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Worst Year in Wrestling

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What do you think is the worst year in wrestling as far as booking, writing, and talent goes?
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1995 for me. Granted, looking back on it, they at least did some basic formulaic things right that are pretty much abandoned now, but the overall stories were just terrible.

On WWF you had a cartoon show that would embarrass anyone over the age of 8 and they were feeling the effects of all their top stars jumping ship to WCW. Shawn, Taker, & Bret did the best they could, but WWF turned around & put their faith in guys like Diesel, King Mabel, & Sid, so it really made for a bad time.

On WCW you had THE DUNGEON OF DOOOOOOOM!!!! I don't even know how to describe how silly this was. I called WWF 95 a cartoon show, but this really made me feel like I was watching the old Superfriends cartoon. It was Hogan & his buddies vs. an evil group of baddies living in the swamp. I shit you not!

WCW gets the nod for being the better show because it was, at the very least, laughably bad. WWF was just....ouch.

2001 is another year that holds painful memories for me. To me, that was the year wrestling fell and fell hard. ECW whimpered out of existence. WCW was massacred & finally sold to Vince McMahon, and the WWF became complacent the quality of their show just fell off a mountain. It was awful all around.

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I don't fully remember what happened in every year, but from everything since 2000, I'd say 2007 probably.

Don't see how 2009 was bad, especially the RTWM build up with HHH-Orton as well as Jericho-Legends , HBK-Taker and that was Cena-Orton feud year too so it was good.

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2007. Kennedy lost the MITB so that automatically makes it #1 on my list. Then there's Benoit going apeshit, Khali winning the world title, Edge transforming from a great performer to a shitty one, Hornswoggle getting a bigger push than the majority of the roster, the Donald Trump vs Rosie O'Donnell match where the entire crowd starting chanting TNA and a fuckton of other things.

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Like man others have said 95 all round is perharps the WORST year bar none in WWF/E history.

More recently 2009 has been the WORST we've seen on TV at least. Yes Raw was turned into the WORST tv program that year ( even TNA gets a pass here) why? Simple there really was no wrestling to speak of, instead skit after skit with a D list celbe, skit after skit with Hornsawggle, Santina, match after match betwen Hornswaggle & Chavo and oh yeah did I mension Hornswaggle yet? Because 2009 Monday night Raw was his show and no onesles. Add to the fatc a stale main event secene with no under card matches to speak of and yes Raw was the WORST show in 2009.

However the PPV's were a differnt story unlike 2010 where the PPV quaility had gone out the window in most cases 2009 delivered some of the BEST ppv matches ever.

NWO 09 EC matches
WM 25 HBK/Taker Matt/Jeff
Backlash: Edge/Cena LMS, Christain/Swagger, Y2J/Steamboat
JD: Morriosn/Shelton, Y2J/Rey, Edge/Jeff
ER: Y2J/Rey, Jeff/Edge Ladder, Swagger/Dream/Christian Hardcore Rules
Bash: Y2J/Rey & yes even HHH/Orton 3 stages of hell ( WAY better than the maina match)
NOC: Jeff/Punk II, Cena/Orton/Hunter, Melina/McCool
Summer Slam: Jeff/Hardy III TLC, DX/Legacy, Rey/Ziggler
BP: Legacy/DX SCAM
HIAC: Morriosn/Ziggler, DX/Legacy HIAC, Bastista/Rey vs Jerishow
SS: Cena/HHH/HBK, Team Kofi vs Team Orton
TLC: Orton/Kofi

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Well I hated 2009 mainly because Edge become a 10 time world champion :no: and guest hosts and I also have a slight hate for 2001 because of the Inavasion fiasco even though Stone Cold and Kurt Angle made that for me my favourite year of wrestling ever.

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1999 makes me want to shoot myself. Only around 4, maybe 5 matches from the ENTIRE YEAR worth watching. Austin/Vince was unbelievably dull and over done. Chyna became the IC champion. Owen Hart died during a PPV, leaving a void in wrestling talent that wouldn't be filled until the beginning of 2000. They ruined the Ministry stable by joining it with the Corporation and moving all the focus off Undertaker and back to McMahon (because, you know, they didn't get enough focus on them with the fucking Corporation...). Al Snow and Bossman feuding over a dead dog, resulting in dogs shitting and fucking each other during that god awful Kennel from Hell match. Big Show winning the WWF Title, then somehow moving down to the mid card and feuding with Bossman as a result of Bossman stealing Show's Dad who was dead and in a coffin during the funeral. DX got back together, split up, then got back together for no real reason whatsoever during that year alone. Vince McMahon won the RR. Billy Bitchcakes won the KOTR. They had a kiss my ass match between Billy and The Rock, involving some disgusting obese women...


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2008 & 2010 were really great.

2006 : Mysterio title reign, shitty return of the DX, bad year for Smackdown
DX wasn't THAT bad in '06. At least compared to '09.

Them dropping shit on the SS, Vince, and Shane was hilarious.

I still wonder if it truly was shit they poured on them, but it looked authentic. lol
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