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I thought, well it's my first time here so I tell a story, and even present some OUT RAGE ROSTER WITH OUT RAGE SHOWS.

World Wrestling Entertainment fired some guys, TNA fired some guys, ROH throw up of there building some guys, when Mr. Rowdy Roddy Piper took them all and put them under one roof in the WSF.

Piper said "Hey, if one junior at Philadelphia can bring the best of the best to the world and made it big and I mean E-C-W...I CAN DO IT TOO."

Piper got his own staff, roster, arena, anything. Piper announced in the 411mania.com website also that at October 16th, 2005 the former so called ECW ARENA will be hosting the first show of W-S-F as Piper also presented the ROSTER to the world.

'Sexy Body' Sean Morley
'Little' Spike Dudley
Charlie Haas
Bubba Ray Dudley
Yuji Nagata
Kenzo Suzuki
Super Dragon
'Big' Babby Slymm
D'Lo Brown
Taka Michinkou
Matt Striker
'Latino Heat Jr.' Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Mike Bantley
'Powerfull' Bobby Roode
Jake 'The Snake' Roberts
Jerry 'The King' Lawler
'Sweet' Stan Lane
Balls Mahoney
BJ Whitmer
Roderick Strong
Jimmy Jacobs - HUSS
X.X.L - Masked wrestler, you'll find out.
Lil' Taker - Someone new, you'll find out.
'Rowdy' Roddy Piper
Tommy Dreamer
Lance Storm

Prince Nana
Jim Cornette
Todd Gordon

That's all, beware, because the SPIRIT IS ALIVE!

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'Rowdy' Roddy Piper and CO. presents WSF 'The Spirit Season BEGINS', October 16th, 2005, The OLD ECW ARENA, Philadelphia, PA.

DOORS OPEN AT 7:30PM, $10 tickets!

The main event will be so AWESOME, SO AMAZING AND SO SPIRITING for the fans because it will be between two teams, tag team tornado main event as former WWF Intercontinental Champ, D'Lo Brown teams up with former WWE Tag Team Champ, Charlie Haas to face off Lance Storm and former mega superstar, 'The King' Jerry Lawler, it will be off the SHIZZLE!

Undercard Matches:

Bobby Roode going to face off another power house wrestler, Balls Mahoney, that's should be an hard fought match between those two.

In an X-Weight match for the X-Weight Championship of the World the SIX MAN MAYHEM takes place as Mike Bentlay, Jimmy Jacobs, Roderick Strong, Chavo Guerrero Jr and SUPER F*N DRAGON to blaze the place off !

Another off the hook contest to take place, IT WILL BE AN HARDCORE STREET FIGHT WITH CROWD BRINGING THE WEAPONS MATCH! Tommy Dreamer to face Bubba Ray Dudley in an old fashion match that fits those two.

Another matches that booked for this night:

X.X.L vs. Abyss w/Prince Nana
Lil' Taker presented by Jim Cornette vs. 'Little' Spike Dudley


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Good card and good roster will this btb have ppv?

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Could you review Hardcore Nitro?

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Report by Daniel B. from Wrestlingreviewsbyfans.net (not real site).

- The show begins as the announcers for the tape and DVD recording take there places, every fan sits in his chair as the OLD PIPER MUSIC hits and the crowd gets pumped ladies and gents. 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper comes out with huge ovation as he makes his way for HIS ring. Piper grabs the microphone to welcome everyone for the FIRST EVER WSF SHOW. Piper says he doesn't care about anyone, none about any the legends, any the rookies, or any other competitors in the wrestling scene, Piper says that he cares about W-S-F. 'Rowdy' tells us that we going to witness the first ever ECW clash since those two got fired from WWE (crowd boo) Dreamer and Dudley again in the ring for an hard fought extreme match. 'Rowdy' tells us that the WSF Heavyweight Championship will be decided at two months from now in the 'Giving Away' event in TOKYO, JAPAN! The tournament for this belt will begin next month, Piper also that we got ourselves the first SIX MAN MAYHEM tonight for the X-Weight Championship, and a HUGE MAIN EVENT including a wrestling legend, Jerry Lawler to team with Lance Storm as they face Charlie Haas & former Intercontinental Champ at WWF, D'LO Brown. Piper screams "LETS GET READY FOR SPIRIT TIME" as Spike Dudley comes out with huge cheers.

- 'Little' Spike Dudley vs. Lil' Taker w/Jim Cornette
Spike Dudley walks out with a purpose, but of what? Spike runs into the ring gets his boots set and his clothes ready, until Jim Cornette walks out with his racket and a cocky smile to a huge mixed reaction. Cornette tells the fans that he got a huge surprise, maybe the WWE got there Undertaker but WSF got there own Taker. The lights went out as crowd didn't know what to response and the GONG hits as the fans start to BOO and cheer. A guy with a Pimpin' hat looks like a Undertaker's hat walks out with a long black jacket and a two long blings blings around his neck, and black boots, OMG! It's the first Rapper Undertaker ever step foot in a WRESTLING RING. It's Lil' Taker and he looks BAD. The crowd mixed reaction begins as Spike looks scared, Taker is looking scary. Taker just enters in when Spike begins with the blows to the back but Lil' Taker throws him away when Spike runs to him he gets connected with the the huge boot to the face. Spike is down, Cornette outside laughing as Lil' Taker grabs Spike by throat lifiting him up the hit him the CHOKESLAM INTO THE KNEE OF LIL' TAKER! Crowd gets pumped until Lil' Taker gets his white eyes, Lil' Taker now takes up Spike and puts an end to him with the TOMBSTONE CRADLE PILEDRIVER TO FINISH SPIKE with the 3 count. Lil' Taker raise up to a some nice reaction, but there a lot of boo from the fans. Lil' Taker is off the shizznet.

- Cornette leaving with Lil' Taker as we going backstage to see Tommy Dreamer on his knees, with a singapore cane in his side to pray for a good COMEBACK to the old ECW ARENA.

- X.X.L vs. Abyss w/Prince Nana
Abyss already came to the ring after we returned from the photo in the backstage, Nana stands by Abyss as he screams at him to RUIN THE LIVING HELL of X.X.L, but who's X.X.L and how look X.X.L? Some motorhead music hits in the background as X.X.L comes out his with a tights and shirt that writes "PIPER RULEZ" and he got himself a big mask and this guy is BIG. XXL runs to the ring brawl for the first time with Abyss. XXL whips Abyss to the ropes as he lifts him up to the POWERSLAM, good GOD! Abyss gets up when XXL went for a clothesline but Abyss sneaks out of it as he does something that we never saw from Abyss a huge BACK DROP SUPLEX! XXL lands on his head as the crowd booing Nana and Abyss together. Nana suddenly throws a stick to the ring and he starts to distracting the referee, Abyss picks the stick and starting to choke XXL in the throat. The referee turns as Abyss throws the stick, Abyss signals for something as he takes up XXL to whips him into the ropes but XXL returns when Abyss turns and get planted by a SHOLDER TACKLE by XXL. Abyss gets up and again gets planted by a SUPER KICK from XXL, Abyss again gets lifted up by XXL to planted down by a huge SPINEBUSTER BOMB!!! The crowd gets pumped at the OLD ECW ARENA. Abyss is down, XXL walks out and gets on the top rope but somehow Nana gets there too as he stomps him out of there and a he hits some sort of FROG SPLASH INTO ABYSS'S BODY IN THE MAT! XXL gets the pin, 1, 2, 3! XXL defeated the monster, Abyss.

- X.X.L walks out victorious here at the first show of WSF, Piper waiting for X.X.L at the entrance isle to raise his hand high in the air, they got some what of connection? New news to us, that's fine, Piper and X.X.L celebrate as Nana goes to see what's wrong with Abyss.

- 'Powerfull' Bobby Roode vs. Balls Mahoney
Bobby Roode this match with taking the microphone and saying that he is unstoppable here at WSF, no brawler, no hardcore competitor, no cruiserweight or no LEGEND can't stop the 'Powerfull' Bobby Roode, suddenly THE OLD ECW ARENA GETS LIVED UP when BALLS's MUSIC HITS in the PA system. Balls walks out with a chair, of course. Balls runs to the ring when Roode went for clothesline but Balls was smart to avoid. Roode turns as Balls starts with the punches and the crowd screams punch by punch the name of BALLS. Balls does that five or six times, when Roode plants down on the mat. The fans raise up in full hype, this match was schduled to be NO DQ as Roode slowly returns to his feet with Balls's chair, Balls turns to get PLANTED DOWN with a SUPER HIT by his own chair from Booby Roode, MY GOD! Balls is down but again Bobby picks him to hit Roode's move the SUPER SPINEBUSTER with the spin. Roode pins Balls to a 1, 2, 3! My god that was fast, he is powerfull. Roode celebrates in the outside, he gets his boos and a new chants "GO BACK TO CANADA", "DIRTY F*N CANADIAN" chants, not nice chants to this young rookie.

- We went backstage to see both D'Lo Brown and Charlie Haas to chat in the locker rooms before there main event tag team match.

Six Man Mayhem, WSF X-Weight Championship
- Roderick Storng vs. Mike Bentlay vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. 'Latino Heat Jr.' Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Super Dragon
This match begins with Bentlay and Jacobs as they locked up, the two going to the ropes, Jacobs throws out Bentlay to the other side as Chavo slaps the back of Bentlay right away, Bentlay hits the elbow to the head of Jacobs. Chavo comes out jumping from the middle ropes with a SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK right into the former X-Division Champ at TNA. Strong now enters in to hit a spinning heel kick right into Chavo. Strong picks Chavo to break his back with a sudden death BACK BREAKER, HOLLA AT THAT. Super Dragon nods in the outside, still not entering the ring but Jacobs comes from behind to hit a knee in the back of Strong, Jacobs turns Strong around and levels him with some nice chops to the chest. Jacobs whips around Strong to the ropes, Strong returns as we witness Jacobs powerfull POWERS to lift high sky Roderick Strong and take him down with an ACE CRUSHER! MY GOD JACOBS INS UNBELIEVEBLE. Jacobs turns to a level UP SUPER KICK TO THE CHIN by Mike Bentlay. Suddenly, SUPER F*N DRAGON hits the ring to hit a low down heel kick to the face of Bentlay, Dragon gets up Jacobs to hit him with the spinning back suplex into the POWERBOMB BUSTER! MY GOD! Chavo turns around Mr. Super Dragon to kick him in the stomach as he lifts him to HIT HIM WITH THE SPECIAL BRAINBUSTER from HELL! Chavo looks happy to taunt for the fans, by the boo him chanting "RICH SNOB" all over the arena. Roderick Strong takes now Chavo from the back as he plants him with the CX'03!!! MY GOD!!! Strong turns and gets planted by ANOTHER SUPER KICK from Bentlay. Jacobs comes from behind to grab Bentlay's head to hit the JACOB'S SIT DOWN SLICED BREAD #2!!! GOOD GOD, HOLMES! OH WAIT! Dragon comes to turn the situation around as he takes Jacobs and OH MY GOD he hits him with the...PSYCHO DRIVER FROM HELL!!!! MY GOD! The pin by Dragon, 1, 2, 3! It's done, Super Dragon victorious and he crowned the first ever and NEW X-WEIGHT CHAMPION.

Hardcore, Extreme, Fans Bringing THE WEAPONS STREET FIGHT MATCH
- 'The Innvator of Violence' Tommy Dreamer vs. Bubba Ray Dudley
OH MY GOD! Are here already? We got ourselves the first main event of the night between former ECW allies, Dreamer and Dudley, the FEUD NEVER ENDS. Dreamer and Dudley already at the ring looks at each other, the fans chanting 'EC-DUB' all over the arena. Suddenly 'Little' Basterd Spike Dudley comes with a MIXER to give it to Dreamer's head, what the hell ? He didn't had enough with Lil' Taker earlier in the show? I thought Spike Dudley may have changed, but not. Bubba and Spike begin to stomp over Dreamer, and Bubba goes outside to grab a...OH MY GOD! A SPIKE! Spike Dudley grabs the SPIKE to put a hole in Dreamer's head suddenly the lights went out! WHAT THE HELL? Lil' Taker! OH MY GOD! I thought Cornette hates everyone and even hardcore, Taker CHOKESLAMS THE HELL OF SPIKE as he takes Bubba hit him with the LOW BLOW right away into the TOMBSTONE CRADLE PILEDRIVER INTO A GLASS THAT CORNETTE BROUGHT! WOW! Spike is out, and Bubba & Dreamer are both down. Dreamer slowly goes outside to take a chair, kendo stick & lightube from three fans, OH MY GOD! Tommy takes up Bubba to bodyslams him down into the mat as Dreamer puts the lightube & chair on the face of Bubba Ray Dudley. Dreamer goes outside to gets up on the top rope, Dreamer sets the crowd is READY, DREAMER JUMPS INTO BUBBA'S HEAD WITH THE CHAIR AND THE LIGHTUBE WITH THE LEGDROP! MY GOD! THE CROWD WENT NUTS and Dreamer is hurt. The lightube and the chair hit in Bubba's head and face at the same time, I hope Bubba is ok, but that was SCARY S*IT. Bubba is down, Dreamer grabs the singapore cane to level up Bubba in the face but WAIT A SECOND it's BJ WHITMER? BJ runs with trash cane that he took from a fan and he hits Dreamer in the BACK! Bubba gets up to take the SINGAPORE CANE AND HE EXPLODED IT INTO DREAMER'S HEAD. MY GOD! BJ walks outside, and leaves the arena with full of boos reaction. Bubba going for the BUBBA BOMB but he throws Dreamer down to grab from the outside from some fan a chair and 2 lightubes, good god. Bubba sets things down but WAIT it's BJ again and Bubba wants help, Whitmer ready for the Piledriver move but Bubba gets on the top rope as they set already all the lightubes and the chair, Bubba gets down to hit the SPIKE PILDEDRIVER WITH THE HELP OF BJ WHITMER! Dreamer's head exploded into the lightubes and the chair. Bubba grabs the leg for 1, 2, 3. BJ raise's Bubba's hand in the air, the fans doesn't cheer they giving those two a huge jeers to finish a extreme match that we never saw.

- 'Rowdy' Piper is backstage, talking to the cameras saying that next month at 'Not Guilty' in the Bingo Hall at NYC it will be Tommy Dreamer, Lil' Taker & Mystery Partner to face Bubba & Spike Dudley teaming with BJ Whitmer, in a 6 man tag match, which should be hugh, that's next month.

- Lance Storm & 'The King' Jerry Lawler vs. D'Lo Brown & Charlie Haas
Lance Storm came with his old ECW music and then Lawler joined him with his old memphis music to a nice cheers from the fans. Then, Charlie Haas came and all fans chanted "RUSS" all over and Charlie was excited, suddenly the MUSIC OF R-O-D in AJPW hits in the arena as fans raised up. Taka Michinkou and D'Lo Brown walked out repesenting the ROD from Japan. Lawler and Storm attacked the team of Haas & Brown from the back, the two sent them to the ropes as Brown & Haas returned with an attack of clotheslines to Storm & Lawler. Brown throw Storm from the ring as Haas begin to leveled Lawler with some right hands, D'Lo & Storm fought in the outside, referee don't saw that also Taka competed in the brawl outside. Lawler trying to get back on his feet but Charlie kicks him in the stomach, Haas whips Lawler to the rops as Lawler back to get planted down with a dropkick by Haas, as the fans cheered up. Storm hits both Taka & Brown with a vicious super kick in the outside, Storm slides in to the ring as he begins to hit from the back Charlie Haas. Storm gets Haas high in the air to plants him with a back drop suplex. Lawler and Storm start stomp as they setting for something, Storm walks outside to grab the middle ropes as Lawler hits a vertical suplex. Haas slowly gets up on his feet by help of Lawler, Storm jumps high in the ropes to hit a perfectley SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK right into the chest of Charlie Haas. D'Lo runs in the ring to turn around Jerry Lawler as he lifts him in the air to hit him with the SKY HIGH! D'Lo trying to go over the pin but almost done it before Storm hits D'Lo in the back with a stomp. D'Lo gets up and again he gets planted by a SUPER SUPER SUPER KICK! Lawler gets up, Storm helps him but Charlie gets from behind to turn Storm and planted him to the other side with the BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Charlie turns to but he gets kicked by Lawler as he took him down with a PERFECT PILEDRIVER like the old days. Suddenly, Taka entered in the ring trying to hit Lawler, but Lawler grabs Taka first as he throws him out D'Lo was there as Lawler turns when D'Lo got the chance he hit Lawler with the SKY HIGH AGAIN followed up when D'Lo gets on the top rope to hit a PERFECT LOW DOWN INTO LAWLER for the 1, 2, 3! D'Lo won with Charlie Haas this MAIN EVENT. Storm still in the outside, as Lawler is down in the ring with the referee that checks him. D'Lo, Taka & Haas celebrate outside with the fans.

- The show finished away with commentators of the DVD and the VHS tape saying that NEXT MONTH THE TOURNAMENT FOR THE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BEGINS, SEE YOU THERE.

Brought by Big D, 2005.

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The Tournament for the WSF Heavyweight Championship of the World, the journy ends in TOKYO.

8 Super Class Superstars faces each other for a spot at one of the grand SHOWS EVER in the WORLD, 8 men for the end, 1 World Title.

It's going to be from the ol' ECW arena in NYC, The Bingo Hall at New York City, 'Rowdy' Piper and CO. presents there second show ever the WSF "Not Guilty", November 20th, 2005.


Quarter Finals

- X.X.L vs. Sean Morley
- Abyss vs. Matt Striker
- D'Lo Brown vs. 'The King' Jerry Lawler
- Yuji Nagata vs. Charlie Haas

Semi Finals:

- Winner of Match #1 vs. Winner of Match #3
- Winner of Match #2 vs. Winner of Match #4

When the Tournament goes ahead, Lance Storm got some unfinished BUSINESS with the NEW AND IMPROVED R.O.D faction in the U.S.A as ROD's leader, Taka Michinkou faces of the Canadian Stampede Slammer, Lance Storm. This one should be exciting, don't miss that.

AND FOR MAIN EVENT WE GOT OURSELVES HUGH MAIN EVENT!!! A 6 MAN TAG MATCH - ALL OR NOTHING! As, Bubba Ray Dudley teams up with his "little" brother, Spike Dudley and they team BJ Whitmer, those trio got to face Tommy Dreamer and his NEW partner, Lil' Taker along with Jim E. Cornette as those two got to look there own partner to fix the trio, who it'll be?


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LIVE from the old ECW Arena at NYC, THE BINGO HALL in New York IT'S THE WSF "NOT GUILTY" Event.

- Broadcast sets themselves for air, as Joey Styles and Don Callis begin there announcing.

- The event opens up with the ring announcer begins to speak but some music interferes at the middle...and OH MY...'Sexy Body' Sean Morley makes his slow way to ringside, and he slides in the ring. Morley grabs the microphone as fans begin to scream "VENIS WAS JOBBER" all over, now that's funny, a bit. Morley begins to speak, let's see what he got to say.

Morley: OH MY...GOD! Look at the HOT, SEXY WOMEN of New York. Nothing is more hot then a sexy chick with a pink thong from NYC, HELL YEAH! *crowd mixed reaction, a lot of cheers from women* But...from what I see there's only FAT, and disgusting WOMEN that can't get near THIS 'Sexy Body' of Sean Morley. You understand, I take care of myself, I take care of this SEXY BODY, not like you disgusting, filthy, ugly, Men. So, without being said I want you to give a warm welcome for my opponent that happened to be a lot more ugly then you guys here, and he is so ugly he's wearing a MASK, ha ha ha, please get this XXXXXL outside, COME ON!

Morley drops the microphone, and the MOTORHEAD BEGINS for X.X.L! Crowd gives this guy some nice cheers reaction and X.X.L walks right away to the ring.

Quarter Finals Match #1, World Championship Tournament
'Sexy Body' Sean Morley vs. X.X.L
All women and men want to see Morley gets burned his ass in the ring by this huge X.X.L machine, yeah, this guy is big. XXL goes right away to work on Morley with some rights and lefts, Morley gets bumped right into the corner. XXL takes his Morley's head to bump it into the pad on the corner, then XXL sends Morley to the other corner trying to leveled him with a big clothesline in the corner but Morley gets the elbow to face of XXL. Morley gets XXL hands locked from the back as he lifts him up and takes him down with a FULL NELSON SLAM. Morley goes for the pin, only 2 count. XXL is down as Morley hits some knees to the front head of XXL while Morley suddenly stands up to pose for the fans, they boo him of course. XXL suddenly jumped off on his feet, Morley turns and can't believe it. XXL body slams Morley after he ran to him, XXL then grabs Morley in the body to hit him with a back breaker, while XXL runs to the outside, follow the back breaker by a hugh BIG SPLASH FROM THE TOP ROPE INTO MORLEY. Morley kicks out at 2 count, XXL then takes down Morley to some sort of piledriver or something but XXL lifts Morley for I guess...Razor's Edge? BUT WAIT HE RUNS WITH MORLEY IN THE AIR TO FINALLY TO HIT HIM WITH A RUNNING POWERBOMB!!! XXL hits the pinfall for the 3 count. XXL wins this match, and the crowd supports him. XXL goes to the semi finals, later tonight.

- We going backstage, and we watching inside the locker rooms that Prince Nana talking with his client, Abyss.

Nana: Abyss, monster, you gotta hear me MAN, it's really importent that you defeat this little crap kid Matt Striker. I tell you why, you defeat him, you go up, then upper to the finals at Tokyo to battle for the WSF World Championship, and I know how much you want to win a Championship belt finally, right MAN? *Abyss moves his head and nods* So get ready MAN and we'll together become UNSTOPPABLE HERE AT WSF MAN, Understand? *Abyss nods*.

We leaving those two as we returning to the ring for some action again.

Quarter Finals Match #2, World Championship Tournament
Abyss w/Prince Nana vs. Matt Striker
Matt Striker already at the ring getting set for some final things before his DEATH ROW MATCH I think against the monster, Abyss. Abyss comes out to a huge jeers from the crowd as Nana trying to clear everything up, Nana smirks to an a BIG, BAD, ANGRY, Abyss. Abyss just enters in the ring when everyone hears the bell rings, Striker & Abyss locked up in the middle of the ring somehow Striker got thrown by Abyss's larges body after the lock up. Striker gets as Abyss takes him down with a big boot to the face, Abyss taunt his old pose with the hands, while Nana jumps around with himself at ringside. Abyss picks up Striker, Abyss irish whips Striker to the ropes and while Striker returns back Abyss hits him with a super clothesline to the body of Striker. Striker just fall down on his back, perfectley shot by Abyss, I think it's almost over but Abyss didn't done. Abyss again lifting up Striker on his feet to whips him again as now ABYSS GRABBED STRIKER BACK FROM THE ROPES TO CONNECT HIM WITH THE BLACK HOLE SLAM FOR THE PINFALL! The 3 count took place, and Abyss celebrates with his fellow manager, Prince Nana.

- The two left with Nana only smirking to fans who booing those two, Striker trying to get up in the ring and 2 referees helped him out.

Quarter Finals Match #3, World Championship Tournament
Jerry 'The King' Lawler vs. D'Lo Brown
D'Lo first make his way to the ring and crowd gives him some great pop there, D'Lo walks with an ROD shirt from japan it seems he never left japan, eh? D'Lo does his pose but gets cut by Lawler's music to get a huge cheers from the fans, the KING OF MEMPHIS has arrived to NYC. Jerry Lawler seems ready, and I think he wants to kick D'Lo's ass about he done to him with Taka & Haas at Philadelphia last month. Lawler just entering the ring and the two begin to pounding each other with some right hands, Lawler gets advantage by taking D'Lo to the corner, the two canno't be seperated by finally the referee gets between the two, suddenly the referee didn't saw that Lawler used his fingers to poke D'Lo eyes with them. OUCH! D'Lo holds his eyes as Lawlers starts to pound him with right blows to the back of D'Lo, he take him up to whips him to the other corner as Lawler ran to D'Lo with a clothesline but somehow D'Lo sneak out of there right away when Lawler arrived to the corner, Lawler got hit there when right away D'Lo begin to kick in Lawler middle body at the corner. Crowd chanted "ROD SUCKS" all over the arena while D'Lo try to ignore those chants. D'Lo takes Lawler to the ropes he irish whips him but Lawler switch the irish whip, when D'Lo returns Lawler grabbed him to throw right down the mat with the hip toss, D'Lo gets up on his feet but gets floored by a scoop slam, Lawler now sees the chance to hit a perfect fist show from the mat into D'Lo forhead. Lawler went for the pin but D'Lo kicked at 2. SUDDENLY, OH NO, Taka Michinkou runs down to ringside, he gets up on the apron as Lawler sees him to hit him with a right hand to floor him down back to ringside. Taka is down but D'Lo gets up slowly, while Lawler screams at Taka he turns around to get GRABBED IN THE AIR AND GOT PLANTED BY THE SKY HIGH FROM BROWN! D'Lo gets outside to climb on the top rope as he FLYS HIGH IN THE AIR INTO LAWLER WITH THE LOW DOWN FROG SPLASH! D'Lo gets the pin, 1, 2, 3! D'Lo wins that one, the crowd doesn't like those things and they start to boo D'Lo after Taka interfered in that one.

- Lawler still at the ring, while Taka and D'Lo celebrates and laughing at Lawler. We going backstage to see Dreamer and Jim Cornette, without Lil' Taker? Where's Lil' Taker? Anyhow, Dreamer says to Cornette that he got the perfect partner to fix the trio against the DEADLY TRIO they facing tonight, Cornette smiles with Dreamer.

Quarter Finals Match #4, World Championship Tournament
- Yuji Nagata vs. Charlie Haas
Charlie Haas gets out from the certain to a nice pop but a lot more boo reaction when he showed with a ROD shirt, that's why those trio is together all over the building every day, Charlie joined Taka's stable maybe last month already but we can see that Charlie is happy to be an ROD member, however, he's not pleased with the jeers reaction. Charlie gets in the ring while YUJI NAGATA from AJPW comes to a HUGE OVATION from the fans. Yuji comes out and look at this former WCW competitor and current AJPW competitor as he joins the roster of WSF. Yuji enters in to shake Haas's hand but Haas disagree to shake Nagata's hand, but why? Anyhow, the bell rings as those two begin to fight. Yuji and Haas locked up to a tie up as Haas locks Nagata's head when Nagata shoves Haas to the ropes, Haas returns while Nagata is ready and he tackled him down to the mat. Nagata runs and jumps over Haas's body as Haas gets up, when Nagata backs back from the ropes as Haas lip frog over Nagata's head, Nagata turns around to get clotheslined by Charlie Haas, somehow, it happened. Nagata then gets up as Haas grabbed him in the middle body for the BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX when he throw away Nagata to the other side. Nagata slowly gets up on his feet when turns around and Haas was ready to hit a PERFECT super kick somehow Nagata avoid it when Nagata goes Haas's weist from behind to thorw him to the mat with RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! Crowd gets pumped, while Nagata starts with the kicks when Charlie gets seated over his ass on the mat, Nagata kicks him in the back some hard kicks, he hit him with those kicks like 5 times, that's HURTS. Nagata then floors Haas on the mat, over his back when Nagata then takes the arm of Haas to lock the arm bar, right away, that's nice submission move, Haas try to get over the ropes, Nagata holds the arm of Haas when finally he gets to the lower rope with his leg, the referee breaks it off. Nagata then grabs Haas's when he drags him to the middle of the ring when he scoops around he lag to the OH MY GOD...TO THE NAGATA LOCK II (CROSSED FIGURE 4 LEG LOCK) MY GOD! Charlie Haas screams at pain, no one from ROD interferes in this one, I don't know why but Nagata put more pain on the poor Charlie, and Charlie can't get to the ropes as he got no other choice to TAP OUT! MY GOD What a match! Nagata wins after that vicious submission move of his. Nagata goes out to celebrate, as Charlie Haas trying to get up after few moments.

- We going backstage one more time, when we see a DARK ROOM, SLOW RAP MUSIC SOUNDS, AND We see Lil' Taker sits there, Lil' Taker nods his head saying slowly "Tonight the LIVING DEAD WILL BE RAISED UP, HOLLA PLAYA", what he means?

- Lance Storm going around backstage, makes his slow way when he knows that in few minutes he facing ROD's leader, Taka Michinkou, this one should good.

- Lance Storm vs. Taka Michinkou
Taka comes out with his music from AJPW, when Taka wearing his ROD t-shirt of course and I can't see D'Lo or even Haas with him or behind him, that's odd. Taka goes slowly on the ramp to hear some nice JEERS from the crowd here at NYC, Taka makes his USA return after a long time to the ring last time it was WWF. Taka awaits at the ring when Lance Storm's music breaks off the PA SYSTEM! Storm comes out to a huge ovation, this one is a great technical wrestler, former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion in WWF, and even former WCW US, Cruiserweight & Hardcore Champion, and we can't forget his days with Credible in ECW, as Tag Team Champions, anyhow, forget the history, there's a match to report on between those two great wrestlers. Taka begins right away over Storm with some lower kicks to the knee taking down Lance on one knee, Taka make the return over Storm's face area with some sort of dropkick, something like that. Taka then sees that Storm is down he takes the chance to jump on the top rope to hit a MOONSAULT over Storm, Taka takes the pin too but Storm kicks out. Storm gets up slowly as Taka jumps from him, Taka think he can hit a super kick when Storm was ready to avoid it, while Taka turned Lance Storm was ready with a huge SPINNING WHEEL KICK to Taka, Taka falls down and now Storm in control. Storm then picks up Taka over his shoulder for some sort of death valley driver but he gets Taka perfectly sets when he runs with Taka over his back and he rolls with Taka's body when the head strikes into Taka's stomach in the roll. Taka gets up fast then we thought as Storm hits him with a PERFECT SUPER KICK to the chin. Storm goes over Taka's leg for the pinfall, 1, 2, NO! Only a 2 count, I can't believe it, that was so close. Storm stomps on Taka, and WAIT A SECOND! Charlie Haas runs to ringside, maybe just to support Taka? I GUESS NOT. Taka is still down when Storm takes him up to whips him over the ropes, Taka returns as Storm grabbed him in the moment to hit him with somehow powerfull move, the POWERSLAM! Storm now sees that Haas trying to distract the referee, Charlie stands on the apron but Storm take the chance to kick him down of there with a SUPER KICK to the chin of Charlie Haas. Storm then turned around to get grabbed for a some sort of body slam by Taka, that got up shortly after the powerslam to plant down Storm with a VICIOUS MICHINKOU DRIVER with the follow pin, but somehow Storm kicks out with the 2 count. Suddenly, Haas gets up in the outside near ringside, Storm slowly recovers when Haas puts a CHAIR? in the near corner, and again Haas distracts the referee, Storm recovers when he gets up, Taka grabs the chair to hit Storm but Storm was aware already when he SUPER KICKED THE CHAIR INTO TAKA'S FACE! MY GOD, Storm now takes the advantage to grab Taka's leg for the submission move that called the CANADIAN CRAB! MY GOD! Taka is out when Charlie went down from the apron to cheer on Taka, and Storm put the pain on Taka as Taka finally taps out he couldn't do anything, when Storm leaves Taka down to get out of the ring and celebrate with the fans, MY GOD what a win over ROD's leader.

Semi Finals #1, World Championship Tournament
- X.X.L vs. D'Lo Brown
D'Lo Brown makes his way to the ring then the MUSIC OF MOTORHEAD BEGINS! X.X.L comes out with a huge pop from the crowd, this guy get's respect easily, I see. D'Lo gets the chance to attack XXL in the outside before the match even begins, D'Lo start to attack with some right hands, without saying anything the brutal attack begins then as D'Lo whips XXL right over the guard rails to hurt XXL's back more, D'Lo then grabs XXL's head to bump it into the steel stairs right near ringside, that's hurts. D'Lo takes XXL to the ring as the bell rings, the two begin there match when D'Lo stomps over XXL while D'Lo gets over the turnbuckle to posing the crowd, but he gets huge jeers from the fans. D'Lo takes up XXL to the ropes to irish whip him, XXL returns when D'Lo was ready for something, somehow D'Lo wasn't ready yet for his move when XXL countered with a huge jumping CLOTHESLINE over D'Lo's body to fall him down. XXL goes outside over the middle ropes for some springboard move, D'Lo gets up slowly to turn over the ropes when he sees the danger comes, XXL jumps over the 3 ropes to hit some sort of springboard SHOULDER TACKLE! HOLY SH*T, what a move by this big man. XXL then signals for the RUNNING POWERBOMB when he takes D'Lo up in the air when he runs with him, suddenly, D'Lo escapes from the back within a second XXL turns to get lifted up by D'Lo with the SKY HIGH SLAM into the mat. D'Lo covers, somehow XXL kicked out. D'Lo now goes outside, D'Lo grabs a steel chair, the crowd sees that and they booing him because they wanna see a clean fight, suddenly Jerry Lawler runs to ringside by the second he takes D'Lo's chair away, D'Lo turns to XXL and got dropped by a super kick when XXL goes outside to climb over the turnbuckle, XXL sets himself for the HUGE FROG SPLASH FROM THE AIR INTO D'Lo's BODY! XXL pins D'Lo for the 1, 2, 3! It's done, MY GOD Jerry Lawler cost D'Lo's match, some sort of revenge for Mr. Lawler.

- D'Lo looks very upset, when XXL walks away happy that he going to the finals at TOKYO, JAPAN!

- We see BJ Whitmer, Spike & Bubba Dudley all sitting together at there locker rooms in the backstage, the trio plan for something BIG, I don't know what, but something big.

Semi Finals #2, World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
- Abyss w/Prince Nana vs. Yuji Nagata
Yuji Nagata already at ringside, he arrived earlier to a huge ovation he enters in to see that ABYSS makes his way, the crowd put the huge jeers for Nana and Abyss. Nagata begins to put some pain on Abyss right away he enters the ring with some right hands and kicks over Abyss's body, Abyss ignore those kicks as he shoves Nagata away from his site. Abyss now picks up Nagata sent him to the corner, Abyss ran to Nagata over the turnbuckle when he SMASHED the hell of Nagata's body there with Abyss's weight, my god that's a lot of weight. Abyss then grabs Nagata's throat for the CHOKESLAM when he LIFT HIM UP IN THE AIR BUT SOMEHOW NAGATA REVERSE IT INTO AN ARM BAR! MY GOD! Nagata puts the arm in a lot of vicious pain, when Abyss trying to escape from that, when suddenly Abyss gets up with Nagata still hooking the arm WAIT A SECOND! Nagata then sees that chance because he reverse the arm around to throw ABYSS AWAY with the arm drag, GOOD GOD! Abyss gets up on his feet when Nagata jumps with his legs to dropkick the big Abyss. Prince Nana in the outside is in total shock, maybe someone can take down this big dude, Nagata then went for the german supex behind Abyss, but hold on a second Abyss elbow smashes Nagata's head to turn him around, Abyss then takes Nagata in the air after lifting high in the air as he throws him to the other side of the ring with AUTHORITY! Abyss now awaits for Nagata to get up, Nagata gets on his feet as he turns when Abyss got him grabbed in his arms for the BLACK HOLE SLAM AND HE HIT IT! Abyss goes for the cover, 1, 2, NO! MY GOD! Nagata kicked out from the Black Hole Slam, Abyss and Nana are both in shocked. Abyss went now for the SHOCK TREATMENT it's like the tourtre reck set up, HOLD ON! Nagata escapes from behind as he gets Abyss's body from the back as he hits a PERFECT RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!! HOLY SHIT! Nagata just suplexed a huge men, when right away he went for the NAGATA LOCK II over the leg. Abyss trying to go over the ropes, Nana trying to help him but he can't do nothing about it, Nagata doesn't want to leave Abyss's leg and finally....HE TAPS OUT!!! ABYSS TAPPED OUT AND NAGATA GOES TO TOKYO FOR THE FINALS!

- Nagata wins this match, he breaks the submission hold off, when he takes his robe and leave the ring area for a huge ovation. Nagata gets his win and he going to face X.X.L at the finals for the WSF World Heavyweight Title at Japan, while Abyss looks upset, so upset that he takes the referee and gives him the SHOCK TREATMENT!! MY GOD! He's a monster, no one can stop him.

- We going for our commentator, Gery Michael Cappetta backstage he stands by WSF Owner, 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper.

GMC: HELLO EVERYONE! I am GMC, Gery Michael Cappetta, here with your friend, my friend, and the OWNER of this company, 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper. Roddy, listen you gotta tell me, where in Tokyo, Japan we going to host the third show "Giving Away" ?

Piper: Well, we wanted Tokyo Dome for start, but I couldn't get it because NJPW got it first, those damn assholes, but I found the arena, the perfect arena for us to host the show it's going to be TOKYO NIPPON BUDOKAN HALL at TOKYO, JAPAN, YEAH!

GMC: You heard live and first here guys, THE NIPPON BUDOKAN HALL at Tokyo going to host WSF's third show ever and the greatest main event in history, X.X.L battles Yuji Nagata for the World Heavyweight Championship. Another subject right now, Roddy, I gotta ask ya' man, what about the rumors, Rowdy, we going to have a huge ROD V. WSF match ?

Piper: That's true 6 guys battle, 3 on 3, in a T-L-C MATCH! D'Lo Brown, Taka & Charlie Haas facing Lance Storm, Jerry 'The King' Lawler and some guy from AJPW that also at WWE, KENZO SUZUKI! This is going to be HUGE, Gery, so be there!

GMC: You heard the man, huge matches, huge arena, JAPAN, NEXT MONTH, BE THERE!

- Piper leaves, as GMC nods his head and smiling, MY GOD WHAT A MATCHES!

Main Event, 6 Tag Team Match
BJ Whitmer, 'Little Evil' Spike Dudley & Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Tommy Dreamer, Lil' Taker w/Jim Cornette & Mystery Man
BJ, Bubba & Spike all came together, when the trio looked evilish together. BJ Whitmer almost slapped one of the fans, as Bubba challenged some fans calling them for a fight, when suddenly the LIGHT WENT OUT! It was Jim Cornette walking out with the weird GONG with beat music, OH MY GOD It's him, LIL' TAKER IN DA HOUSE, FOR SHIZZLE! Lil' Taker walks with the bling bling over the neck, the long black jacket and the black pimpin' hat of course, crowd went nuts for him. Lil' Taker is SUPER COOL MAN! Lil' Taker walked by ringside waiting for his partner, TOMMY DREAMER who came from the certain to a HUGE OVATION, the man who created all different matches at E-C-W is here. Dreamer then stands by Cornette & Lil' Taker, when Cornette & Dreamer smirks and the BIZZARE ROCK MUSIC HITS AND THE CROWD GOES NUTS, OH MY GOD! "WALK" BY PANTERA HITS AND DAMN WE KNOW WHO IT IS! Crowd start to sing "RE...SPECT, WALK, WHAT DO YOU SAY?" and 'The Whol'e F*N SHOW' Rob Van Dam who got screwed by McMahon's company, came back to ALL INDEPENDANT BABY...RVD walks with Bill Alfonso by his side, Rob hugs Dreamer and shakes Cornette's hand. Taker fouces on the trio in the ring that can't believe there eyes, Lil' Taker gets entered in first when Rob & Dreamer joined him to attack on Bubba & Spike. Lil' Taker went to BJ to put him right in the corner, Lil' Taker gets the kicks over BJ's stomach then BJ got over the lower pad in the turnbuckle there, and Taker ran with the knee to hit his head over, GOOD GOD! Spike was trying to kick RVD but RVD grabbed Spike's leg to hit a version of a spinning wheel kick, OH YES! Dreamer then lifts up Bubba on the shoulders after he connected the DDT on him, and he drops Bubba's head over the mat with the DREAMER DRIVER by TOMMY DREAMER! Lil' Taker sees that BJ Whitmer comes from behind but he grabs him by the throat, Taker then lifts him in the air to put him right into the knee with the CHOKESLAM TO THE KNEE, THAT'S VICIOUS! WAIT A SECOND, Spike comes from behind he trying to get Lil' Taker with the ACID DROP but when he was ready to hit Taker with the ACID DROP after going with the turnbuckle, Lil' Taker just THROW AWAY SPIKE THROUGH THE TABLE IN THE OUTSIDE, HOLY SHIT! Lil' Taker takes Bubba from some sort of body slam but he turns it into the TOMBSTONE CRADLE PILEDRIVER FROM HELL on Bubba Ray Dudley, right away Rob Van Dam jumps like a frog on the top turnbuckle, RVD looks at the fans as he pointed at his back with the thumbs when he gets high in the air TO HIT THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH INTO BUBBA RAY DUDLEY! RVD pins the fallen Bubba, with the 1----2----3!!! GOOD GOD What a short match, Bubba, Spike & Whitmer are all fallen down. LiL' Taker left earlier with Cornette, when RVD & Dreamer begun there party rave to celebrate, suddenly RVD grabs the microphone from the ring announcer in the outside, he wanting to tell something.

RVD: I came here to help a friend that needed help from me, so I came to kick Dudley, Dudley & Whitmer's ASS'S here at NEW YORK CITY BABY! Now the 'Whole F*N Show' RVD isn't here for one night only, I'm here for GOOD. *crowd going nuts* Now Bubba, Spike, Whitmer, you had your fight tonight but NEXT MONTH at Tokyo, Japan it'll be me and Tommy Dreamer tagging each other to face YOU BUBBA and you BJ Whitmer in a TABLES MATCH! What do you say about that, ah Bubba?

Bubba:....I can't talk...very much, right now, but I AGREE and BJ too, Spike will not interfere, that's a PROMISE...you Rob and you Dreamer, are GOING DOWN together, OVER THE FLAMES over the THE DUDLEY-WHITMER CONNECTION!

- Bubba leaves with Spike & BJ as those trio are done, are finished tonight, when RVD & Dreamer celebrated with the fans. Fans, we'll see you next month at TOKYO JAPAN, CYA LATER!

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It's THE GREATEST MAIN EVENT A WRESTLING FANS COULD ASK...IN THE FINALS for the WSF Championship it's going to be between X.X.L, the favourite that everyone loves at WSF, and between this JAPANESE star, Yuji Nagata, those two will battle in hard fought to determine the WSF World Heavyweight Championship.

In another matches, the battle of the X-Weight also takes place when Super Dragon will defend his belt against Roderick Strong, this should be AWESOME!

The WSF Legends reunite here at JAPAN as Jake 'The Snake' Roberts going to face former Midnight Express member, 'Sweet' Stan Lane, in what should be great legends match.

'Powerfull' Bobby Roode, the hot canadian star, going to take on the dark RAPPER, Lil' Taker, along with Jim E. Cornette, it'll be the SPINEBUSTER AGAINST THE TOMBSTONE, WHO WILL GET VICTORIOUS?

Two other main events are booked also, the first is a hot feud that takes place months already, it's THE NEW ROD...of Charlie Haas, D'Lo Brown and leader, Taka Michinkou to face off the team of Lance Storm, Jerry 'The King' Lawler and even a japanese star that battled at the WWE, his name is KENZO SUZUKI! This battle between thoes 2 teams going to settle at Japan.

And another main event match, OH YES THE RETURN OF ROB VAN DAM to JAPAN to team with THE INNVATOR OF VIOLENCE, TOMMY DREAMER, THOSE TWO ECW ALLIES going to face BUBBA RAY DUDLEY & BJ WHITMER IN a HUGE TABLES MATCH, BUBBA said he have a plan already, this should be GOOD!

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