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Would things have turned out different if Aston Villa won the first EPL?

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Just wanted to throw that out there and get everyone's opinions.

We all know that Man Utd won the inaugural Premier League title in the 1992/93 season which arguably was a catalyst for their success they enjoyed for the next two decades from the onset of this title win. Aston Villa were their prime challengers in that first season and actually led the league for most of the season before tailing off at the end whereas Utd got better as the season went on and won the title.

My question is this. If Aston Villa had won the first EPL title, would things have been different? Would it have been immaterial and Utd would still have enjoyed as much success as they have? Would Villa have had that success instead and been in the position that Man Utd were in over the coming seasons? (They did have a very good side back then, Saunders and Dalian Atkinson were quite a deadly pairing up front)

What does everyone think?
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Utd would still challenge EPL like every year, shame Villa didn't win it. They do have good players but not good enough 2 win EPL like Blackburn, Arsenal, Chelsea & Man City.
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