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I don’t mind it. Yea it won’t be something brutal but the quality of the match will be good and Ministery Edge vs Demon Balor is way cooler gimmick match than say Wyatt vs Lashely in some ring of horror type of match.

And demon Balor is undefeated so there is intrigue of edge can actually beat him on his own .

There may be more exciting matchups but honestly this one has a good shot to steal the show plus it will be Edge last mania match so you know he will do everything he can to make it good.

Furthermore if Balor wins it will give him enough fuel and credibility to potentially challenge Cody for the title and that matchup would be a lot of fun I think. The opposite is also true if Edge wins , he said he has little time to do what he have to do and I believe this may be one final World title match/ feud and Edge vs Cody sounds like a SS main event level feud especially if it’s title vs career match .

I’m looking forward to it
1 - 1 of 34 Posts