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Worst plastic surgery you've ever seen?

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Plastic surgery is a controversial, yet interesting debate. Although plastic surgery is intended to better the appearance of someone, we can all say that sometimes they're are just some horrible outcomes. Example:

So, my question stands. What is the worst plastic surgery aftermath you've ever seen?
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· Men of Mayhem
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Any and every surgery has a chance of having a bad outcome or complications.

But as far as the worst I have seen to date? God, there are so many. Personally I don't like the look of any cosmetic surgery that is done on the face. At the risk of being shallow, breast implants usually turn out pretty good and are damn close to the real thing.

I am curious as to how ass augmentation feels to someone grabbing the ass. I don't think I have ever seen someone with them, at least in person.

· Fedor's cornerman.
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I caught a little bit of a tv show about bad plastic surgery a few weeks ago. Apparantly some woman was so addicted to plastic surgery, she injected cooking oil into her face. This is the before and after picture:

Holy flinging shit what the fuck!?!? I've seen A LOT of weird/bizarre/disturbing things before, but nothing ever as ugly as this. She looks like an obese tortoise now.

· Lucy Snorebush
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Ah yes, Donatella. She was never the most attractive woman, and she just made herself look worse.

It's sad really. A lot of the awful ones have had it much more than one time. Here's another bad one.

She could pass as an extra in Captain Scarlet.

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They look so unhuman, and the Faces just look like they are dead inside.
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