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The World Wrestling Federation
Roster Accurate as of March 29th, 1999

Al Snow
Big Boss Man
Bart Gunn
Billy Gunn
Brian Christopher
D’Lo Brown
‘Dr. Death’ Steve Williams

Giant Silva

Hardcore Holly
Jeff Jarrett

Johnny Grunge
Ken Shamrock
Mark Henry – Currently Inactive
Owen Hart

Road Dogg
‘Road Warrior’ Animal
‘Road Warrior’ Hawk
Rocco Rock
Scott Taylor
Sho Funaki

Steve Blackman
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin
Taka Michinoku
Tiger Ali Singh

‘The Big Show’ Paul Wight
The Godfather
The Rock
The Undertaker
Triple H

Val Venis

Tag Teams and Stables

Canadian Country; Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart
D-Generation X; The New Age Outlaws and X-Pac
Kaientai; Sho Funaki and Taka Michinoku
Public Enemy; Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock
The Acolytes; Bradshaw and Farooq
The Brood; Christian, Gangrel and Edge
The Corporation; Big Boss Man, Ken Shamrock, Test, The Rock and Triple H
The Headbangers; Mosh and Thrasher

The Legion of Doom; ‘Road Warrior’ Animal and ‘Road Warrior’ Hawk
The Ministry of Darkness; Mideon, The Acolytes, The Brood, The Undertaker and Viscera
The New Age Outlaws; Billy Gunn and Road Dogg
The Oddities; Giant Silva, Golga and Kurrgan
Too Much; Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor


Chyna; Currently Managing Triple H
Debra; Currently Managing Jeff Jarrett
Gerald Brisco

Howard Finkel; Ring Announcer
Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler; Colour Commentator
Jim Cornette; Colour Commentator

Jim Ross; Play-by-play Announcer
Linda McMahon; WWF Chief Executive Operator
Luna Vachon; Currently Managing The Oddities
Kevin Kelly; Backstage Interviewer
Michael Cole; Backstage Interviewer
Mr. McMahon; The Chairman of the Board
Nicole Bass; Bodyguard of Sable
Pat Paterson
Paul Bearer; Currently Managing The Undertaker

Paul Ellering; Currently Managing The Legion of Doom
Ryan Shamrock
Shane McMahon

Shawn Michaels; WWF Commisioner
Stephanie McMahon
Terri Runnels
The Blue Meanie; Currently Managing Goldust

Tony Chimel; Ring Announcer


WWF Champion; ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin
Intercontinental Champion; Road Dogg
European Champion; Shane McMahon
World Tag Team Champions; Canadian Country
Hardcore Champion; Hardcore Holly
Women’s Champion; Sable
Light Heavyweight Champion; Gillberg

When was the last time we had an Attitude Era thread around here?

Oh hey, look at that. Um, yeah, the Attitude Era is a time I'm just about old enough to remember, but I remember it fondly. So fondly that many moons ago on another forum, I tried to do an Attitude Era project. Sadly, it didn't go very far. But this will. :side:

Nah, seriously, I don't have much time or enthusiasm for Evolution of Greed right now, but I'd like to think I had a good run with that and that this'll be something fun too. Shows will be in recap, as again, that's all I have time for right now. But hey, embrace the fun and craziness of the time period and you'll barely notice. I hope.

News post to follow to set the scene, but for now... welcome to 1999. We're on the dawn of a new millennium. And the WWE WWF is about to undergo a change in attitude.​

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Oh wow. I was really hoping for another show in Evolution of Greed but any BTB from you will be awesome. You've got a reader in me, goodluck with this! (Y)

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An attitude thread? Renegade will doubtless be doing a dance when he sees this...

Not going to lie, I'm thrilled to see you're back as I thought for a while that we'd lost you :)

Anyways, while it's disappointing that EoG isn't coming back, you're best off doing something you'd enjoy better. I'm intrigued to see how you handle the Attitude era & how you go about implementing a change in direction.

Welcome back :)

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Well, everyone's getting into the mix I see. This should be a really fun read. 99 was memorable for many reasons and I'm really interested to see the type of direction you take with The Ministry and the Corporation, along with Austin-Rock, among several others.

BTW, Owen push pls.

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An attitude thread? Renegade will doubtless be doing a dance when he sees this...

Not going to lie, I'm thrilled to see you're back as I thought for a while that we'd lost you :)

Anyways, while it's disappointing that EoG isn't coming back, you're best off doing something you'd enjoy better. I'm intrigued to see how you handle the Attitude era & how you go about implementing a change in direction.

Welcome back :)
:mark: :mark: :mark: :mark: :mark:

:mark: :mark: :mark:

I'm shocked, as I just associate you with EoG and nothing else tbh, but yeah I love me the Attitude Era so all I can say is I hope you do it justice, which given the skill you have with writing and booking, you should be able to manage 8*D

I'll be reading.

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Thank you all for the well wishes. Let's crack on, shall we?

WrestleMania XV
March 28th, 1999

The opening bout saw Hardcore Holly defeated Billy Gunn and Al Snow in a Triple Threat Match to become the new Hardcore Champion. The champion Gunn thought he had the match sewn up after hitting Snow with the Fame-Asser, only for Holly to crack Gunn with a chair, allowing him to pin Snow instead.

Canadian Country retained the WWF Tag Team Championships against the makeshift team of D'Lo Brown and Test. In the pre-show Sunday Night Heat, Brown and Test were the last two men standing in a 21 Man Battle Royal, earning them a shot at the champions, however any sense of teamwork didn't last long as the champions took advantage of the problems between the two to retain their titles.

In the Brawl For All Match, Butterbean dominated Bart Gunn, knocking him out in 38 seconds for an easy win.

Mankind earned the right to referee tonight's main event after he defeated The Big Show via disqualification after Show drove Mankind through a pair of steel chairs with a Chokeslam. This of course drew the ire of Mr. McMahon, who wound up slapping the 7-footer in an act of frustration. This resulted in McMahon being leveled with a big right hand, which wound up earning Paul Wight a night in a jail cell, bringing an end to his association with The Corporation, while Mankind headed to the hospital.

Road Dogg saw off the challenge of Goldust, Ken Shamrock and Val Venis to remain Intercontinental Champion in a Four Corners Elimination Match. After Shamrock and Venis were both counted out, Goldust seemed to be in control, until an accidental trip by Ryan Shamrock allowed Road Dogg to counter a Powerslam for the victory. In the post-match, Goldust followed the earlier lead of Val Venis by dumping Ryan, leaving a distraught Shamrock to race backstage in tears.

Kane defeated Triple H by disqualification after he was struck with a steel chair by Chyna. In doing so, Chyna turned her back on Kane, leaving him brokenhearted, while Chyna and Triple H reunited under the D-Generation X banner.

Sable saw off Tori to remain Women's Champion after the debut of Sable's monstrous new bodyguard, Nicole Bass, who destroyed Tori to give Sable the easy victory.

Shane McMahon survived the challenge of X-Pac to remain European Champion in a match littered with interference. Despite the constant interference of Test at ringside, and the threat of the Mean Street Posse in the front row of the crowd, X-Pac appeared to have the match won until Triple H and Chyna hit the ring, handing the win to Shane, and in the process revealing that they were infact both members of The Corporation. Post match, the assault of X-Pac continued until Kane made the save, but it was clear that Triple H and Chyna had turned their backs on D-X forever.

The first ever WrestleMania Hell in a Cell Match saw The Undertaker defeat The Big Boss Man in yet another blow to The Corporation. In the aftermath, The Brood rappelled onto the roof of the cell and lowered a noose down to their leader, who promptly hung Boss Man in yet another symbolic gesture towards Vince McMahon.

Before the main event, Mr. McMahon announced that with Mankind unable to fulfill his refereeing duties, he himself would take Mankind's place. However, this was overruled by WWF Commissioner Shawn Michaels, who announced Tim White as referee.

And with the WWF Championship on the line, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin defeated The Rock after Mankind returned from the hospital to deliver the final three count. Mankind proved to be the fourth referee in the match, with Tim White, Mike Chioda and Earl Hebner all being removed from the match in one way or another. Post match, Austin celebrated by dousing McMahon in beer, then held a beer bash with the Philadelphia faithful as WrestleMania XV went off the air.


WCW Talent Walks Out On Company
We have learned that sometime during the last two weeks, a prominent member of the WCW roster stood up during a meeting with Eric Bischoff and simply declared he was leaving the company with immediate effect. Apparently during a recent sitdown with the entire WCW roster, Bischoff challenged anyone sat before him who wasn't happy working in WCW to simply stand up and take their release. We understand that at least one frustrated performer is said to have taken Bischoff up on his offer due to what's been described as "the pathetic way they've used him lately". No word yet on whether or not this wrestle has signed a contract with rival company WWF, but if he did, a strong case could be made for him to appear on tonight's post-WrestleMania Raw is War.

Financial Worries Continue For ECW
The troubles continue for Philadelphia based ECW as recent financial reports show that the company continue to head further into debt, with substantial amounts of money being owed to talent and production staff. ECW Owner Paul Heyman was rumored to have met with WWF Chairman Vince McMahon over WrestleMania weekend, a story which won't surprise anyone given the recent revelations of a longstanding partnership between Heyman and McMahon. It's believed that if these financial troubles continue, Heyman would be willing to sell up to McMahon, allowing the WWF to not only acquire a considerable video library, but also to bring in certain key ECW talent. No doubt more will be revealed over the coming months, but an indication of the company's health moving forward will no doubt be apparent after the next ECW pay-per-view, Hardcore Heaven.

Jim Ross Returning To Broadcast Table
Last night at WrestleMania XV saw the return of Jim Ross to the WWF announce team as he called the WWF Championship Match alongside Jerry Lawler. We've heard that the move was taken after Steve Austin and The Rock both requested that Ross call their match, something that Vince McMahon ultimately agreed to. What this means for the recent angle involving Ross and 'Dr. Death' Steve Williams remains to be seen, but all that we know for certain right now is that Ross will be alongside Lawler for tonight's Raw Is War.

You've all probably guessed by now that I'll be definitely stretching the realms of truth in this thread. What can I say? I want to have a little fun with this, and that means being a bit unrealistic. Hopefully you all won't mind. Anyway, I'm not gonna bother posting a preview, I'll just post the show in a day or two. Bye for now. :)

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hoping that we see The Radicalz debut in the WWF soon then, and also Kurt Angle, and Jericho also. Fuck realism, BRING 'EM IN 8*D

RVD would also be amazeballs. Looking forward to the first show to mark out for the New Age Outlaws ;)

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WWF Raw is War/Warzone
March 29th, 1999
Continental Airlines Arena
East Rutherford, New Jersey

We kick off tonight's show with a video charting 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's journey back to the WWF Championship. We go back to September of last year, where Austin is screwed out of the title by Mr. McMahon, with Vince vowing that Austin will never be champion again. Flash forward to Survivor Series, where Austin is this time screwed by Shane McMahon on the night that The Rock became champion for the first time. The Royal Rumble, where The Corporation again get the better of 'Stone Cold', with Vince winning the Rumble by dumping Austin over the top rope. And finally we head to last night and WrestleMania, where we see some quick highlights of the titanic battle between Austin and The Rock, until finally Austin nails a second Stunner, finally putting Rocky away. Austin proceeds to celebrate with a beer bash, saluting the crowd, as our video fades to black.

After the usual opening video and pyro display, we head into the arena and are greeted by the voice of Jim Ross, making his return to announce duties on a full time basis. Ross welcomes us to the show and reminisces with delight over last night's victory for Austin, pointing out Austin is now a three time WWF Champion, while Lawler says that he thought Austin's win last year at WrestleMania XIV was bad, but last night was somehow worse. After a few seconds silence, the glass shatters and the raucous crowd burst to their feet as 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin heads into the arena. Ross puts over the incredible odds Austin had to overcome to regain the championship, while Lawler states in ominous fashion that he's sure Mr. McMahon and The Corporation will have something in store for Austin to make sure the title is quickly back around the waist of The Rock.

Austin heads to all four corners and salutes the crowd, before he calls for a mic. The noise from the crowd is deafening as Austin scans the arena, and it's gets even louder as Austin says "If ya' watched WrestleMania last night and saw 'Stone Cold' become WWF Champion, gimme a hell yeah!", and that's all it takes to get this crowd screaming. Austin then gets down to business, talking about last night's match with The Rock. Austin calls it "one helluva fight", but points out that despite McMahon's best efforts, he still got the job done. Austin does however take a chance to offer some praise to The Rock, calling Rock a great athlete and again reiterating what a battle the match between the two was.

"But now that all that sentimental crap is outta the way", Austin turns his attentions back to Vince McMahon. Austin points out all the battles he's had with McMahon over the last year or so, from his feud with "Mick Foley, Dude Love, Mankind, call the crazy bastard what ya' want", to being robbed of the title back in September, the screwjob at Survivor Series, the way Austin was robbed of victory at the Royal Rumble, but at the end of the day "it didn't get you anywhere son, 'cause 'Stone Cold' is the WWF Champion, and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it!" Austin then calls for a beer to thrown into the ring, snapping it open and downing half the can, before he continues. Austin takes a moment to point out that it was Mankind who counted the decisive three count last night, saying that all along, Mankind simply wanted to be part of a WrestleMania main event. "And last night Mick, ya' got your wish, ya' gotta be part of the main event", with Austin giving Foley a token of thanks by offering him a toast and finishing off the beer in Mankind's honour.

Moving on, Austin starts running down The Corporation, starting with "that little silver-spooned bastard Shane McMahon". Austin calls out Shane, as well as Triple H and Chyna for their actions last night when they turned their backs on X-Pac to save the European Championship for Shane. Austin says he hopes Triple H is happy with his choice, as now he's joined The Corporation and aligned himself with Vince, he's just added himself to Austin's list of enemies. Austin goes on to say that anytime Shane or Triple H want to step into the ring with him, "I'll open up a can o' whoop ass on the both of ya'!" Austin then states that his message stands for anybody in the back who wants to step forward and challenge him, saying "Now that 'Stone Cold' has the WWF Title again, there ain't nobody who's gonna take it away from me!" Pacing the ring, Austin calls for another can of beer, snapping it open, before he decides to wrap things up, stating that it seems like McMahon has enough problems with The Ministry, so Austin's done dealing with The Corporation, "and that's the bottom line... 'cause 'Stone Cold' said-"

And right on cue, No Chance hits as Mr. McMahon leads The Corporation out onto the stage. With Shane McMahon, Ken Shamrock, Test, Triple H and Chyna by his side, McMahon stares down at the ring and simply shakes his head with annoyance at Austin, while Ross and Lawler point out that both The Rock and Big Boss Man are conspicuous by their absence. With a mic in his hand, Vince starts to berate Austin over his title win last night, stating that had it not been for the bias shown by WWF Commissioner Shawn Michaels, Austin wouldn't have stood a chance against The Rock. And Vince is also quick to correct Austin, stating that while the new WWF Champion may be looking to move on from The Rock and The Corporation, he's "not finished with you Austin, not by a long shot." McMahon states that sooner or later, there will be a rematch between Austin and Rock, and when that happens, Rock will once again bring the WWF Championship back to The Corporation.

But Vince moves on to say that he has more pressing matters to deal with tonight, namely The Undertaker and his actions last night at WrestleMania. McMahon continues to berate The Undertaker, before he announces to Austin that for now, it will be his son Shane who takes care of 'The Rattlesnake'. Taking over the mic, Shane removes the sunglasses from his face and sneers down at Austin in the ring, before he turns the tables on Austin, claiming that the only reason Austin won last night was because of Mankind and his officiating. Shane also states that unlike Austin, he "didn't need a referee controversy to win my title match, all I needed was The Corporation!" Shane says that tonight, The Corporation is stronger than even, and is going to start taking care of their problems, announcing three matches for tonight, with Ken Shamrock tackling The Ministry as he takes on Mideon, Test evens the score with Mankind, while Austin has to step into the ring with The Corporation's newest member, Triple H.

The announcement draws a wry smile from Austin, while Shane continues, saying that both he and The Rock will be ringside for the match, also guaranteeing that Austin's title reign is going to start the same way it's going to finish "with you starin' at the lights, thanks to The Corporation!" Another wry smile from Austin, who simply shakes his head, calling Shane out for running his mouth from the safety of the stage. Austin then turns his attentions to Triple H, saying that while he might not have liked D-Generation X, he at least respected them for standing up to The Corporation. But since Triple H sold himself to the corporate machine, Austin now thought "you ain't nothin' but the latest corporate bastard to try beat 'Stone Cold' in a fight." And Austin promises Trips that their match tonight will be a fight, but that Austin will "stomp a mudhole in ya', and walk it dry!" Austin then warns Shane not to get involved tonight, as if he does, Austin vows to "open up a whole case of whoop ass, all over your Corporate ass! And that's the bottom line, 'cause 'Stone Cold' said so!" This time Austin does finish his catchphrase, still pacing the ring, his eyes locked in on Triple H, while on the stage, Vince motions for The Corporation to make their way backstage.

We quickly cut to the announce desk, where 'JR' and 'King' hype up tonight's card, reflecting on the three matches just announced by Shane McMahon, while also talking up the fact that the Hardcore Championship is also on the line tonight. And on that, we cut backstage to see a split screen image that shows the champion Hardcore Holly and his challenger Billy Gunn heading through the backstage corridors... and then we snap to an image that shows that The Ministry have just arrived in the arena. The crowd gasp and cheer at the ominous sight, but Ross points out that in his right hand, Paul Bearer is holding a black envelope, with both Ross and Lawler asking just what exactly could be inside that envelope as we head to a commercial.


We're back and we're straight into The Corporation's office, where the whole gang from earlier, minus Vince McMahon are there, although this time they've been joined by Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco. In the corner, Triple H stands, taping his fists, readying himself for his match later tonight, while Shane and Chyna speak a few inaudible words into his ear. Suddenly, the door swings open, and in walks Vince and his daughter Stephanie McMahon. There's a smug look of satisfaction on Vince's face as he approaches Shane and Triple H, and 'The Boss' quickly starts giving 'The Game' a pep talk, stating "I don't need to tell you how big tonight is for both of us." Vince explains that tonight is a huge chance for Triple H to prove himself to The Corporation, and at the same time, deliver a crushing blow to Austin's hopes of a long title reign. Vince also says "Austin's gonna pay for what he did to me last night, and I want it to start tonight. I want him to suffer, and then... then we're gonna take the WWF Title away from him."

And speaking of the title, Vince turns his attention's towards Shane, asking of his son "And where's Rock? Why isn't he here right now?" Taken aback, Shane tells his Father to relax, saying "Don't worry. He'll be here in plenty of time." Vince raises a rueful eyebrow at his Son, but his attention is soon grabbed by a knock at the door. Vince calls for whoever it is to come in, and in steps a random backstage worker. But instantly it's noticeably that this worker is shaking with fear, unable to mutter a word when Vince says "What the hell's wrong with you?", the worker simply hands over... that same black envelope we saw Paul Bearer carrying before the break. Vince takes the letter, but before he can ask what it is or where it came from, the worker flees the scene, stumbling back out of the door and scurrying down the corridor. Confused looks all around, but Vince quickly opens the envelope and starts to read to himself... although the look on his face quickly turns to concern, as Vince looks up at Shane, then quickly re-reads the note. "Dad? What... what's it say?" Vince rubs his brow and nervously runs a hand through his hair as he hands the note over to Shane, who reads out loud "Soon I will free you from your corporate shackles... and then the WWF will be ours for all eternity... my Queen." And with those weird, eerie words, all eyes in the room slowly turn towards the innocent looking Stephanie, sat in the corner, suddenly gripped with fear. Stephanie looks helplessly towards her Father, who simply gulps, then turns to Patterson and Brisco and coldly says "Get me security. Now!" The Stooges scurry out of the door, while Stephanie bursts to her feet and quickly runs to her Father, seeking safety within his arms, and on the concerned look in Vince's eyes that we head back into the arena.

And the crowd burst into cheers as Billy Gunn makes his entrance, shaking his ass as he heads down the ramp. In the ring, Gunn offers up a few crotch chops, showing that despite last night's disappointment, D-X is still alive and well. The Hardcore Champion Hardcore Holly is out next, but he barely gets halfway down the ramp before Gunn bails from the ring and storms up the ramp! This one is underway in a hurry!

Match One: Hardcore Championship Match
Hardcore Champion Hardcore Holly vs. Billy Gunn

The brawling starts outside the ring as Gunn tackles Holly on the ramp, the two trading wild rights before Gunn slams Holly onto the unforgiven steel. Gunn continues to attack, smashing Holly into the barricade, but when he goes for an Irish whip into the steel steps, Holly reverses… and it’s Gunn who crashes into the steps! This gives Holly a chance to take control, with the match finally entering the ring, where the hard hitting continues and Holly starts to introduce weapons into things, doing damage with a kendo stick. Holly dominates for much of the match, but he allows Gunn back into things when Holly misses with a steel chair shot and Gunn rocks him with a DDT for a near fall. Looking to put Holly away, Gunn heads outside and from under the ring brings out a table. Once it’s set up, Gunn doubles the champion over then comes off the ropes, looking for the Fame-Ass-Er through the wood… only for Holly to counter, scooping Gunn up… then planting him through the table with the Alabama Slam! The table explodes, Gunn is down and out, and all Holly has to do is hook the leg to get the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: And STILL Hardcore Champion, Hardcore Holly @ 06.37

A stiff match, but ultimately it's Holly who retains the title he won just 24 hours ago. Holly stumbles back to his feet, grabbing his neck, and then he snatches his title away from the referee. Holly grimaces as he holds his title in the air, drawing jeers from the crowd... but the jeers soon turn to cheers, as through the crowd, Al Snow has sneaked into the ring... and when Holly turns... Snow smacks Head square off Holly's skull! Holly just got head! A wild, deranged look crosses Snow's face as he stares down at his fallen rival, with this feud clearly still far from over, the crowd going wild as Snow shakes Head violently while we head to another commercial.


We're back, and once again we go to the dressing room of The Corporation, where Mr. McMahon is deep in discussion with Patterson, Brisco and about ten security guards. We join Vince mid-sentence as he says with all the conviction in the world "...I don't care what it takes, you keep her safe. At all costs, you hear me?" The Stooges and the security all nod their heads in agreement, before Vince calls for Stephanie to come over… no response. Again Vince calls for Stephanie… and then he starts to look around the room… and finds no sign of his daughter. Worried, panic takes over, with Vince yelling ”Stephanie!? Where is she!?, until behind them the door opens… and in walks Stephanie. Vince quickly grabs his daughter in an embrace, reassuring himself she’s OK, before he sternly asks where Stephanie went. Steph casually informs her Dad she went down to catering to grab a bottle of water. Once he’s assured Stephanie is safe and well, he scalds his daughter, telling her to stay by side for the rest of the night, before telling Patterson and Brisco ”You two better protect her like your jobs depend on it.”, a chilling message for The Stooges as Vince hugs his daughter tightly and we cut elsewhere.

To see the three remaining members of D-Generation X stood infront of the camera. In the background, Billy Gunn rubs his neck in pain as Road Dogg checks on him, while X-Pac stands front and centre, rubbing his hand, a seriously pissed off look on his face. X-Pac starts to discuss last night’s WrestleMania and the way in which Triple H and Chyna screwed him out of the European Championship and then turned their backs on D-X to join The Corporation. X-Pac starts by saying he just doesn’t understand how Triple H could stab him in the back like that, saying ”We were brothers, man. This time last year you brought me back to the WWF… and this is how you thank me?” X-Pac goes on to say that he, Triple H and The New Age Outlaws formed a new D-X, a better D-X, and they raised hell like only they could. X-Pac just can’t understand how Triple H could throw all that away, saying ”You turned you back on D-X. You sold out and turned your back on your family. And now… now you’re just another one of Vince’s corporate bitches!” Road Dogg takes over, pointing out that despite Triple H and Chyna’s best efforts, D-X is still alive and going strong, and that he, Billy Gunn and X-Pac are more united than ever. ”You mighta thought you and ya’ lil’ corporate buddies saw the last o’ D-X, but you ain’t gotta clue what’s gonna hit ya’, Hun’er!” Road Dogg goes on to say that not only do The Corporation have The Ministry and ‘Stone Cold’ to worry about, but now ”You gotta deal with three pissed off crotch choppers too!” X-Pac takes back over, stating ”Hunter… your ass is grass… and D-Generation X is gonna smoke it!”, before Road Dogg says ”And if you’re not down with that, we got two words for ya’… SUCK IT!!”, which brings the promo to a close.

Back into the arena, where the Women's Champion Sable makes her entrance, grinding her way down to the ring, with Ross and Lawler discussing the impact Nicole Bass had on the Women's Title Match last night between Sable and Tori. Out next comes Jacqueline and Terri Runnels, with Jacqueline set for action tonight.

Match Two: Non-Title Match
Women's Champion Sable vs. Jacqueline w/ Terri Runnels

As usual, Sable spends the majority of the match flaunting her assets to the crowd, however there are brief bursts of offense from Jacqueline. The champion is in trouble as Jacqueline rocks her with a tornado DDT, but before Jacqueline can take advantage, Ivory heads down to the ring and start picking a fight with Terri. This of course catches the attention of Jacqueline, who sticks her head through the ropes and starts shouting at Ivory… and all the distraction Sable needs as she goes for a rollup from behind… and gets the 3 count!

Winner: Sable @ 02.37

The presence of Ivory at ringside has just cost Jacqueline this match, and it's not over yet as Ivory shoves Terri to the floor and then slides into the ring. Getting right in Jacqueline's face, it's clear Ivory hasn't forgotten what happened last night at WrestleMania, the two arguing and shoving each other, while Sable is oblivious to all of this as she has her back to the argument, grinding and celebrating with her title. Ivory and Jacqueline spot this, and can't quite believe it, putting their argument on hold as they stare as Sable in disbelief... and when Sable turns... Ivory and Jacqueline start to menacingly pace towards her... but through the crowd and then into the ring... it's Nicole Bass! The monster from last night is back, and when Sable smirks and points behind Ivory and Jacqueline, the pair turn... and Bass runs through them with a mammoth double clothesline! A devastating impact, but Bass isn't done there, and with Sable giving out the orders, Bass yanks Jacqueline up... and takes her up and down with a gorilla press slam! Now it's Ivory's turn as Bass slaps a hand around her throat... then plants her with a chokeslam! Even Terri has a go, charging at Bass... but running smack into a stiff right hand! It's scary power from Sable's new muscle, and with a smug grin on her face, Sable grabs a microphone. "This is for all the women who want to be me... and all the men who come to see me!", and after treating the audience to a showing of the grind, Sable gets down to business with a message for her opponent from last night, Tori. "You better stay far... far away from me, Tori.", the champion saying that her challenger was lucky that Bass stopped when she did, but if Tori gets in her face again "I won't tell Nicole to hold back." With one final warning to Tori, Sable tells her to forget about becoming Women's Champion, pointing out that now she has the muscle to go with her beauty, nobody will ever take her title away from her.


We're back, and Droz is already in the ring, ready and waiting for an opponent... and out walks... 'The Big Show' Paul Wight! Droz's jaw nearly hits the floor as the crowd comes alive, with the dominant seven footer ominously making his way down the ramp. As he does so, Ross and Lawler talk us through a brief highlight package from last night, which shows what happened after Wight's match with Mankind, where Mr. McMahon came down to the ring to berate Wight for his loss... only for him to slap Show in the face! This enrages the monster, who plants Vince with a massive right hand, but Lawler points out just how dangerous Wight could be tonight after spending last night in jail for the assault.

Match 3:
vs. 'The Big Show' Paul Wight

Poor Droz. Credit to him, Droz does try and put up a fight, swinging a few early right hands, but as soon as he turns and comes off the ropes… he runs right into a big boot to the face! From there on out it’s all Show as he toys with Droz, landing massive right hands in the corner, a side walk slam in the middle of the ring, before he takes Droz up… then plants him with an almighty Chokeslam! And that’s all she wrote for Droz as Wight gets the easy 1… 2… 3!

Winner: 'The Big Show' Paul Wight @ 01.48

Brutal. Dominant. Wight easily puts Droz away in quick fashion, having barely broke a sweat in doing so. Heading to the corner, Show calls for a mic which he quickly receives. A man of few words, Wight directs his words straight at Mr. McMahon himself, saying that ever since he arrived in the WWF from WCW, he's been used to do Vince's dirty work. "But I'm not gonna be some corporate puppet any longer." is the ominous warning Wight has for The Corporation and the rest of the WWF roster. Show says he won't wait any longer, he's fed up saving the title for The Rock, and now he's out to become a champion in his own right. But with one final message for Vince, he states "Corporation... you might have problems with Austin, D-X, The Undertaker... but now you've got a new problem. A real BIG problem!" Having said his piece, Show slams the mic down and makes his exit, and as he goes, Lawler says tonight is "The worst night in the history of The Corporation!", pointing out that it feels like everybody in the WWF has The Corporation in their sights, while J.R. can only offer in response "You reap what you sow, 'King'!"

We cut to The Corporation locker room, where Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon are staring at a TV, having heard every word Wight just had to say. Vince calls Show an "...ungrateful sunnova bitch!", saying that Wight would still be "...a geriatric's lackey if it wasn't for me!" Rubbing his brow with worry, Vince turns to Shane and tells him to forget about Undertaker, D-X and Big Show for tonight, stating that Austin and the WWF Title are the priority. Shane agrees, but let's his Dad know that he thinks "The Corporation oughta send The Ministry a lil' message tonight." He calls over Ken Shamrock, who was sat on the couch next to Stephanie and The Stooges, telling Shamrock that in his match tonight against Mideon. "I want you to take his ankle, and I want you to snap it in half! I wanna hear bones breakin'! I wanna hear 'im scream in pain!" Shamrock of course agrees, saying he's be more than happy to do so, with Vince looking impressed at how his son is handling things. Confident, Vince tells Shane that he's going to leave him to it, taking Stephanie away from the arena to a safe place. "Patterson, Brisco, pack up your stuff. You two are coming with me.", but before Vince leaves, he warns Shane not to take Austin lightly tonight. Shane reassures his Dad, telling him not worry as he, Triple H and The Rock will take care of Austin tonight. "Trust me Dad... I got this."


We return to see a video from during the commercial, where Vince ushers Stephanie out of the arena and into the parking lot, Patterson and Brisco in tow. With an around his daughter's shoulder, Vince constantly scans and checks over his shoulder, but the quartet make it to his limo safely, where Vince's driver holds the door open. With the passengers safely inside, the door slams shut, the driver heads to his seat, and the limo disappears into the night... but just as they go, another limo enters the parking lot. The limo pulls up at the door, another driver heads around to the passenger door, and when he opens it... out steps The Rock! 'The Corporate Champ' is finally here, wearing a pair of sunglasses and a mean scowl on his face, Rocky slings his bag over his shoulder and heads inside, leaving our commentary team to speculate as to what Rock has in store for Austin when he sees him.

Back into the arena, and out comes Corporation member Test, 'The Hired Gun' striding down the ramp, knowing exactly what is expected of him tonight. Soon after the crowd erupt as Mankind makes his entrance, still wearing his homemade referee's shirt from last night. This seems to disgust Lawler, who points out how ridiculous Mankind looks, stating that if it wasn't for him, The Rock would still be WWF Champion.

Match 4:
vs. Test

Clearly Test knows his job tonight is to do a number on Mankind, and he looks to get straight to it as he rocks Mankind with big boots to the body and stiff right hands to the head. Much of the commentary during the early part of the match focuses on the damage Foley sustained last night when he was chokeslamed through a pair of chairs by Paul Wight, and it seems Test is fully aware of this as he focuses on the body. Foley of course fights back, rocking Test with shots to the body, before he takes the fight outside with the Cactus Clothesline. Foley continues the attack on the outside, coming close on a couple of occasions to being counted out, but he breaks the count and then flies off the apron with an elbow drop on the floor. Back in the ring, Mankind looks to drill Test in the corner with that running knee of his… but Test rolls to safety… and Foley smacks off the turnbuckle! Test now takes control, punishing Mankind, targeting those damaged ribs with a lot of heavy punishment to the body.

Foley hangs in there, surviving a few near falls, before he starts to mount a comeback as he avoids a big boot near the ropes. Foley starts rattling off the shots to the face, building some momentum before he gets a near fall from a running swinging neckbreaker. Back on his feet, Foley reaches down into his pants… and pulls out Mr. Socko! Foley has the sock on his hand, waiting for Test to rise… but Test drills Foley with a boot to the gut, then comes off the ropes… right into The Mandible Claw! Foley locks it in, Test flailing his arms wildly, desperate for an escape, but it’s no use as he slowly fades… and passes out! Mankind wins via submission!

Winner: Mankind @ 05.14

The first stage of The Corporation's plan for revenge comes up short as Mankind puts Test away. Back on his feet, Mankind has his hand raised by the referee, and Mr. Socko is sent high in the air, much to the delight of the East Rutherford faithful... but the cheers soon turn to gasps of delirious confusion... as through the crowd... "Oh my God, J.R.! Do you know who that is!?"... with a steel chair in his hand... "Bah' Gawd... that's... that's Raven!" The news reports of a WCW star walking out on the company were true, as Raven is in the ring... and when Foley turns to see what all the fuss is... Raven SMACKS THE STEEL CHAIR OFF MANKIND'S SKULL!!! It's a thunderous shot that draws a wild response from the crowd, the fans stunned and delighted to see Raven in a WWF ring. Foley is down and out, but Raven isn't done there as he places the chair in the middle of the ring, yanks Mankind back up... and PLANTS HIM WITH THE EVEN FLOW DDT ON THE CHAIR!!! "Good Gawd almighty! What the hell is the meaning of this!?" cries J.R., but just like him, nobody except the deranged man standing in the ring has any idea. What a statement, what an impact, Raven is here in the WWF and he's just laid out Mankind!


Upon our return, we see a video highlighting what we witnessed before the commercial, the shocking appearance of Raven and his assault of Mankind, with both Ross and Lawler speculating as to what on earth could happen next now that Raven has arrived in the WWF.

Back to the action, with the bizarre Mideon heading for the ring. Lawler takes this chance to again berate The Ministry and their actions, calling what they did last night to Big Boss Man "...way over the line!", convinced that sooner or later, The Undertaker and the rest of The Ministry will pay for their actions at the hands of The Corporation. And it might start right now as Ken Shamrock down the ramp, a wild look in his eyes, and he wastes no time in rolling into the ring and taking the fight to Mideon.

Match 5:
Ken Shamrock
vs. Mideon

Shamrock starts the match in a hurry, striking with fists, elbows and those stiff kicks to the body, before he knocks Mideon down with a clothesline, gaining the early control. Mideon looks to use his size advantage as he fights back, landing a powerslam out of nowhere for a near fall, then gaining another near fall with a DDT. Mideon is in control of the match until Shamrock lands a hurricanrana, and after a series of stomps to the head and body, the fight spills outside. It’s brutal stuff from Shamrock as he bounces Mideon’s face off both the announce desk and the steel steps, really coming through on his promise to Shane and Vince to punish Mideon and send a message to The Ministry. Back in the ring, Shamrock continues the punishment, every kick and punch looking stiff as hell, put Mideon tries to fight back, landing a few rights of his own, until the momentum comes to a stop as Shamrock lands a dropkick. There’s no pinfall attempts from Shamrock, all he cares about is inflicting pain, continuing the assault with a string of belly to belly suplexes. Mideon launches one last attempt at a comeback, landing a few right hands before going for an Irish whip… but Shamrock catches him with a running dropkick. With Mideon down and barely moving, Shamrock decides it’s time to end things… as he slaps on the Ankle Lock! Shamrock twists on the ankle… and Mideon has no choice but to tap out!

Winner: Ken Shamrock @ 05.31

The crowd jeer the outcome of the match, but that means little to Shamrock, as despite Mideon's furious tapping, Shamrock hangs onto the hold until finally, mercifully, he's dragged away by the referee and releases the hold. Shamrock has that wild look in his eyes again, pounding his chest with his fist, looking like a man possessed, one capable of taking on the entire Ministry of Darkness by himself... that is, until we hear the screams of a young girl ring out throughout the arena. Shamrock looks around, confused, as are the crowd... until Shamrock looks up at the tron... and the camera cuts away... to show us Goldust and The Blue Meanie... down and out on the floor? It's a confusing sight as there's nobody else in the area... but then the screams ring out again, with the camera chasing after the sound... and soon we see The Acolytes are carrying a young lady on their shoulders... it's Ryan Shamrock!

Ken Shamrock's sister is being carried kicking and screaming away by Farooq and Bradshaw, and having seen it on the tron, Shamrock races from the ring and sprints up the ramp. We cut back to the abduction, where The Acolytes head out into the car park, where they're greeted by The Brood, Viscera, The Undertaker and Paul Bearer... stood next to a hearse! Ryan continues to scream and cry and plead for release, but instead she's placed down on the ground... and face to face with 'The Lord of Darkness'. Ryan quivers and squirms as 'Taker moves in closer, looking up and down in a downright creepy fashion, leering over her, before he turns to Bradshaw and Farooq and with a simple nod, motions for them to toss Ryan into the back of the hearse. Again Ryan kicks and screams, but it's no use as the door of the hearse slams shut behind and Bearer and Undertaker head for the front seats... but here comes Ken Shamrock! Big brother Ken has made it back there, and he charges at The Ministry! Viscera sees him coming and moves to cut him off, but Shamrock starts striking with vicious kicks... but soon The Brood and The Acolytes swarm, the numbers game far too much for Shamrock to overcome as he's beaten down to the concrete. Seeing that Shamrock has been taken care of, Undertaker and Bearer casually step into the front two seats and the hearse pulls away, out of the carpark and then disappearing into the distance. We turn back to the fight, where having subdued Shamrock and allowed their leader to escape, The Ministry members leave him down and out, all going their separate ways, leaving the camera to peer down on Shamrock, broken and battered on the cold concrete, having just witnessed his little sister being kidnapped by 'The Lord of Darkness'.


We go back to The Corporation locker room where Shamrock is going crazy, screaming at anyone who’ll listen, tearing up the joint as he throws chairs around and slams his fists off of tables. Shane McMahon does his best to calm Shamrock down, telling him “I called the cops! I’ve got people lookin’ for ‘er! We’re gonna get ‘er back!”, but Shamrock isn’t buying it, incensed, he wants action and he wants it now. “Find her! Find her now! Gimme a car! I’m gonna kill that bastard!” At this point, The Rock, Triple H and Chyna enter the room, and upon hearing the commotion, Rocky asks “What’s the deal with all the noise, Shamrock? Can’t you see that The Rock and Triple H are tryin’ to prepare for Hunter’s match tonight?” Enraged, Shamrock screams that he doesn’t care about the match and he wants something done to find his sister. “The Rock doesn’t give a monkey’s ass about your sister!” , with Rocky reminding Shamrock that the priority of The Corporation should be to make sure the WWF Championship winds up back around his waist, and that starts tonight with Triple H and Austin, and that Shamrock should “Know your role and shut your mouth about your sister!”. That crazed look comes across Shamrock’s eyes once again, and he’s staring directly at The Rock, but just before he snaps, Shane steps in-between the two, separating them and calling for focus. After firstly telling Rock and Triple H to go get ready for tonight’s main event, Shane turns to Ken, assuring him that all that can be done is being done. “Don’t worry… we’ll find her. We’ll get ‘er back. “, but Shamrock clearly feels that isn’t good enough, as he storms off, slamming the door behind him, leaving a stressed out Shane behind, puffing out his cheeks, trying to hold things together long enough to make ‘Stone Cold’ suffer.

Back into the arena, and it's another chance for the young males in the audience to salivate, as Canadian Country step out, with the Tag Team Champions Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart accompanied as always by Debra. As usual Debra is wearing an outfit that is barely there, and among all the catcalls from the crowd, Jarrett and Hart do their best to cover her up. Their opponents in this match soon make their entrance, with Val Venis joining forces with The Godfather, and that can only mean one thing... The Ho-Train! Right on cue Godfather brings out a bevy of beauties, which of course draws a cry of "Puppies!" from King, and the delight of that crucial 18-30 demographic.

Match Six: Non-Title Match
World Tag Team Champions Canadian Country w/ Debra vs. The Godfather and Val Venis

As Godfather tries to usher the hos from the ring, Owen and Jeff get the jump on their opponents, clubbing them from behind, knocking Venis from the ring, allowing them to double team The Godfather. They fire Godfather off the ropes… only for him to rebound with a double clothesline! Jarrett is tossed from the ring, and the early moments of the match see Godfather and Venis target Owen, rocking him with several high impact moves until Venis gets a near fall from a spinning spinebuster. Owen continues to take the brunt of the early offence, but when Godfather’s Irish whip is reversed, a near to the back from Jarrett is all the distraction Owen needs to land a spinning heel kick to regain control. Jeff and Owen now isolate Godfather from his corner, using double team moves and putting their experience advantage to good use as they try and wear Godfather down. Godfather starts to mount a comeback though as he lands some high impact moves, finally rocking Owen with a powerslam that allows him to crawl to the corner to tag in Venis. Val storms into the ring and knocks down both champions, before he sends Jarrett scurrying to the outside with a big right hand. Venis now looks to put Owen away, planting him with a scoop slam, before he heads to the top rope and prepares for the Money Shot… only for Debra to get up the apron… where she starts taking off her clothes! First the jacket goes, revealing her assets, and of course, Venis is distracted, dropping back down to the mat to tell Debra to get lost. As the referee tries his best to shoo Debra away, he doesn’t Jarrett slip back into the ring… and smash his guitar over Venis’ head! Val is down and out, Owen goes for the cover, the referee turns around just in time as Jarrett stops Godfather from saving his partner from the 1… 2… 3!

Winners: Canadian Country @ 06.26

By hook or by crook, thanks to Debra, the champs win for the second time in two nights. Jarrett quickly races outside to check on Debra, but more importantly, to chastise her for her striptease and to cover her back up again. Owen grabs the titles and joins his teammate, the champs making a swift exit, while in the ring, Val can only apologize to Godfather, admitting he took his eyes of the ball, but it's a mistake that Godfather easily understands.

We now cut backstage to see the quartet of Triple H, The Rock, Chyna and Shane McMahon walking through the corridors, the three men laughing and joking as Chyna looks on sternly, looking confident in the knowledge that tonight, the numbers game is very much in their favor. We then see the WWF Champion, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, walking a different corridor, but looking as confident and as focused as he's ever been, and that of course means that our main event is next!


We're back, straight into the arena, where No Chance hits, and out steps Shane, Rock, Triple H and Chyna, the three men soaking in the jeers of the crowd, before they confidently stride down to the ring. As Helmsley climbs through the ropes and sneers at the crowd, Shane and Rock head to the announce desk and don the headsets, receiving a warm welcome from Lawler. "What's the meaning of this? What business do you two have being out here right now?" is the question from Ross, only for Rock to fire back with "You just know your role and shut your fat Oklahoma mouth, J.R.!" The glass shatters once again and out comes Austin, pacing down the ramp, but Austin doesn't want to wait, he wants to get things started in a hurry, tossing the title and his jacket aside before he rolls under the ropes and takes the fight to Triple H!

Main Event: Non-Title Match
WWF Champion 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin vs. Triple H w/ Shane McMahon, The Rock and Chyna

The match gets off to a frantic start, neither man holding anything back as a slugfest breaks out, both men trading wild rights and lefts, until Austin rattles off three rights in a row and goes for the Irish whip… Triple H reverses… Lou Thesz Press! Austin hammers Trips, sending him rolling from the ring in search of respite. Austin stays on him though, taking the fight towards the announce desk, where after smashing Trips face first off the desk, he then turns to The Rock… and flips the double bird! Rock is incensed, but Austin doesn’t allow him to become a distraction, heading back into the ring to continue to attach Triple H. Austin stomps a mudhole in the corner, absolutely dominating the match thus far, leading to several worried comments from Shane on commentary. The fight spills back outside and even into the crowd, both men hammering each other, and in amongst the fans, Austin goes for a piledriver on the concrete… but Trips counters… back body drop onto the floor! The ref is extremely lenient, not counting either man out, despite his pleas for the match to return to the ring being ignored. Triple H now finally goes on the attack as he knocks Austin back over the barricade, then he walks Austin back towards the announce desk. Trips holds Austin in place, allowing Shane to grab a bottle of water… and splash it in Austin’s face! But this just infuriates ‘The Rattlesnake’, who breaks free from Trips… then flies after Shane! Austin hammers McMahon, then he takes a shot at The Rock, knocking the former champion clean out of his seat! Austin lays in with a few stomps to Shane, before he goes back to Triple H, tossing him into the ring… but when Austin tries to get back in, Chyna grabs him by the foot… and Triple H charges… sending Austin flying into the announce desk! It’s chaos as everyone is down at ringside, and it’s on that sight that we head for our final commercial.


We’re back, and for the next several minutes, we see Trips going to work on Austin’s knee, trying to soften up the champion and keep him down. Trips tosses Austin to the outside, distracting the referee, which allows Chyna, Shane and Rocky to law in with the boots before Chyna muscles Austin back inside for a near fall. Trips continues the attack, gaining another near fall after the jumping high knee, and another from the spinning spinebuster, Austin barely kicking out each time. Trips continues to target the leg, but when he drags Austin back to his feet, the champion looks to get back into the match, striking with right after right until he sends Trips for the ride… but Austin lowers his head… and Triple H strikes back with the facebreaker knee smash! Just like that, Triple H is back in control, but he can only get a near fall. Sensing he can finish things right here, Triple H has Austin in position… and looks for The Pedigree… but Austin counters… back body drop! Austin stays in the match, and now he goes on the attack, rattling Trips with hard rights, stomping with boots in the corner, before he again nails the Lou Thesz Press and hammers down with shots to the face. Triple H is rattled, and Austin is building momentum, smacking Trips all over the ring, until he sets himself… kick… Stunner! Austin nails the Stunner… but here comes Shane and Rock, sliding into the ring… and they jump Austin as he goes for the cover! The ref calls for the bell, ending the match on a DQ!

Winner: Via Disqualification, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin @ 13.08

Austin had the match won, but Shane and Rock have jumped him, causing the DQ, and now the beating is on. Rock and Shane hammer Austin with boots, shoving the champion to the corner, where Shane drives a boot into Austin's throat while Rock continues to stomp the body. Chyna does her best to help Triple H back up, but before he can get involved in the beatdown... here comes D-Generation X! Billy Gunn, Road Dogg and X-Pac, they all race down the ramp and slide into the ring, taking the fight to The Corporation! X-Pac naturally targets Shane, Gunn goes after The Rock, while Road Dogg starts teeing off on Triple H... but The Corporation fight back, with Rocky laying the smack down on Gunn until he finally knocks him off his feet, allowing him to grab Road Dogg from behind, spin him around... ROCK BOTTOM! Road Dogg is planted, and that allows Trips to grab X-Pac, yank him away from Shane... kick... PEDIGREE... NO! Austin storms from the corner and smashes into Hunter, bowling him over, and then a big right hand sends Shane flying! Now Austin and Rock start trading right hands, it's an all-out brawl, until Austin rattles off three rights in a row... kick... STUNNER... NO! Here comes Chyna... LOW BLOW!! A low blow to Austin, crippling 'The Rattlesnake', and thanks to Chyna, The Corporation is back in control, and after they make sure D-X stay down with a few stomps, they turn their attentions back to Austin. Rock motions towards Helmsley, telling him to plant Austin with the pedigree... but when he hooks Austin up... the lights go out in the arena... and then there's an almighty explosion... it's Kane!!

Through hell, fire and brimstone, here comes Kane! 'The Big Red Machine' strides down the ramp, all the fury and rage of last night fresh in his mind as he steps over the top rope... and catches the onrushing Triple H with a big right hand! Here comes The Rock... right into a boot to the face! The sheer impact sends both Triple H and The Rock flopping from the ring, and now it's just down to Shane and Chyna! Chyna attacks first... but runs into a hand around the throat! Shane tries... he too gets caught in a goozle! Kane has the pair lined up for a double chokeslam... only for him to toss Shane aside... right into the path of Austin... kick... Chyna is taking up in the air... CHOKESLAM... STUNNER!!! Chyna and Shane are both planted at the same time! Kane has made the save for D-X and Austin, and now it's he and the WWF Champion who are standing tall in the center of the ring! Rocky and Triple H have scrambled to the stage at the top of the ramp, fear in their eyes, spitting fury back down at the ring as Austin raises his title high in the air, while Kane locks his eyes on Hunter. "Bah' Gawd what a night! Austin! Kane! Austin and Kane! 'The Big Red Machine' and 'The Texas Rattlesnake' have sent an almighty message to The Corporation!" And it's on the sight of the camera switching back and forth between the ring and the stage, the new champion and his assumed challenger, the sell out and the monster scorned, that we fade to black.


Current card for WWF Backlash:



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I'm actually very intrigued by this BTB. The show flows well, keeps my attention, and doesn't leave me disappointed. The ending of the show was strong, especially with the Kane run in. Looking forward to see where this goes.
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WWF Sunday Night Heat
April 4th, 1999
Nassau Coliseum
Uniondale, New York

We open the show with a highlights package from last Monday night’s Raw, with the video paying particular attention to how bad a night it was for The Corporation. The video starts with the announcement of Ken Shamrock taking on Mideon, quickly cutting to show us Shamrock forcing Mideon to tap out with the ankle lock… but then we see The Ministry of Darkness’ abduction of Ken’s sister Ryan. We then hear the announcement of Test going against Mankind, only to see footage of Mankind forcing Test to pass out thanks to Mr. Socko. And finally we hear the announcement of Triple H being pitted against ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. We see some clips from the match, but then we see the ending, where The Rock and Shane McMahon storm the ring, causing a disqualification. The corporate beatdown is on, until D-Generation X, and then ultimately Kane head down to the ring to make the save, and it’s on the sight of Austin and Kane standing tall in the ring, while Rock and Triple H retreat to the stage, that our video comes to an end.

We now head into the arena, where the fireworks explode and over the roar of the crowd, Michael Cole and Jim Cornette welcome us to the show, naturally discussing the shocking actions of The Undertaker and his Ministry of Darkness and their kidnapping of Ryan Shamrock. We don’t waste any time though as No Chance hits and The Corporation step into the arena. With Mr. McMahon conspicuous by his absence, it’s left to Shane McMahon to lead The Rock, Triple H, Chyna, Test and a furious looking Ken Shamrock towards the ring. Both Cornette and Cole sympathise with Shamrock, pointing out that he’s been without contact with sister for six days now, with Cornette saying ”The Undertaker’s gone too far this time!”, while Cole takes a chance to hype two of the matches on tonight’s card, namely ‘Dr. Death’ Steve Williams taking on Steve Blackman, while The Godfather and Val Venis will again team up to take on Goldust and The Blue Meanie.

In the ring, Shane calls for a microphone, pausing for a few moments to let the boos of the crowd die down, before he gets down to business, starting by addressing the absence of his father. Shane informs that Vince is at home in Greenwich with his sister Stephanie, the safety of Stephanie being Vince’s number one priority right now given the threats and mind games of The Undertaker in recent weeks. The mere mention of Undertaker’s name draws a glare from Shamrock, and Shane moves to address this, saying ”Undertaker… right now, Ken Shamrock… is a desperate man.” But Shane quickly warns The Undertaker that Shamrock being desperate means he’s even more dangerous than usual. Shamrock is desperate to see his sister returned safely, but also desperate to get his hands on ‘The Deadman’ and extract some revenge. And Shane tells us that that’s exactly what’s going to happen tomorrow night on Raw, when Shamrock and The Undertaker go one on one, an announcement that draws a loud pop from the fans.

But Shane's not finished with 'The Deadman' there. He continues by stressing to The Undertaker that police officials will be present at the Nassau Coliseum tomorrow night, and that if Ryan Shamrock isn't safely returned, then the police will "...throw your ass in jail!" Shane also points out that tomorrow night sees the return of the Big Boss Man, who would no doubt love to help his law enforcement colleagues deal out some rough justice. "But it's not just about The Undertaker tomorrow night." says Shane, who discusses the various issues The Corporation has had recently. He starts by discussing Mankind, the mention of Foley drawing a cheer from the crowd. Shane states that it's Mankind's fault that The Rock is not the WWF Champion right now, and that Shane knows that The Rock would have loved nothing more than "...to kick your candy ass one more time!", but that given the shocking arrival of Raven to the WWF last Monday, The Corporation are willing to let their issue with Mankind slide to let "...those two maniacs beat each other to within an inch of their lives!"

Shane now turns his attentions to 'The Big Show' Paul Wight, saying that Show made a big mistake in making himself an enemy of The Corporation on Raw. Shane says that after Show spent WrestleMania night in jail, his father was willing to forget all about what happened between Vince and Wight at WrestleMania, but now "You're the one that's got a big problem!", and that problem gets taken care of tomorrow night, with Boss Man returning to action against 'The Big Show'. "And now we come... to D-Generation X." Shane admits he's annoyed by the fact that D-X just won't go away, pointing out that once Triple H and Chyna saw the light and joined The Corporation, that should've been the end of D-X. "But they just keep hangin' on, stickin' their nose in Corporation business.", and that ends in tonight's main event, when Triple H, Ken Shamrock and Test take on X-Pac and The New Age Outlaws. Another loud pop for the announcement of tonight's six man main event, but Shane warns the fans they won't be cheering after The Corporation kill off D-X tonight "...once and for all!"

Shane then hands the mic over to The Rock, with Rocky sneering at the crowd, before he starts to discuss the man who made the save for Austin and D-X last Monday night, Kane. "Kane... you big piece of steaming, burned, monkey crap!" Rocky starts running down Kane, saying Kane is "...nothin' more than a jabroni who needs to know his role." Rocky points out that last Monday night was supposed to be about The Corporation sending 'Stone Cold' a message, and "...that piece of trailer park trash was gettin' his roody-poo, candy ass handed to 'im!" until Kane got involved. But Rocky vows to make amends for that, stating that tomorrow night on Raw, he's got Kane one on one, and when he does, he'll prove why "The Rock is 'The Great One'...", and he'll make sure Kane never gets involved in Corporation business again. "But just because The Rock is gonna deal with Kane... doesn't mean he's forgotten about you, Austin." is the ominous warning from Rocky towards the WWF Champion. The Rock says that he still has his eyes on getting back his WWF Championship, and once he's taken care of Kane, he'll go right back to work on making Austin's life a living hell. Rocky says that Austin's time as champion is gonna be over soon, but that everyone will hear more about that tomorrow night on Raw. But one day soon, The Rock will be champion again, he will bring the WWF Title back to The Corporation, and he will "...kick his foot, in and out of Austin's candy ass! If ya' smell-lllllll what The Rock... is cookin'!"

The crowd lap up Rocky's words, but he glares at the fans as he hands the mic back to a beaming Shane. McMahon encourages everyone to tune into Raw tomorrow night, saying it's going to be a big night for The Corporation, the night they settle a few scores and put a few people back in their places. But that's not all. Shane points out that The Corporation have had a lot of problems as of late, but recently they started recruiting one or two individuals as part of "...a corporate expansion." With a smug look on his face, Shane announce that on Raw, The Corporation is set to gain some new members... but he won't reveal who. He says everyone, from 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, to The Undertaker, to Mankind, to Kane, to D-Generation X, they'll all find out tomorrow night. "You'll know 'em... when ya' see 'em!" But when it happens, it's going to be the moment that puts The Corporation back in control.

And with that, No Chance hits again, and after a whole lot of high-fiving and backslapping, Shane motions for The Corporation to head backstage. As they go, Cole and Cornette can't help but question just who is going to be joining The Corporation tomorrow night. The speculation leads nowhere, both men drawing a blank, which leads to them hyping the just announced main event for this evening, that big six man tag team match featuring Triple H, Ken Shamrock and Test against X-Pac and The New Age Outlaws. From there, we cut to a shot of Tori heading through a backstage corridor, heading for the ring, which means her match is up next when we return.


Straight back into the arena, where Tori makes her entrance, heading down the ramp to the whistles and cheers of the young men in the audience. Out next is her opponent Luna Vachon, who draws nowhere near as popular a welcome, but she's pretty crazy and doesn't care as she snarls at the crowd on her way to the ring.

Match One:
Luna Vachon
vs. Tori

The relative rookie Tori tries to take the fight to Luna early on, scoring a few stiff forearms to the face, but the veteran soon takes control, grabbing hair to smash Tori face first off the canvas, then she lays in with boots to the body. Luna dominates the match, slamming Tori to the mat, dropping more stomps to the face, even going so far as to use the ropes to choke Tori. Luna stays on the attack, until she heads to the top rope and looks for a flying legdrop… but Tori rolls to safety… and Luna crashes to the mat! This serves as a chance for Tori to go on the attack, and after rocking Luna with shots to the face and kicks to the body, she takes Luna up and down with the Tori-Plex, hooking the leg for the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Tori @ 01.57

A strong win for Tori as she puts Luna away, with Cole and Cornette commenting that the warning Sable and Nicole Bass issued to Tori on Raw clearly had little effect as she picks up the win here. Tori drops through the ropes to the floor, slapping hands with a few of the ringside fans... but then... the screen starts to crackle with static, the picture fading in and out... until the static takes over completely... until we snap to a dark, grungy room, where we see sat on the floor in the corner... it's Raven! The man who shocked us all last Monday night is now here on Heat... and it looks like he's got something to say.

"What it is that defines a man?" asks the newcomer, his eyes looking off into the distant. Raven asks if it's the country of birth, the company we keep, or what people think of us that defines us. "No. No, that's not it. It's your actions... that define you as a man." Raven then discusses how it's the actions of the great men of history that help define them, discussing the actions of great Americans such as George Washington and Martin Luther King, and how their actions defined the legacy they left behind. "And what will your legacy be, Mick?" Speaking directly to Mankind, Raven asks Foley how does he think he'll be remembered by WWF fans once his career comes to an end. Raven looks back at the highlights of Foley's WWF run, from his titanic battle with Shawn Michaels back in 1996, to his brutal Hell in a Cell clash with The Undertaker, to his series of match with The Rock. "What will the people remember about you, Mick? It'll be the pain you suffered, the violence you endured, the risks you took to entertain a generation. But in entertaining that generation, all you did... was leave them wanting more."

Raven moves on to call Foley selfish, saying he's got a legion of fans who follow him, hoping, waiting for that next crazy Foley stunt, and "It's people like me who are going to suffer for your selfishness, Mick." Raven complains that each and every time he steps into a ring, people want to see him suffer, they don't care about him, all the care about is the next crazy moment. "You ruined an entire generation!", and now it's time for Mankind to pay for that. "You look back on all you've accomplished here in the WWF, and you think about the choices you made.", with Raven saying that Mankind made a lot of bad choices in WWF rings, and he won't stand pay and pay the price for the choices of others. "Bad choices don't seem so bad when we first make 'em. Well I too made a choice, Mick. I choose you." Raven goes onto explain how he asked Eric Bischoff to let him out of his WCW contract because he'd seen enough from Foley, that he targeted Mankind in the hopes of not only sending a message to Foley, but to "...have my voice heard by that ruined generation of wrestling fans." Raven goes on to say that they people need to learn that will Mankind might be willing to shatter bones and bleed for their entertainment, that's not what Raven is about, he only breaks bones and suffers pain "...when I want to feel alive." Raven now starts to rock back and forth, running his hands through his hair, talking about how he's hurt people in the past to amuse not only wrestling fans, but also himself, but how now he's in the WWF, it's different. He's not here to hurt people to entertain the masses, he's here to hurt people "...to save these fans from themselves."

"I don't want to hurt you, Mick. I don't want to hurt you... but I have to." says Raven through a pained, forced laugh. Continuing, Raven says he chose Foley because he had to send a message to the fans that pain is not for their amusement, it's "...to make the world a better place." With a sick smile on his tortured face, Raven starts to wrap things up, calling himself "The most ruthless, aggressive, tortured soul the WWF has ever seen!", a man who has come to the WWF to establish his own legacy, and he needs Foley to suffer in order to do so. It's like the ramblings of a mad man as Raven again laughs with pain, but he ends things by saying "I want to be immortal, Mick. I want the legend of Raven to live forever. And to do that... I need these people to understand that the pain and suffering I'm going to put your through... it's all their fault. Quote the Raven... nevermore." A chilling way to end things, and as Raven sits back and leans his head against the wall, he starts that laugh again, and it's on that image that we fade into a commercial.


We're back with the Raw Rebound, where we see highlights from last Monday's show. We hear from the opening segment where 'Stone Cold' celebrated his winning of the WWF Championship, only for him to be interrupted by The Corporation, with Mr. McMahon announcing the main event of Austin and Triple H, with The Rock and Shane McMahon set to be at ringside. We then see the arrival of The Undertaker and The Ministry of Darkness arriving at the arena, with Paul Bearer carrying a black envelope in his hands. The envelope is handed over to Mr. McMahon by a stagehand, with Vince reading out the chilling message from 'The Deadman' regarding finding his queen... and naturally Vince fears for his daughter Stephanie. We then cut to see Mankind putting Test away with Mr. Socko, only for Raven to hit the ring, crushing a steel chair of Foley's skull, before he drops Mankind with the evenflow DDT onto the chair. Flash forward to see Ken Shamrock trying to break Mideon's ankle with the ankle lock, only for him to see on the tron that The Ministry have kidnapped his sister, Ryan. Shamrock races backstage to try and save her, but he's too late, as Ryan is bundled into the back of a hearse and driven off into the night, while Shamrock takes a beating from The Undertaker's followers. We now see the main event and the back and forth battle between Austin and Triple H, which looks like ending with Austin putting Trips away, only for Shane and Rocky hitting the ring to cause the DQ. The beatdown is on, until D-X hit the ring to make the save, only for them to suffer a beating too... until Kane makes his presence felt, storming down to the ring to even things up, and after Chyna tastes a chokeslam and Shane eats a stunner, the Raw Rebound comes to an end on the sight of Kane and Austin standing tall in the ring.

We're back in the arena, where we see Val Venis, towel around his waist, stood in his locker room, warming up for his match tonight. In walks The Godfather to a great pop from inside the arena. Venis and Godfather are all high fives, the two exchanging a few pleasantries before Venis looks over Godfather's shoulder and asks "Where are the hos?", which draws a laugh from Godfather. "Hey man, you don't gotta worry about that, The Godfather's hos are gonna be there later!", but this leads Godfather to speak to Venis about what happened to the team on Monday night in their tag team match against Canadian Country. Godfather points out that Venis had the match won until he allowed himself to be distracted by Debra, who flashed him from the apron. "I mean, don't get me wrong, that Debra... I could make some real paper if I got her in the ho train!", but even though Godfather understands why Venis was distracted, if the two of them are to start teaming on a regular basis, they've got to "Keep our eyes off the booty!". While Venis agrees that focus is what's going to lead to success, Val feels that at times he just can't help himself from getting distracted. "It's just... really... really... hard. I think... I think I might have a problem." Laughs from inside the arena, but this is a serious concern for Godfather, who points out that tonight shouldn't be a problem considering they're facing Goldust and The Blue Meanie. "But if next time we hook up some hoochie-mama starts givin' you the business, and it costs us... we gonna have to do somethin' about it!" Reluctantly Val nods in agreement, the two partners on the same page... for now at least, as we head back into the arena.

And Steve Blackman steps out from the back, twirling a kendo stick in his hand, meaning it's time for some hardcore action. Out next is the imposing figure of 'Dr. Death' Steve Williams, who strides down to the ring and quickly tosses his robe aside, getting this one underway in a hurry.

Match 2: Hardcore Match
'Dr. Death' Steve Williams
vs. Steve Blackman

The early action sees a ton of hard hitting, with Blackman striking with those educated feet of his, while it’s all power from Williams as he hammers Blackman with hard knees to the body and stiff forearms to the face and head. After an engulfing corner clothesline, Williams heads to the outside and the weapons start to fly as steel chairs, trash cans and a table are brought into the ring. But while Williams is doing that, Blackman gets the chance to recover, grabbing the kendo stick, catching Williams with a shot right to the gut as he moves back in. Blackman then starts to unload with the stick across the back, before a big shot to the head knocks Williams down. Blackman grabs more weapons to do more damage, using a pair of trash can lids to great effect, before he grabs a steel chair and lines Williams up… only for Williams to show incredible athleticism for a man his size as he dropkicks the chair back in Blackman’s face! Williams now goes on the attack, landing a string of power moves, punishing Blackman, but Blackman comes back into it after landing a drop toe hold that sends Williams crashing face first into a trash can! Blackman grabs the kendo stick and starts to again lay in with strikes to the back, but when he pauses to line Williams up for a shot to the face, Williams bursts from his knees and tackles Blackman into the corner. From there, Williams reaches through, takes Blackman up onto his shoulders… for the Oklahoma Stampede… THROUGH THE TABLE!! A devastating move, and one that’s enough for Williams to get the 1… 2… 3!

Winner: 'Dr. Death' Steve Williams @ 03.47

A stiff as hell matchup, with these two battering each other, but ultimately, it's Williams who picks up the win. Quickly back on his feet to have his hand raised by the referee, Williams looks down on Blackman, admiring his handy work, before he heads for the ropes, a smirk on his face as he looks back at the damage he's left behind in the ring.


We go straight back into the arena, where the sounds of Shattered Dreams brings out Goldust and The Blue Meanie, the duo acting as strange as ever as Meanie shrieks into the camera while Goldust slithers out of his robe. Out next is Val Venis, who of course poses for the fans in the ring, before he tosses his towel square into Meanie's face. And finally, it's The Godfather, who comes out, toying with the crowd as he makes is half way down the ramp solo, before he turns and waves out a string of girls, he and the ladies enjoying a pre-match dance before we get things started.

Match 3: Tag Team Match
and The Blue Meanie vs. The Godfather and Val Venis

As the bell rings, Goldust tries his usual mind games, stroking his body and blowing kisses in Godfather's direction. Godfather just laughs it off, even going as far as throwing a few mind games of his own at Goldust, only for Goldust to crack him with a hard shot to the jaw. The early portion of the match sees Godfather recover from this to take control, tagging in Venis, but Goldust does his best to frustrate Val, dipping out of the ring on a few occasions, slowing the match down. When Val has enough and chases Goldust outside, Goldust decides to hide behind the hos, forcing Venis to put on the breaks. Blue Meanie then sneaks from behind to cause the distraction, allowing Goldust to clobber Val from behind. Back in the ring, Goldust and Meanie control the match, with Goldust naturally doing most of the work, coming close to victory on a couple of occasions after hitting a DDT and then the Director's Cut. Meanie tags in and hilariously tries to engulf Val in the corner with a running splash, but Venis easily sidesteps it, sending Meanie crashing into the turnbuckle and allowing Val to tag Godfather back in. Godfather starts teeing off on Meanie, rocking him with right hands, stinging him with boots to the body, before he gets a two count from a big legdrop. Meanie crawls to the corner, but he only leaves himself open... for the Ho Train! Meanie is crushed, and now Godfather lines him up, looking to put him away with the Pimp Drop... but Goldust storms the ring and clubs Godfather from behind... but that only brings in Val, who clotheslines Goldust over the top rope! Val quickly tags in, and seeing Meanie down on the canvas, he climbs to the top rope... but as he does so, Meanie gets back on his feet, and he... he tries to jiggle and dance? He's trying to seduce Val the same way Debra did on Raw! It's a desperate move, one that straight up disgusts Val, The Godfather, the referee, the crowd, everyone is disgusted as Meanie giggles and tries to act sexy... and it mercifully ends as Godfather nearly takes his head off with a boot to the skull! With Meanie back down, Venis readies himself... then flies... Money Shot! Val gets all of it and hooks the leg for the 1... 2... 3!

Winners: The Godfather and Val Venis @ 04.12

Thankfully for Val, the disturbing image of The Blue Meanie trying to seduce didn't work, allowing him to pick up the win for his team. As Meanie is dragged from the ring by Goldust, the hos join Val and Godfather in the ring for another dance, the new partnership between the two seemingly gelling well, although Cole does ask an interesting question when he wonders whether or not more teams will look to have a glamorous Diva on the sidelines as a way of distracting Val in the future.

We now head backstage, where Kevin Kelly is standing by, ready to conduct an interview with D-Generation X. Kelly starts by asking the trio how they're feeling about their match tonight against Corporation members Triple H, Ken Shamrock and Test. Road Dogg answers first, saying he can't wait to get his hands on Triple H, pointing out that D-X owes him one after what happened at WrestleMania. He then repeats his message from Raw, saying that when Triple H turned his back on D-X, he probably thought he's killed off D-X. "But lemme tell ya' somethin' Hun'er, we ain't goin' nowhere!", a comment which draws a loud pop from the crowd. Billy Gunn now takes over, he too taking shots at Triple H and Chyna, before he then starts to talk about how what happened at WrestleMania has made the three remaining members of D-X tighter than ever, and that they're determined to show everyone that D-X is only going to get better, and that they'll do it at the expense of The Corporation, starting tonight. Kelly then turns to X-Pac, who very simply says he doesn't want to discuss tonight's matchup, "I got somethin' I wanna say... to Kane." X-Pac discusses the battles they've had with Kane in the past during his time in The Corporation, pointing out that in no way are Kane and D-X friends. But he also points out that Kane saved them last Monday night on Raw, something that D-X won't forget. "I dunno why you did it man, but Kane... D-X owes you big time. And we wanna say thank you.", with X-Pac wrapping things up by saying that D-X will be happy to return the favour anytime.


We return to the sight of our announce desk, where Cole and Cornette spend some time hyping tomorrow night's edition of Raw, discussing the huge matchups announced earlier tonight, namely The Rock taking on Kane, Big Boss Man against 'The Big Show', while Ken Shamrock goes for revenge against The Undertaker. They also discuss the fact that Shane McMahon issued an ultimatum to The Undertaker, that the police will be in attendance tomorrow night, and that if The Ministry of Darkness don't return Ryan Shamrock, then The Undertaker will be arrested. "It's gonna be a huge night tomorrow night, make sure you join us for Raw!"

Break It Down now hits, and out comes D-Generation X, the trio of X-Pac and The New Age Outlaws pumping up the crowd in their own unique way. In the ring, the trio go through the usual routine, with Road Dogg handing it over to Gunn for "And if you're not down with that, we got two for ya'!", with the crowd finishing things off. No Chance plays next, and that brings out The Corporation, with Triple H leading out an intense looking Ken Shamrock and Test, and of course Chyna is there too. The three men take their time entering the ring, with Triple H spitting some water into the crowd, before he throws some trash talk in X-Pac's direction, with X-Pac dying to get his hands on Trips.

Main Event: Six Man Tag Team Match
X vs. The Corporation

Shamrock gets the match underway, looking to take out his anger on X-Pac, but the smaller, quicker Pac continually frustrates Shamrock by ducking and diving his attacks and firing back with offense of his own. Gunn tags in, and he too lands a few shots to Shamrock, but when he starts to showboat, Shamrock rocks him with a massive belly to belly suplex that gains control for The Corporation. Gunn is isolated from the rest of his team, bearing the brunt of the punishment, with Triple H looking as impressive as always as he pummels Gunn in the corner, then gets a near fall from a running neckbreaker. Shamrock and Test join in with the beating, with Shamrock rocking Gunn with his hurricanrana, while Test shows impressive strength to send Gunn flying with a gutwrench suplex. On several occasions Gunn comes desperately close to making a tag out, but each time, he's dragged away from the corner, or Test picks a fight with Road Dogg, which draws he and X-Pac into the ring, distracting the referee and allowing The Corporation to deliver a three on beating to the prone Gunn. Shamrock is in control, and he looks to take Gunn up and down with a suplex... but Gunn lands on his feet behind Shamrock... and drops him with a falling neckbreaker. Gunn crawls to his corner... and Road Dogg gets the tag! The intercontinental Champion flies at Shamrock, gaining the momentum for his team, dishing out a good deal of offense to both Shamrock and Test, before he nails Shamrock with a little Shake, Rattle and Roll. Shamrock quickly rolls away and tags Triple H, but as he storms the ring, Road Dogg catches him with a kick to the gut, bends him over... and then nails the Pumphandle Slam! With the three Corporation members down, X-Pac reaches in for the tag, he and Road Dogg placing both Triple H and Shamrock's heads on the bottom turnbuckle of opposite corners... and here comes Pac... Bronco Buster to Shamrock! But across the ring, Test drags Road Dogg to the outside, while Chyna jumps up on the apron as X-Pac lines up Triple H. Pac slams on the breaks and takes a wild swing at Chyna, but she drops from the apron before X-Pac makes contact... and this allows Triple H to get back on his feet, spin X-Pac around... for the Pedigree! X-Pac is planted, rolled over, and Triple H goes for the pin... 1... 2... 3!

Winner: The Corporation @ 05.32

A cheap win thanks to Chyna, but a win nonetheless for The Corporation as Triple H gets the win, putting X-Pac away. Trips is quickly joined by Shamrock, Test and Chyna, the quartet backing up the ramp, smirking back at the ring as X-Pac is helped back to his feet by Road Dogg and Gunn. X-Pac is clearly in pain, grabbing his groin, while Dogg leans against the ropes, pointing up The Corporation saying "This ain't over yet!". In one last act of insult, Triple H gives Road Dogg a crotch shot, before he celebrates on the stage with his teammates, and it's on that sight that Heat comes to an end.


Current card for WWF Backlash:



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Based on reading these two shows alone I think I'm going to enjoy this BTB. Unfortunately I didn't start watching WWF until 2002 so I'm not too familiar with this era, but considering you're potentially bringing in ECW guy into the fold I don't think that matters so much lol.

It was a great main event between Austin and Triple H; and I loved it how all hell broke loose with the Corporation going after Austin, and DX failing to make the save. Kane and Austin teaming up to take out the Corporation is so win in my books, be very interesting to see how Kane is used throughout this angle. Clusterfuck endings are always cool if they're not overused (although considering it's the Attitude era they might be, but whatever). I was always dazzled on the team name Canadian Country for Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett. But being fans of both I'm glad that they're your Tag Team Champs for the time being. Loved it how Val apologizes for screwing up the match due to Debra but the Godfather is totally cool with it. lol

Ken Shamrock throwing a temper tantrum and The Rock not giving a shit made me chuckle. Quite a bit of a dark angle for Shamrock considering it's just a mid-card feud, but hey I can dig it. Well maybe not a 'midcard feud' considering it includes the fraken Ministry but still, good stuff. Goldust and Blue Meanie is random as fuck however. :p

Must admit it didn't take you long to bring in some new guys into the fold. Raven making an impact and hitting Makind with a steel chair? Potential bloody feud? Yes please! Big Show being referred to an actual name? Don't know why but I like it that he actually has a named rather then being called 'Big Show' all the time. I wish I can comment on the women's section (other then Sable being a complete babe at the time), but I have absolutely no idea who Nicole Bass is. I love the idea of having a monster-type female though, it's always refreshing then the typical smaller women that we're used to seeing (especially in today's wrestling).

I didn't catch if the Hardcore title was under the 24 hour rule or not (again I'm not sure when WWF placed that rule, but then again you're adding your own twists to this thread), but I'm interested to see what you do with the hardcore belt. And if more ECW guys come to the show then I can imagine all the epic shit you can pull out. Oh man I absolutely love that you're doing the Undertaker/Stephanie storyline, can't wait to read the following weeks to see how this turns out. Damn Taker and his nasty fetishes... Oh and of course an epic opening promo to start off the show. Brilliantly well done, really got the show going off to an amazing start.

Fuckin' loving your presentation of the shows as well man. It flow real nicely and it's concise but well detailed. Keep it up bro!

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Thank you for the comment natlav. I'll try answer a few of your points.

Based on reading these two shows alone I think I'm going to enjoy this BTB. Unfortunately I didn't start watching WWF until 2002 so I'm not too familiar with this era, but considering you're potentially bringing in ECW guy into the fold I don't think that matters so much lol.
It might be worthwhile for you to check out WrestleMania 15 on YouTube if you want to get up to speed on where this thread is. We've started the night after that show so everything is kinda based off that for now.

Must admit it didn't take you long to bring in some new guys into the fold. Raven making an impact and hitting Makind with a steel chair? Potential bloody feud? Yes please! Big Show being referred to an actual name? Don't know why but I like it that he actually has a named rather then being called 'Big Show' all the time.
I loved Raven as a character, I thought he was criminally underused when he finally made it back to the WWF, so I'm looking to do something more with him here. And again, Big Show was always referred to as Paul Wight from when he made his debut about a month before WrestleMania 15, so I'm sticking with calling him that for now. That and I kinda like it.

I wish I can comment on the women's section (other then Sable being a complete babe at the time), but I have absolutely no idea who Nicole Bass is. I love the idea of having a monster-type female though, it's always refreshing then the typical smaller women that we're used to seeing (especially in today's wrestling).
Nicole Bass was someone from ECW who debuted at WrestleMania 15. She was a monster who didn't have a particularly memorable run with the WWF, but she should be a decent character to work with here.

I didn't catch if the Hardcore title was under the 24 hour rule or not (again I'm not sure when WWF placed that rule, but then again you're adding your own twists to this thread), but I'm interested to see what you do with the hardcore belt.
The 24 hour rule wasn't introduced until the following year in real life, so right now it's just defended in matches. It may be something I'll look at in the future, but right now it's not on the cards.

Fuckin' loving your presentation of the shows as well man. It flow real nicely and it's concise but well detailed. Keep it up bro!
And again, thank you for the comment! :)

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Wow, that was the LONGEST two days of my life :)

Awesome opening video package, even though it’s written in recap. Awesome because it allows me to recall Austin’s epic journey to regain the WWE title. If I’m honest though, there still should have been a video package highlighting some of the other main occurrences at Mania. In particular the hanging of the Bossman.

Opening the show with Austin, I felt was really the ONLY option after he’s only just reached the top of the mountain again. In the beginning things felt very Austin like, and I even felt the mentioning of The Rock and Mankind was done pretty well. Of course, the obligatory beer was a pretty nice added touch as well. I didn’t however like Austin randomly running down Triple H. I understand he’s part of The Corporation, but still, Hunter shouldn’t even be on Austin’s radar at this point, just seemed strange. Also he mentions how Triple H is now on his list because he’s joined the McMahon’s, but then in the next breath he says he’s done with The Corporation because they are busy with the Ministry. One; he’s just contradicted himself and I hate those sort of inconsistencies. You’re better than that. And two; Austin would never back away for anybody, not even The Ministry.

It seemed like Vince McMahon just came out for the sake of it here. I’m not sure it was needed, as Shane probably could have handled this by himself, to truly show that he is in charge. Hopefully you separate Shane a little more from his father, because during this segment, it still felt as if he was almost under ‘supervision’. Shane’s spiel was solid enough, and we’ve got three solid matches made for tonight’s show.

Another major disappointment for this opening segment is that The Ministry was mentioned throughout, yet there was no mention of the hanging last night. That was such a HUGE event that for it to just be brushed over doesn’t feel right. Anyway, was still a solid enough start, just some inconsistencies or oversights that I didn’t agree with.

Continuing on with The McMahon’s after the commercial break is pretty much what happened every week back then, so no complaints from me. Plus, I really enjoy the drama. Again, not too sure on the inconsistencies here. Vince, as per the opening segment, is ‘supposedly’ focused on The Ministry, and allowing Shane to deal with Austin... Yet then the first thing Vince does here, is run down Austin and pep talk Triple H. You’re really doing a good job of no selling Shane. Also, maybe a tad picky here, but at this point in time, Triple H wasn’t ‘the game’.

Finally, we get some awesomeness out of The Ministry. The black envelope, and the worker absolutely trembling was a nice touch. The message was just chilling as well... Perfect. I think the message might not be for Stephanie though, it just seems to obvious. Plus Steph, at this point in time, didn’t have THAT much power. Really wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Ministry targets Linda McMahon. Still, this was easily my favourite part of the show so far. It just felt like it was done right.

First match of the night is some Hardcore fun? Terrific. The weapons and the fast pace would have been entertaining as hell, and a smart match booking wise to. The new champion, Holly, looks strong with a solid title defence first up, whilst Gunn doesn’t really lose too much here. Because he wasn’t squashed, and because he’ll be a tag team wrestler again soon anyway. Good stuff.

I’ve no problem to see Snow and Holly go at for the Hardcore title. There matches all over the place always used to be fun. Here’s hoping you can add a little something to make it more interesting though...

Good enough segment here, with the tease of Stephanie being missing done pretty well. It also just keeps us reminded of the epic threats of ‘Taker and The Ministry. Fine segment, no issues at all.

DX interview was written perfectly. Even in recap, there was enough to show that you had the characterisation down perfectly. Obviously X Pac is going to feud with Triple H, at least for a match at Backlash, but I’m intrigued to see how you will fit everything in. The Corporation, as they were in real life, are extremely busy.

Bleh, for the women’s match. As a man, I can’t help but enjoy the Sable heel character though. I’m not too sure what you’re going to do with PMS and Ivory, but I am glad that you are trying to keep everything flowing at this stage. Even the little things, that a majority of people probably wouldn’t have cared about if you dropped completely. Just a match to get Sable on the show, yet slightly more.

I found it amusing how Sable is so conceited she didn’t even realise the other two were in the ring, great stuff. Bass just DESTROYS both, looking beastly, and I’m intrigued to see just who can stop these two. Great booking to cement Sable on top, and comfortable with Bass by her side.

Poor Droz. But Show was always DOMINATING this one... Smart decision.

Show promo was solid. Short and to the point, as it should be for him, as at this stage he hadn’t been booked poorly yet. Very intrigued to see how you fit him into the Corporation equation but this was definitely a fine start.

Segment with the McMahon’s just keeps the drama of them against the world going. It was good. On a personal note, I LOVED Ken Shamrock around this time. I felt like at this stage in real life he was ready to become a top tier guy, but it never happened. Anyway, you’ve hyped up Shamrock/Mideon somewhat not, as well as the ‘Taker and Austin situations individually. Good stuff.


A loss to Test here doesn’t really do him any damage, however the right man in Mankind went over. I was glad you didn’t make this a complete squash though, even if the result was still never in doubt. Was also a little surprised not to see somebody else in The Corporation attack Foley after last night, but I guess they have bigger fish to fry.

RAVEN~! Fucking epic debut... and a feud with Mankind has the potential to be all sorts of awesome. PLEASE run with this angle, could be award winning stuff.

Just before I get into the actual match itself, I still feel, despite Lawler here, that you’ve completely no sold the hanging of Bossman. I don’t think this is right considering how big of an event it actually was.

Another solid match where Shamrock was always winning. I like that you kept it obvious that he was more aggressive than usual as well, even though I didn’t think that was possible with Shamrock.

Now THIS is what I’ve been waiting for. Finally, The Ministry make their move, and this was terrific to read. The abduction of Ryan Shamrock and taking her away in the hearse would have been an epic site. The beat down of big brother Ken was a nice touch, but the best thing about this is the ring leader, The Undertaker. Sadistic, psycho, but calm, cool, collected. He doesn’t even do anything... he has legit control over these guys. Such a good angle, really intrigued to see how this all works out.

Obviously Shamrock is going to be going pissed, although surely he has access to a car, or would be able to find one? It’s wrestling, so I shouldn’t nitpick. It just seems a little unShamrock like that he would be bitching to Shane, instead of taking the situation into his own hands. As somebody else said, The Rock not giving a fuck was plain awesome. The tension and everything that followed was spot on as well, nice segment.

Firstly, I actually don’t mind the make shift team of Venis and The Godfather. I feel like that could lead somewhere due to their use of women. As for the champs, a solid enough win coming off Mania, although it would be nice to see them get a clean victory sometime soon. Then again, this is the attitude era, so see what happens. Solid enough match though.

Loved The Rock owning JR too.

The main event seemed to be a pretty awesome contest as well. Two of the greats, no doubt about it. I was glad you made Triple H give this a really good go, but realistically, he was never winning this one. The ending with Austin not getting the clean win, does no harm to either man. The ending was awesome with all hell breaking loose, although DX going to be taken out, if not for Austin, made them look a little too weak, imo. Either way, Kane being the difference keeps his angle with Hunter got. Great ending.

A few little things here and there that I picked on, and I think you’ve got your work cut out for you to make your entire mid card interesting. However, there’s so much good here. The Ministry, Rock, Austin, Hunter/Kane, and the potentially EPIC Raven/Mankind. You’ve set the stage well my friend, good stuff, I’ll be reading.
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