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Wrestlemania: Which would you rather?

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So at Mania we always get one of those big 8-12 man tag matches just to get everyone on the card. And sure, everyone is on the card, but they're almost always less than stellar. The time from the match could easily be given to two guys with a beef that can settle it at the grandest stage of them all. Getting your own match on that card is actually a fairly big deal.

So what I'm asking here is, would you rather seen one regular feud get itself a match on the card, ultimately snubbing people to a pre-show battle royal (or something), or continue with the multi man matches just to get everyone on the card?

I'm leaning towards just a singles or tag feud but tbh if Ryder, Ziggler, etc were snubbed from WM earlier this year I'd be pretty disappointed.

How do you guys feel?
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My WrestleMania setup would be something along this:

World title matches, both singles matches ideally - 2
Non-title main events - 3
Tag Team title - 1
MITB - 1
Undercard/Filler match(es) (Divas would fit in here) - 1/2

That'd be 8 or 9 matches total.
Main Events: 3/4 (2 World Title Matches, Singles or Triple Threat, Undertaker Streak Match, Legends Match (could be lumped w/ Undertaker Match
Undercard Singles Matches (IC, US, Grudge Matches) - 3
Tag Title - 1
MitB - 1
Diva's/Filler - 1
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