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Would this turn wrestling upside down?

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Would this scenario turn wrestling upside down =, and throw it back into a more mature product while also being the biggest heel turn in history.

Say at WM its Undertaker vs Wade Barrett and the undertaker hits the tombstone and goes for the pin then in comes Cena and hits the FU and throws wade over for the cover and ends the streak.

Although i would be sad to see the streak end i would be wholey intrigued to watch and see watch happens from then on in
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Costing Undertaker the streak would be a great way to turn Cena heel, but I wouldn't do it that way. If Cena and Taker face each other next year, Cena could win by blatantly cheating. That just seems like a bigger deal than helping Barrett win.

All of this is probably moot because Cena sells too much merch to the kids to be turned heel.
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