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Wrestlemainia 21 Big Name Matchup

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With whats left from the current WWE roster, now that Austin, Hogan, and Goldberg have left. The only huge draw I could see pending an unlikely comeback by one of those individuals would have to be a match between The Great One vs. The Showstopper ! ROCK Vs HBK any takers on that match up????
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Hmm well if WWE are getting deals with Hart and Sting than we can get the following huge match possibilities

*The Rock vs. Shawn Michaels
*Kurt Angle vs. Bret Hart
*The Undertaker vs. Sting

plus throw in a few

*Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar(more than likely wont happen till lesnar comes back)
*John Cena vs. Randy Orton(may wanna wait a few years)
*Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Guerrero(haven't had a match in over 3 years)
*Chris Beniot vs. Booker T

and i'd even pay to see a Ron Faaroqq Simmon vs. John Bradshaw Layfield match

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i could see eugene getting bigger the rock shawn michaels kurt angle the undertaker kane benoit edge chrid jericho triple h randy orton john cena and austin if he return if variations of wrestlers could make it a good wrestlemania

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elimnation match between
HBK, HHH, BENIOR, KANE, THE ROCK AND EDGE for the weavy weight title
that woulda classic match which would be remembered well 4ever

but if u want 2 b serious
eddie-kurt angle(tlc)
edge-randy orton (4 his title)
benior-hhh-hbk(hell in a cell)
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