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Worldwide Wrestling Promotions - The Beginning

credit: pwinsider.com
19th July 2010

A new upstart wrestling promotion, said to have major financial backing behind it, has been quietly putting together a business plan in Florida and signing talents. A number of wrestlers have been signed to contracts or asked to sign letters of intent they will work for the promotion, along with confidentiality agreements.

The promotion is still putting together it's business plan - I don't even know if there is even an official name for the promotion yet - and it's believed they wouldn't start actively doing anything until the Fall, with the idea of then focusing on 2011 for a full fledged launch. There's no word of taping dates or television clearances or anything of the like so far. They are literally in the early days of the project and putting together their business plan, but with wrestlers being offered (and signing) deals, it's certainly newsworthy.

The backing for the group is said to come from a businessman named Peter Karoftis, who has worked for a number of years with Sterling Equities, a New York-based investment firm that owns The New York Mets organization, the SNY cable network, and several real estate and investment companies. Karoftis and Sean Davis, a long-time independent wrestler in Florida best known as one half of the Heartbreak Express tag team, are pretty much the core of the company at this time.

Kevin Kleinrock (Viva La Lucha, Wrestling Society X, etc.), Cody Michaels (WSX, XPW, etc.) and Mister Saint Laurent (longtime Florida promoter and personality who also did commentary for Ring of Honor) are also signed to work on the project, I have confirmed. Kleinrock will be working production. Laurent (who I believe is working on the talent and creative end) has promoted the "I Believe in Wrestling" indy in Florida. I believe there will be a crossover with that promotion's talent and the school connected to it as well.

1st August 2010
credit: pwinsider.com

The new Florida upstart promotion, now known as Worldwide Wrestling Promotions (WWP) today were able to confirm the first signings that they have been making over the last few weeks. It has emerged that Booker T and Scott Steiner have both signed deals with the promotion, as well as Christopher Daniels, who was released by TNA earlier this year and Bryan Danielson, just weeks after being fired by WWE after an incident during the original NXT original attack that violated WWE's strict PG guidelines.

Finally, Lisa Marie Varon, who recently left TNA after a contract dispute, becomes the first women to sign for the company, despite rumours of her potentially resigning. This more or less confirms that the promotion plan on running a Womens division.

The promotion is said to want to sign a blend of already established stars and more untried independent wrestlers as it looks to get running next year. A website has been set up at wwpromotions.com, where the company have said to proisr
23rd October 2010
credit: pwinsider.com

We can reveal that WWP have started to put together their as they aim to get started next year.

Former WCW and TNA announcer Scott Hudson is set to be the play-by-play voice to promotion and he is set to be joined at the announcers table by former ECW World Heavyweight Champion ''The Franchise'' Shane Douglas, who has been looking to start a career as an announcer for a while.

Former ECW ring annoncer Stephen DeAngelis and SHIMMER backstage interviewer Becky Bayless, who recently had a tryout with TNA, have been earmarked by backstage staff to take up those respective roles in the promotion.

credit: pwinsider.com
27th December 2010

After a quiet couple of months, the WWP roster has finally been released today, with more than 40 names having signed for the promotion. In addition to the names already released, notable names include former WWE stars Carly ''Carlito'' Colon, Low-Ki, Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, Gregory Helms, Candice Michelle and Katie Lea, ex TNA stars Monty Brown, Homicide, Raven and Rhino and recently released Knockouts ODB, Melissa ''Alissa Flash'' Anderson and Ayako Hamada.

There are also some surprise independent names, such as independent stars Jon Moxley, Tommy Mercer and Sterling James Keenan, British womens wrestler Erin Angel and SHIMMER stars Annie Social, Rayna Von Tosh and Tenille Tayla.

The promotion aims to kick off at the beginning of next year and are currently in negotiations over a TV deal.


Booker T

Brent Albright

Bryan Danielson

Carlito Colon

Charlie Haas

Christopher Daniels

Cody Deaner

Colt Cabana

Giant Bernard

Gregory Helms


Jack Evans

Jon Moxley

Ken Doane

Kevin Thorn

Lance Hoyt


Matt Cross

Monty Brown

Paul Burchill

Paul London

Petey Williams




Scott Steiner

Shelton Benjamin

Sterling James Keenan

Tommy Mercer

Trevor Murdock


Annie Social

Ayako Hamada

Candice Michelle

Daizee Haze

Erin Angel

Katie Lea

Lisa Marie Varon

Melissa Anderson



Rayna Von Tosh

Sara Del Rey

Shelly Martinez

Tenille Tayla

Non Wrestling Staff

Scott Hudson - Play By Play Announcer

Shane Douglas - Color Commentator

Stephen DeAngelis - Ring Announcer

Becky Bayless - Backstage Interviewer

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Pretty solid roster. My only complaint right now is that you didn't announce who your tag teams were. But I'm looking forward to the product

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TV show announced.

17th December 2010

Today, we are proud to announce a deal that will see WWP run a LIVE two hour weekly television show, ''Vendetta'', each and every Wednesday night on MTV, starting Wednesday January 6th at 9pm ET/10pm CT!

The show will run from the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando, Florida each and every week and will be the only place fans will be able to watch WWP Superstars such as Booker T, Scott Steiner and Raven in action.

''We are delighted to have a television deal in place and on one of the biggest networks in America too, MTV'' said WWP Executive Sean Davis.

''We hope to produce a show that wrestling fans around the world can enjoy and a show that has something for everyone.'' added Davis.

Stay tuned to ww.wwpromotions.com for more updates.​
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