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Would MJF be a star in the WWE?

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He has some mega good mic skills but would be be a bonfire star in the WWE?
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In today's mainstream wrestling world, where in-ring wrestling is super important, I'd doubt that he'd be more than a upper midcarder. He has the potential with him, but he needs to get better on the ring to reach his potential. Not that he's a bad wrestler, cause he's not, but he's not on the level of WWE's main eventers.

He'd be a great NWA main eventer straight ahead, tho. Not that it would benefit his career, but he'd be a total fit.

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He would fit in in terms of wrestling style and promo work, but WWE would, of course, tone him down beyond a point of recognition and I don't think would give him as much freedom with what he says.

I'm pretty okay with MJF not going to WWE.
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Can he work. I have seen nothing to suggest he can so far and AEW are not having him wrestle barely at all.

When I say work I mean engage crowd once bell rings. We have seen tons of guys who can talk be it Mr Kennedy, ec3, Eli Drake, Elias, Enzo who can talk but once bell rings crowd loses interest.

And as some said his gimmick right now is far too close to that of Miz, he would need to dramatically change it to not get calls of ripping off Miz by some fans
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