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Wouldn't Triple H's new movie...

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Prevent him from having a heel run for awhile?

I mean its a given that they will advertise it on their shows, most likely through Triple H himself.
They wouldn't advertise Triple H in a family movie while having him be a heel I don't think.

There's the theater release in February and then the DVD release in March.
Which means it will probably be awhile before he would even have a chance to turn heel.
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I've just read a lot of posters talking about him turning heel.
The timing just seems way off even without taking the movie into consideration.

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Making him a heel on his return makes no sense, he will be fueding with Sheamus who is a heel, plus even if he was a heel he wouldn't get any heat as everyone would be cheering for him.

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I think it is nearly impossible for HHH to be a heel now. He would have to do something awful to a popular Face - I don't think Cena counts because a lot of people dislike him.
A returning star will always struggle to get heel heat
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