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Wrestling Forum Dating Advice/Venting/Story Thread

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The title says it all. Do you need advice in a potential or current dating situation? Did your girlfriend leave you for another man and you need to vent? Do you have a funny story to share so we all can have a nice chuckle? Post it here in the official Wrestling Forum Dating Advice/Venting/Story Thread. Also, if you're on a dating website and would like Wrestling Forum's help in choosing who to pursue, post here as well. Remember, we're here to support you, hence why this isn't in the Rants section.

Sure to be a fun time had by all.
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Actually man... I got this bitch who always wants to fight with me. Doesn't matter what I say or do. Always yap yap yap I am going to own LINK this.... I am going to own LINK that....

What the fuck should I do? Call a sniper? :lmao
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