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Wrestling Forum's Be the Booker Rules

1) One Thread
To keep this forum tidy, shows will be kept in one, that’s ONE thread. This way the forum doesn't become jumbled up with one person's shows.

When posting your thread, YOU MUST state at the top when your last thread finished. If it is your first thread, state that too.

2) Reviewing
There will be no asking for reviews of shows. If people want to review your show, they will.

A simple ‘Good RAW, can’t wait for next week’ does not count as a review, its pointless, doesn’t help the writer at all and it's a mild form of spamming. Please give your opinion on each different part of the show and give you opinion, don’t just give it a quick skimming. Number ratings aren’t necessary but you can do it if you like.

See Further down for an in depth example review.

3) Multi-Show posting
Do not post your show in multiple posts. Post your show as one. Double posting would be acceptable here if you post a RAW and a Smackdown! one after the other.

4) Flaming and Criticism
Criticism is fine, because if people could improve on something and you can help, then that is fine. After all, that’s what a booker wants because otherwise there is no incentive to make the show better. However, there is a difference between flaming and criticism.

5) Bumping
NO BUMPING. This includes asking for reviews.

6) Advertising
Please do not advertise your show in other threads. Use the BTB Advertisement thread atickied at the top.

7) Deceased Wrestlers
Do not use deceased wrestlers for a modern day show, or a show with a roster of completely deceased wrestlers. You can use a superstar past his date of death ONLY if you used him before he passed away. Ex. You can use Eddie Guerrero past 2005 if the thread started before November 2005.

8) No E-Fedding
If you want to E-Fed, then join an E-Fed. This is a booking forum, where you type out your own shows.

9) Create-A-Match
If you come up with an idea for a match, don't make a thread for it, place it in the ‘WF BTB: Discussion Thread' which people will be able to leave feedback on.

10) You must wait 30 days before starting another BTB thread.
Not one thread in January, and then a new one in February. It means one full month between threads (i.e one thread ends on January 15th, you can start a new one on February 15th - NOT - January 30th, and a new one on February 2nd)

The rule applies under all circumstances. Should a partner bail on you, FIND ANOTHER ONE, or dont book for a month. Make sure the person you partner with can be trusted.

This also applies if you decide to join another persons thread. Each booker is allowed to be involved in only one thread per month, no matter who makes the threads.

11) Plagiarism
Do not directly copy from other BTB threads (including BTB sections on other sites), and do not directly copy from WWE. You can be warned for plagiarism. Be creative.

In no shape or form should you go into someone else's thread and post something like, "Hey man, great show, I liked it, 9/10." This will immediately annoy people and will not warrant you getting feedback in return. For most people here, there is a system called feedback for feedback/review for review, which is basically that if you give someone a review, they'll give it back (btw I don't entirely endorse this method but it is the general idea round these parts). When you give someone feedback, it should be constructive and benefit the writer. The better feedback you give, the more likely you are to receive something back in return.

Wait around for up to 7 days for reviews or feedback which will hopefully explain what went well and what you need to improve on within your show. Remember that MOST bookers would use constructive criticism, so don’t worry about that, however if anybody deliberately flames you then notify a BTB Moderator.

Feedback & Spamming

It seems that we have seen a few examples of feedback that are nothing more than spam recently, and they do not help the booker whatsoever. Comments such as “I can’t believe he won”, “That promo was hot” and “Great show” are not feedback, and are spam..

The comments you should be leaving should involve the character of the superstar in question, whether it was sensible from a booking standpoint and how entertaining it was, naming just a few. You should be leaving things like this,

“Cena was in character in parts, but he drifted in and out. I don’t think he would say things along the lines of kids shouldn’t be sent to bed to avoid missing their hero. It kind of dragged on a bit and there was no real impact at the end of it.”

Double Posting. It’s perfectly acceptable to post a preview and then a show, but there is no need to post a comment and then a show, preview or news within minutes or hours of each other. Bumping up your thread is not acceptable.

Asking questions like when the show is going to be up, and any other general question can be asked via PM to avoid spamming and bumping up people’s threads. Comments like these don’t need to be posted, as there is no need for a booker to be posting more than once a day in his thread. Most post two or three times a week at most.

The Advertisement Thread Rules

The gist of this thread is at such: Advertise your BTB.

Previews for regular shows, previews for PPVs, hype for an upcoming thread, or even a snippet of a show you've just posted. In this thread, links are permitted as long as they're accompanied by some sort of explanation of the link being provided. Or maybe even a portion of a promo and/or match if you were to be so bold.

Posting the same thing over and over or posting boatloads of news and notes is not permitted, is deemed spam, and will be treated as such. Stretching the page with unnecessary graphics is frowned upon. 500 pixel width limit.

No begging for reviews plz.

Posting every bit of what you do in your thread can cross the line. If you’re going to post a preview in here and then say the show is posted a couple of days later, don’t bother. Just post the preview, go back and edit to say it’s up, or just say that you have posted the show. You can include parts of the show too if you so wish.
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