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Just wanted to share my Wrestlemania 36 card that I created, Opinions please

Pre show

André battle royal- Matt Riddle wins

Women’s battle royal- Natalya wins

Cruiserweight championship- Drew
Gulak (c) defeats Buddy Murphy

Main card

Intercontinental championship- Ricochet defeats Adam Cole (c) and Mustafa Ali

Smackdown tag championships- AJ Styles and Luke Gallows defeat Team Hell no (c)

Women’s Tag titles- Bos and hug connection defeat Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir (c)

Raw Tag titles - DIY defeat The Revival (c) in a 2 out of 3 falls match

United States championship- Aleister Black defeats Braun Strowman (c)

Finn Bálor defeats the Undertaker

Smackdown Women’s Championship- Charlotte flair defeats Shayna Baszler (c)

WWE championship- Randy Orton defeats Jeff Hardy (c) in a ladder match to end jeff’s career

Roman Reigns defeats The Rock

Universal Championship- Seth Rollins (c) defeats Dean Ambrose in a No holds barred match

Raw women’s championship- Becky lynch (c) defeats Ronda Rousey

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I'm going to be polite to you and say that is not an ideal card for next year's WrestleMania but perhaps that is your fantasy booking I assume.

Some matches are okay like Charlotte/Shayna and the IC title match but some of the others not so much.

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I agree tbh a few of them I was just trying to stick as many popular wrestlers as possible in but I was thinking of what direction the wwe was going with the four horsewomen storyline, there is already strong rumours that Becky Vs Ronda will be the main event next year, but I guess this is why I’m not a wwe writer

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Re: Wrestlemania 36 Card Predicitions & Fantasy Booking Thread

Roman will probably be in the main event. Wouldn't be shocked at another Roman/Brock match, Vince seems to really love that one no matter how bad it always is.

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I agree tbh a few of them I was just trying to stick as many popular wrestlers as possible in but I was thinking of what direction the wwe was going with the four horsewomen storyline, there is already strong rumours that Becky Vs Ronda will be the main event next year, but I guess this is why I’m not a wwe writer
What made you think AJ would be competing in the tag division with just Gallows? He's too important to reduce to a mere tag performer and what happens to Anderson too? Orton I'd wager will get one more run simply as a tribute but not against Jeff Hardy that Feud has shipped sail he needs someone to put over and that could have been EC3 if it weren't for the lack of creative's intentions on pushing him.

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Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey - SmackDown Women's Championship

Becky Lynch vs Bayley - Raw Women's Championship

The Miz vs AJ Styles - WWE Championship

Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre - Universal Championship

Randy Orton vs John Cena

Sasha Banks and Ember Moon vs Asuka and Kairi Sane - Women's Tag Team Championships

Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan - Intercontinental Championship

Kevin Owens vs Triple H

Sami Zayn vs Braun Strowman vs Samoa Joe - United States Championship

The Bar vs The Hardy Boyz vs Elias and EC3 - SmackDown Tag Team Championships

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Universal Championship
Roman Reigns (c) vs Baron Corbin

WWE RAW Women's Championship
Becky Lynch (c) vs Kairi Sane

WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar (c) vs Daniel Bryan

WWE SmackDown Women's Championship
Charlotte Flair (c) vs Peyton Royce vs Billie Kay vs Asuka

Singles Match
Big E vs Kofi Kingston

John Cena's Farewell Match
Randy Orton vs John Cena

Singles Match
Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn

United States Championship Ladder Match
Aleister Black (c) vs Braun Strowman vs Samoa Joe vs Bobby Lashley vs Jeff Hardy

all i got so far honestly

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Universal Title:

Drew McIntyrie (c) vs. Roman Reigns.

WWE Title:

AJ Styles (c) vs. The Miz.

Intercontinental Title:

Aleister Black (c) vs. John Cena.

United States Title:

Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Ricochet.

Raw Women's Title:

Becky Lynch (c) vs. Shayna Baszler.

Smackdown Women's Title:

Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Kairi Sane.

Womens's Tag Team titles:

Sasha Banks & Bayley vs. Asuka & Naomi.

Single's Match:

Triple H vs. Kofi Kingston.

That's all I got so far.

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Iron Woman Match for the WWE Women's Championship
Asuka(c) vs Charlotte Flair (w/ Ronda Rousey as Special Guest Enforcer)

Universal Championship
Roman Reigns(c) vs John Cena

WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar(c) vs Daniel Bryan vs The Miz

The Rock's Farewell Match
The Rock vs Triple H

AJ Styles vs Demon Balor

Intergender Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship
Seth Rollins(c) vs Becky Lynch

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship
Sasha Banks & Bayley(c) vs Kairi Sane & Io Shirai

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Almost impossible to say this early

The Rock vs. Roman Reigns

Ronda Rousey or Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair (depending on Ronda's status)

Triple H vs. AJ Styles (Hunter will want a match with AJ before he retires)

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More of a prediction than fantasy (just look at the main event to understand that..)

WWE Championship
Roman Reigns (c) vs. John Cena

Undertaker's Retirement Match
The Undertaker vs. Daniel Bryan

8-Horsewomen Tag Match
Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Sasha Banks & Bayley vs. Ronda Rousey, Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir

Universal Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Finn Balor

Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley

RAW Tag Team Titles Four Corners Match
DIY (c) vs. The Revival vs. The Usos vs. The Hardys

AJ Styles vs. Triple H

United States Championship Triple Threat Match
Big E (c) vs. Xavier Woods vs. Kofi Kingston

Last Man Standing Match
Drew McIntyre vs. Braun Strowman

Smackdown Women's Championship Fatal-4-Way
Ember Moon (c) vs. Naomi vs. Asuka vs. Carmella

Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Owens

Inter-Continental Championship Ladder Match
Andrade (c) vs. Ricochet vs. Aleister Black vs. Seth Rollins vs. Sami Zayn vs. Bobby Roode vs. The Miz vs. Bray Wyatt

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Cruiserweight Championship

Women's Battle Royal

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I'll just give my top 8 programs. I assume Strowman gets rejuvenated (almost by default), Banks is brought back with genuine creative promises, and Rock/Cena/Taker are cameos at most.

Finn Balor vs. Randy Orton

Big E vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Xavier Woods

Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan

Triple H vs. Shane McMahon

Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles

Braun Strowman vs. Brock Lesnar

Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey (Submission Match)

Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks

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I'll just make a fantasy card instead based on what I would like to see, Yes there will be some that very likely will not happen but whatever.

(WWE Championship)
CM Punk vs AJ Styles

(Universal Championship)
Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins

(Raw Women's Championship)
Becky Lynch vs Shayna Baszler

(End of an Era)
John Cena vs Randy Orton

(Smackdown Women's Championship)
Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte Flair

(Undertaker returns to confront Braun)
Braun Strowman vs Bray Wyatt

(Intercontinental Championship)
Demon Balor vs Aleister Black

(United States Championship) (Ladder)
The Miz vs Samoa Joe vs EC3
vs Big E vs Adam Cole vs Daniel Bryan

(SD Tag Team Championship)
Usos vs DIY

(Women's Tag Team Championship)
Sky Pirates vs Asuka & Ember Moon


Men's Battle Royal

Women's battle Royal

(Cruiserweight Championship)
Ricochet vs Pete Dunne

(Raw Tag Team Championship)
The Bar vs Bludgeon Brothers

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WWE Championship
Roman Reigns (c) vs. AJ Styles

-Roman wins the belt on the first FOX SmackDown and Styles wins the Rumble. I first went with Roman/Cena, but I can see them being shaky about putting that on late, because the fans might leave out of protest. They may not be white-hot for Styles, but they'll respect the match.

Brock/Rock Blockbuster
Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock

-The Rock shows up on first FOX SmackDown, Brock is WWE Champion at the time. Heyman says that Rock blames Hollywood for keeping him out of the ring, but he's really afraid of Brock. Rock says he can't have a match with Brock, but he can sure as hell kick his monkey ass. Brock doesn't fight for free. Rock says that he's been given powers tonight and he's going to find a challenger for Brock. Who is that going to be? Cousin Roman. Roman wins the belt and then Heyman spends months blaming Rock to goad him into a match.

Special Attraction
Triple H vs. Conor McGregor

-*Insert SCG Radio Triple H taking a big sniff of that spot here* They've already started courting McGregor.

Triple Threat Match for the SmackDown Women's Championship
Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch

-Ronda comes back early into FOX SmackDown. She obviously wants her belt back. Charlotte has it now. Becky wants to win the Rumble, but fate is turned on her when a hurt Ronda enters after Charlotte got intentionally DQ'd against her earlier and wins. They basically tell a flip story and doing this main event again.

Universal Championship
The Undertaker (c) vs. Samoa Joe

-I think Taker competes at the two Saudi shows and actually wins the belt in November. I did kind of have Joe winning the Rumble, but I can see him getting the shot another way.

Technical Masterclass
Seth Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan

-If they keep them separate long enough or have space between matches, this could be really good. I originally had Seth plugged in to face Shane McMahon, but I think we would all agree that this would be better.

The Best in the World
Shane McMahon vs. Fucked If I Know

-You just know Shane is getting a Mania match. It could be Braun, Bray, Orton or Buddy fucking Murphy. I orginally had Seth Rollins in this spot as "The Best Slayer," but I think they will do that earlier when Shane and Seth meet around Hell in a Cell time and Shane scoots his way out of it. I'll probably go with Braun here, with some heels doing the Big Show/Test/Shane thing where they beat up Braun and help Shane win. Maybe another Falls Count Anywhere Match, so Shane can brag about being 2-0 in FCA at Mania.

Never Meet Your Idols
John Cena vs. Velveteen Dream

-I really want to see Dream do an obsessed fan thing with John Cena. Call him up around the time of the FOX SmackDown so potential new viewers can follow him and at the Rumble he gets into it with Cena, preventing him from going after #17. Dream cuts promos about how he was 9 when John Cena won his first WWE Championship, and this is what happens to Cena when his fans grow up. It's time Cena got a proper Mania program again.

Intercontinental Champion vs. United States Champion
Matt Riddle vs. Aleister Black

-I dunno, I'm just plugging guys in. I think there could be some funny jabs between a Dutch guy and Matt Riddle. Make your own jokes. I'm kind of thinking that Orton probably needs a spot. I'll go with this, because I think their styles could mesh really well.

Something with a Pirate Ship
Raw Women's Champion vs. Kairi Sane

-It doesn't really matter who this is. Could be anyone from Lacey Evans to Naomi to Alexa Bliss. It will all be about Kairi getting a pirate entrance at WrestleMania Pirate Ship.

Ladder Match for All Tag Team Championships
The Usos vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. The Bar vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

-Maybe The Usos stay on SmackDown and turn heel against Matt & Jeff, but I think they do end up on Raw and they wait about a year to get their hands on the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, who won't hold the belts all year, don't worry. I've then just decided to throw in two more teams and make it a Ladder Match, because it's WWE.

Just Because Vince Hates Us
The New Day (including pledge Cedric Alexander) vs. Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, Mojo Rawley & Drew McIntyre ft. Rob Gronkowski

-I don't think Kofi Kingston's WWE Title win is going to lead to a sustained main event run, although I do think he will be featured at Mania.

Women's Tag Team Championship
One Team vs. Another Team

-That's about as much thought as they'll give it.

Things are About to Get Human Highlight Reel
Rey Mysterio vs. Ricochet

-I can see Vince wanting to put this on the card even though this sort of match wouldn't normally be his thing.

Kickoff is your normal Battle Royal/Cruiserweight Title stuff.

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What is your Wrestlemania 36 card predictions?

Main Event:Winner takes all match
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Seth Rollins (c)

*Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins both enter the 2020 Royal Rumble to prevent anyone from winning. If they are the two remaining in the ring; they get their winner takes all match at WM. Making them co Royal Rumble winners*

Intercontinental Championship:
Chris Jericho vs. Daniel Bryan(c) vs. Big E

Smackdown Tag Team title Ladder Match:
The Revival (c) vs. The Usos vs. vs. The Hardys vs. Gargano and Ciampa

The Smackdown Women's Championship:
Shayna Bazler (c) vs. Ember Moon (RR Winner)

The Raw Women's Championship: No Holds Barred
(The Man) Becky Lynch vs. (The Boss) Sasha Banks

Grudge Match:
AJ Styles vs. Mustafa Ali

Raw Tag Team Championship:
The New Day vs. Kevin Owens and Sammy Zayn

Inaugural The 9th Wonder Battle Royal

Andre the Giant Battle Royal

US Title Match:
Andrade vs. Ricochet

Grudge Match:
The Miz vs. John Cena
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