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Hi all - not sure what the rules are about posting links to podcasts but if its not allowed, then I am truly sorry!

I record a weekly podcast with 2 other guys in the UK. This is our 5th episode (last week we had darts player Paul Nicholson on). Here is the link and article - would love to get some feedback and your views! The podcast is split into 3 - 1. WWE this week 2. TNA this week 3. WWEs short term booking policy.

This week, the v2 wrestling team are back together as a threesome discussing the week's hottest talking points. http://v2journal.com/v2-wrestling-podcast-4th-september.html

Thank you for all of your emails over the week - we will do our best to answer them over the coming weeks. Please keep them coming!

This week we have taken a look at...

The past week's WWE Raw and TNA Impact
The recent booking decisions of WWE
TNA's new British Boot Camp

If you have a question or topic that you would like discussed on a future podcast, then please do not hesitate to email the wrestling team at [email protected]

Feel free to drop us a line as to what you thought as well!

This week we want to hear from you on the following topics:

1. What has been the worst piece of short term booking?
2. What has been the most successful use of using a returning wrestler in a storyline

This podcast needs a wider audience and that means you can help - make sure to spread the word about us on Twitter and Facebook.
Previous podcasts: