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I did have a BTB going, called WWE-TNA (TNWE) but there were no replies and it was pretty rubbish. I hope to get more replies on this as I am going to try very hard to make it great.

World Wrestling Action


Royal Rumble

No Way Out

Wrestle Wars I



Great American Bash


Judgement Day

Ruthless Aggression


Final Destination

Turning Point


The Roster:

Big Show
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Danny Basham
Gene Snitsky
Gregory Helms
Hulk Hogan
Jerry Lawler
Joey Styles
John Cena
Johnny Parisi
Jonathan Coachman
Kurt Angle
Lance Cade
Lilian Garcia
Matt Striker
Mick Foley
Mickie James
Rene Dupree
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Rob Van Dam
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Stone Cold
The Rock
Todd Grisham
Torrie Wilson
Trevor Murdoch
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis
Booker T
Brian Kendrick
Chad Dick
Chris Benoit
Doug Basham
Hardcore Holly
James Dick
Joey Mercury
Johnny Nitro
Josh Mathews
Ken Kennedy
Kid Kash
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Michael Cole
Orlando Jordan
Paul Burchill
Paul London
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Road Warrior Animal
Scotty 2 Hotty
Simon Dean
Stacy Keibler
Steve Romero
Steven Richards
Super Crazy
Theodore Long
William Regal
Christian Cage
Brother Ray
Brother Devon
Ron Killings
B.G. James
Kip James
Chase Stevens
Andy Douglas
Jeff Hardy
Lance Hoyt
Jeff Jarrett
Monty Brown
Chris Harris
James Storm
Bobby Roode
Eric Young
Simon Diamond
Elix Skipper
David Young
Samoa Joe
A.J. Styles
Chris Daniels
Shannon Moore
Petey Williams
Austin Aries
Alex Shelley
Matt Bentley
Roderick Strong
Chris Sabin
Sonjay Dutt
Shark Boy
Lex Lovett
Cassidy Riley
Buck Quartermain
Jay Lethal
Kenny King
Joe Doring
Gail Kim
Team 3-D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon)
The James Boys (BG & Kip James)
The Naturals (Chase Stevens/Andy Douglas)
America's Most Wanted (Harris/Storm)
Jackie Gayda
Tracy Brooks
Scott D'Amore
Dawn Marie
Joy Giovanni
Amy Webber
Molly Holly
Matt Morgan
Charlie Haas
Kenzo Suzuki
Mark Jindrak
Luther Reigns
Chris Jericho
Daniel Puder
Christy Hemme


WWA Heavyweight title: The Rock
WWA Intercontinental title: Chris Jericho
WWA United States title: Maven
WWA Tag teams titles: Americas Most Wanted
WWA Cruiserweight title: Juventud
WWA Womens title: Trish Stratus

First Show to come very soon!
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WWA First Show (PPV) Royal Rumble Preview

The first ever show will start as a PPV! The Royal Rumble will be the very first PPV! January 21 2006 (I will write it earlier but in the fiction that will be the date) Matches to come are:

WWA Womens title (Bra & Panties):
Trish Stratus (c) vs. Dawn Marie

Trish Stratus has a reputation of being a 6-time WWE Womens champion, but how will she cope in WWA? Can Dawn Marie prove she is good enough to be the champion?

WWA Cruiserweight title:
Juventud (c) vs. Kid Kash vs. Tajiri

Juventud is a 3-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion, but can he keep his reputation at WWA? Kid Kash has also won the WWE Cruiserweight title in the past, but how will he turn out in WWA? And Tajiri still hopes to win his very first cruiserweight title, will it be here at WWA?

WWA Tag team titles (Table):
Americas Most Wanted (c) vs. Team 3D

Two of TNA's greatest tag teams, but how will these two teams pan out in WWA? Will AMW defend their titles or is it time for 3D to see gold?

WWA United States title:
Maven (c) vs. Big Show

Maven has had alot of success. He won Tough Enough to become a wrestler, then lived out his dream, winning titles such as the hardcore title, but how will he fight when he defends his title against his BIGGEST opponent yet?

WWA Intercontinental title (Finisher Match):
Chris Jericho (c) vs. AJ Styles

Chris Jericho is a 7-time WWE Intercontinental champion, will he hold the same reputation at WWA? Or will AJ Styles win his first ever intercontinental title? Which finisher will be the best - Lionsault or Styles Clash? 'The Phenomenal One' or 'Y2J' ?

WWA Heavyweight title:
The Rock (c) vs. Stone Cold vs. Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels

A fatal four way for the heavyweight title! Will the peoples champion defend? Or will it be his arch rival Stone Cold who picks up the victory? Maybe even the Heart Break Kid or the rabid wolverine Chris Benoit will win? Who knows?

Main Event: The Royal Rumble


Carlito, AJ Styles, Chris Masters, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Kane, Undertaker, Maven, Juventud, Tajiri, Kid Kash, Kurt Angle, Lance Cade, John Cena, Batista, Ron 'The Truth' Killings, Boogeyman, Booker T, Brian Kendrick, Chad Dick, James Dick, Johnny Parisi, Triple H, Matt Striker, Mick Foley, Gene Snitsky, Gregory Helms, Hulk Hogan, Sting, Christian Cage.

Who will win and headline Wrestle Wars I? Find out Soon!

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Thanks dude. I really need some followers. lol.

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Breaking News:

Another match has been signed for Royal Rumble.

No.1 contendership for US Title (6-man elimination match):

Luther Reigns vs. John Cena vs. Mark Jindrak vs. Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Daniel Puder

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well, i plan to read your first show (though there are NO guantees). the only thing, i think it's kind of awkward to make your first show a PPV.. there's no time to set up any fueds or anything for the a ppv. so IMO you're gonna have to do pretty good with this and i don't think it will be easy. but good luck

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WWA Womens title:
Trish Stratus (c) vs. Dawn Marie

WWA Cruiserweight title:
Juventud (c) vs. Kid Kash vs. Tajiri

No.1 contendership of US title (6-man elimination match):
Mark Jindrak vs. Luther Reigns vs. Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. John Cena vs. Daniel Puder

WWA Tag team titles (Table):
Americas Most Wanted (c) vs. Team 3D

WWA United States title:
Maven (c) vs. Big Show

WWA Intercontinental title (Finisher Match):
Chris Jericho (c) vs. AJ Styles

WWA Heavyweight title:
The Rock (c) vs. Stone Cold vs. Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels

Main Event: The Royal Rumble


Carlito, AJ Styles, Chris Masters, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, Kane, Undertaker, Maven, Juventud, Tajiri, Kid Kash, Kurt Angle, Lance Cade, John Cena, Batista, Ron 'The Truth' Killings, Boogeyman, Booker T, Brian Kendrick, Chad Dick, James Dick, Johnny Parisi, Triple H, Matt Striker, Mick Foley, Gene Snitsky, Gregory Helms, Hulk Hogan, Sting, Christian Cage.


The theme tune, 'Stricken' by Disturbed plays in the background as the pyro's shoot off everywhere for the beginning of the royal rumble!

Dawn Marie's music hits the PA system.

Tony Chimmel: The following contest is a singles match and it is for the WWA Womens championship, entering first, from Woodbridge, New Jersey, Dawn Marie!

King: Welcome to Royal Rumble! As we kick it off with some diva action! This match was originally a bra & panties match, but now it's a singles match!

'Stratusfaction' hits the PA, and the crowd go wild.

Tony Chimmel: And her opponent, the WWA Womens champion, from Toronto, Ontario, Trish Stratus!

WWA Womens title (Bra & Panties):
Trish Stratus (c) vs. Dawn Marie

As the bell rung, Dawn Marie wasted no time in trying to take out the womens champion. Dawn Marie kicked Trish in the gut and slammed her face on the mat!

Dawn Marie the picked up Trish and threw her into the turnbuckle, Dawn Marie hit a few chops until Trish slapped her across the face. Trish then hit some forearms, before delivering a clothesline to Dawn Marie.

Trish picked up Dawn Marie and applied a headlock. Dawn Marie broke out of it for a headlock of her own. Trish got out of it and pushed Dawn Marie towards the ropes, but Dawn came back with a dropkick!

Dawn Marie pinned but got only a 2 count. Trish stated to get up, but Dawn Marie decided to play it dirty, and kicked Trish in the face as she was getting up.

Trish held her face in pain, while Dawn Marie lifted her up, Dawn Marie lifted and slammed Trish with a suplex! Dawn Marie then went to the turnbuckle, once she climbed it, she taunted and went to jump but Trish was ready and she had already grabbed Dawn Marie, and Trish hit a stratusphere!

Trish then got up and wiped the small bit of blood off her lip. Trish thenlifted up Dawn Marie and signalled for the stratusfaction. Trish hit the stratusfaction easily! She pinned 1...2...3!

Tony Chimmel: Here is your winner, and STILL WWA Womens champion, Trish Stratus!

Tazz: Well, what a way to kick off Royal Rumble! Trish Stratus retains the gold tonight! I'm Tazz here with my broadcast partner, King!

King: Oh Yeah, but the best match is yet to come, the actual royal rumble! Whoever wins it, will headline Wrestle Wars I, but who will it be?

Tazz: Well, we'll have to wait and see, King, but next, Juventud defends his cruiserweight title against Kid Kash and the japanese buzzsaw, Tajiri!

WWA Cruiserweight title:
Juventud (c) vs. Kid Kash vs. Tajiri

The match started with Kid Kash & Juventud going at it. These two have a history, and thei didn't hide it tonight! Juventud took advantage with some right hooks to Kid Kash.

Kid Kash ducked a punch and tried to hit a brainbuster suplex, but Tajiri had something to say about that as he started kicking Kid Kash in the knee, Kid Kash dropped Juventud and Juventud hit a spinning heel kick which hit both Tajiri and Kid Kash!

Juventud taunted and the crowd mostly cheered for him. Juventud picked up Kid Kash and irish whipped him, and on his way back, Juventud drop-kicked Kid Kash. Tajiri kicked Juventud in the knee a few times, but Juventud hit a clothesline on Tajiri. Kid Kash also went for Juventud, Juvi was going to hit a clothesline, but Kash ducked and hit a reverse neckbreaker!

Kid Kash pins 1..2..Tajiri breaks the hold! Kid Kash got up and pushed Tajiri. Tajiri held his anger, but Kid Kash violently pushed him again, so Tajiri hits a buzzsaw kick on Kid Kash!

Tajiri smiles and cheers to the crowd, but as he turned, Juventud kicked him in the gut and he connects with the Juvi driver! 1.2.3!

Tony Chimmel: Here is your winner, and STILL the cruiserweight champion, Juventud!

Tazz: Two title defenses tonight! Both Trish Stratus and Juventud have defended their respected titles, will we see any title changes tonight at all?

King: Only time will tell, but we have a match that was announced just hours before the PPV. It was a 6-man elimination match for the no.1 contednership of the United States title! 6 men who have not been doing so good, have been given a chance to prove themselves tonight! Let's take you to that match, as it starts right now!

No.1 contendership for US Title (6-man elimination match):

Luther Reigns vs. John Cena vs. Mark Jindrak vs. Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Daniel Puder

Tony Chimmel: The following is a 6-man elimination match. The rules are simple. Two men are chosen at random to start this match! When either one has been pinned or have submitted, another superstar will be randomly selected to fight next! This process will continue until one man is left, and he will be the no.1 contender for the united states championship!

The first two randomly selected superstars were John Cena & Shelton Benjamin

John Cena started off with some punches to Shelton Benjamin, he got Shelton in the corner and irish whipped him into the other corner, Cena then procedded to run at Shelton to hit him atthe turnbuckle, but Shelton ducked and hit a t-bone straight off the beginning of the match!

1...2...Kick out!

Shelton Benjamin was just as shocked as all the fans to learn that Cena kicked out, but he didn't let it distract him. Benjamin continued to fight Cena with a flurry of punches.

Shelton got up and the crowd cheered for him. He ignored them. Shelton was set on winning this match. As Cena got up, Shelton Benjamin ran at him and clotheslined him over the top rope!

Shelton exited the ring and threw Cena back in, who was hurt. Shelton climbed back in the ring and continued to punch at Cena. Shelton waited for Cena to get up and he taunted to finish off Cena. Shelton goes for the t-bone suplex, but Cena lands on his feet and hits an F-U! 1..2..3!

The tired John Cena's problems werent going to get better as Luther Reigns was selected as the next opponent.

Reigns lifted Cena and hit a suplex straight away. Luther Reigns was serious. Reigns lifted up Cena again and this time hit a crushing spine buster! Cena then got lifted for the third time but he pushed Luther Reigns away, only to fall after being so tired.

Reigns laughed at Cena and irish whipped him, Cena saw the end of a big boot on the way back. Reigns pinned 1...2...Cena put his foot on the ropes!

Reigns then got frustrated. He picked up Cena and irish whipped him into the turnbuckle, and then he started punching him left and rights in the gut. As Cena came off the turnbuckle, Reigns picked him up for a body salm, but Cena reversed! Cena literally overpowered Reigns and started punching him while he was on the floor.

Cena then signalled for the F-U! He lifted up Reigns and hit a weak F-U! Cena was going to pin but decided to lock in the STF-U instead! Reigns tried to reach the ropes as he was in pain but he couldn't, and he tapped out!

Cena rolled to the side and tried to recover as Daniel Puder got selected next.

Puder ran into the ring and immediately tried to suplex Cena, but he couldn't, so instead, he punched Cena in the gut and hit a bulldog! Cena was being man-handled and here wasn't a damn thing he could do about it! Daniel Puder locked in a submission that looked like a modified crippler crossface! Cena was hurting and desperately trying to reach the ropes, but they were in the middle of the ring and that wasn't going to happen.

Instead, Cena used his spare hand to hit Puder in the face and he let go of the hold. Cena came back with some punches, and then he hit a suplex, but Cena was too exhausted to do anything else. Puder then locked in the modified crippler for the second time, but this time he cheated by using the ropes as leverage, the referee didn't see this as he was facing the opposite dircetion, seeing if Cena wanted to tap or not. Cena eventually tapped out! :eek:

Puder got up and was so shocked that he had beat Cena. Cena rolled out of the ring as the next opponent was chosen - Charlie Haas.

Charlie Haas was fresh and he didn't take any crap from Puder. Puder and Haas brawled until Haas locked in a headlock. Puder tried to escape it but couldn't. Puder then tried a different tactic and he elbowed Haas in the gut until he let go.

Puder ran to Haas for a clothesline, but Haas reversed into a back body drop! Haas then wasted no time in locking in the Haas of pain, and Puder didn't stand a chance. Puder tried to reach the ropes, but after about 5 seconds of being in the submission, he tapped out!

Haas got up and was ready for the final opponent, Mark Jindrak.

Mark Jindrak ran down to the ring and both men clashed in a grapple. Jindrak won it and had Haas in the corner, Haas ducked though before Jindrak could do anything and hit a german suplex on Mark Jindrak!

Jindrak got straight back up but then felt the pain of the suplex. Haas then hit a clothesline and taunted for Jindrak to get up. Jindrak tried getting up with the help of the ropes, but Haas picked him up and hit a body slam!

Haas then locked in the Haas of Pain! Jindrak desperately reached for the ropes, and he was very close, but he couldn't reach the ropes...that's what we all thought anyways, it looked like Jindrak was going to give up but with one final leap, he reached the ropes and Haas broke the hold.

Haas went to pick up Jindrak, but out of no-where, Jindrak hit Haas with his "Million Dollar Punch" and Haas was out cold! Jindrak shook his hand in pain and then pinned Haas. 1...2...3!

Tony Chimmel: Here is your winner, and the no.1 contender, Mark Jindrak!

Tazz: Well, Mark Jindrak wins, but I think he was just lucky to enter last.

King: Are you kidding? Did you see that punch he pulled off?

An advertisement aired of the first ever WWA Weekly Show, MaX, don't miss it! It will include the aftermath of Royal Rumble!
-End Commercials-

Tazz: Welcome back to WWA Royal Rumble 2006! So far, we have seen Trish & Juventud defend their titles, and also - Mark Jindrak has been named the no.1 contender for the US title. Mark Jindrak will fight the US Champ, whether it be Maven or the Big Show, at our next PPV, No Way Out, on Feb. 23!

King: And I think that Jindrak has a good chance, whoever his opponent will be!

WWA Tag team titles (Table):
Americas Most Wanted (c) vs. Team 3D

Americas Most Wanted had a tough job tonight! To defeat Team 3D in a tables match, but did they do it? Find out...

James Storm started this match against Brother Devon. Brother Devon & Storm exchanged punches, until Devon hit a clothesline, knocking down one half of the tag champs. Brother Ray had already got a table out from under the ring.

Storm fought back with some punches and then hit a suplex, before tagging Harris. Briother Devon tagged Ray. Harris ran at Ray for a clothesline, but Ray ducked and hit a full nelson sit-down slam!

Storm ran in the ring and attacked Brother Ray, and Devon ran in with the table. As Storm took care of beating up Brother Ray, Devon had his hands full with Harris. Harris and Devon fought in a punch-out, Devon won it and knocked Harris into the corner.

Devon grabbed Harris and signalled for a dudley dig, but Storm ambushed him and hit a DDT! Storm and Harris recouperated as Team 3D were using the ropes to help get up. Americas Most Wanted agreed on something and then both men ran toward Team 3d, and clotheslined them both over the top ropes, and AMW went down with them!

All four men lay on the floor, outside the ring. Harris was the first to move, and he got his revenge on Devon. He picked up Devon and whacked his head on the ring apron, then Harris hit a suplex, and Devon landed on the steel steps!

Storm got up the same time as Rey and they started brawling also. Devon was out cold as Harris set up a table. Storm clotheslined Brother Ray. Harris and Storm both picked up Devon and were about to slam him through a table, when Brother Ray clotheslined Harris and hit a bubba cutta on Storm - straight through the table!

Tazz: They did it! Team 3D with an unexpected win there!

King: AMW looked like they were the definete winners, but Team 3D pulled through! Unbelievable!

Tazz: And it's all thanks to Brother Ray Dudley! But now, it's time for our US title match!

King: Oh yeah, Jindrak is the no.1 contender, but who will be the US Champ?


Lita was backstage and she looked pretty frustrated. She banged the door of an office labelled "Chairman/GM"

Lita opened the door and a man sat at the desk. He had short blonde hair and he looked to be in his mid-20's. He had a black tuxedo on and he had dark glasses on.

The man: Ah, Lita! And what can I do for you?

Lita: Look, Rhysus, I find it stupid that Dawn Marie got a womens title shot before me! She got her ass kicked out there, but if I was out there, that result would have been completely different!

Rhysus Cain: Is that so? Well, first of all, you address me as Mr. Cain, not Rhysus. Second, you think that your tougher than Dawn Marie? Well, then, when MaX, WWA's weekly show debut's, so will you - against Dawn Marie. And whoever wins, can take on Trish Stratus, the womens champion, at No Way Out. Oh and speaking of out, you can now get out of my office!

Lita left and she was pretty pleased with the match.

WWA United States title:
Maven (c) vs. Big Show

Maven's tactic was to try and keep away from Big Show as much as he could in this match. Maven dodged a few punches and chops early on, and then when Maven thought the time was right, he jumped on Big Show's back and started punching him in the head.

Show tried to get Maven off of him, but was unable to, so Big Show fell backwards, purposly, and landed on Maven. Maven held his gut in pain when Show got up. Big Show lifted Maven and literally threw him into the turnbuckle.

Big Show told the crowd to 'Shhh!' and then hit a mega chop across Maven's chest. Maven left the turnbuckle, holding his chest and gasping for breath. Big Show didn't give Maven a chance to recover though as he headbutted him.

Maven weakly got up and tried to attack Big Show again, by punching him in the face, but Show didn't budge. Instead, Big Show picked up Maven and hit a body slam, and then came down on him with a 500-pounds elbow drop!

Maven was out cold now but Big Show wasn't finished yet. Big Show picked him up and irish whipped him, and when Maven swung back, Big Show clasped his hand around Maven's neck and hit a crushing chokeslam!

Big Show was about to pin Maven for the win, when out of no-where, came Mark Jindrak with a steel chair! Thwack! He walloped the Big Show with the steel chair, and the ref called for a dis-qualification.

Tony Chimmel: Here is your winner, as a result of a dis-qualification, Big Show! However, as a result of the dis-qualfication, Maven retains the United States championship!

Mark Jindrak smiled and looked at Big Show, who was out cold on the floor. Maven was starting to get up but Whack! He get's hit by the steel chair too!

Tazz: Jindrak screwed the Big Show! And I think I know why!

King: Well then, Why?

Tazz: I think Jindrak would prefer to face Maven than the Big Show for the US title, and so that's why he got Maven DQ'd! If it's a dis-qualification, the champion stays champion, so that's why he did it!

King: ...I knew that!

"Wait & Bleed" by Sliknot hits the PA System and Rhysus Cain comes out to the stage.

Rhysus Cain: Stop it! Stop it right there!

Jindrak dropped the steel chair and rested against the ropes, waiting for what Mr. Cain had to say.

Rhysus Cain: You think your pretty tough now, Mark? You think now that you have Maven as your opponent at No Way Out, your guaranteed to win, right? Wrong!

Jindrak stopped smiling and wondered what Rhysus Cain meant

Rhysus Cain: Y'see, I don't allow this kind of thing to happen without consequences! And now, Jindrak, you made a mistake, you must face the consequences! You can fight Maven for the US title at No Way Out...if you make it to no way out! Because next week, on the debut of MaX, you, Mark Jindrak, will fight the Big Show, in a steel cage match!

Jindrak screamed in anger, but Rhysus Cain ignored him and left the stage. The frustrated Jindrak was about to leave, but Maven was up! Maven kicked him in the gut, got him in position, and hit a Halo DDT on Mark Jindrak!

Maven grabbed his US title and held it high.

Tazz: Well, Maven has just made a statement, he isn't a pushover!

King: Yeah, that's good and all, but we just heard that next week, it will be Mark Jindrak vs. Big Show - in a steel cage match! Jindrak is going to be punished!

Tazz: Well, we have a Intercontinental & world title match coming up for you tonight, and then the main event, the royal rumble! Tell me, King, who do you think will win the royal rumble?

King: I'm going to have to say, The Undertaker, he is dominant, and I can't see him being eliminated.

Tazz: Well, I can't really say! Kane is in there, Gene Snitsky, Hulk Hogan, AJ Styles, The Boogeyman and lots more...anyone of them or the others could win!

King: True, but let's get into our next match, which is coming up very soon!


The Rock was in his locker room, tightening his boots, and getting ready for his world title defence later tonight. Rocky grabbed his belt and stared at it.

"It looks good" Said a voice. It was Chris Benoit. "But it will look even better around my waist tonight"

The Rock stood up and stared at Benoit.

The Rock: Well, guess what, the rock says this is the closest your ever gonna get to his WWA Heavyweight title.

Benoit was taken aback.

Chris Benoit: Chill out, Rocky, I'm not here for fights. All I can say is tonight, let the best man win.

Chris Benoit extended his hand, but a voice said "Don't Worry, I will" But it wasn't the rock, it was HBK Shawn Michaels.

HBK Shawn Michaels: And when I let you all listen to my...sweet chin music, no-one is gonna stop me

The Rock stared down HBK. But yet someone else replied HBK.

???: I'm sorry to dissapoint you, HBK, but good old Stone Cold don't like to listen to music, so I won't be!

It was the texas rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Stone Cold: Yeah, you are three pieces of trash, but tonight, the binmen are coming, and guess who's taking out the trash? That's right. Me! And that's the bottom line, cos Stone Cold Said so!

Stone Cold exited the locker room, and HBK followed, and finally, Benoit left after staring at the world title.

WWA Intercontinental title (Finisher Match):
Chris Jericho (c) vs. AJ Styles

Tony Chimmel: The following is a finisher match. The rules are simple, the first superstar to hit their finisher, will be declared the winner and the intercontinental champion! Each superstar has chosen a finishing move. AJ Styles has chosen the styles clash while Chris Jericho has chosen the Lionsault.


The match started with a grapple. Chris Jericho won the grapple, but AJ Styles moved out of the way and stared down Jericho. They went for a second grapple and this time AJ Styles won it and put Jericho in the corner, he went for a chop, but Jericho moved out of the way and they stared eachother down again.

AJ Styles circled the ring and grappled again with Jericho, this grapple was pretty even, they grappled, but neither man was overpowering the other and they released the grapple. AJ applied a headlock on Chris Jericho, but Jericho reversed into a standing armbar.

AJ Styles flipped over and reversed into another headlock. Chris Jericho pushed AJ Styles into an irish whip and went for a shoulder barge, but AJ Styles ducked, bounced on the ropes and hot a clothesline.

Chris Jericho got straight back up and the two clashed in a more agressive grapple, this time, Jericho won and punched AJ Styles in the face. AJ Stumbled but punched Jericho back. Jericho got annoyed and took down AJ Styles. He continually punched him. AJ Styles managed to fend off Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho was going to attack AJ Styles again, but instead he decided to go for the lionsault! He jumped and went to hit it!...But AJ Styles moved out of the way!

Chris Jericho held his stomach in pain and crawled over to the ropes, trying to get up, but AJ Styles was up and hit a knee to the face of Chris Jericho.

AJ Styles picked up Jericho but Jericho jumped on the ropes and went for a standing second lionsault, however, AJ Styles timed it perfectly and caught Jericho, AJ Styles quickly put his legs around Jericho's arms and hit the Styles Clash!

Tazz: It's over! The Phenomenal AJ Styles is the new Intercontinental champion! He hit the styles clash as a reversal of the lionsault!

King: Wow! I am impressed by the athletism that was shown here tonight, and AJ Styles has something to show for it!

Tazz: Well, next is the WWA Heavyweight title match and then the royal rumble!

WWA Heavyweight title:
The Rock (c) vs. Stone Cold vs. Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels

The match started with The Rock fighting HBK and Benoit fighting Stone Cold. The Rock tried to hit the people's punches but HBK ducked and chopped the rock. Meanwhile, Benoit was chopping Stone Cold, until Stone Cold reversed and started stomping Benoit like crazy.

HBK chopped Rock again and then punched Stone Cold. Stone Cold turned around and clotheslined HBK and then began stomping him too. Meanwhile, Benoit and The Rock exchanged punches also. The Rock hit the peoples punches and then hit a clothesline.

The Rock lifted up Benoit and continued to fight him. He irish whipped him and hit a back body drop on the way back. The Rock grabbed Benoit's legs and attempted to lock in the sharpshooter, but Benoit kicked out of it.

Meanwhile, Stone Cold hit a body slam on HBK, but HBK reversed it and somehow managed to hit a DDT! HBK was out cold, but then he flipped up and 'tuned up the band'!

As Stone Cold got up, HBK went for the sweet chin music...but Stone Cold grabbed his leg, kicked him in the gut and hit the stone cold stunner on HBK!!
Stone Cold stuck up his middle finger up at HBK, but as he turned around, The Rock hits the Rock bottom!!

The Rock taunts for the peoples elbow on Stone Cold. He takes off his left elbow pad and taunts, runs to each side of the ring, and crashes the most electrifying elbow in sports entertainemt right into Stone Cold!

The Rock taunts and is going to pin but BAM! Sweet chin music out of no-where on the rock! HBK pins 1...2...Chris Benoit breaks up the pin!

The Rock, Stone Cold and HBK are down, and Benoit is attacking HBK. Benoit does the 'cut throat' taunt and climbs the top turnbuckle, he jumps - and connects with the diving headbutt! Benoit holds his own head in pain as HBK is knocked out cold also.

Suddenly, HBK flips up and collapses immediately, but he uses the ropes to stay up. Using the ropes for help, HBK aims his Sweet chin music on the first person to get up, The Rock. With Benoit and Stone Cold out cold, HBK stamps on the floor to tune up the band and waits for the rock to get up.

When the rock gets to his feet, he turns around, HBK goes for the sweet chin music - but The Rock ducks! HBK turns, Rock bottom! 1...2...3!

Tony Chimmel: Here is your winner, and STILL the WWA Heavyweight champion of the world! The people's champion, The Rock!


King: Everyone in that match put up one hell of a fight, but the Rock retains his gold and shows why he is the WWA Heavyweight champion! WOW! But the night is not over quite yet!

Tazz: That's right it's not! We still have the main event to come, the royal rumble!!

King: And it's up next!

Jindrak...Show....Steel Cage...Don't miss, MaX!
-End Commercials-

Main Event: The Royal Rumble

Carlito, AJ Styles, Chris Masters, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Kane, Undertaker, Maven, Juventud, Tajiri, Kid Kash, Kurt Angle, Lance Cade, John Cena, Batista, Ron 'The Truth' Killings, Boogeyman, Booker T, *Brian Kendrick, *Chad Dick, James Dick, *Johnny Parisi, Triple H, Matt Striker, Mick Foley, Gene Snitsky, Gregory Helms, Hulk Hogan, Sting, Christian Cage.

*Chad Dick entered first.*
*Brian Kendrick entered second.*

Brian Kendrick punched Chad Dick and tried to eliminate him straight away, but Chad Dick pushed him away. Chad Dick hit a forearm and then a clothesline on Kendrick.

*Johnny Parisi entered the ring*

As soon as Parisi entered the ring he hit a cloptheslined Chad Dick, hit a suplex on Kendrick. Chad Dick was getting back up, but Parisi threw him over and out!

-Chad Dick has been eliminated

Johnny Parisi then turned around to see Kendrick charging at him, but he threw him over himself, and he was out!

-Brian Kendrick has been eliminated

*Triple H entered the ring*

Triple H hit a spinebuster on Parisi, and then a pedigree, to eliminate him easily.

-Johnny Parisi has been eliminated

*Sting entered the ring*

Triple H looked quite alarmed that Sting was in. Triple H tried to attack Sting, but Sting lifted Triple H over him for a back body drop.

*Snitsky entered the ring*

Snitsky clotheslined Triple H and grappled with Sting, Triple H recovered and both men tried to eliminate Snitsky.

*Booker T entered the ring*

Booker T entered the ring and fought with Triple H, they exchanged punches. Meanwhile, Sting poked Snitsky in the eyes and elbowed him in the face and he fell out.

-Snitsky has been eliminated

*Kid Kash entered the ring*

Triple H got the upperhand against Booker T and clotheslined him. Kid Kash then tried to attack Triple H, but Triple H clotheslined him over and out!

-Kid Kash has been eliminated

Booker T was back up and fighting Triple H again, this time, Booker T hit a scissors kick out of no-where! Booker tried to eliminate Triple H but Triple H reversed and threw Booker T out!

-Booker T has been eliminated

Sting now took it upon himself to try and eliminate Triple H but Triple H fought back and both men exchanged punches in the middle of the ring.

*Batista entered the ring*

Batista straight away took down Triple H and started punching him repeatedly - until Sting dragged him off. Sting got Batista into the turnbuckle and then hit a stinger splash!

*Matt Striker entered the ring*

Matt Striker ran in and attacked Triple H before Triple H could attack him, however, Triple H reversed a suplex into a neckbreaker! Triple H then threw Matt Striker over the top rope!

-Matt Striker has been eliminated

*John Cena entered the ring*

Cena went for Triple H also, but this time, Triple H didn't reverse and Cena hit an F-U! Sting bulldogged Batista and then went for Cena, hitting him with a clothesline!

*James Dick entered the ring*

John Cena lifted up Triple H and irish whipped him, but James Dick low-blowed Cena, which gave Triple H the advantage to throw him over the top rope.

-John Cena has been eliminated.

*Gregory Helms entered the ring*

Sting, Batista, Triple H, James Dick and Gregory Helms all stood in the ring. Sting looked at Batista, and they agreed to team up, both Sting and Batista double clotheslined Gregory Helms and James Dick to eliminate them!

-James Dick & Gregory Helms have been eliminated

*Christian Cage entered the ring*

Christian Cage ducked Triple H's clothesline and hit a DDT on him! Sting then hit a body slam on Christian Cage.

*Tajiri entered the ring*

Tajiri battled with Batista when he entered. Batista hit a spinebuster on Batista easily and threw him over the top rope. Batista thought he eliminated Tajiri but Tajiri held onto the ropes and jumped back in. Batista weren't expecting this and Tajiri hit a buzzsaw kick on Batista!

*Lance Cade entered the ring*

Lance Cade entered the ring. Batista fought with Tajiri. Sting fought with Triple H, and Lance Cade fought with Christian Cage. Christian Cage hit the Unprettier on Lance Cade, and was about to eliminate him, but Sting stopped him by hitting a suplex on Christian Cage.

*Juventud entered the ring*

The cruiserweight champion, Juventud, went after Sting, but Sting hit a huge clothesline on him. Sting then picked up Juventud and hit a scorpion death drop! He then eliminated Juventud.

-Juventud has been eliminated

Lance Cade continued his fight with Christian Cage, but Christian reversed a clothesline into a DDT and eliminated Lance Cade!

-Lance Cade has been eliminated

*Chris Jericho entered the ring*

Sting hit another bulldog on Batista. He threw Batista over but Batista held on. Batista punched Sting, Sting punched him back, until all of a sudden, Triple H pushed Sting in an attempt to eliminate him. Sting pushed Batista, who fell out of the ring but Sting stayed in to fight back with Triple H.

-Batista has been eliminated

*Kane entered the ring*

Tajiri went for another buzzsaw kick, but this time on Sting, however, he grabbed Tajiri's foot and threw him over the top rope.

-Tajiri has been eliminated

*Maven entered the ring*

Meanwhile, Triple H was beating down Chris Jericho, he went for a pedigree but Jericho reversed into a back body drop. However, Jericho got cocky and tried to eliminate Sting, but Sting threw him over the top rope with a back body drop of his own!

-Chris Jericho has been eliminated

*Kurt Angle entered the ring*

Kurt Angle made an impact when he got in the ring. He clotheslined Triple H, Angle slammed Sting, clotheslined Triple H again and hit another Angle Slam, but on Christian Cage. Angle did his taunts and then had a punch up with Triple H.

*Boogeyman entered the ring*

Everyone stopped fighting when the wierd entrance of the boogeyman occured. Boogeyman came down to the ring eating worms. When he entered the ring, everyone stood away from this wierd thing. Boogeyman just sat in the corner and the rumble continued. Boogeyman did nothing but sit in the corner and eat worms. Triple H and Sting fought this time and Kurt Angle had started a brawl with Christian Cage.

*Carlito entered the ring*

When Carlito entered, he looked at the boogeyman wierdly, but then continuedin the rumble. He took a bite from the apple and chewed it, and then spat it in Sting's face. Sting stopped what he was doing, turned, and started punching Carlito over and over!

*AJ Styles entered the ring*

AJ entered and, like everyone else, wondered what the boogeyman was doing, then he turned to fight. Maven pushed AJ Styles, and so he started to fight with Maven. He irish whipped Maven and then hit a dropkick on him.

*Ron 'the truth' Killings entered the ring*

Ron Killings entered the ring and decided that he wasn't going to be scared of the boogeyman, he attacked the boogeyman and tried to suplex him, but Boogeyman stopped him, Boogeyman then screamed "I'M COMING TO GET'CHA!" and picked up Ron Killings, then, without hesitation, he threw Ron Killings out of the ring

-Ron 'the truth' Killings has been eliminated

Meanwhile, AJ Styles had just hit a styles clashon Maven. He threw Maven over but Maven wasn't giving up that easily. AJ and Maven had a punch up near the ropes. Maven punched AJ in the face and then tried to lift AJ over the ropes to eliminate him. He lifted him over and Maven got eliminated but AJ hung on to the top rope and with all his strength, climbed back in the ring.

-Maven has been eliminated

Sting and Carlito were still fighting, and Carlito attempted a Cool Break, but Sting lifted him up for a reverse suplex. Carlito landed on his feet, however and was going to reverse, but Sting was ready and threw him out!

-Carlito has been eliminated

*Mick Foley entered the ring*

Foley fought with Triple H. Sting fought with Cage. Angle fought with Boogeyman. The Boogeyman lifted Angle up for a slam, but Angle reversed and stayed as far away as possibly from Boogeyman, as Boogeyman went back in the corner to sit down.

*Hulk Hogan entered the ring!*

Hulk ran in the ring and fought with Foley. Foley tried punching him, but Hogan reversed. Hogan then irish whipped Mick Foley and hit a big boot on Foley - and Foley fell out of the ring!

-Mick Foley has been eliminated

*Chris Masters entered the ring*

Masters didn't do his usual taunts, he just ran in the ring and started as many fights as he possibly could! Masters tried to slap the Masterlock on Kane, but Kane didn't give him a chance to lock it in. Kane gripped Masters by the throat and chokeslammed him out of the ring! Kane was going to go back to the center of the ring, but Kurt Angle pushed him over too!

-Chris Masters & Kane have been eliminated

*Undertaker entered the ring*

Undertaker entered and he didn't attack anyone, he just waited for an oppurtunity to strike. Meanwhile, Kurt Angle, Sting & Triple H were all discussing something. Then they all agreed. All three of them attscked boogeyman, who was still in the corner. Angle hit an Angle Slam Triple H hit a pedigree, then they put him in the corner and Sting hit a stinger splash. Boogeyman fell to the floor, but all three of them lifted him up and threw him out.

-Boogeyman has been eliminated

As soon as Boogeyman was eliminated, all three men fought eachother again. Meanwhile, Hulk Hogan challenged the Undertaker. So they fought. Undertaker got the upperhand and was going for a chokeslam, until Triple H attacked Undertaker!

*The Last Entrant, Brock Lesnar, entered the ring*

Brock Lesnar helped Triple H to fight Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan reversed a pedigree but Brock Lesnar was ready and he connected with the F-5! Triple H, Hulk Hogan, and Kurt Angle (who had hit an Angle slam on Taker) all teamed up to eliminate Hulk Hogan.

-Hulk Hogan has been eliminated

The three decided to team up on some other people, Sting was who they decided to eliminate next. Sting put up a good fight with Christian Cage helping him, however, the three of them were too much for Sting, and they threw him out! Christian Cage then lowblowed Brock Lesnar and reversed an Angle Slam into an unprettier. Triple H ran toward Christian Cage to eliminate him but Christian Cage lifted him over his head and he eliminated him!

-Triple H has been eliminated

Suddenly, Kurt Angle was back up and he fought with Christian Cage. He hit an uppercut and lifted him over the top rope. Cage hung on but Angle forced him to fall by punching his hands that were on the ropes.

-Christian Cage has been eliminated

The final four were Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar & The Undertaker.

AJ Styles fought Kurt Angle as Lesnar fought Undertaker. AJ Styles irish whipped Kurt Angle. AJ Styles ran up to Kurt Angle and clotheslined him over the top rope, but at the same time Brock Lesnar threw over AJ Styles!

-Kurt Angle & AJ Styles have been eliminated

The final two, Brock Lesnar & The Undertaker fought. Lesnar punched Taker. Taker retaliated. Lesnar ducked Undertaker's clothesline and lifted up Taker, then - he hit the F-5!!

Lesnar weakly got up and rested against the ropes, he was about to eliminate Taker, when he just sat up! Lesnar kicked Taker in the head and hit a leg drop. He was out again. Brock Lesnar was about to pick up Taker but again he sat up!

Lesnar couldn't believe it and so this time he punched Taker in the head over and over and over again. Lesnar climbed the turnbuckle and hit a shooting star press!

Lesnar used the help from the ropes to get up and this tim, he lifted up Undertaker's head, but he just fell back down, he did it again, but Taker was out cold! Lesnar turned and taunted to the crowd "YEAH!" He screamed "HE'S NOT INVINCIBLE, AFTER ALL!" Lesnar laughed and mocked the Undertaker. However, when he turned around, Taker was up and he got hit with a chokeslam!

Taker lifted up Lesnar and threw him out of the ring! The bell rung and Undertaker was the winner of Royal Rumble 2006!

Tazz: The Undertaker will headline Wrestlewars I! He has done it! Undertaker defeated 29 other superstars!

King: What did I tell you! I said The Undertaker would win! And he did it! He did it!

Tazz: You were right! And The Undertaker remains strong! What a night! We have new tag champions, new intercontinental champion! Our world champion defends, and what a great rumble! I'm Tazz, that's King, thanks for joining us! And we will see you next week on MaX!

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Debut of Weekly Show, MaX, Preview!

The aftermath of the royal rumble

On the debut show of MaX, we have alot coming. We have Lita vs. Dawn Marie, whoever wins will challenge Trish Stratus at No Way Out. Also, the debut of the highlight reel will have Royal Rumble 2006 winner, Undertaker as it's first guest.

Don't forget, we also have Big Show vs. Mark Jindrak in a steel cage match and The Rock vs. Royal Rumble runner up, Brock Lesnar in the main event!

Don't miss MaX this week!

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Thanks for the review. Rep Added.

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Here is my Royal Rumble Reveiw:

WWA Womens title
Trish Stratus (c) vs. Dawn Marie - This was a great divas match up that you put on here, on tv I don't really get in to their matches but you write them well. Glad to see that you kept Trish as Champ.

WWA Cruiserweight title
Juventud (c) vs. Kid Kash vs. Tajiri - Great CW action here, I am very in to Cw matches as they always put on some great ones, and you put together a great one here as well. Juvi is one of my favorite CW wrestlers and I am glad to see him retain.

No.1 contendership of US title - Another good match up here, I was going for Shelton Benjamin to win it, but I guess you are pushing Jindrek.

WWA Tag team titles (Table)
Americas Most Wanted (c) vs. Team 3D - A another good match that you put together, I have a table match in my ppv as well and i like them, of coarse the right thing to do is to have Team 3-D win.

WWA United States title:
Maven (c) vs. Big Show - I really do not like that Maven retained the title for I wanted Show to win, but at least it was a DQ.

WWA Intercontinental title (Finisher Match):
Chris Jericho (c) vs. AJ Styles - Nice to see a finishers match they are very unique, and i am happy to see A.J. pick up the win and the title.

WWA Heavyweight title:
The Rock (c) vs. Stone Cold vs. Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels - Very nice way to put the Heavyweight title on the line in a fatal four way match, I was going for either Stone Cold or HBK but go to see the Rock win.

Main Event: The Royal Rumble - YES! The Undertaker wins the Royal Rumble, as you might tell, I am a huge Taker fan and I am glad to see him win.

Overal: 7/10 - The only problem was it was to short.

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Thanks for the reviews, New School Fire, I didn't think it was too short lol I spent 6 hours writing it but thanks for your opinions nevertheless.

EDIT: Rep added.

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Presents the debut of the weekly show:

A 5-minute video package aired showing the highlights of Royal Rumble 2006...

As the show starts, the pyro's explode all around the arena. The 'MaX' logo hangs high above all. The crowd cheer and the noise is deafening!

Tazz: Welcome to MaX! The debut of WWA MaX, as we come to you, live, from the UK! We are at the Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester, England!

King: Yes, but the matches we have tonight are simple great.

Tazz: Yes, coming up for you, the fans tonight, we have Lita vs. Dawn Marie! Big Show vs. Mark Jindrak in a steel cage, the debut of the Highlight Reel, and the main event tonight, The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar in a non-title match!

'Soft Like a Rosebud' hits the PA as Lita makes her way to the ring.

King: Well, we are starting off the show with a no.1 contender match of the womens title! I love DIVA matches...

Tazz: Shut up, King.

no.1 contender match:
Lita vs. Dawn Marie

The match began when Lita slapped Dawn Marie across the face. Dawn Marie didn't take this lightly and punched Lita back, and then hit her with a forearm. Dawn Marie kicked Lita in the gut and hit a DDT!

Dawn Marie pinned but she had a 2 count. Dawn picked up Lita but Lita speared Dawn into the turnbuckle, before slapping her across the face. Lita then irish whipped Dawn into the opposite turnbuckle.

Lita ran and clotheslined Dawn with full force, and then elbowed her in the back. Lita wasted no time in dominating even more, when she hit a DDT of her own.

Dawn Marie weakly got up and tried to barge into Lita, but Lita simply reversed into an extreme twist of fate! Bam! It's over, 1..2..3!

Tazz: I hate to say this, but Dawn Marie just got destroyed!

King: Well, that lovely Lita said she was going to become the no.1 contender and she fulfilled her promise! Lita will face Trish Stratus at No Way Out!

Tazz: Well, we'll be back after the commercials when the highlight reel debuts, right here on MaX!

Do it right -Go to Wendy's!
SmackDown vs. Raw 2006 - in stores now!
Don't miss no way out, Where Mark Jindrak takes on Maven and Trish Startus defends the womens title!
-End Commercials-

The Highlight Reel

Chris Jericho: Welcome to RAW....IS....JERICHOOOO! The Highlight reel! And as you all know, it's tradition for the highlight reel to interview the jackass who wins the royal rumble, and this year, it was the 'deadman' The Undertaker who won it. Now, I'm sure that circus freak will be too busy rolling his eyes to the back of his head to be interviewed, but it's worth a try, so please hopefully welcome, the jackass who won the royal rumble 2006, The Undertaker!

There was no reply. No music played or anything.

Chris Jericho: Exactly what I said, that jackass hasn't got the guts to step in the ring with a seven time intercontinental champion! Undertaker, you jackass, just stay backstage, because no-one actually wants to see -

Suddenly, the lights went out. *DONG* The lights then flickered and a white fog hovered on floor level. *DONG* The lights came back on, and Undertaker was standing behind Jericho!

Undertaker picked up Jericho from behind and set him up for the tombstone piledriver, BAM! And he delivered with authority! Undertaker's voice ringed through the arena. 'Rock, you will rest...in...peeaaace!'

The lights went out again and when they came back on, Undertaker was gone, and the tombstoned Jericho lay flat on the floor.

King: Undertaker is certainly sending a message to the rock!

Tazz: Oh yeah, he said that The Rock is gonna rest in peace, I'd say that's sending a message, all right!



Chris Jericho was holding his neck in pain and he barged through the door of the chairman.

Rhysus Cain looked up to see Jericho, holding his neck and furious.

Jericho: I...want...Taker! :frustrate I don't care when, I don't care where, but I want that jackass one-on-one in the ring so I can kick his ass!

Rhysus Cain: You want Taker? You got Taker. He fights Rocky at Wrestlewars, but he has no match at No Way Out. So, at No Way Out, it will be Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho - and since you want to kick his ass so bad, i'm making it a hardcore match, now piss off.

Jericho was about to speak, but realised he got what he wanted, and just left silently.

Cage Match:
Big Show vs. Mark Jindrak

When both men entered the ring, the cage was lowered and the match started. Show was furious with Jindrak and threw a punch, but Jindrak ducked it! Jindrak evaded and ran over to the other side of the cage. Jindrak started to climb the cage to escape, but Big Show started rattling the cage. However, instead of Jindrak falling, he jumped and hit a flying clothesline on Big Show!

Jindrak got straight back up and tried to climb the cage again, but Big Show was up before long. Jindrak jumped down from the cage instead of being pulled down. Jindrak evaded another punch and then chopped the Big Show. Big Show didn't move however and he headbutted Jindrak. Jindrak fell to the floor and now Show had him.

Show picked him up and threw him into the cage, Jindrak fell to the floor, holding his back in pain. Jindrak crawled to the ropesand tried to help himself up, but Big Show picked him up and hit a body slam. Big Show picked up Jindrak again and threw him into the cage again.

Show lifted his arm and yelled. The crowd cheered as they knew the chokeslam was next. Big Show waited for Jindrak to get up and went for the chokeslam, but Jindrak ducked and hit a lowblow!

Show fell to the floor in pain and he couldn't get up. Jindrak signalled for someone in the back to come out. The crowd were confused as to who he was referring too. They found out shortly though as Jackie Gayda ran down to the ring. She slid a pair of plyers through the gaps in the cage. Jindrak picked up the plyers as Big Show got up. Thwack! Jindrak hit Big Show with the plyers on the head, and Big Show just fell, he was now bleeding.

Jindrak pinned 1...2...3!

Tazz: I don't believe it! Jindrak defeated the Big Show!

King: Yeah, but he used the help of Jackie Gayda to do it!

Tazz: Well, it's still an impressive victory, and it will still go down in the books as a victory over Big Show! But let's take you to the main event, it's up after the break!

No Way Out on Pay Per View!
-End Commercials-

Main Event: Single non-title match
The Rock (c) vs. Brock Lesnar

The match started with a grapple, and Lesnar overpowered Rocky. He got him in the turnbuckle, but Rocky pushed him away, and then attempted the people's punches, he hit two, but Lesnar evaded the third and hit a german suplex!

Lesnar picked up The Rock and picked him up for a body slam, but Rocky reversed and hit the peoples punches! Rocky taunts for Lesnar to get up and hits a clothesline when he does!

Rocky taunts again and when Lesnar gets up, he goes for a rock bottom! BAM! He hit it!

King: Can the rock really beat Lesnar this fast?

Rocky went for the pin, 1..2..all of a sudden, Stone Cold Steve Austin ran in and attacked Rocky, breaking up the pin and causing a DQ! Lesnar and Austin both team up on Rocky and hit a double spinebuster!

Stone Cold starts stomping Rocky until Hulk Hogan runs in and makes the safe, he fights Stone Cold and gets him out of the ring.The Rock slowly gets up. Rocky and Hogan are even with Stone Cold & Brock Lesnar, until Chris Masters runs in and locks the Masterlock on The Rock!

Stone Cold and Lesnar team up on Hogan so its 3-on-2! Here comes AJ Styles to even the odds, he attacks Chris Masters and the team of Hulk Hogan, The Rock and AJ Styles clear the ring of all the other team!

Tazz: Well, it looks like the WWA Heavyweight Champion does have some allies, but what other problems will Stone Cold cause him?

King: Who knows, but The Rock won that match by dis-qualification because Stone Cold's team attacked first! I'm sure that our GM will do something about this attack next week, but until then, I'm the King!

Tazz: And I'm Tazz! Goodnight!

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Lita vs. Maria - the match recap was okay. it was great when lita did the twist of fate

Highlight Reel - this was lame. jericho didn't really have much to say about 'Taker 'cept that he was a "jackass." jericho is better than that. although it was nice when 'Taker was behind him, although it wasn't very surprising. and the reel was short. quite short really.. that's an easy segment, IMO, to make longer

Jericho Promo backstage - eh.. it was lame. Cain is too easy to persuade and it was short. work on your promo lengths

Show vs. Jindrak - this would have been an awesome in full :D it's too bad this is just Max and not a ppv. anywho, sounded awesome but WTF?? why would a non-title match between the Rock and Lesnar be the main event as opposed to a steel cage match? that doesn't make sense to me at all

Rock vs. Lesnar - well. i still can't see this as the main event. but it was pretty neat when all those people ran out there to help the Rock. but there was no promo between a steel cage match and a main event? i thought that was weird...

Side notes:
*the commentators have a fair amount of conversation which is nice (+4)
*your promos are too short, as i said (-2)
*your match recaps are great! it's too bad the steel cage wasn't in full (+10)
*dude.. steel cage match not a main event.. but instead the ME was a non-title match between Rock and Lesnar? major points lost there in my opinion (-4)
*the length was not good. 4 pages is not gonna cut it with me.. and you only had 3 matches which was probably why it was so short. my suggestion, but only because i've heard this before.. 4-6 for shows and 8-10 for ppvs ('cept royal rumble) (-2)


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Yeah, I was dissapointed with my own show, but I will improve next show. The reason I made it a non-title match is because i'm leading up to some feuds.

I decided to make the steel cage not the main event cos Mark Jindrak and Show are mid-carders in my show.

Thanks for your review though, and I'll take your thouts into consideration. Rep added.

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but he lost the title match at the rumble. Don't worry, I have plans for Show. :)

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Preview of MaX (2 weeks until No Way Out)

Tonight, Mark Jindrak & Jackie Gayda will team up against Big Show & A diva of his choice in a intergender tag match. Will Big Show get revenge tonight, or will Jindrak again find a way to win the match?

Also, Jericho has announced he's calling out The Undertaker, face to face, this week on the highlight reel! Will The Undertaker come to the ring man-to-man?

no.1 contender matches have also been announced for the intercontinental and cruiserweight title. And finally, what will Rhysus Cain do about the attacks that ensued in last week's main event?

Find out all this and more, this week, on MaX!
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