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I am going to start my own federation called WWA: Womens Wrestling Alliance

General Manager : Shane McMahon
Announcers: Lillian Garcia
Commentary:Jerry Lawler & Tazz
Trish Stratus
Molly Holly
Gail Kim
Stacy Keibler
Christy Hemme
Candice Michelle
Miss Carmella
Alexis Laree
Melissa Coates
Jillian Hall
Angel Williams
Stephanie McMahon
Torrie Wilson
Dawn Marie
Miss Jackie
Joy Giovanni
Sharmell Sullivan
Amy Webber
Rochelle Loewen
Michelle McCool

Titles: WWA Championship, WWA Tag Team Championship and WWA Cruiserweight Championship
All the titles are vacant!

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WWA January Week 1

Tazz: Hello Los Angeles and welcome to the first ever WWA Live Event! My name is Tazz and right next to me is Jerry "The King" Lawler
The King: Thank you Tazz and tonight we are going to see the first ever crowning of the WWA Championship and the WWA Cruiserweight Championship. I can't wait to see which divas are participating in which title matches.

~*Here Comes The Money!*~ plays
Lillian: Everyone please welcome, the WWA General Manager, Shane McMahon!

Shane walks to the ring and enters. He takes the mic from Lillian and starts talking!
Shane: Welcome everyone and as you all should know, I am the General Manager of the newest wrestling company, the Womens Wrestling Alliance! Tonight, we will see handpicked divas by myself fight to gain both the WWA Cruiserweight Championship and the WWA Championship. Now, all General Managers are not complete without their lovely secretary and assistant, so everyone please welcome the beautiful Miss Debra!

~*Debra's Theme Plays*~
Debra goes to the ring in a blue business suit and she waves to the crowd a lot. She gets into the ring and tosses her hair back.

Debra: Wow! Not only are you fans lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Most Beautiful Woman in the World but you are also looking at a Contender for the WWA Championship. Yes I will be competing tonight and I will surely take home the Gold. So of course, to everyone, Shane and I wish Good Luck and enjoy youselves because coming up next is of course the WWA Cruiserweight Championship Match.

~*Debra's Theme Plays*~ as both she & Shane leave the ring and go backstage

**********The Scene Fades to Commercial**********​

When we get back from commercial,
Lillian: The following is the WWA Cruiserweight Championship Match and a number of divas will start in the ring and will be eliminated by going through the ropes and both feet have to hit the floor and the last diva standing will be the WWA Cruiserweight Champion.

~*Legs*~ plays
Lillian:This match is scheduled for one fall and introducing first, from Baltimore Maryland, Stacy Keibler!
Stacy comes out in a black top and boots. She is wearing white shorts. She waves to the crowd and does her famous entrance into the ring as the crowd goes wild. The crowd chants numerous "Stacy Rocks!" chants

~*Walk Idiot Walk*~
Lillian: Introducing next, from California, Christy Hemme!
Christy comes out very energetic. She is wearing a yellow skirt and yellow shirt. Christy dances her way to the ring and she waves to the crowd. She shakes Stacy's hand in the ring and blows a kiss to the fans.

~*Maria's Theme Plays*~
Lillian: Introducing from Ottawa, Illinois Maria!
Maria smiles and waves to the crowd wearing a black dress. Maria hugs a lucky fan and she enters the ring. She waves to Stacy and gives Christy a hug.

~*What Love Is*~ Plays
Lillian: Introducing from Milwaukee Winconsin, Candice Michelle!
Candice comes out wearing black bikini type tights and she waves to the crowd. Candice smiles and enters the rin. She gives Maria the Evil Eye and winks at Tazz

~*Terri's Theme Plays*~
Lillian: Introducing, the Naughty Little She-Devil, Terri!
Terri came out, did her little dance at the top of the ramp in a yellow catsuit and she walked to the ring waving and blowing kisses. Terri entered the ring and did her ring entrance and she danced around the ring.

~*Japanese Phenom*~ Plays
Lillian: Introducing from Japan, Hiroko!
Hiroko came out in a kimono with a bitter look on her face. She went to the ring and attempted at throwing powder at The King

~*Michelle's Theme Plays*~
Lillian: Introducing from Palatka Florida Michelle McCool
Michelle came out in a green wrestling attire and waved to the crowd

~*Lauren's Theme Plays*~
Lillian: Introducin from Jackson Mississipi Lauren Jones and from Edmonton, Alberta Canada, Rochelle Loewen
Rochelle came out in a silver dress and Lauren came out in blue tights. They walked hand in hand to the ring and waved to the crowd

~*Need A Little Time*~ Plays
Lillian: Introducing from Boise Idaho, Torrie Wilson and from Cleveland Ohio, Miss Jackie!
Torrie wore blue tights and Jackie wore yellow tights. They both waved to the crowd a lot and gave the fans high fives and Miss Jackie gave a teenage boy a kiss on the cheek before entering the ring.

~*Bodytalk*~ Plays
Lillian: From Illinois, Amy Webber and Shaniqua
Amy came out wearing a pink sports bra and a pink skirt and walked to the ring waving to the crowd. Shaniqua is wearing black leather and gets into the ring.

~*Carmella's Theme Plays*~
Lillian:Introducing Miss Carmella, Melina & Sharmell Sullivan
The three divas known as HMW, Hollywood's Most Wanted made their way to the ring in red tights.

~*Only Love Can Do It*~
Lillian: Introducing, Joy Giovanni
Joy skipped to the ring in a green wrestling attire and she slid into the ring

~*Dawn Marie's Theme*~ Plays
Lillian: From Woodbridge New Jersey, Dawn Marie!
The crowd goes wild as Dawn makes her way to the ring in a black catsuit and she even kisses Tazz & The King on the cheek before entering!

WWA Cruiserweight Championship Battle Royale
Stacy vs Christy vs Maria vs Candice vs Terri vs Hiroko vs Michelle vs Rochelle vs Lauren vs Joy vs Torrie vs Ms Jackie vs Dawn vs Amy vs Ms Carmella vs Sharmell vs Melina vs Shaniqua

The Beginning:

The divas start fighting each other. Christy slaps Lauren and whips her into the ropes and Christy comes back and clotheslines Lauren to the outside!Shaniqua comes running but Christy throws her to thew outside!
Lauren & Shaniqua are Eliminated!

Michelle & Ms Jackie team up and they beat on Hiroko. They then slap Hiroko and manage to throw her outside but seizing her opportunity, Stacy ran forward and not only eliminated Miss Jackie but Michelle by throwing them both through the ropes with help from Candice
Hiroko, Miss Jackie & Michelle are Eliminated in that Order!

The Middle:

Candice & Stacy are jumping up and down and celebrate. Stacy slaps Candice and grabs her by the legs and lifts them and tosses Candice to the outside
Candice is Eliminated!

The remaining divas Stacy,Carmella, Melina, Sharmell Christy, Maria, Terri, Rochelle, Joy, Torrie & Amy all work together and eliminate Dawn Marie and after her elimination, Dawn gets up and pulls Joy, Maria & Sharmell out of the ring by pulling their legs and pulling them out of the ring. Terri works on Rochelle, Torrie & Christy work on Stacy. Soon Terri manages to flip Rochelle over and she hits a arm drag and she throws Rochelle out of the ring. Terri grabs Christy and hits a hairwhip on her and soon, Terri is slapping Christy in the face. Christy grabs Terri and pushes her into the turnbuckle! Christy & Stacy team up and eliminate Terri by grabbing her legs and hitting a double facecrusher. Torrie runs forward and hits a clothesline on Melina sending her outside and Christy & Stacy hit a double facecrusher on Sharmell eliminating her
Dawn Marie, Joy, Maria, Sharmell, Rochelle, Terri,Melina & Sharmell are Eliminated in that Order!

The End:

Torrie grabs Stacy and tosses her to the outside of the apron and she hits a hard blow on Stacy and Stacy falls to the grouns. Torrie was celebrating but Christy came up from behind, threw Torrie out and was awarded the WWA Cruiserweight Championship Belt!
Stacy & Torrie are Eliminated!
Winner and the New WWA Cruiserweight Champion Christy Hemme

**********The Scene Fades to Commercial**********​

When we get back from commercial, we are in Shane's office where he is with Debra celebrating with some champagne.
Debra: This is great but Shane, I have to go get ready for my match!
Debra kisses Shane on the cheek and leaves the room, Christy comes in holding the title belt.
Shane: Christy, congratulations! I can't believe you outlasted so many divas and took home the gold! Well for next week, I insist you take a break, just hold onto that gold. However, Christy you look splendid tonight you know that?
Christy: Yes I know that! You know what else looks better, me and this title belt. How about I shut the door and I show you what it looks like?
Christy shuts the door and we go to the ring where Tazz & The King are talking!

The King: Whoa, what in the name of god are Christy & Shane doing there 'cos whatever it is, I'm going!
Tazz: Too Bad King, coming up next is the WWA Championship Match and if Debra finds out what Christy did, whoa, I think that Christy will probably have her first title defense against Debra! We all know who is the winner of that!
The King: Me!
Tazz: Why you?
The King: Debra's got some huge puppies and so does Christy!
Tazz: Well anyways, King, next week will be the WWA Tag Team Championship Match. King, lots of puppies action next week. There will be plenty of competitors tonight, more than 10 divas will be participating for sure. Only eight divas will not compete tonight as they will continue the WWA Open next week and a new champion will be crowned!

Lillian:The following is a WWA Open. Two Divas start in the ring and are eliminated by pinfall and then another diva will come and the last undefeated diva will be crowned the WWA Champion!

~*All Grown Up*~ Plays
Lillian:Introducing first, The Billion Dollar Princess, Stephanie McMahon!
Stephanie comes out in black wrestling gear and she waves to the crowd and she gets into the ring

~*Jacqueline's Theme*~ Plays
Lillian.: Introducing, Jacqueline!
Jacqueline is wearing a long sleeved red top and red pants and she makes her way to the ring!

WWA Open - Stephanie McMahon vs Jacqueline​

The Beginning

Jacqueline slaps Stephanie and picks her up and hits her with a scoop slam. Jacqueline goes for the pin but Stephanie kicks out. Jacqueline picks her up and hits her with a side slam. Jacqueline then poses for the crowd and she grabs Stephanie by the hair and whips her into the turnbuckle. Jacqueline runs towards Stephanie but Stephanie kicks Jacqueline in the gut. Stephanie then goes and hits Jacqueline with a suplex. Stephanie goes for the pin but Jacqueline kicks out!

The End:

Stephanie gets on the turnbuckle and leaps off for a fist slam but Jacqueline rolls out of the way and pins Stephanie using the ropes for leverage. Jacqueline celebrates her win!


King:Wow! Impressive match by both Stephanie and Jacqueline.Jacqueline advances to the next round for sure. I wonder who her next opponent will be!
Tazz:Well everybody, the first ever WWA pay per view, the Royal Rumble is going to take place in about three weeks. All the divas will be participating in the royal rumble, 33 divas will compete leaving out the WWA champion and her opponent. Coming up next, Jacqueline will take on another diva right after a commercial break!

**********Commercial Break**********​

~*Molly Holly*~
Lillian:This is the second round of the WWA Open, introducing the challenger facing Jacqueline. From Forest Lake, Minnesota, Molly Holly!
Molly came out and the crowd chanted "Boo!" "Baldie" "Biatch" "Get Out!" Molly replied back bitterly and climbed up the stairs and went into the ring through the second rope.

WWA Open - Molly Holly vs Jacqueline

The Beginning:

Molly kicks at Jacqueline's thigh and she grabs her by the hair and hits a hairwhip on her. Molly picks Jacqueline up, hits a jumpkick and goes for the pin but Jacqueline kicks out. Molly kicks away at Jacqueline and the referee pulls Molly away. Molly screams at the referee and Jacqueline hits Molly with a back low blow and a roll up but Molly gets her shoulder up at 2!

The End:

Jacqueline gets up and hits a scoop slam on Molly. She then hits a fist slam and leg drop. Jaqueline goes for the turnbuckle but Molly scoop slams her into the ring off the turnbuckle. Molly gets on the turnbuckle and hits Jacqueline with the Molly-Go-Round and she pins Jacqueline

Winner:Molly Holly

Tazz:Molly will surely take home the gold tonight. Molly controls most of the match and comes out victorious.
King:My vote still goes to Trish or Sable who will be competing tonight!

Lillian:From Puerto Rico, Nidia!
Nidia came out and skipped to the ring. Nidia stepped into the ring and wiggled her ass and teased the crowd.

WWA Open - Nidia vs Molly Holly

The Beginning:

Molly hit a fist slam on Nidia and pulled her up by her hair. Molly picked Nidia up and hit her with a side slam. Nidia managed to dodge a clothesline and she splashed Molly to the ground. Nidia then hit Molly with a hard blow to her head. Nidia then hit an elbow drop and she went for the pin but Molly managed toi get her shoulder up at 2!

The End:

Nidia got Molly up, extended her hand towards Molly. Molly took it and Nidia grabbed Molly's head and slammed it down on the ground while slamming on her ass (N Attack, lets call it that!) Nidia went for the pin and is advancing to the next round!


~*Alexis Laree*~
Lillian:Introducing from Richmond, VA Alexis Laree
Alexis came out and almost ran on the way to the ring. She slid in and blew kisses to the crowd.

WWA Open - Nidia vs Alexis Laree​

The Beginning:

Nidia slapped Alexis around the ring and chopped away at her chest. Nidia irish whipped Alexis into the turnbuckle and headbutted her gut. Nidia hit a roll up but Alexis managed to kick out.Nidia got up but Alexis pulled Nidia's leg causing her to fall down hard and Alexis went for the pin but Nidia kicked out.

The End:

Alexis picked Nidia up and whipped her into the ropes. She hit a clothesline on her. Nidia got up quickly and tried kicking away at Alexis but Alexis caught Nidia's leg and she twisted it and Nidia fell to the floor. Alexis hit a turnbuckle jump. She picked Nidia up and hit the Laree DDT and she went for the pin. Alexis put her leg behind Nidia's leg and after the 1-2-3! Alexis celebrated!

Winner:Alexis Laree[/B

Tazz:Alexis is excellent, a very good diva. She will definetely get my vote to win the WWA Championship
King:Lets see who else is coming first up. Next we will have Alexis take on another diva in this WWA Open after this commercial break

*********Commercial Break**********​

~*Melissa Coates*~
Lillian: From Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada Melissa Coates!
Melissa came out and posed for the crowd, flexing her muscles and she went into the ring.

WWA Open - Alexis Laree vs Melissa Coates​

The Beginning:

The match started with Melissa hitting a kick straight to the rib of Alexis Laree. Melissa then hit a snapmare on Alexis and a kick to her back. Melissa pushed Alexis over and went for the cover but Alexis got her shoulder up. Melissa hit a neck snap and started kicking away at Alexis. Melissa got Alexis up and pushed her into the turnbuckle. Melissa then hit Alexis with a back suplex

The End:

Melissa went for the pin but Alexis kicked out.Melissa then whipped Alexis into the ropes and she splashed her. Melissa then hit a moonsault (finisher) off the turnbuckle Melissa then went for the pin and Alexis is eliminated.

Winner:Melissa Coates

Tazz:Impressive. Melissa just took out Alexis with that splash and her moves were definetely something.
King:poor Alexis, that snapmare and neck snap really hit her badly! Now we all know that Melissa came straight in from Ohio Valley Wrestling where they have tons of divas there.
Tazz:Of course they do, they have Synn, Passion, Desire, Beth Phoenix and Trudi Denucci. Other divas, Shane's been thinking of calling up are Lollipop and April Hunter but time will see what he will do with what he has now!
King:All right, Tazz, let's see those puppies!
Tazz:King Calm down, *hands him a tissue* all right coming up, is the 6th round of the WWA Open. We'll see who her opponent will be!

Lillian:Making her way to the ring, Sunny!
Sunny came out in a yellow sort of dress and waved to the crowd

WWA Open - Sunny vs Melissa Coates

The Beginning:

Melissa slapped Sunny and hit her with a scoop slam. Melissa grabbed Sunny and hit her with a suplex.

The End:

Sunny managed to get up and dodge a clothesline and she kicked Melissa in the gut. Melissa however speared Sunny and took home the pin

Winner:Melissa Coates​

Tazz:Wow! Sunny was hurt alot and needs to train more.
King: Dont even know why Shane put Sunny in this match, she could've been in the Cruiserweight Battle Royale instead
Tazz:True but remember Sunny managed Shane along with Stacy Keibler in WCW for a while

In the back, Ivory is talking to Victoria. Victoria walks off and a woman in a mask comes and knocks Ivory out.
Woman in Mask:There, she's out of the competition!

Tazz:Whoa! Who was that?
King:No idea, but next, Melissa will take on two divas in a triple threat match now!

~*Angel Williams*~
Lillian: From Ontario Canada, Angel Williams
Angel came out in pink tights and entered the ring.

Tazz:Wow! That girl is big!
Tazz:You got that right King

Lillian:From New Orleans Louisiana, Jazz
Jazz strutted out to the ring and she started yelling at Melissa

WWA Open - Angel Williams vs Jazz vs Melissa Coates

The Beginning:

The match started off with Jazz & Melissa teaming up to take out Angel. Jazz slapped Angel around and Melissa hit Angel with a suplex. Jazz grabbed Angel by her legs and hit a snapmare. Melissa took off from the turnbuckle and hit an elbow drop and she covered Angel but she kicked out. Jazz picked Angel up and hit her with a couple of suplexes. Jazz then got Angel into a neck snap. Melissa then made Angel tap after a criss cross choke.

The End:

Jazz threw Angel to the outside and when she turned around was splashed by Melissa Coates. Melissa covered Jazz for the pin and picked up the win!

Winner:Melissa Coates

Tazz:Melissa Coates is on a roll here King. She just dominated first Alexis Laree, Sunny and then in a triple threat match, Angel Williams & Jazz
King:I dont want Melissa to win the WWA Championship. She lacks the charisma, looks and puppies
Tazz:But she has skill. Thats good
King: Never mind Tazz, okay everyone, coming up after the commercial break, another match for the WWA Open

**********Commercial Break**********​

Lillian: Introducing Miss Debra
Debra came out as woman in mask! She took it off and she entered the ring

Tazz: Debra took out Ivory
King: Ivory will kill Debra
Tazz:Thats The GM's assistant, Miss Debra, a southern belle!

Lillian:From California, Ivory!
Ivory came out looking annoyed. She slid into the ring and attacked Debra with a spear

WWA Open - Melissa Coates vs Ivory vs Debra

The Beginning:

Ivory attacked Debra and Debra pushed her off. Debra slid out of the ring and Ivory got out and chased Debra around the ring. Debra slid into the ring and Melissa ran attempting to splash Debra but instead splashed Ivory and covered her for the pin and Ivory was eliminated

The End:

Debra got Melissa up and pushed her into the turnbuckle. Debra then kicked away at Melissa. Melissa pushed Debra down and suddenly..

~*Here Comes The Money*~
Shane McMahon came running down and he entered the ring and planted Melissa with a DDT allowing Debra to pick up the win. Shane and Debra both celebrated the win

Winner: Debra via interference from Shane McMahon​

~*Jillian Hall*~
Lillian:Ladies and Gentleman, from Ashland KY, Jillian Hall
Jillian came out from behind, posed and ran to the ring.

WWA Open - Jillian Hall vs Debra w/ Shane McMahon​

The Beginning:

The two ladies locked up and Debra pushed Jillian and slapped her. Debra sat on the turnbuckle and hit an elbow drop. Debra went for the cover but Jillian kicked out. Debra got Jillian up and pushed her into the turnbuckle but Jillian put her foot into it to stop her, turned around and clotheslined Debra. Jillian then hit a leg drop on Debra and went for the pin but Debra got her shoulder up

The End:

Jillian picked Debra up and hit her with a Twist of Fate Elbow Drop. Jillian went for the cover but Shane distracted the referee. Debra finally got up and slapped Jillian. Shane hit a cheap shot on the ref and planted Jillian with a DDT and slid out of the ring in time for the ref to count the 1-2-3! for Debra to pick up the win!

Winner : Debra

Tazz:Wow! Debra picked up two wins in the WWA Open with help from Shane McMahon!
King:I guess this ends tonight's show and next week the WWA Tag Team Championship Match takes place and the rest of the WWA Championship Open!
Tazz:Goodnight everybody

Shane & Debra celebrated in the ring

**********Show ends**********​

So what did everyone think?

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Next pay per view:

The WWA Womens Wrestling Alliance's next pay per view is the Royal Rumble which takes place in a week or so. The Royal Rumble will consist of 33 Divas in the ring and two divas who will compete for the WWA Championship!

Latest Signings:

The WWA Womens Wrestling Alliance have recently signed TNA:NWO's Traci, Trinity & Lollipop to a developmental contract. Look out for them in the near future!
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