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Raw Matches

Benoit vs HBK vs HHH (World Heavyweight Title)-Winner HBK
(Chairshot to Benoit)

Jericho vs Christian -Winner Christian (Trish hell turn)

Molly vs Victoria (Women's Title)-Winner Victoria (Test gives victoria the big boot before she can cut molly's hair)

Rock n Sock vs Evolution-Winner Rock n Sock

Booker t and rvd vs jindrak and cade vs dudleyz vs la resistance (world tag titles)-Winner La resistance (other french guy interferes)

Smackdown matches

Angle vs guerrero (WWE Title)-winner angle(Super angle slam)

Cruiserweight open (WWE Cruiserweight Title)-Winner Shannon Moore

John Cena vs Big Show (U.S. Title)-Winner Cena

Scotty n rikishi vs WGTT vs APA vs Bashums (WWE Tag Titles)-Winners WGTT (Super kick and german suplex pin on faarooq)

Inerter Brand Matches

Tori n sable vs jackie and stacy.......don't give a fuck

Goldberg vs Lesnar (SCSA Referee)-Winner Lesnar (Goldberg is planted with a stunner when he tries to mimmick an F-5,which is then followed by a Lesnar F-5 and a quick pin by austin)

Taker vs Kane-Taker wins (Unknown-lights go out with kane standing over taker,then come back with taker standing over kane doing the eye roll thing then pinfall)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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