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Wrestlers that have been built up well by TNA?

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Are there wrestlers, who finally got noticed in TNA as solid workers? Doesn´t matter if WWE rejects, TNA originals or people from the Indy scenc.

In my opinion TNA did a good job on building up Matt Morgan and The Pope. They never had a chance to shine in WWE!

Any others?

I´m not counting in people like AJ Styles, since he already built a reputation for himself, even before TNA!
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TNA booked Samoa Joe really good as an unbeatable monster in the x-division.When some one won against Joe it was gonna be massive.Now Joe and lose on a regular basis and it won't mean anything.

The MCMG ,this had nothing to do with booking though.They where booked horribley for a while and where long overdue a title reign.They made it to the top being great consistent workers and becoming fan favourites as a tag team.

It looked like Jay Lethal was being really elvated during his Flair fued but then he went back to the dead end x division.

Lax in my opinion was some of Tna's best booking ,they where really built up well.Like Beer Money would where built up as stars before forming Beer Money .
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