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Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team Unite With An American Wolf!

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Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin established themselves as one of the best duos in professional wrestling for several years, but circumstances separated them and left both men to establish themselves as singles competitors. At “Glory by Honor IX”, when they finally reunited to face The Kings Of Wrestling, Haas & Benjamin looked like they hadn’t missed a step, and despite the controversial loss, they proved themselves still deserving of the moniker “Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team”.

Since that first ROH outing, the pair have established themselves as a force in the ROH tag division with victories over The Bravados, The All Night Express, and most recently, a non-title win against The Kings of Wrestling at “SoCal Showdown II” last Friday night in LA. Haas & Benjamin are on their trek to capture the ROH World Tag Titles and have a huge hurdle to overcome at the “9th Anniversary Show” when the face the 6-time former champions Jay & Mark Briscoe. But before they get to that bout, the world traveled pair have to make it past the Montgomery County Fairgrounds.

Because when Ring of Honor returns to Dayton, OH on Friday night February 25th, Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team will unite with the man many feel is the best wrestler in the world today, Davey Richards, to face off against the ROH World Tag Champions Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli and ROH World Champion Roderick Strong! The WGTT are on the hunt for the Tag belts, Richards is on his hunt to finally claim the ROH World Title, and their paths converge in Dayton.

“I said it recently but I’ll say it again.” offered Richards, “I’m not the best wrestler in the world. That’s not what I see when I look in the mirror because the ROH World Title isn’t with me in that reflection. For better or worse, that title belongs to Roderick Strong as long as he has that belt. Holding that belt makes you the best and being called ROH World Champion means you are the greatest wrestler in the world. That will be me, no doubt in my mind, but not yet. Still, in Dayton Roddy, I will continue to take your measure and push you as hard as I push myself. Who will break first? I think we both know the answer to that.”

“The Kings of Wrestling,” Charlie Haas added, “after Los Angeles I think I can safely say you’re just pretenders. Without your irritating sidekicks at ringside, you couldn’t get the job done. In a fair fight you couldn’t beat me and Shelton for a second time. And after Ohio, when we beat you once again, it will be damn near impossible to deny that Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team deserve a shot at those belts!”

Six of the best wrestlers today will step into the ring in Dayton, OH for a 6-Man tag main event, and in keeping with that, ROH officials feel it’s only appropriate that this event be called: WORLD’S GREATEST! Hass, Benjamin, & Richards vs. Strong, Hero, & Castagnoli! February 25th in Dayton, OH, get your tickets now: http://www.rohstore.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=149!!!

And don’t forget, in addition to this top shelf bout, there will be a special Meet & Greet autograph session with Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas from 7-8 PM!
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Looks a pretty tasty match as long as it doesn't go 40 minutes. I dont care for Strong defending the belt against anyone at this point so I'd save a Haas or Shelton title shot for when Davey gets the belt. Haas & Benjamin should be focusing on the tag belts not going off tangent to have singles title shots anyway.
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