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I didn't see a thread devoted to wrestling comics, so I thought we should have one.

Me and my cowriter, Matthew Entin, self-publish a series entitled Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia:

"When a disgruntled professional wrestler declares himself 'galactic champion of the universe', a planet of alien wrestlers sees it as an act of war and invades."

The book is professionally illustrated and is very funny and we hope the wrestling community loves it as much as we do. If you're curious, we have a preview of it on our Tumblr.

I know that's a lot of self promotion, so I'll also clue you in to a wrestling anthology being put together by letterer Micah Meyers (it's not too late to contribute!) at Kayfabe Productions.

So, what are your favorite wrestling comics and why? I'm really enjoying Joe Keatinge's Ringside, published by Image. At it's heart, it's a crime thriller, but the protagonist is an ex-wrestler and the story is firmly set in the shadowy overlap between the wrestling biz and organized crime. Gripping stuff!
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