.


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Thank you both for replies and thanks for the advice A-Dust.. ONe thing I would like to point out is that Mark Henry did get a title shot. In my brief rundown of what has been going on at the pay-per-view before this show it was a triple threat with Henry Gunn and Steiner. And I agree I do need more commentary and I will change up my writing style as this show was really sloppy. I will continue with this show but I will also be doing a WWE thing with Nabs so I wont be full heartedly with this but I am not going to stop with this.

Any more feedback, Comments? Expect Preview for show tonight/ tomorow with week 2 coming this weekend!

Scratch that, Got time...

WWA SHOWDOWN Week 2 Preview

Rico and Goldust will defend the tag titles!

Kid Romeo vs Jamie Noble

Terri Runnels against.....JAZZ! Womens Title on the line!

15 Man Battle Royal for #1 Contendership to the World Title!

And MOre Action Packed Matches.


How will Low-Ki react to X-Pac turning on him last week?

Whats Gotten into Rikishi?

Will Nidia respond to the attack from Jazz? How is Terrin Runnels going to fare against the monster?

Will Steiner cause more chaos? Or will Bret Hart keep him in check?

The Answers only to be found on WWA Shockwave!

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Yeah It's pretty good I like it. You should bring back some big WCW and ECW guys that aren't with the WWE currently. I'm not excactly liking your main event scene as I really dislike both Billy Gunn and Mark Henry. Henry ecpecially.

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Once again thanks for the reviews and feedback guys. However, I am sorry to announce that WWA will be put on hold.When I first posted my show I was like wow this is dead and then I made a commitment to nabs to work on Smackdown! then I started getting feedback so i was thinking well maybe I will do 2 shows but I realise that this is not an easy task. I want to make Smackdown! to turn into one of the best shows on BTB so Im going to put all my time into that. But WWA is not dead..yet. So sorry but it will return for a second show at some point.
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