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Would you rather FTR drop their other belts and focus on the AEW belts?

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I think it would definitely get them more air time if they dropped their other belts and focused on their company's belts instead of other company's. Maybe that's why they're not featured as much.

What do you think?
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Well FTR should have won the AEW titles from the young Bucks instead of Swerve and Lee. Then FTR should have dropped them to the Acclaimed. This should have been obvious.
The Acclaimed are white hot and let's face it the most over people in aew, so you can't take the titles off them.

The tweets by Dax and Cash suggest they're going on a losing streak. Losing all the championships and possibly gonna have a string of solo matches against each other. To see who the better man is. Hard to predict Khan
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