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History changed. MTV still ran episodes 5-9 as a marathon. However, MTV decided to still show the season final. This was scheduled to be the last episode of WSX. Ever. However, the show recived a 1.6 rating, higher then the debut show. MTV called up Kevin Kleinrock and pleaded for him to agree for a second season to begin shooting ASAP. Kevin said he would consider it, but demanded some things. First, WSX would be upgraded to a one hour show, instead of 30 minutes. Next, he asked for primetime slot and advertising. Lastly, he wanted at the end of the season, MTV would broadcast A 2 HOUR COMMERICAL-FREE special event that would be shot LIVE! MTV decided to risk it and allowed WSX to begin shooting at the WSX Bunker.

WSX released that the following wrestlers were contacted to shoot a second season. It is unknown who is going to sing
Arik Cannon
Babi Slymm
Chris Hamrick
The Disco Machine
El Hombre Blanco Enmascarado
The Human Tornado
Jack Evans
Jimmy Jacobs
Joey Ryan
Josh Raymond
Justin Credible
Lil’ Cholo
Luke Hawx
Markus Riot
Matt Classic
Matt Cross
Matt Sydal
Nate Webb
New Jack
Ricky Banderas
Scorpio Sky
Teddy Hart
Tyler Black
Vic Grimes
Youth Suicide

The WSX added a new page to it's website, displaying the staff members for season 2
Booker: Kevin Kleinrock
Play by Play: Kriss Kloss
Colour Commentator: Bret Ernst
Ring Announcer: Fabian Kaelin
Interviewer: Lacey
Referees: Danny Ramirez, John Moore, Patrick Hernandez, Rick Knox

During an online interview, WSX owner Kevin announced that 2 more title belts will be seen this year

WSX World Champion: Ricky Banderas
WSX TV Champion: Vacant
WSX Tag Team Champions: Vacant

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I've actually just fucking marked out.

As a former WSX fan, I loved the promotion itself and was saddended to see it go. WSX BTBs are rare to look for, so I'm happy that you've decided to go along with this project. I like the idea of WSX turning into a one hour show but a commercial free two hour show live would probably be too soon and could be risky, but hey it's BTB and I like people who think outside the box.

Please keep Vampiro, 6-Pac, D.I.F.H., and Matt Sydal. Also keep Ricky Banderas as Champ plz. :p

Anyways, I wish you nothing but the best of luck with this. I'm hoping that this can succeed.

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To echo the guy above me, I marked out seeing this. I really enjoyed WSX's brief run, as I thought it was something that was really different. Were there crap moments, for sure, but there were also a lot of good stuff that went on in the WSX. Hopefully, I hope that you don't tone things down to much, like many WSX BTB's don't. The over-the-top explosions and manic energy in their shows is part of what makes WSX, WSX.
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