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Just fun, who do you thnk are the worst champs over the last 2 decades..

World Champ?
WWE Champ?
ntercontenental Champ?
European Champ?
US Champ?
Tag Champs?
Hardcore Champ?
Cruserweght\ LH Champ?
Womans Champ?

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World Champ- Great Khali
WWE Champ-Orton
ntercontenental Champ- Santino Marella
European Champ- Test
US Champ- Orlando Jordan
Tag Champs- Basham brothers
Hardcore Champ- Molly Holly
Cruserweght\ LH Champ- Hornswoggle
Womans Champ- Candice Michelle

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World Champ-Great Khali
WWE Champ-Bob Backlund for losing it in 8 seconds
ntercontenental Champ-Marc Mero
European Champ-Mideon
US Champ-Tajiri
Tag Champs-Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree
Hardcore Champ- Molly Holly
Cruserweght\ LH Champ- Hornswoggle
Womans Champ-Candice Michelle

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World Champ: The Great Khali
Runner Up: King Booker

WWE Champ: Mr. McMahon
Runner Up: Bob Backlund

Intercontinental Champ: Dean Douglas (1995)
Runner Up: Albert

European Champ: Mideon
Runner Up: Crash Holly

US Champ: Bret Hart (this year)
Runner Up: General Rection

Tag Champs: Men on a Mission
Runner Up: Ric Flair & Roddy Piper (2006)

Hardcore Champ- Godfather's Ho
Runner Up: Pat Patterson

Cruiser weight\ LH Champ: Jacqueline (CW)
Runner Up: Gillberg (LH)

Women's Champ- Hervina
Runner Up: Jillian (Diva's)

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World Champ?Rey Mysterio first Run, they booked him horrible
WWE Champ?Diesel, you could feed a Army with how cheesy he was
Intercontenental Champ? Marty Jeanatty was very short and he didn't seem like a Champ at all
Tag Champs? Edgeheads. like they never were there
Cruserweght\ LH Champ? Hornswoggle
Womans Champ?Sable

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World Champ: The Great Khali
WWE Champ: either The Miz or RVD, to be determined lol
Intercontinental Champ: Johnny Nitro
European Champ: Crash Holly
US Champ: Daniel Bryan
Tag Champs: Deuce 'n Domino
Hardcore Champ: Mean Street Posse
Cruserweght\ LH Champ: Nunzio
Womans Champ: Debra

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World Champ? Jeff Hardy
WWE Champ? Jeff Hardy
Intercontinental Champ? Jeff Hardy
European Champ? Jeff Hardy
US Champ? Jim Duggan (1994)
Tag Champs? Hardy Boyz
Hardcore Champ? Jeff Hardy
Cruiserweight\ LH Champ? Hornswoggle
Womens Champ? Harvey Wippleman fpalm

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World Champ - Great Khali
WWE Champ - Backlund
Intercontenental Champ - Ahmed Johnson
European Champ - Mideon
US Champ - David Flair/Bret Hart (most recent reign)
Tag Champs - Spirit Squad
Hardcore Champ - Molly Holly
Cruserweght\ LH Champ - Hornswoggle
Womans Champ - Harvey Wippleman (Almost forgot about that Pyro :D)

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World Champ? Khali
WWE Champ? Backlund
Intercontinental Champ? Prince Albert
European Champ? Mideon
US Champ? David Flair
Tag Champs? Kane & Big Show
Hardcore Champ? Gerald Brisco/Pat Patterson
Cruserweight \ LH Champ? Gillberg
Womans Champ? Harvey Whippleman

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World Heavyweight Champion: The Great Khali.
WWE Champion: Vince McMahon.
Intercontenental Champion: Santino Marella
European Champion: Shane McMahon
United States Champion: David Flair
Tag Champions: Any random pairing of Main Eventers
Hardcore Champion: Shane McMahon
Cruserweght or Light-Heavyweight Champion: Oklahoma
Women's Champion: Stephanie McMahon or Harvey Wippleman, but really it's wide open.

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Worst IC champion i can think of from recent memory was Santino but maybe not since people still remember that compared to a Morrison IC run.

World title? Khali
WWE title? Orton
IC title? Morrison
US title? Orlando Jordan
Euro title? Can't decide, Euro title had a lot of shit runs post-98.
Hardcore title? Maven?
Woman's title? I don't know, Sable?

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World Champ? The Great Khali
WWE Champ? Mr. MacMahon
Intercontinental Champ? Chyna
European Champ? Mideon
US Champ? David Flair
Tag Champs? Kane
Hardcore Champ? Pete Gas
Cruiserweight\ LHW Champ? Oklahoma
Womans Champ? Bertha Faye

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World Champ - The Great Khali
WWE Champ - Vince McMahon (Pointless imo)
Intercontinental Champ - Santino Marella (can't stand him)
European Champ - Crash Holly (because he held it for like a day or something)
US Champ - Bret Hart (This year)
Tag Champs - Really whenever two people are randomly thrown together for the sake of it and winning the belts, Kenzo and Renee Dupree maybe.
Hardcore Champ - Godfathers Ho.
Cruiserweight\ LH Champ - Hornswoggle (Giant piece of trash that shouldn't have a job)
Women's Champ - Michelle McCool (I don't think i've watched someone so uninteresting and boring and monotone in wrestling, Harvey Wippleman was a better champion in 2 days than Michelle ever has been, thank the lord for Natalya)

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WWE Champ - Jeff Hardy
Heavweight Champ - Rey Mysterio
Intercontinental Champ - Santino Marella
US Champ - Orlando Jordan
Unifed Tag Team Champs - Hart Dynasty
Divas Champ - Maryse
Woman's Champ - Candice
World Tag Team Champs - Cena/Michaels
WWE Tag Team Champs - Ryder/Hawkins
ECW Champ - Dreamer/Chavo
Cruiserweight Champ - Gregory Helms
European Champ - Mideon (this championship was given away 3 times. HHH "beat" Michaels, Shane to Mideon & Jarrett to Henry)

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I didn't know so many people hated Jeff Hardy. I won't lie the majority of his title reigns are foregettable except for the one IC fued he had with Umaga.

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World Champ The Great Kahli
WWE Champ Vince McMahon
Intercontenental Champ Ahmaded Johnson
European Champ Shane McMahon
US Champ Bret Hart (This Year)
Tag Champs Too Many To Count
Hardcore Champ Mighty Molly
Cruserweght\ LH Champ Spike Dudley
Womans Champ Candice Michelle

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A fuck, I've got nothing else to do. I'll go over ALL the champions in the last two decades!

Hulk Hogan = By 1990, the Hogan era was on its last legs, but still, you can't argue that he wasn't the biggest star in the sport and still riding off a huge high from the 80s. He also got his nostalgia reign in 2002 which was fine.

The Ultimate Warrior = A failed experiment & a flash in the pan. I wouldn't say he was a horrible champion, and despite limited ability, his character was fun (and hell back then, I totally understood where he was coming from. What does that say about me?). However, once he got the belt, and we got that great moment, it was like "OK, now what" and he never really got on track as champion.

Sgt. Slaughter = Transitional champ. However, you gotta give them credit for the gimmick. What an edgy bad guy. Saddam HUssein's soldier, lol!

The Undertaker = Well his first reign only lasted a few days, winning off of Hogan in a huge shock only to drop it back to him in like 4 days. As champion, Taker really only had the one good reign in 1997, and even then he was playing second fiddle to Bret & Austin. Its strange but Taker's reigns were usually either nostalgia trips (alot of the recent ones), ended by injury, holding it for somebody else, or just taking a backseat to somebody else even though he was the champ. Its weird. I wouldn't say he's one of the worst, but he's never really been a great champion, again, except for maybe 97.

Ric Flair = Really, in his WWE run in the early 90s, he had the Royal Rumble & a great match with Savage at Wrestlemania, and that was about it. He was pretty unremarkable to be honest and he had better runs in other companies.

Randy Savage = Great work horse champion. The guy had the ability of a Ricky Steamboat & the character, charisma, & recognition of a Hulk Hogan. He didn't get to do as much in his 2nd reign in 92, but you were guaranteed strong performances.

Bret Hart = Won his first title out of nowhere, but ultimately became a huge lynch pin for the company during their creative woes in the mid 90s. A fantastic wrestler & worker, there was nothing Bret couldn't do. Even when the WWF sank lower and lower in terms of quality, you could always count on Bret to deliver an awesome main event performance.

Yokozuna = First reign is probably the shortest in WWE history (its either him or Andre), but his 2nd birthed a great monster character that had him tear through all the babyfaces in the company, even Undertaker, until he finally fell to Bret at Mania X. A lot of wrestling booking 101 with Yoko's push, and it was fine for what it was. He also deserves major credit for being the first true long term heel champion that Vince McMahon ever went with.

Bob Backlund = Back in the 70s & 80s, his first reign lasted like 6 years. That's insane because the guy was so bland & boring. Great talent & worker, sure, but no charisma at all. Fast forward to 1994 where Bob turned into a complete psycho haunted by the memories of losing the title thanks to his manager throwing in the towel and NOW you've got a great character! It was awesome! I loved this Psycho Bob! So when he beat Bret for the title, I was actually kind of excited...its just too bad they jobbed his ass out to Diesel at a House Show in 7 seconds just a few days later. Ugh! Missed Opportunity.

Diesel = OK, he's one of the worst. Not entirely his fault. He won the title with very little build up, a face turn that came out of nowhere, and they put him with opponents that weren't exactly going to play to his strengths. I mean Mabel? Sid? Come on! He also held the belt for a year which got old fairly quick.

Shawn Michaels = Obviously one of the best. Fantastic in ring talent, and one of the greatest personalities in wrestling. His best run was from the tail end of 1997 to 1998 where he dropped the title to Steve Austin. That was when Michaels' character was at its all time high creatively with DX, The Montreal Screwjob, his feud with Taker, and the Mania run with Austin. Fantastic stuff.

Sid = He was really just a break for Shawn in his first reign. And his second reign, the WWF clearly had no idea what they were doing for Mania 13 and he just randomly got the belt. He was a placeholder champion and didn't really get much of a chance to be good or bad.

Steve Austin = Uh, one of the all time greatest. Do I really need to explain why?

Kane = Great character in 1998. I keep calling him the Jason Voorhees of wrestling when referring to his earliest incarnations. Too bad that run only lasted a day. Now though, why the hell is this weird looking, slow moving, bald guy the Heavyweight Champion? Can I officially call him one of the worst now? Horrible rehash storylines with Taker & not a bad run with Edge.

The Rock = Like Austin, this pretty much goes without saying. He's one of the best. Sure he never had a super long reign (longest was 4 months) but whenever he was in the World Title picture, it was exciting, because he's THE FUCKING ROCK!!!

Mick Foley = Never had the belt for that long, but I will say that his first title win was one of my favorite moments in wrestling history. He was such a lovable & respectable character, that it was a really happy moment when he won the belt.

Triple H = He was one of the best. In 2000 he was untouchable. Greatest heel in the business working with the likes of The Rock, Steve Austin, Mick Foley, & Chris Jericho and doing very well. Alot of his future reigns only made me sick of him though, especially 2003 where he held it forever.

The Big Show = I couldn't understand why he won the title in 99. That seemed like a pointless reign (although his feud with Bossman made Bossman look like the meanest heel EVER!). Alot of his other reigns just felt like he was holding it for somebody else. That was definitely the case in 2002 where he beat Lesnar and just dropped it to Angle.

Vince McMahon = One of the worst. Do I even need to explain why? I don't care if it only lasted a couple days & he forfeited the belt. Hell that makes it even worse because when what was the point of doing it at all if he was just going to give the belt away?

Kurt Angle = At the time of his first win, I thought it might be too soon, but Kurt ultimately proved me wrong. A hard & very good worker, Angle was consistently a welcomed presence in the World title scene. I think my favorite Angle reign was in 2003 during the build up to his showdown with Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XIX.

Chris Jericho = When he first won The Undisputed Championship, it was like "Finally!". Unfortunately he got flushed down the drain along with dog poop that Stephanie told him to clean up. And even again in 2008, he became the hottest character in the company, won the title, but seemed to only hold it just so he could job to Cena & Batista. And then he wins it, retains at Mania, but then drops it to Jack Swagger of all people. What the fuck? The point? I don't know. He could have been a great champion, but he never really got the chance to truly spread his wings and be as good as he could have been.

Brock Lesnar = OK, we're into brand split territory now. I was never too high on Brock as a talent, but they did book him really well as both a believable powerhouse monster & a technical wrestler that could match with guys like Angle & Benoit. I didn't like him as a face, at all, but as a heel, they managed to get some good stuff out of him, especially when he was tearing through everybody.

Goldberg = He beat Triple H & then dropped it back to Triple H. Not much else to say. They did do a few cool things with him, but he never quite recaptured the spark he had in WCW.

Eddie Guerrero = Like Mick Foley's initial win, Eddie's WWE title win was a great feel good moment. The reign itself was alright as I really liked his feud with JBL and the brutal series of matches they had.

Chris Benoit = Oh how I hate to glorify this bastard, but I have to admit, his reign through the middle of 2004 was pretty amazing. He was having amazing matches just about every show with just about every talent. He was a wrestling clinic in of himself.

JBL = When he first won the title, I thought he was one of those rushed pushes that would fail miserably. However, JBL surprised me. I liked the character a lot & I ended up really liking him as champion. He was a perfect, old school, bully heel and I loved watching him worm away with the title (the Cage match with Big Show was the most creative). Actually, the only bad things I have to say about it were the way it started (rushed push) and the way it ended (crap match with Cena).

Randy Orton = Well Triple H has kind of been the bane of his existence. It seems like Hunter is always there to make him look bad. His first reign as the youngest champ in company history gets cut short because HHH needs the belt. Then in 2007, 2008, & 2009 they have seemingly hundreds of matches where Orton is made to look foolish, even if he wins (how can a PPV end with Orton getting his ass kicked even though he won a stretcher match?). So that's always been a bit of a hindrance to Orton, which is unfortunate. And then there are his matches with Cena which...ok, I just don't want to watch them anymore, plain & simple. I guess Orton should be one of the best, but there are just too many problems.

John Cena = I hate John Cena. I hate his character (dumb white rapper to generic military man child..ok). I hate his look (again, man child). I hate the way he talks (game show host + baptist preacher). I hate the way he acts (stupid, unfunny, & one dimensional as all hell). I hate watching him wrestle (very repetitive & awkward looking at times). I just do not like the performer. And it doesn't help when he gets pushed like Superman and would win all the time except when the world would crash down on him. His 13 month reign in 2007 was what officially caused me to stop watching the WWE regularly because I got sick of the repetitive blandness. And funnily enough, his first reign started at Mania 21 in 05, and by Mania 26, he was a 10 time champion, even though he had a 13 month reign, a 10 month reign, & 6 month reign. I'VE CENA-NUFF!!!

Batista = I loved him 2005. He was great and fit into the main event spot much better than I thought he would. But then he got hurt, and he was never quite the same after that. He was very stiff & immobile at points, and he seemed to regress as a talent. He had his bright spots though (series with Taker for example).

Edge = Oh fuck yeah! I love Edge. The hardcore daredevil antics, fucking other people's girlfriends, and just being an all around douche made him one of the best heel champs of the last few years. When he first stole the title from Cena, I thought one of the biggest mistakes WWE made was taking it off of him after three weeks. He was clearly the guy to go with. Eventually, I think WWE realized that he was just too good to ignore, and they let him develop into one of their top main eventers, ultimately culminating in a butt load of reigns, and for a while, him being the focal point of Smackdown even when he wasn't the champion. Rated R Superstar fucking rules! The only real problem with Edge has been his tendency to get hurt.

Rey Mysterio = Disaster as champion. Again, that's not really his fault. I mean the guy lost more matches than he won. How can that be if he's the World Champion? It was like having a Velocity Jobber holding the belt.

Rob Van Dam = You know, I was all in favor of RVD winning the belt and it was AWESOME when he did. Unfortunately, he had to go and fuck it up by smoking a joint. Oh well.

King Booker = I like Booker as a talent, but really, he only got the belt because there was nobody else who could at the time. I also wasn't a fan of the King Booker stuff. I mean, what was wrong with what he was doing before? And it was just too silly & cartoonish to take seriously.

The Great Khali = Uh...what? OK, I can understand wanting to put the belt on an unbeatable big guy. The problem though is that Cena & Taker had already beaten him multiple times, so that novelty was pretty much gone. All we got was a shitty worker!

CM Punk = Another failed opportunity. His first reign was rushed following the MITB cash in, and he didn't really do much. Later on though, Punk became the hottest heel in the company! Throughout the Summer of 2009, nobody was hotter than CM Punk. Great heel. Great character, & a great performer. His feud with Hardy was amazing. But, then Undertaker came back and it all had to be thrown away in one of the biggest disappointments of the last few years. Punk has been sinking ever since. Damn shame.

Jeff Hardy = Never really held the belt that long. His first reign was a feel good moment I guess, until he dropped it back to Edge, but this was following a World Title match record of about 0-100. Later on, he was actually a unique transitional champion as he transitioned the title from face/tweener Punk to full fledged heel Punk in one of the best storylines in recent memory. Never been to high on him as a talent, but he played his role.

Sheamus = ...Who? That was my reaction when I heard he was the new number one contender and ultimate victor over Cena for the WWE Title. No build up or anything. Just a random title change to a nobody. Sheamus has proven to be a pretty solid talent, but I don't know why in the hell WWE has adopted this formula of using a World Title to try & get somebody over rather than get them over first to make them ready to hold a World Title. Strange.

Jack Swagger = OK seriously, the fuck?! The guy was a complete non factor on Raw, and then in 3 days he wins MITB, cashes in, and he's the champ?! That's ridiculous! Can't blame Swagger, but he was a disaster as champ, and MAYBE the above method I talked about with Sheamus doesn't work. Just sayin'.

The Miz = I have faith in Miz as a talent to get shit done (we shall certainly see), but I too feel like his win came a tad too soon. He isn't as bad as Sheamus or Swagger in that respect, but a little bit more nurturing prior to the win might have helped.
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