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Would this turn wrestling upside down?

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Would this scenario turn wrestling upside down =, and throw it back into a more mature product while also being the biggest heel turn in history.

Say at WM its Undertaker vs Wade Barrett and the undertaker hits the tombstone and goes for the pin then in comes Cena and hits the FU and throws wade over for the cover and ends the streak.

Although i would be sad to see the streak end i would be wholey intrigued to watch and see watch happens from then on in
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If Taker is going to be forced to lose at WM (this year or the next), he should be able to choose his opponent. There have been suggestions of DiBiase Jr. and Barrett. Really? I would rather see a vet take him out, or someone who is already a superstar and a face, someone who will respect Taker at the end of the match.

Letting Barrett ruin Taker's streak...it just feels like Vince would be spitting on Taker.

Plus, Cena would be hated, big time, and few would forgive him. Might as well call out a plan for Cena to attack Taker before his WM match, leaving him busted open and injured, and have Taker come out and get trucked by Al Snow in five minutes.
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