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The show begins with highlights from the greatest PPV ever, 3 title changes.

Brock Vs Kurt Angle-
An amazing match, Brock gets the victory with a second F5 to reclaim the wwe title. After the match however Brock completely destroys Angle getting major heat from the crowed, 3 f5’s in the ring and 2 chair shots to back.

Hogan Vs Vince-
Hogan wins with the big leg. After the match Hogan gives a fair well speech saying he wants to leave at the greatest spectacle of them all.

Rock Vs Austin-
Rock getting the advantage late on, hits the rock bottom, then suddenly the lights go out for about a minute, on the titan tron ‘ ROCKY YOUR NEXT’ appears, as the light come back on Austin is waiting to hit a modified stunner for 1 2 3.

HHH Vs Booker T-
HHH gets the victory after Scott Steiner hits booker with a chair shot setting up a feud, so rock can move onto Goldberg and HHH can move onto Austin

Kane and RVD Vs Dudley Boys-
count out, rvd hits Kane with the chair by mistake, causing Kane to loose it and destroy everyone in the ring,

Team Angle Vs Rhyno and Benoit Vs Los Guerross,
Gore to Benoit by Rhyno causing Shelton to hit the Shelton kick (whatever its called), Haas takes care off Eddie etc on the outside.


Jericho wins the match with a hugely impressive match, they shake hands after the match which kinder sets up a friendship or a face turn for Jericho.

Trish Vs Jazz Vs Victoria-
Jazz wins- interference’s galore from Jeff Hardy, Steve.

The Undertaker and Nathan Jones Vs A train and Show-
Undertaker and Jones pick up the victory as they double chokslam Big Show then A train. After the match undertaker gets the mic ‘ Nathan, yo man that was some match, a lot of people have been saying I am your mentor, your guide and that am I ready to step aside, but son the fact is I am the big dog in this ring and I got a lot more asses to kick including yours, BOOM sets Jones up for the chokslam, then hits the tombstone.

Matt Hardy Vs Rey-
Rey wins

Hope you liked that, I decided for Brock to injure Kurt because Kurt is really injured and when he returns they can have another classic match, in which they will have this Sunday. Kane didn’t really turn heel he just lost it, I am going top build on their feud on My Raw. Steiner has turned heel and joined with HHH, Scott and Booker can feud which will be good. BLA BLA BLA onto RAW

Highlights from wrestle mania

Pyro explodes which reveals a new set for RAW, King JR back at ringside etc.

Camera shows the crowed with Goldberg signs etc

JR’ welcome everyone to Monday night RAW, where off an amazing PPV yeah wrestle Mania, now king was this the greatest PPV off all time?’

King’ No doubt about it JR, we had everything title changes, conspiracy’s, LIMP BIZKIT, me and the retirement of Hollywood Hulk Hogan

JR’ yea king no doubt we wish Him all the best and we’ll miss u brother

Rock’s Music Hits

‘ NO! No no, shut up and let the great one speak, ok, Hey u Yes u( looking at someone in the crowed), hey tubby why u got a Rock Blows sign? Does the rock blow? NOOOOOOO what does the rock Blow? Bubbles? Nooooooo take that sign and shuve it up your canny ass u pile of monkey crap, let the rock make one thing clear, Steve Austin the rock whipped your ball headed candy ass so bad last night just like he said. Anyway onto 2nite, the rock is going to sing and song for all your tubby retards’ COUGH COUGH COUGH let the rock set himself mh memeheme ok ok, The rock is back ( LIGHTS GO OUT’) ROCKY YOU CAN’T HIDE, MY TIME HAS COME, AND IT STARTS TONIGHT, BOOM explosion, Goldberg music hits CROWED GOES NUTTZ Goldberg enters the ring, big closeline, chops, BOOM SPEAR, Up for the jackhammer and Down, rocky is out for the count, the crowed is going nuttz



King’ someone help rock he’s out, the stars out, Goldberg Ur gona regret that

JR’ is this what that video meant at wrestle mania king;?

King I assume so JR I really do

------ BREAK------


Jeff Hardy Vs Steven Richards-

Backstage HHH, Steiner and Flair,
HHH “ hey Scott am glad u decided to join us, man we r gonna rule this place, we got the NATURE BOY WOOOOOO, we got freakzilla and lets not forget me, the best in this business, I prooved it last night, I am the game’

Steiner’ Yea you are that dam good, I know what your like Hunter and tonight the revolution begins, no Mic talk, no promos, cut all the fancy bullshit, lets show these suckaaaaaas hahahah who’s boss, the Beginning is tonight,

Flair- Gentleman I think we got some business to address, come on


HHH- Hey Hey Shawn wait up man, what u been doing on smackdown man, u should be hear with us the greatest faction ever formed EVOLUTION

Sean O’hair’ Hey I know what kinda guys u r like, u want power, u crave it, u don’t need me man, I’ll catch uez later.

Ric’ Hey zilla maybe u gotta talk some sense into that chump’

Steiner- Hes up nxt man, maybe I’ll get some action tonight after all, and no I don’t mean that kinda action HAHAH


Sean O’hair Vs Rossie and Jamal-
Sean getting dominated, until Steiner comes out and saves his white ass
Hand shake, newest member Sean O’hair

=== Break===

HBK hey chis, man did we light up the arena last night or what, man I gotta hand it to u man, u might b some arogant bitch, but man u beat man, HAND SHAKE

Y2j- I may be arragoant shawn but u seen last night what I can do, I’ll see u around, I gotta match up with Austin next.

HBK- I’ll be watching

Jazz Vs molly Vs Trish Vs Victoria Vs Gail Kim

Winner Jazz

Rvd- Yo Eric can u please tell me whats up with Kane? Man I thought we wur friends and he goes and does that to me, man I aint scared off no freak, fire fetish jackass, if he wants R V D he got it

Eric- Rob Rob calm down, R v D Vs Kane is a main event, u don’t wanna have a main event in this filthy city, ur forgetting I make the rules., but I’m a nice guy, a cool guy even, so next week, No DDQ it will be u Vs Tommy Dreamer in a NO DDQ match, and our friend Kane can be the ref

Rob- Eric I really do hate you sometimes, but cool if that’s the way its gotta be, then so be it

KANE lurking backstage in the dark

Jericho Vs Austin-Countout,
Austin gets attacked by evolution, Booker T comes down, attacks steiner, hitting him with some sort of chain, they go off and fight in the crowed, HHH and Flair double team ausin, jercicho gets double teamed until HBK comes down sweet chin music to flair, and Hunter as o'hair escapes

NXT WEEK Jericho, booker T, hbk and Austin vs Evolution

Rvd murtering to himself, man Kane man why did u do that, god am gona hurt him, enoughs a enough, heads to the car, Kane comes from no where, attacks are heard,
Kane-U want me ROB COME on then, throws him on the car, chokslam on the car, I am a fire freak am I, u wanna go in the furance do u? Kane heads for the fire furnace

JR- Kane don’t do it man, u will kill him, GET SOME HELP BACK THERE DAM IT

King- I can’t believe what I am seeing

Low blow by Rvd picks up a shovel and slams it off kanes Head knocks him clean out

Cameras see Rvd in his car shooting off down the road, Kane Sits up

JR’ King there must be something rotten kanes mind

King- Yes, But what?


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Actually, that was pretty bad. Goldberg will never show up, matches are hard to see, storylines a bit off if you are watching current WWE Programming. Not bad for a first try, I can relate to most of your Wrestlemania match predictions. Some things to work on but I think I can give you a...
Grade: C

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Your WM realy sucks!I would never watch it.

-Make your matches a lot longer

-Have your matches well developed

-Have your matches well written

-Have your NDM equal.

-Promos needs a lot of work!

-Matches are bad,need more details.

-Make your show well organized.

-At the end of your matches put who won.

You need to learn!
Grade D

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Wrestlemania 19 results(predictions)

1. RVD and Kane defeat Chief Morley and Lance Storm with the help of The Dudley Boyz who turned on Storm and Morley by 3-D when the ref is distracted. This will set up a world tag team title match at backlash Dudleyz vs RVD and Kane.

2. Rey Mysterio Jr captures the cruiserweight title from Matt Hardy V1 and then after the match Mysterio gets attack from none other then Billy Kidman who turns heel.

3. Women's Triple Threat Match for the Women's Title Trish v. Victoria v. Jazz. The winner will be Jazz because Victoria and Trish will be to involved due to the interference of Jeff Hardy and Steven Richards, which results in Jazz pinning Victoria for the 123. After the match Lita's music hits and says she's a 100% healthy and wants a title shot at Jazz's new women's title. The two women start brawling and had to be restrain by officals.

4. Undertaker and Nathan Jones vs. A-Train and Big Show. Undertaker's wrestlemania streak ends when Jones turns on Taker and joins Train and Show to destroy the deadman.

5. WWE Tag Titles will go to the team of Los Guerreros as they Eddie hits the frogsplash on Haas for the 123 and our crowned WWE tag team champs.

6. HHH retains the world title by defeating Booker T due to the interference of one Randy Orton who comes from the crowd and and whacks Booker with the crutch and then HHH pedigrees Booker for the pin.

7. "The King of The World" Chris Jericho defeats "The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels" with the help of none other then Bret Hart. Hart comes out of the crowd and the everbody is stunned including Michaels and Jericho and tells the people that i'm here to be the special ref for this match. Jericho has Michaels in the walls of jericho and then the unthinkable happens Bret ask for the bell and screws Michaels out of the victory. Jericho leaves the ring, Hart and Michaels goes face to face and attack each other and both wrestlers were forced to leave the arena.

8. The Great One finally beats The Rattlesnake due to the interference of Rock's newest bodyguards 3 minute warning and rikishi, the samoans attack Austin and then Goldberg's music hits and saves Austin's ass.

9. Kurt Angle defeats Brock Lesnar to retain the wwe title and after the match Angle and Lesnar shakes hands in what was a most memorable match in wrestling history, then he asks Stephanie Mcmahon to come to the ring and told her that Angle is giving the belt to her and that Angle will be gone for awhile and won't be able to defend it for a year. So now the wwe title is vacant and then Team Angle and Chris Benoit attack both Angle and Lesnar and then Heyman attacks Steph and takes the wwe title and hands it to his newest client Chris Benoit and take off.

10. Hulk Hogan announces his retirement after defeating Vince Mcmahon in a street fight with his famous trademark the legdrop on vinceand then instead of his jimi hendrix theme , real american hits and Hogan grabs the mike and tells the world that this is my final match in my career and then does his famous poses and other stuff and the crowd of 50,000 plus in Seattle gives Hogan a standing ovation as he exits the ring one final time.
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