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1982–1993: Ted Dibiase probably
1993–1997: Razor Ramon sounds right
1997–2002: Not sure tbh... I feel like most wrestlers that should've gotten a World Title run did. Someone like Owen Hart maybe.
2002–2008: A few really good ones to choose... I'd probably go with Christian in 2004-2005.
2008–2013: Barrett - should've won it in 2010.
2013-Now: Braun Strowman. There are tons of other guys who are more talented than Strowman, and some that were more over than Strowman was at his peak, but Strowman could've been the biggest star in the company if they put the title on him back in 2017. He would've worked as an unstoppable monster heel who made even Brock Lesnar his bitch, and would've led to him putting someone over massively when they finally beat him and took the title. Big missed opportunity, and they keep missing with him.

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Perfect and Rude kinda top my list of any era.

Hulkamania: Piper. Jake the Snake. JYD.
New gen: Razor. Luger. Davy Boy Smith
Attitude: Shamrock. Farooq
Reality: Samoa Joe

When we all fall alseep where do we go?
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Hulkamania - Piper
New Gen - Owen Hart
The Attitude Era - Goldust
Ruthless Aggression Era - Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, MVP
PG Era - Shelton Benjamin
Reality - Samoa Joe... and Shelton Benjamin

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1982–1993: Hulkamania.
1-Roddy Piper
2-Ted Dibiase
3-Jake Roberts

1993–1997: New Generation Era.
2-Lex Luger
3-Bam Bam Bigalow

1997–2002: The Attitude Era.
1-Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho (earlier)
2-Mike Tyson (1 month run to put over someone) ***

2002–2008: Ruthless Aggression Era.
2-Mr Kennedy
3-William Regal (KOTR / RAW general manager era)

2008–2013: PG Era.
1-Wade Barret (Nexus era)
3-Kofi Kingston (2009-2011 era)

2013-Now:Reality Era.
1-Braun Strowman
2-Finn Balor (a real run)
3-Adam Cole

*** AE was hard, Billy Gunn and Val Venis were some of my favorites back then but I never consider them (even as a kid) world championship material.

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Guys that at the height of their popularity could have been one belt era champions

Razor Ramon
Bam Bam Bigelow
Captain Charisma Christian (if he qualifies)
Samoa Joe

Guys that could have easily been champions in the two belt era

Braun Strowman
Bully Ray
Christopher Daniels (imho the most underrated wrestler in the last 20 years)
Joseph Park/Abyss (brilliant character work)

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1982–1993: Andre the Giant, Roddy Piper, and Ted DiBiase.
1993–1997: Mr. Perfect and Owen Hart.
1997–2002: Ken Shamrock and Kane.
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