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Wrestler against Drugs
Hello Wrestlers, Promoters and Promotions.
We, Wrestlingjunkies, are planning some Promo-Video, entitled "Wrestlers against drugs".
We are trying to make it a collaboration / cooperation of Wrestlers worldwide.
During a short period of time, a couple of wrestlers and promotions already jumped the boat, and are willing to support this campaign.
If you too want to be part of this, if you too want to help us spread the message:
Just send a picture of you, holding a note that says: "Wrestling is our drug" to [email protected]
If you like, you can even send a short video, in which you say "Wrestling is our drug".. and maybe some sort of statement.
We would like you to send your contribution to us until November 14th.
After that we are going to go through all the stuff, and we will start editing the video.
We hope, that a couple of you are going to take part, and that you are willing to show the world... that you do not need drugs in your life!
We would really appreciate your effort .

Best wishes and kind regards,
Bernd "Tazzmaschine" Lorenz

A big "THANK YOU" to all of those, who already took part, or who agreed on supporting us on this important topic.

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Sounds like a good cause. Stopping the drug use while all the wrestlers are still early on in their careers would be a fantastic idea. Hopefully the guys from companies like CZW, Hybrid, and Clash see this thread when they log on for their news updates. You should probably send them some emails though as that seems like a much better way of going about this.
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