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The two biggest shows of the year for the WWE are WrestleMania and SummerSlam. Although WrestleMania will always be the flagship show. There were times when in terms of show quality, SummerSlam was better than the WrestleMania of the same year. So for each year from 1988 to present, which show was better for each year, the WrestleMania or the SummerSlam, and state why.

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Actually the Royal Rumble can oust Summerslam as the second biggest of the big 4 just off of launching the RTWM alone.

1988-Hmm WrestleMania 4(Far bigger moment in the end eclipses anything at Summerslam to me though I loved HTM getting thrashed by Warrior)

1989-WrestleMania 5(Better card bigger Main Event with a strong story leading in, I barely remember anything that stood out about Summerslam this year)

1990-WrestleMania 6(The Main Event completely renders SS null as it is)

1991-WrestleMania 7(Macho/Warrior and Hogan taking the belt off Sgt Slaughter Plus my annoyance at the Nasty Boys beating the Hart Foundation were memorable for me despite Summerslam's Hitman/Perfect match stealing the show)

1992-Summerslam(More enjoyable card imo, The opener with LOD/Money Inc was perfect as a kid, Heel vs Heel between HBK/Martel was fun, Taker with the cool hearse entrance, Hitman/Bulldog was awesome, WM 8 was good but not that good)

1993-WrestleMania 9(First time seeing a Heel win in the Main event then getting dropped by Hogan was epic back then, Not a good card but better than SS)

1994-WrestleMania 10(Two Matches of the year, A feel good ending, SS had one standout match Bret/Owen though I did like Taker vs Faker back then just because of the idea of two of the same gimmicks clashing)

1995-Lol WrestleMania 11(Shit main event but at least some of the matches were bearable while only HBK/Razor was decent at SS even if prefer their WM 10 ladder match, Both PPV's were poor)

1996-WrestleMania 12(Good enough card for me with one of my favorite Main Event moments of all time, Taker/Diesel was solid, HHH getting squashed lol, Didn't feel SS was good outside of HBK/Vader and Taker/Mankind)

1997-Hmm... WrestleMania 13(One match Hart/Austin which stands the test of time in storytelling/Psychology, SS had Hart/Taker, Austin/Owen which I thought were pretty good, I'd give WM the nod just because of that one match)

1998-Summerslam(Great Ladder match, Good main event with solid builds heading in, Really loved NAO beating on Mankind, WM 14 pretty damn close though with the IC Title and Brother vs Brother matches, Who could forget Pete Rose getting Tombstoned? HBK putting Austin over as THE guy too then getting knocked out cold by Tyson, Hard one but I'd go with SS 6/10 times)

1999-WrestleMania 15(Austin vs Rock chapter one, HBK/Vince pre main event segment, HHH betrayal against DX were good memories to me, SS was okay with the Triple Threat and Rock/Gunn but not that memorable)

2000-Probably have to be WrestleMania 16(Triangle Ladder match that set the course for TLC matches, Good Triple Threat Euro/IC Title match, The main event could have been just between Rock and Hunter but noooo they go ahead and fucked it up, Anyway SS wasn't bad since it had the Triple Threat match with at least two of the contenders already building up an angle over Steph yet Rock didn't really have all that much to with it, TLC Match was the weakest of the three the Holy Trinity had)

2001-WrestleMania 17(Don't bother asking why and SS was good too)

2002-Summerslam(Strong set card with classic worthy matches, HBK'S return match after four long years, Brock's rise to Top status in his rookie year, Mysterio/Angle, Heel Howard Finkel🙃, WM 18 had arguably the best dream match of all time but the card was lacking overall compared to SS)

2003-WrestleMania 19(Good card all around takes a fairly big shit on SS if you ask me with so many competitive matches with good storytelling, HBK/Y2J and Austin/Rock chapter three were the highlights)

2004-WrestleMania 20(Good Midcard with the return of true Deadman, Unexpected Trish Heel turn, Rock's last performance for 7 long years, Great Triple Threat Main event with a grand standing show closing moment between two men who bled for the business and thought they would never get their break)

2005-WrestleMania 21(Established and capitalized on their next two Superstars in the making, First and very successful MITB match, Arguably the second best dream match between HBK/Angle, Hogan confronting two foreigners.... nostalgic, SS was a well balanced card just lacked pivotal moments in comparison)

2006-WrestleMania 22(Hardcore Match was off the hook, HBK really making the most of it with a non wrestler who had to be carried at Bell to bell, Pretty good Main event, I didn't notice the first time seeing CM Punk as a gangster prop but that was low key cool, SS was decent at best)

This is where I get lazy it's too damn long to post my reasoning here with every annual WM and SS ppv.

2007-WrestleMania 23

2008-WrestleMania 24

2009-WrestleMania 25

2010-WrestleMania 26

2011-WrestleMania 27

2012-WrestleMania 28


2014-WrestleMania 30

2015-WrestleMania 31

2016- Summerslam

2017-WrestleMania 33

2018-Hmm WrestleMania 34

2019-WrestleMania 35


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I'll just go with the first 20 years and do the rest later.
  • 1988 WrestleMania. Close one, but I'd give the nod to the Mania for the sake of the true crowning moment for Savage.
  • 1989 SummerSlam. Another close one. Mania had some great moments like Rude beating Warrior and Mega Powers match, but I'd say the Slam was the better show overall with Brainbusters/Harts, Rude/Warrior rematch, etc.
  • 1990 WrestleMania. Mania's main event seals it. Slam was weak overall.
  • 1991 Summerslam. Very close one. Mania was good with Macho/Warrior and Hogan beating Slaughter, but I enjoyed more of the Slam's matches like opener, Bret/Perfect, DiBiase/Virgil, Jailhouse Match, etc.
  • 1992 SummerSlam. As much as I enjoyed parts of Mania with Piper/Bret and Savage/Flair, Slam clearly blows it out of the water with a number of matches, especially Bulldog/Bret.
  • 1993 SummerSlam. WrestleMania IX wasn't good, though neither was SummerSlam, I'd say Slam was just less bad.
  • 1994 WrestleMania. Slam had some good matches Bret/Owen cage and Razor/Diesel, but Mania had the better show with Bret/Owen opener and Razor/HBK ladder.
  • 1995 Tie. Neither was good overall, though Mania had Diesel/HBK and Slam had Razor/HBK ladder.
  • 1996 WrestleMania. Mania had a better overall card, especially with Bret/HBK Iron Man, while Slam was weaker despite Boiler Room Brawl and HBK/Vader.
  • 1997 SummerSlam. I'd say Slam had better card overall with Bret/Taker, Owen/Austin, HHH/Mankind cage, though Mania had Bret/Austin the show overall was weak.
  • 1998 WrestleMania. VERY close, both shows were superb. But I'd say the Mania is the more important show.
  • 1999 WrestleMania. TBH I didn't care for either show. Both were too Russo-esque for my taste, but Mania had the more long term impact with Austin/Rock.
  • 2000 SummerSlam. Didn't care for either show in this year either, but Slam had the better quality IMHO.
  • 2001 WrestleMania. Do I even NEED to explain.
  • 2002 SummerSlam. Slam was perfect.
  • 2003 WrestleMania. Mania was near perfect on both brands, Slam's SmackDown matches blew away it's Raw matches.
  • 2004 WrestleMania. Mania had stronger show overall, Slam one of least favorites.
  • 2005 WrestleMania. Mania established future main eventers in Edge, Batista, and Cena. As well as Angle/HBK. Slam was good but not great.
  • 2006 WrestleMania. Mania had better card and show overall, Slam was another least favorite.
  • 2007 WrestleMania. Mania was very strong, Slam had several problems.
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