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Wrestlers who were in WCW, TNA, ECW, and WWE

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Just curious, how many wrestlers worked for all 4 promotions?
I can start the list but i dont know too many

Raven is the only one I can think of lol
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Matt Hardy, I believe.

He won the Tag Team Championships in WCW with Jeff, worked in TNA a few years (not sure if he won any gold, I stopped following his career after he left the WWE), won the ECW Championship and worked in the WWE winning the U.S. Championship, Hardcore & Tag Titles.
Hardy's were never in WCW, they only won those titles during the Invasion angle. And WWECW doesn't count, think OP meant the real ECW.

Looking through the posts, didn't see Christian York's name. He had signed with WCW, WWE, ECW and appeared in TNA.
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