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Would you mind how you where booked?

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If you where in the WWE would you mind?* if you do, what would you mind?> being a heel? face? Jobber? unstopable? cross dresser? Brouds clay?

*I know most of would most likely chnage our minds if we REALLY made it but dont worry bout that right now

I would not I dont think, make me a jobber, Id like to do it, even as a kid when freinds and me would play WWE I'd be the one to take the finisher and get pined.

Titles and what not WOULD be nice but not requied.

Only thing I would not like was if they kept me fact the whole time, I much prefer being a heel.
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give me a pay cheque and Im happy
What kind of question. Of COURSE I would mind.
I'd probablly mind at the begining, but I think I'd turn into the (realistically far smaller scaled) Glen Jacobs direction of "I'll put anybody over, as long as it helps somebody and I'm having a good time" :D
Yeah Kane can be in that position because he is a millionaire.
Yes I would. But not too much.
Yeah Kane can be in that position because he is a millionaire.
Sure, but even at a lower midcard level, as long as the paycheck enables a decent living, I wouldn't mind.
Probably wouldn't care so long as I'm getting a decent wage. I guess the only thing I would be opposed to would be doing some kind of crossdressing or gay gimmick, at least not right off the bat, years down the road I probably wouldn't mind. The only exception would be something like Santina Marella where it was just so silly and you could tell right away
What kind of question. Of COURSE I would mind.
Exactly. Presentation matters, you don't want to look like a joke in front of millions of people.

Not to mention, the bigger a star you are, the more titles you win, the more money you make, and if you're a nobody or a midcarder, you don't have job securtity like a top guy does.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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