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-No insulting members (that includes wishing death)
-No trolling
-No baiting
-No homophobic or transphobic remarks
-No racism
-No posting of explicit porn
-No advertising other wrestling forums
-If we feel that you may not be technically breaking any rules, but have become a problematic poster, staff has the right to moderate your posts and conduct. That could be in the form of a warning or ban.

The rules are subject to staff interpretation.

Warnings & Bans

A moderator or administrator may decide to issue a warning if you have broken a forum rule. Likewise a moderator or administrator may issue a warning if you are a problematic poster. Most of the time, we prefer to warn first, then ban. Exceptions can be made in some cases. If a ban is decided then you will be temporarily banned depending on the warning offense. In most cases the ban is 7 days but can be shorted or extended based on super mod or admin decision. A warning will have 0 points attached to it. A temporarily ban done via warning will have 5 points attached to it. To see how many warnings you have, click on your profile and look at the warnings section.

Users who constantly disrupt threads may be subject to getting banned from those specific threads.

Members become eligible for a permanent ban when they have at least 5 major warnings. Racism, insulting members, baiting, homophobic marks, etc. Each situation is different, exceptions can be made and the decision to permanently ban a user is left to super mods & admins. This may not apply to newer members, who may decide to become problematic and commit multiple offenses in a short amount of time. Many times we decide to permanently ban that user if we feel like you're only here to cause problems and won't change your behavior.


Administrators: Admins appoint mods, edit forums, edit users, edit options, ban IP's, etc. Admins can also permanently ban users.

Super Moderators: Super Moderators moderate all forums and edit some user profiles. Super Moderators can also permanently ban users.

Moderators: Moderators moderate specific forums assigned to them by administrators. They can temporarily ban users.

A list of the current staff is here:

Staff members

Likewise you can go in each section and on the right you'll see the moderators of that section.

If you have a problem with a moderator’s conduct, you’re welcome to PM Platt or Headliner. If you have a question or problem with a thread that was closed, why you were banned from a thread, a warning or ban, you may PM a mod or admin.
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