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1) Began as a face in 1998
2) Turned heel to be part of the Brood
3) Turned face after E&C left the Brood
4) Turned heel with Christian
5) Turned face with Christian
6) Turned heel after becoming a world heavyweight championship contender
7) Turned face after winning the Royal Rumble 2010
8) Turned heel after being drafted to Raw
9) Turned face after being traded to SmackDown!

Randy Orton
1) Began as a face in 2002
2) Turned heel to be part of Evolution
3) Turned face after winning the World Heavyweight Championship
4) Turned heel to feud with Undertaker
5) Turned face after leaving Legacy

Matt Hardy
1) Began as a face in 1998
2) Turned heel to be part of the part of the New Brood
3) Turned after leaving the brood with Jeff
4) Turned heel after disbanding the Hardyz
5) Turned face to feud with Kane
6) Turned heel after costing Jeff the WWE Championship
7) Turned face after helping Jeff defeat CM Punk the same year
8) Turned heel after leaving Christian during a tag match on SmackDown

Any others?

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You could probably find a dozen examples during the Vince Russo era in WCW. People like Lex Luger, Buff Bagwell, and Billy Kidman seemed to change every other month.

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1) First appeared in 1997 as a heel, began feud with Undertaker.
2) Became a tweener in late '98 when Paul Bearer turned on him and formed the Ministry with Taker.
3) When he was thrown out of the Corporation in '99, he became a face
4) Turned heel in 2000 when he turned on Taker which led to a match at Summerslam.
5) Became a face again in the build-up to the 2001 Royal Rumble.
6) Turned heel again when forced to unmask in 2003, turning on tag team partner RVD.
7) Was face in late '04 when he began to seek revenge on Snitsky after he caused Lita to miscarry Kane's baby.
8) Turned heel in '08, began feuding with Rey Mysterio
9) Became a face in late '09 when he saved Taker from Chris Jericho and Big Show.
10) Once again turned heel last year when it was revealed he attacked Taker and put him in a "vegetative state".
11) Currently a face after helping Big Show challenge the Corre.
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